6 Different Types of Sleepwear for Women

A woman wearing sleepwear stretching her arms.

Everyone has to sleep. It’s one universal thing about us all. And when you go to bed, you want to go to something that’s comfortable and feels good. Which type of sleepwear suits your sleep style best? Find out what you should be sleeping in to find out how to have the best sleep experience possible. The sleepwear you need may not necessarily be the first type of sleepwear you notice when you’re shopping for something new.

Sleepwear Types

You can sleep in anything. Some people sleep in nothing, some in their regular clothing. But there are lots of different types of sleepwear that are made to keep you comfortable and match the sleep style you have. Having the right sleepwear will help you sleep better. Match your sleep style to the style of sleepwear that’s going to work best for you.

A pair of mint-colored pajamas with a white sleeping mask.

Sleepshirts are designed to be big and oversized, loose around your boy. This creates an airy, comfortable fit, and feel. Sleepshirts can be made in a button-up or T-shirt syles. They’re usually made with soft fabric that won’t irritate the skin. Sleep shorts are typically short in length, with hemlines above the knee.

A woman wearing a white silk night gown.

Nightgowns are a bedtime classic. They can be made in a variety of styles, but spaghetti strap designs and cap sleeves are very common. Nightgowns can be made from a variety of materials from cotton to silk. They’re designed to be somewhat loose and lightweight to keep you cool while you sleep. Nightgowns can range in length from very short styles to ankle-length.

A woman wearing a furry jumpsuit sleepwear.

Jumpsuits, a popular choice in regular clothing, have made the leap to sleepwear. Usually made in shortie styles with spaghetti straps, jumpsuits are fitted but lightweight. They’re typically made without a lot of fabric and somewhat minimal coverage. They’re made with cinched waist designs in more form-fitting styles that don’t have a lot of excess fabric.

This is a close look at a pair of pink lace nighties on a white area rug.

Nighties are nightgowns made with a lot less fabric in short, low cut styles. Nighties are often made with very lightweight material, such as silk and chiffon, and may sometimes come with a matching bra, underwear, or both. Nighties may be adorned with lace and they’re often made in see-through styles. They’re very lightweight and comfortable. Nighties are often made to be somewhat loose-fitting in airy designs that allow a lot of air to get to your skin.

A woman wearing a pair of pajamas in bed.

Pajamas are, of course, the quintessential sleepwear. The classic idea of pajamas is loose-fitting pants with an elastic or drawstring waist and a big, comfortable, oversized collared top with long sleeves that buttons all the way up. However, pajamas can come in many different styles that include T-shirt tops, shorts, and tank tops. Pajamas can be any two-piece sleepwear that has a top and a bottom that doesn’t neatly fit into one of the other sleepwear types.

A woman in bed wearing a white sweatshirt.

Sweats are a sleepwear classic. Perfect for colder nights, sweatpants and sweatshirts are made to be fluffy and warm. They’re usually designed to be somewhat thicker than other types of sleepwear to give you insulating warmth and softness. Sweats are a crossover item that can be worn any time you’re awake as well.

Don’t Forget About Accessories

If you’re dressing for bed anyway, why not add to your comfort? As with all good fashion, sleepwear comes with its own accessories.

Slippers are specifically designed to be worn with sleepwear. They’re made in soft and fluffy styles, sometimes in colorful designs. They made even be made to look like characters or animals. Slippers can be made in many styles, including booties.

Robes aren’t just for bath time. Robes that are made for sleepwear are typically made in lightweight, thin materials like silk and satin. They’re made to accent the sleepwear you have on and provide a little additional coverage if you’re wearing sleepwear that’s a little more revealing. Some sleepwear sets come with a matching robe included.

The Art of Dressing Up for Bed

Three women in sleepwear taking a selfie.

You’re going to go to sleep no matter what. So you might as well put on something that’s going to feel good and look good. Why not feel good when you’re about to go to sleep? But there’s more to consider when you’re thinking about different types of sleepwear to put on.

How do you sleep? Is there a lot of tossing and turning? Do you move a lot while you sleep? If so, you want to look for sleepwear types that are loose-fitting and non-restrictive. However, you don’t want them to be too loose or have too much excess fabric, which may get twisted and bunched up around you while you toss and turn in bed. Something like a jumpsuit is probably perfect for you. This simple one-piece will stay with you and generally conform to your movements while you sleep. If you’re a very still sleeper, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

However, you may be a hot sleeper. Many, many people tend to sweat while they sleep. If you find that your bed sheets or your sleepwear are damp when you wake up, then you have a tendency to sweat in your sleep. You need to look for lightweight, thin sleepwear made in skimpier designs.

Some people tend to get cold when they sleep. If you run cool rather than hot, you need sleepwear that gives you more coverage. look for insulating fabrics, like cotton, rather than thin materials like silk. You may also want to keep a robe near the bed to put on when you wake up. If you run cool in your sleep, you’ll still feel a little chilled when you wake in the morning. The extra warmth of a robe will help you stay warm while your body warms up.

Choose your sleepwear based not just on the fashion you like best but on your personal sleep style. Think about how you sleep at night, what materials feel comfortable to you. What type of clothes do you enjoy wearing the most? If all your favorite tops are T-shirts, then look for pajama sets that have T-shirt tops. You may also want to try a sleep shirt that’s designed basically to be a large T-shirt. Choose your sleepwear based on your comfort and your sleep habits. The fashion of sleeping will work itself out if you look first for clothing that suits your sleep style best.

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