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  • A group of women wearing different long coats.

    Which Type of Coat is Your Style Soul Mate?

    Are you flirty? Quirky? Sophisticated? Elegant? Traditional or super modern? Whatever your style, whatever your personality, there’s a perfect type of coat that will match. The best part of winter is playing around with winter fashion. And no winter look can possibly be complete without a great coat. Find the type of coat that will […] More

  • A close look at a woman wearing a pair of jeans.

    Which Type of Jeans Suit Your Body Best?

    Everybody’s got a pair of jeans in their closet. Everyone has worn a pair of jeans at least once and you can always find a place to buy a pair when you want. They’re all over the place and they’re accepted pretty much anywhere. Jeans are the perfect go-to for just about everything you’re doing. […] More

  • A blonde woman wearing a pair of ruby statement earrings.

    How to Wear Statement Earrings

    To be honest, “statement” earrings sounds a bit like some kind of marketing term. Seriously, statement earrings? The first time you heard it, you probably scoffed. But now, the phrase is incredibly common. It’s pretty much everywhere these days. Basically, statement earrings are simply noticeable earrings that stand out. And if you’re wearing them properly, […] More

  • A variety of women's sandals with a hat on a wooden floor.

    14 Different Types of Sandals

    Most people have been wearing sandals pretty much since they were born. Sandals are one of the oldest shoe designs in history and they’re all over the world. In fact, sandals are such a well-known shoe choice and so widespread around Earth that they were even worn by Jesus. Everyone has worn sandals, from royals […] More

  • A little black dress with matching high-heeled sandals.

    5 Different Types of Little Black Dresses (Plus How to Wear Them)

    It’s one of the most famous fashion standards that every girl needs a little black dress. Audrey Hepburn made this a fashion must-have and she wasn’t wrong. You can pretty much wear a little black dress to any occasion, any time, and still be totally in style. It’s an easy style option to grab for […] More

  • A woman walking on the cobblestones wearing wooden clog shoes with leather straps.

    5 Different Types of Clogs

    When they’re in your drains, clogs are a terrible problem. But when they’re on your feet, they’re a style choice that you made. And the secret about clogs is that you’ve probably worn them way, way more times than you think. If you believe clogs are just wooden shoes that come from Holland, you’re totally […] More

  • Four men's shorts on a white surface.

    Different Types of Cargo Shorts

    Modern life is definitely great and all. Everything is faster, everything is easier, all your exes are on social media and you can check out what they’re doing whenever you want. You can send an email that gets read a minute later or send a text to someone without ever having to hear their voice. […] More

  • A row of colorful flip flops on a sandy beach.

    5 Different Types of Flip Flops

    You wear them on the beach, in the shower, at the pool, to the store, and around the house. You’ve probably worn so many pairs of them in your life, you can’t even begin to guess the number. And you know you’ve got at least one pair in your house somewhere right now. They’re flip […] More

  • A fashionable woman wearing jeans.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Jeans

    For decades now, jeans have been in-style with young and old people alike in many different countries throughout the world. While they are not the most comfortable type of pants you’ll ever wear, they do have the ability to fit almost any look or style you might be going for; whether it be casual or […] More

  • My blue pair of Crocs

    Are Crocs comfortable? Durable? Worth getting?

    When I first saw Crocs I thought them hideous. Then my mom bought a pair.  She loved them.  They were her gardening footwear. She told me they are very, very comfortable and perfect for wide feet. I have ridiculously wide feet.  So wide that I’m precluded from buying many shoe brands. Her endorsement forced me […] More

  • A close look at a pair of jeans inside the washing machine.

    What’s the Best Way to Wash Jeans?

    Washing cotton t-shirts, socks, and even underwear are pretty straightforward. However, jeans are made out of denim, a material that a lot of us don’t know how to work with. So, if you’ve ever wondered what the best way–or even just the right way–of washing your jeans is, you’re definitely not the only one. Below, […] More

  • A close look at a woman wearing a pair of sporty gray leggings.

    6 Different Types of Leggings for Women

    Leggings are some of the most comfortable, versatile clothing pieces on the market. You can wear them with practically any outfit, either to dress it up or dress it down. All-day long, leggings will stay breathable and comfy, making them the ideal pair of pants for practically every type of person. But, there are so […] More