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Are Vans Comfortable?

One of the known shoe brand is Vans. They are known for tylish, flexible, durable, and jaw-dropping when you get the perfect pair of shoes. Read this article to know more about Vans.

Yellow vans with black background

A shoe brand that makes varying types based on a multitude of activities shows that they are dedicated to the user experience. For that reason, Vans are comfortable because they tailor to the needs of what you’re doing. In pop culture, many may associate Vans with skateboarding.

The cushion is especially nice when you’re coming up on concrete from the air. But what about all the other fits? Let’s get to know Vans better.

Love. Peace. Vans

It was the groovy 60s and Paul Van Doren had been working for a shoe manufacturer. He was itching to bust out his shoe designs and create his own brand. On the first day in his own shoe store, he was woefully unprepared. Even so, he sold out.

He didn’t have enough money to give change to his customers, so he asked them to come back the next day to complete the purchase and they all did. This was when the deck style was introduced to the public. Much like other shoes of the day, the thicker sole offered more cushion, a much-appreciated feature from the California pedestrians.

Off The Wall

Off the wall hanging decor

It didn’t take long before the iconic pairing of skateboarding and Vans came into play. This was made possible by the co-founder James’ son, Mark. The then-teenager created a logo for Vans that he used as a stencil for his skateboard. This inspired James to have a line specifically for skateboarders.

Off The Wall was a popular phrase used by those doing tricks on their boards, thus the logo was born. That’s when Vans added extra panels to the shoes and put them together in a way that they would last longer with the rough and tough usage they were getting.

Beyond The Board

Man riding on a skateboard

While Vans are often coupled with skateboarding, the brand decided to be a bit more expansive in the 80s. After doing some market research, they designed new styles that would work exceptionally well with more sports, such as:

  • BMX
  • Surfing
  • Snowboarding
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Skydiving

What makes Vans so comfortable that they make the best choice for jumping out of an airplane? It’s all in the material. These shoes are made for the most active of people because they support rough wear. Unlike other brands, the type of soles on Vans is made with rubber that is treated with sulfur. That is supposed to cushion the step and keep the shoe intact for much longer. 

Break In The Vans

Due to the intensity directed towards making each pair long-lasting, that might make them pretty stiff upon purchase. So, when someone complains their pair is uncomfortable, they might be lacking after-purchase care. It’s possible they just didn’t properly break the Vans in before taking them out for a spin.

While these shoes have added cushions on the sides, the soles, and around the ankles, the most perfect fit is after you’ve worn them in properly. That is the same logic you would have for any new pair of shoes.

It’s so important to them that you understand the wear-in procedures. Vans has a whole page on the company website dedicated to educating you on the proper techniques. When a company goes out of its way to find opportunities to have a type for every foot and help you get the utmost comfort in their shoes, that’s the brand that’s going to make a shoe that supports you.

Shoe Fly, Don’t Bother Me

When I say that Vans makes shoes for all activities, include lazy in that. Well, you don’t have to be lazy to enjoy a shoe that is the least effort, but it helps. As Summer Cartwright from InStyle Magazine puts it, “People want comfort and they want function. What’s more functional than a shoe you don’t even have to bend over to get on?” I couldn’t agree more.

Many of us lead hectic lives and need the ease to just slide on shoes and go. Those shoes also need to last because ain’t nobody got time for quarterly shoe shopping these days.

Walk This Way

Whether you want to go on a walk or shoot some hoops with your buds, Vans has created a design that cushions your feet in the way you need them to while staying active. Maybe they are heavy for just sitting around the house, but that’s not really what they’re for.

I think we can sum it up best with this quote from Offer Dispose, “Why choose vans? They’re stylish, flexible, durable, and jaw-dropping when you get the perfect pair that fit your extraordinary style.” 

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