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20 Things to Know Before Buying Hunter Boots

Here are 20 things to consider before purchasing your first pair of Hunter boots. These rain boots can be really expensive but it's for a good reason. Scroll down through our tips so you can buy with confidence and fewer regrets.

Dirty red hunter boots in a clean carpet.

Hunter Boots are awesome and everyone should have a pair of rain boots on hand, just in case. I leave a pair in my vehicle because in today’s world of downsizing, as a reporter more often than not I have to take my own photos to go with my stories. This sometimes requires me to go to places that I did not plan to ahead of time.

For example, I covered a car crash of two high school students whose vehicle had rolled deep into a field. I had on high heels, dress pants, and a nice top. I was up to my knees in the mud to get close enough to the vehicle to get a decent photo for my article.

I learned that day that keeping a pair of Hunter Boots in my car would be a great idea for times like that. Luckily, the two high school students were not injured seriously, and I got a great photo of their crashed Jeep but this is a perfect example of how these boots can come in handy.

While I love my Hunter boots, I think the older I get the more I want to try the shorter versions. I may even try a pair of the zippered version in the future because I think they would be easier to take cough when my boots are caked in mud. I love that Hunter boots come in such a wide range of colors and styles that should fit anyone’s choices and preferences.

Hunter boots have been around for more than a century and I’m sure they’re going to be around for at least another one. So many people love these boots, including hunters in factory workers. My ex-husband used to work in a meat plant and they wore Hunter boots every day to work because they had to hose down and disinfect all the equipment on a daily basis and the Hunter boots made it easier for them to keep their feet clean and dry.

The History Behind the Boots

Hunter Boots are famously known for the iconic green hunter wellies but the company actually manufacturers a whole range of not only footwear but outerwear, bags, and accessories. The brand is a British heritage brand that began in 1856 in Scotland when an American guy named Henry Lee Norris founded the North British Rubber Company with his partner, Spencer Thomas Parmelee. They began producing rubber overshoes and boots under a patented design by Charles Goodyear, along with hot water bottles, rubber flooring, and tires.

From the work of just four people, by the mid-1870s the company had grown and flourished to 600 staff members. At the beginning of World War One in 1914, production at the factory increased dramatically because the soldiers stationed in the trenches needed sturdy rubber boots to protect their feet and legs. The War Office ordered over 1,000,000 boots throughout that period of time and were called upon again in 1939 when World War II broke out.

Man in green rubber boots standing on the rocks.

In 1956, the Original Green Wellington, which later became the Original Boot, became the iconic design it still is today. The boots are hand-crafted from 28 different parts and made into rain boots for men women and children in today’s market. They are the boots that Hunter Boot Limited has become famous for in the firm is now headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, and also has offices in London, New York, and Düsseldorf.

Hunter Boots are not only appealing to hunters, farmers, and royalty, but to famous celebrities, such as the Kardashians and Jenners, Bradley Cooper, and Alexa Chung. In today’s world, the Hunter brand encompasses an array of different styles of wellington boots and a wide range of outerwear and accessories.

The company has stayed true to its roots, though, as it now has an award-winning flagship store on London’s Regent Street. Designers like Jimmy Choo have jumped on board to create new styles for the brand but the Hunter Wellington boots are still made the same way they have always been from natural occurring rubber, handcrafted, and 100 percent waterproof, just like they were in 1856.

Hunter boots are available in an array of styles and colors for not only men and women, but for children also. People from all walks of life who do a variety of jobs adore the Hunter boots minds that are available on today’s market.

Before you purchase a pair of Hunter Boots, here are a few things you should know as part of our Hunter Boots Review:

Size Does Matter

When it comes to sizing, Hunter boots are available in whole sizes. For example, if you wear a size 7 and a half, it is recommended that you would come down to a size 7 when purchasing Hunter boots. The boots are a little clunky already in the way that they are made so a snug fit is better than them being a little too big. There is an adjustable buckle on the boots but it is more for appearance than it is for actually adjusting the size of the boots.

There is a sizing section on the Hunter boots website that can help you determine the best size option for you. It even shows you how to measure your foot properly in includes the measurements for your calf area in the height of your leg. If you get a size that does not work the company offers free shipping and free returns.

