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  • A close look at a rack of clothes in a boutique shop.

    Transitional Pieces from Summer to Fall

    From the must-have jackets we are living in this fall (hello, MANGO) to the sneakers we wore all summer and just can’t seem to let go of, we are here to bring your wardrobe into a new light. We rounded up the best transitional pieces to bring your summer closet into fall. If seasonal fashion […] More

  • A woman relaxing at home wearing loungewear.

    6 Different Types of Loungewear for Women

    Women have pretty much been suffering for the sake of fashion since ancient Egypt, where women used makeup to enhance their looks. During the reign of Elizabeth I in the late 1500s, women used toxic dyes to change their hair color to more closely resemble the queen’s red tresses. Women have squeezed their bodies into […] More

  • A woman wearing a pair of skinny jeans.

    What to Wear With Your Skinny Jeans

    It’s safe to say that skinny jeans are here to stay. This is now a standard look for jeans and everyone’s got a pair. If you’ve got the right pair, they can be comfortable and they look amazing. But it’s not always easy to know what to wear to go with your skinny jeans to […] More

  • A woman wearing a pair of glasses with her makeup that matches her blouse.

    Find the Best Glass Frames for Your Face Shape

    Glasses were a necessary and needed invention that helped people see clearly, which is pretty darn amazing. But glasses have gone from being a practical appliance to being a cute accessory that can really make a statement. You could always wear contacts, but glasses can be a great look. If they were good enough for […] More

  • A pair of red panties and a pair of red boxer briefs on a wooden surface.

    7 Different Types of Underwear (Finding Your Perfect Fit)

    Thongs. Bikinis. Boy shorts. Granny panties. There are almost as many styles of underwear as there are styles of pants. Which style is right for you and how do you know that your underwear really fits properly? When you know what style and size of underwear you need to buy, you’ll never get overwhelmed by […] More

  • A stylish woman wearing a green turtleneck with her green mask.

    Take Your Mask Fashion to the Next Level

    Like it or not, face masks are the biggest fashion trend of 2020. After all…everyone’s wearing them! All kidding aside, many health officials have said that face masks are the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe. In many places, you don’t even have the option of not wearing a […] More

  • A woman wearing a pair of high heels caressing her ankle.

    Are High Heels Really That Bad for Your Feet?

    Have you ever heard that actually, high heels are bad for your feet? If that was true, then why do so many women still wear them and why do so many designers still make them? Are expensive designer high heels better for your feet than the cheap ones you can find at the discount store? […] More

  • A black and a white bra with a tape measure.

    Do You Really Know Your Correct Bra Size?

    It’s something all women just have to get used to. No matter how tall or short you are, how thin or thick, how much you might hate it. All women, at some point, have to wear a bra. Many women wear them every single day. You probably don’t even really think about it. You just […] More

  • A woman shopping clothes online with her tablet.

    How to Buy Clothes Online That Actually Fit

    It’s happened to the best of us. You find that gorgeous little item online that you’ve just got to have. A jacket, a pair of shoes, a blouse, it’s something you’ve just got to have. But you’re no fool. You check the size. You look at the reviews to see how it fits other customers. […] More

  • A woman wearing yoga pants and a sporty casual outfit.

    Is It Still Okay to Wear Yoga Pants Everywhere?

    These days, you’re likely to see more women wearing yoga pants outside of the gym than inside. Yoga pants have become as ubiquitous as blue jeans. You’ve probably got more than one pair of them in a drawer right now. Yoga pants have left the gym and now they’re n line at Starbucks, shopping at […] More

  • A woman wearing a large golden dress that billows with the wind.

    Which Style of Dress Best Suits Your Body Type?

    It wasn’t so long ago that there was basically one style of dress that was worn by all women. Take a look back at fashion through the ages and you’ll see how pretty much one dress style would dominate for a decade or two before the style changed again. But even though all kinds of […] More

  • A close look at a woman wearing a pair of shoes that matches her bag.

    Does Your Bag Really Need to Match Your Shoes?

    There are a few well-known, strict rules of fashion out there. You can’t wear white shoes after a certain day on the calendar, you shouldn’t mix black and blue, no one should ever put on a tube top. But should you even be following rules when it comes to fashion? One rule that seems to […] More