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Dating Vietnamese Girl In Singapore

Dating a Vietnamese Girl in Singapore: The Complete Guide

The happy times, however, did not last. At that time she was already hitting me with the broom sometimes. I thought she was uncomfortable because she was pregnant so I bore with it. The physical abuse, however, continued even after their son was born. Then she will get mad. Besides the physical abuse, the woman also allegedly carried on an extramarital affair with a colleague at the bread factory she works at. Revealing that he confronted his wife after seeing her kissing her male supervisor passionately in a car, Mr Shen lamented that instead of admitting to the affair, his wife falsely accused him of domestic abuse and called the police on him:.

What to Look for When Dating a Vietnamese Girl in Singapore

When I pushed her, she called the police. Later when the police officers came, she showed them some marks on her neck and said I caused those marks. This was the last straw for Mr Shen. He immediately took his son and moved out of the house, moving in with a friend instead. The couple are presently in the midst of divorce proceedings and are fighting a custody battle for their son. Follow us on Social Media. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy.

Dating a Vietnamese Girl in Singapore: Tips and Tricks

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What You Need to Know Before Dating a Vietnamese Girl in Singapore

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