6 Different Types of Loungewear for Women

A woman relaxing at home wearing loungewear.

Women have pretty much been suffering for the sake of fashion since ancient Egypt, where women used makeup to enhance their looks. During the reign of Elizabeth I in the late 1500s, women used toxic dyes to change their hair color to more closely resemble the queen’s red tresses. Women have squeezed their bodies into whalebone corsets and huge hoop skirts.

They’ve put on horsehair petticoats and thin nylon pantyhose that itch all day long. They’ve tortured their own feet with high heels and women even put holes in their ears to hang jewelry from them. So sometimes, all you want to do as a woman is to relax and wear some comfortable clothes.

Forget diamonds. It’s really loungewear that’s a girl’s best friend. Stock up on different types of loungewear for those days when you just want to be comfortable and feel good. And hey, you can even be fashionable while you’re doing it, too.

What Is Loungewear?

Loungewear can be kind of hard to classify from a fashion standpoint. Basically, it can be almost anything that feels comfortable that you might just hang around the house in. From a style standpoint, loungewear is the step between pajamas and clothing you might wear to work.

Loungewear is house clothing, relaxing clothing that you wear when you aren’t working out or planning on going out on the town. It’s generally non-restrictive and comfortable and typically made from soft materials. It’s casual clothing that looks and feels good.

Lounging Around

It’s time to relax a little. Loungewear can be just as fashionable as all those stylish outfits that are tight and restrictive or made with straps going in weird places, or whatever. Learn how to relax with your clothing and find the types of loungewear that you’re going to love to wear.

A woman dancing around in her kitchen wearing loungewear.

Short sets are designed with comfort in mind. These sets come with comfortable cloth shorts and a matching top in a solid color or pattern. The shorts are typically made with a stretchy elastic or drawstring waist for ultimate comfort. The fit always conforms to your body, instead of your body being forced to conform to it. The tops are usually made in larger or oversized designs that are loose and non-restrictive. These sets are made to be loose and airy all over.

A close look at a woman wearing a set of white thermal underwear.

Thermal underwear is perfect as loungewear. Thermals are made to be lightweight but highly insulating. They’re usually made with soft, non-irritating material like natural cotton. It’s the weave design of thermals that makes them insulting and warm. Thermal underwear fits close against the skin but it is not meant to be tight or restrictive. Thermals are usually designed in long pant styles with soft, stretchy waistbands. The tops are long-sleeved, usually with a crew or V-neck design.

A woman relaxing at home wearing a pair of sweats.

Sweats are a classic and popular loungewear option. Sweatpants and sweatshirts are made to fit loosely. They’re made with thick, soft fabric that’s warm and comfortable around your body. Sweatpants are usually made with elastic waistbands that stretch and move with your body. Sweatshirts are most often made in crew neck or hooded styles.

A woman lounging at home wearing a pair of pink tracksuit.

Tracksuits are sort of like fancier sweatsuits. Tracksuits are made with soft, thicker fabric like sweatsuits. The pants usually have drawstring waistbands. Tracksuits are pants with matching jackets made with the same fabrics in the same colors. Tracksuit jackets are usually made in zip-up styles and come with or without hoods. Tracksuits are made with a variety of soft fabrics in varying degrees of thickness.

A woman wearing a pair of bright leggings relaxing by the window.

Leggings are worn as athletic wear, but they feel so great they make a great pair of lounge pants, too. Leggings are made to be form-fitting from hip to ankle. They’re usually made in lightweight, comfortable material designs to keep you cool.

That’s because they’re designed to be worn while exercising. However, that same lightweight, form-fitting style makes leggings incredibly comfortable and easy to wear around the house. They conform to your movements and flex with you without bunching up or riding up, so you simply have a perfect fit.

A woman wearing a pair of fashionable pink jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits can be worn as regular outdoor clothing or as pajamas, depending on the fabric and style they’re made with. But many jumpsuits are designed to be loungewear, too. When they’re made to be loungewear, jumpsuits are designed with soft fabrics in comfortably fitted styles. They’re one-piece outfits that can be made as shorts or pants with tank or T-shirt tops. Jumpsuits are made with cinched elastic waists that fit comfortably.

Making Loungewear Fashionable

You can still be stylish even if you’re lounging. You’re going to feel best when you know you look good, too. So take the time to choose loungewear that’s going to be not just comfortable, but also beautiful on you. Look for clothing in styles and colors that suit your natural skin tone and your natural shape.

If you have a warmer skin tone and hair color, stick to a color palette of reds, browns, yellows, pinks, and oranges in bold, vivid shades that have a lot of warmth and richness of color. If you have a cooler tone, look for icy color shades and soft pastels. Your natural looks will shine when you dress in colors that complement your natural shading.

Pick loungewear based on your body shape, too. If you are curvy on top, on the bottom, or both, tracksuits and sweatsuits will suit you well. The two-piece designs will help to show off those curves by giving your waist some definition. If you have a more athletic or rectangular build, sweatsuits and tracksuits may overwhelm your frame and make your curves disappear. Jumpsuits that have a cinched waist work well for women with more athletic or rectangular bodies, because they will help show your natural shape. Close-fitting thermal underwear works well for this body type, too.

Look for loungewear types that suit your shape and your clothing and your personal style. This way, you’ll feel good and look good and you’ll know it. It’s much easier to relax when you’ve got the right clothes that help you feel great.

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