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About Threadcurve

What’s this site about?

Threadcurve is your source for fashion, apparel and accessory information for men and women.

Jon Callahan

Publisher & Writer

Jon is the founder of Threadcurve. He’s the chief outdoor wear writer. He lives in North Vancouver where it’s cold and wet much of the year. Despite that he spends most of his time outdoors which explains his penchant for buying and testing high-end outdoor wear. Twitter: @JonBCallahan.

Our writers…

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KC Morgan

K. C. Morgan is a professional freelance writer, with thousands of articles and blog posts appearing on dozens of sites. She began her career in fashion writing with product descriptions for catalogs, learning about how clothes and shoes are made. K.C. has written about fashion trends, makeup, hairstyles, nail color and every aspect of style over the years. When she’s not writing about fashion, K.C. experiments with her own style and looks for fashion bargains online. Follow KC on Twitter @KCMorganWrites.

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Shaun Zen

Shaun Zeng really enjoys living an efficient life through Arduinos, smart home tech and smartwatches. He wakes up to a cup of java and proceeds to write JavaScript.

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