Wide Range of Styles

Hunter Boots are available in a range of styles, including Wellesley Rubber Jodhpur Boots, the men’s Moc Toe Short Wellington Boots, and Balmoral Wellington Boots. There are plenty of styles to choose from the women’s line, also, from the Short Wellington Boots to the Tall Wellington Boots and the Insulated Refined Short Wellington Boot.

There is always, of course, the famous Hunter Original Wellington boot, along with a full range of outwear, bags, and accessories. All of the products bear the iconic Hunter logo and are designed for people who embrace the outdoors. Hunter boots can be paired with basically anything you wear but since there are print boots now on the market, you need to be careful in choosing a pair to wear with different types of pants.

For example, if you’re wearing plaid pants you would not want bright blue Hunter boots with sunflowers on them because they just simply would not look right together. Hunter boots come in such a wide range of colors and styles now, including prints, that you can pair them quite easily with a wide range of clothes, including jeans, suit pants, or even a dress.

Seasons Matter

Hunter in green rubber boots walking through the rain.

Even though there are photos all over the Internet with people posing with Hunter boots on in deep snow, the Original Tall Hunter boots are not really appropriate for snowy weather. I live in Ohio so the winters are long in the snowstorms are many and I have found that the insulated boots from Hunter work better in deeper snow than the others do. You will definitely want to wear a thick sock if you do wear the originals in deep snow.

Comfort Also Matters

With good cushion on the bottoms, Hunter boots are comfortable in the shoe part but the boots themselves limit a normal gait when it comes to the heel-to-toe pattern since they are made of stiff material. If you have issues, such as flat feet or plantar fasciitis, it may not be a good idea for you to walk long distances if you are wearing a pair of Original Tall boots.

Wear With Socks

You should always wear socks with your Hunter boots. I leave my Hunter boots in the car, along with a pair of socks, in case I need them when I am covering breaking news, especially if I’m going to be walking in snow or down a deep ravine to get the photo I need. I have, in a pinch, slipped on my boots with no socks available to me and the rubber will actually suction to your skin and it will take forever for you to take them off.

They slide on and off so much easier when you are wearing a pair of socks. My daughter is extra careful to always wear socks with her Hunter boots because she has an allergy to rubber and latex so it would be all bad if she tried to wear them without socks.

Anti-Bacterial Lining is a Good Feature

Woman wearing hunter boots with antibacterial lining.

Since I keep my Hunter boots in my vehicle, it is great that they have an anti-bacterial lining. This amazing feature keeps them from having a nasty odor which would then stink up my car. This feature is definitely a perk when you decide to invest money in a pair of Hunter boots instead of cheaper brands. As we know, rubber can make our feet sweat and then stink so this is a great feature of these boots for all people, including children and teens.

Blooming Is Normal

Many people freak out a little bit when their Hunter boots get a white powdery film on them. This process is called blooming and it happens not long after you purchase the boots. This is a natural process for the rubber since it is real rubber and not synthetic like knock-off versions and it is nothing to be concerned about.

Sometimes they can be harder to shine up to look nice during this process but a good boot care kit would be worth purchasing to counteract the effects of the blooming when it is more noticeable, especially if you have purchased a darker color of Hunter boots. Some people enjoy the process of blooming because they say it gives their boots character but that’s up to you. I personally like them to be shiny.

Keeping Your Hunter Boots Clean

I like using the Hunter boot shine sponge that I purchased with my boots and there are cleaners on Amazon that will clean up your Hunter boots quite nicely. After the blooming process was over, I only have to clean mine when I have to wear them in the mud because the rest of the time they look nice and are shiny.

When I have a lot of mud caked on them, I use a mild soap and water mixture to clean them with and they look good as new. The Hunter Boot’s website suggests that they be stored in a cool dry place where the boots won’t bend or fold so I keep mine in the trunk area of my car and make sure nothing is laid on top of them that will mess up their shape especially during the hotter summer months.

After I clean them and set them out to dry I always make sure they’re not in direct sunlight because that can be damaging if they’re left there for a long period of time to the rubber.

They Are Available in Glossy or Matte

Hunter boots are available in glossy or matte finishes, and I’ve always leaned towards the glossy since I like them to shine. The matte finish does look a little more natural but this shiny, glossy, finish just looks more stylish, at least to me. It’s totally up to you on which finish you decide works best for you.

Lots of Colors

From black or Brown to Kelly green and hot pink, Hunter boots come in a variety of different colors for you to choose from, and they even have some styles that offer two or three different tones of colors for each pair of boots. I like the hot pink version because that is my favorite color not to mention the hot pink is very visible when I am at an accident scene or other breaking news in which I need to be visible to rescue workers so I am not in the way and I do not get hurt.

