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Men Who Are Attention Seeking From Women

Attention Seeking Men: How to Stay in Control

Attention Seeking Men: How to Deal with Their Behavior

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Attention Seeking Men: Strategies for Successful Interactions

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To verify, just follow the link in the message. Seema Mattoo. Created: Aug 13, , IST. While most of these moves are attention-grabbing and completely harmless; a note of casual fun underlines it. Appearing mysterious Your girl might want to add some spice and drama to your relationship, so she resorts in the best possible way by being mysterious.

Suddenly she may not reveal too much about her plans to you and give vague answers to your queries. Long conversations will be a thing of the past and she may seem to be working late almost every other day. Take it easy and think of some out-of-the-world romantic things to do, which will make her come back home to you and end that game she is playing with you. Comments 0.

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Attention Seeking Men: Strategies for Avoidance

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