8 Different Types of Loungewear for Men

A man wearing loungewear on the sofa.

There are lots of times when you need to be comfortable because you’ve just had enough of the ties, the blazers, the button-up shirts, and even the blue jeans and boots. But there are also lots of times when you can’t just walk around in your underwear.

When pajamas are too dressed down and regular outdoor clothes seem too dressed up, you need loungewear. This is like clothing you can sleep in but also still leave the house in. Put on your comfy clothes and surround yourself in the comfort you know you deserve to have. With the right types of loungewear, you can still look stylish and still be dressed and yet totally maximize your comfort at the same time.

Types of Loungewear

Between pajamas and blue jeans, there is loungewear. This is clothing that’s made to maximize comfort. It’s perfect for hanging around the house, great for sitting on the couch and yet acceptable if you need to run to the corner store.

Loungewear can go out in public with you and you’ll still look stylish and dressed, instead of sloppy. Invest in some good loungewear and you’ll always have some great casual clothing to wear on those days when you just want to hang out at home…but you may still have to go somewhere anyway.

A man wearing a black and white tracksuit.

Tracksuits make great loungewear. Tracksuits are made as a set with matching pants and a jacket, usually in a zip-up design. Tracksuits are made with soft cloth materials, not denim or leather. Cotton is a common tracksuit material. Men’s tracksuits are available in a huge variety of colors and patterns.

Wear a tracksuit with a casual T or polo shirt, and you’ll be ready to go anywhere. Or, you can just look great on your couch. Tracksuits have a bit of an athletic look to them, so you can look like you’re motivated even when you’re just hanging out.

A man wearing slacks and shirt on the sofa.

Slacks and T-shirts just go together perfectly. A pair of athletic-style pants or cloth slacks look great with T-shirts in any style or color. If needed, you can always top off the outfit with a jacket to make yourself look a little more dressed if you need to leave the house.

A man wearing gray sweats with white sneakers.

Sweats are perfect loungewear. Soft sweatpants are warm and comfortable, cozy around the body. Sweatshirts are made to be soft and they come in many different styles, typically crew neck and hooded. Sweats are available in a variety of patterns, but solid colors are more common. Sweatsuits are a great choice because they’re wrinkle-resistant, incredibly soft and made to be loose-fitting around the body. This creates a comfortable fit.

Finish the Look with Shoes

The whole point of loungewear is that you’re dressed in case you need to be. You’re ready for a day of relaxing around the house but you’re also ready to go…at least, you are if you have a pair of shoes. All your loungewear may look great but it’s going to end up looking a little silly if you put on a pair of loafers or work boots with your comfort clothes. Make sure you’ve got shoes that can finish off your look or you’ll end up looking very mismatched.

A man putting on his blue canvas sneakers.

Simple canvas sneakers are a great finishing touch for any loungewear. You can slip them on with or without socks to create an effortless, carefree look that’s still super stylish. The simple sneaks won’t distract from your great loungewear.

A pair of brown loafers on a wooden floor.

Try a pair of casual loafers or boat shoes if you want to take your loungewear out of the house. These shoes can be worn without socks for a super casual look that’s absolutely perfect for loungewear. These styles don’t even have laces, so you can simply slip into them and go.

Picking the Right Pieces

What types of loungewear are just right for you? Think about your personal style and how you like to look. No matter how great your loungewear may be, you’re only going to wear it if you like the way it looks on you. Considering your style is very important, but don’t stop there. You also need to pay attention to the material your loungewear is made from and make sure that the fabric is going to be comfortable for you to wear, too.

Cotton is a common loungewear material. In fact, it’s used for all kinds of clothing. Cotton is a natural fiber that doesn’t itch or irritate the skin. It’s machine-washable and it’s naturally soft and breathable, which makes it ideal for loungewear. Cotton can be made into other types of fabrics, including canvas and flannel.

A man lounging in the living room with a linen shirt.

Linen is another popular material that’s prized for its lustrous feel. Linen is also a natural material that’s breathable and very soft to the touch. However, linen can be difficult to keep clean. It’s not as easy to wash and dry linen as it is cotton. You may find that your linen clothing wrinkles more easily than all-cotton items. Loungewear by nature is probably going to get wrinkled, so you want to consider this when you’re shopping for pieces.

Synthetic materials are a very popular choice in loungewear of all types. That includes polyester and rayon, which may be used in loungewear as part of a cotton blend. Synthetic fabrics are designed to be highly durable and machine-washable. Synthetic fabrics are generally very low-maintenance. However, some people find that their skin can be irritated by synthetic fabrics. Touch all your clothing and feel the material before you buy it to make sure it’s not going to cause you discomfort. The last thing you want in loungewear is discomfort!

Pick the pieces that look good and catch your eye. Choose items based on the way the material feels against your skin and the way it fits your body. Loungewear should be comfortable and well-fitting, nothing too big or too small. You want it to fit comfortably but not too loosely. Excess fabric will ride up and bunch up. Choose loungewear for its comfort and for its looks and you won’t go wrong.

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