For example, I recently conducted an entire interview with a construction worker while standing under a huge load of stone in the shovel part of a bulldozer. I really need to pay more attention but luckily the guy could see me because of my hot pink Hunter boots! You should also consider the season in which you will most often be wearing your Hunter boots.

For example, if you wear them the most in the fall time of the year, a pair of brown or dark green may be the colors to choose from rather than a pink or other lighter color which would look more stylish during the spring and summer months.

Kid Sizes Can Work Too

If you are on a budget like most of us are, you can check out the kid’s sizes from 5 to 7 because they are very common parable to adult sizes. For example, if you wear a size 6 to a 6 1/2, a size 4 in the kid’s size may fit you just fine. This will save you some bucks because the kid’s boots are half the price of the adult versions.

Zip It Up

An elder hunter putting on his rubber boots.

If you do not like slip-on boots and find them to be annoying, Hunter boots do offer zipper versions. I love the ease of my slip-on Hunter boots but taking them off is a different story, especially if they are covered in mud. I may try the Original Slim Zipper boot in the future just to see if I like it better. The Original Slim Zipper boots are not slimmer than the original versions but they do have the same fit and offer a hidden zipper along the outside of each boot.

The Short on Shorter Hunter Boots

If you live in a larger city where you do a lot of walking to get to where you are going or you are traveling or visiting a location in which you are going to be doing a ton of walking, you may want to opt for a shorter pair of Hunter boots. This also applies if you’re going to be in a wet area or a wet climate for a longer period of time.

The Chelsea boot is a good option to choose from or even the Play boot as those are two of the shorter Hunter boot styles that are on the market today. They still give you protection from rain and the wet ground but they come just above the ankle and boast two elastic gussets on each side that makes them much easier to put on and take off.

They help your feet move in a more comfortable manner and the elastic also gives a different texture to the boots that give them more of a modern style. The Play Boot is great since it is made with a lighter material than the original boots are and they are 100 percent waterproof. If you want to wear a less clunky and tall boot but like the taller versions, or if you have to walk long distances because you live in a city or are planning on traveling in a wet climate, a shorter boot is the way to go.

Shorter boots are also a great option if you have larger calves and have issues with finding the right pair of boots to fit you properly.

Shopping the Sales

 Hunter boots for sale at a Costco store.

Many times throughout the year you can find sales on Hunter boots and can score a pair for a really good price. Also, the Hunter boots website offers an ongoing 20 percent discount to students and healthcare workers. If you fall into either one of those categories you should take advantage of it.

Huntress Boots For Wide Calves

If you have wider calves, the Huntress version of Hunter boots would be the best for you. The huntress boot comes in both the matte and shiny glossy finish and their height is 2 inches shorter than the height of the original Hunter boots. They are also roomier in the ankles and are made with a straighter cut for added comfort for people with wider calves.

Original Versus Refined

The Original Hunter boots are about three inches shorter than the Refined boots and they’re bulkier. The Refined line of Hunter boots takes the classic style of the originals and tailors it to have a more polished look and style in a taller version of the Hunter boot. Many people claim these are much more comfortable than the Original versions.

Most Popular Hunter Boots

While it all comes down to personal preference when choosing the perfect Hunter boot for you, there are several that seem to be the most popular of all the Hunter boot lines. The Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots come in at number one on the most popular list of Hunter boots while the Hunter Original Nebula Short Rain Boots come in at a close second.

Other Hunter boots that made the list include Hunter Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots, Hunter Original Tall Inside Out Rain Boots, Hunter Play Short Nebula Wellies, Hunter Norris Field Waterproof Boots, and the Stella McCartney X Hunter Boots.

A Guarantee

Many people think Hunter boots are guaranteed for life, but they are not. The company says its products are made from very high-quality materials and that they use innovative design and production techniques to make the best products possible. They are covered under a 24-month warranty.

But Do They Last?

A couple in the middle of a forest wearing green and red boots.

Many customers say that the old original Hunters will last for many years. I have had my boots since 2007 and they are still in pretty good shape. It all depends on where you wear them and how often you wear them. Also, if you take care of them they will last a long time to come.

Do Not Be Fooled

There are knock-off versions of Hunter boots on the market today so you will need to be careful that you are not purchasing a version that is not genuine. If you are ordering online, you will have to wait until you receive the boots to ensure they are real but it is better to order directly from the Hunter boot website. The way to tell if a Hunter boot is fake or genuine is by feeling the rubber material in your hands.

Hunter boots are made of vulcanized rubber so they will be heavy. An original pair of Hunter boots is going to weigh about four pounds but imitations will weigh a lot less. You should also check the label on your pair of boots.

Original Hunter boots display the Hunter logo on the front of each boot in bold black letters they draw in a white rectangular label that has red borders. The print should be clear and readable with no blurry lines and the colors should not be faded. The Hunter logo should also be engraved on the buttons of the buckle on the boots.

FAQS About Hunter Boots

What stores sell Hunter boots?

There are several places that sell Hunter boots, including Zappos where you can get a great deal on them. Nordstrom also carries Hunter boots and select styles are sometimes on sale for up to 50 percent off. Other places that sell them including Bloomingdale’s, Rue La La, and, of course, the Hunter Boots website.

What is the rubber thing that comes with Hunter boots?

The rubber thing that comes with your Hunter boots is called the Rubber Boot Buffer and it will keep your boots looking good as new for the years that you will have them and wear them. The boot buffer was developed to restore the natural shine to rubber boots because it removes liquid easily along with the white marks that are known as bloom.

The blooming is a common process and is characterized by developing on rubber that is of high quality. This is one of the many ways you can tell if your boots are genuine Hunter boots or not because they should start blooming not long after you purchase them since they’re made of vulcanized rubber.

Why are hunter boots so expensive?

Hunter boots are made of real authentic rubber and they are structured to ensure that no moisture or water penetrates them, keeping your foot clean and dry. They also weigh more than knockoff brands of rubber boots coming in at a whopping four pounds each. Authentic Hunter boots will always cost more than the knock-off versions since they are also hand-crafted and constructed to last for many years.

Some customers claim they had had their Hunter boots for decades. It all depends on how often you wear them and if you take proper care of them. Ultimately, save up your money for an authentic pair of Hunter boots rather than wasting it on a knock-off pair that will not keep your feet dry, clean, and safe from the elements.

Should I get glossy or matte hunter boots?

Choosing between glossy or matte Hunter boots truly is a personal preference. It simply depends on what look and style you are going for since the glassier version seems to look more classy and dressy while the matte version looks more like a style you would wear to work in a factory or while hunting.

What is the difference between the men’s and women’s Hunter boots?

The Hunter line of rain boots comes in a variety of different styles and types and are made for men, women, and children. Not all of the types and styles have the same measurements for either the shaft of the boots or the circumference of the calf area.

The only constant when it comes to Hunter boots is the foot size because they don’t vary very much across the different ranges. Keep in mind that many adults can wear children’s sizes if you know how to compare them which will save you a ton of money since children’s Hunter boots are half the cost of the same adult versions.

What temperature can you wear Hunter boots in?

You can wear Hunter boots in any type of weather or climate, but they are best worn in colder or wet weather. If you are going to wear them when there is a lot of snow outside or you’re hiking up a snowy mountain, it is better to opt for a pair of insulated Hunter boots as the rain boots are not typically made to wear when there is a lot of snow on the ground.

You can wear the Hunter boots in warmer weather but be sure to not leave them out in direct sunlight for a long period of time because they can lose their proper shape.

Do you wear Hunter boots when it’s not raining?

People wear Hunter boots for a lot of different reasons, including to work period there are many people that work in factories where they have to hose equipment down on a regular basis to keep it disinfected, such as a meat processing plant or meat cutting Department at the grocery store.

Employees of those types of facilities have worn Hunter boots for years to work because their feet are kept dry and clean throughout their shift. Many hunters also wear Hunter boots as well as members of the military, police, and fire Department depending on what they are doing that day in their jobs.

For example, if firefighters are wading through floodwaters to rescue people, Hunter boots are a great idea For them to be wearing.

Does the Queen wear hunter boots?

For more than a century, Hunter boots have long been a favorite brand of the Windsors at Buckingham Palace. The Palace currently holds two warrants for Hunter boots. The warrants are basically Royal seals of approval from the Queen and Duke Edinburgh that give the Hunter boots brand their nod of approval. There have been many photos taken of the Royal family, including a popular one of the Queen from 1967, in which she is wearing a pair of Hunter boots.