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8 Shoes Similar to Birkenstocks

Here are the eight similar shoes to Birkenstocks showcasing different brands and designers that can toe-to-toe or even above and beyond with the crowd-favorite Birkenstocks.

This is a pair of brown classic leather Birkenstocks on a wood floor.

A pair of Birkenstocks is amongst the most desirable shoes since it first appeared back in 1774. For a pair of such practical and durable shoes, other brands have tried to make their version of the classic shoe. Let’s investigate a few shoes that are similar to Birkenstocks.

Birkenstocks have been the benchmark for comfortable and supportive sandals for men and women since 1774. Some brands focus on comfort, while others explore strap designs and materials. Designers worldwide have designed shoes with a third sling back strap around the ankle in a wide range of colors.

Birkenstocks are comfortable and can be matched with close to every outfit if you have the swag to back it up. If you want to find the perfect pair of shoes for you that are similar to Birkenstocks, keep reading for this article discusses eight shoes from around the world waiting to be purchased by you.

Before We Begin, Shall We Unpack What Birkenstocks are?

BIRKENSTOCK Women's Mayari Sandal,Mocha,41 EU/10-10.5 M US

Birkenstocks are a lovely pair of contoured slide-on sandals that Johann Adam Birkenstock invented in Germany in 1774. The design of these dual-strap shoes, which focused on supporting the foot’s contour, had made it so popular, as shoes during these times were incredibly flat with no regard for back support or comfort.

By the mid-1920s, Birkenstocks had taken over Europe. It wasn’t till the mid 60’s that legendary creative and designer Ms. Margot Fraser saw the potential for these shoes in the American market. A fitness instructor suggested she tried a pair to help aid her constant struggle with foot pains, and she just knew that the States needed access to them.

Since they were considered medical due to their supportive and comfortable nature, they were sold exclusively in health stores across North America since the early 1970s. Around that time, the hippie movement was in its full glory. People began focusing on providing their bodies with healthier options, making Birkenstocks a demanded alternative.

Three Ways that Make Birkenstocks an Iconic Footwear Brand

What makes things legendary and ageless is to have unique and iconic characteristics that become the standard and margin to compare products with. Here are three factors that make Birkenstock such an iconic brand.

The Way Birkenstocks are Made Generates Support and Comfort

Birkenstock Men's Arizona Birko-Flor Brown Birko-Flor 40 R US 9

Birkenstocks have been around for over 200 years, which is for various reasons. One of which is its durability and longevity. If you take care of your Birkenstocks, they can last you a long time. The latex and cork combination in the soul absorbs shocks while providing comfort and support.

Their contoured souls had sparked their popularity because it provided additional support. The soles were made of cork, so they were lighter in weight. The materials used to make the shoes were suede and jute, which would mold around the feet as they were worn.

Birkenstocks Simple Design Allows them to Pair With Plenty of Outfits

Birkenstock Gizeh Birkibuc Mocha Birkibuc 40 (US Women's 9-9.5) Regular

The simple design and soft color used in the traditional design of Birkenstocks had made it rather appealing for fashion-lovers, for it could pair with nearly every outfit. Until the 1990s, we began seeing Birkensstock sin the higher fashion societies in the States.

Over the last couple of decades, there have been trends that have allowed Birkenstocks to push the boundaries and try new, edgier designs and colors. Birkenstocks are available in various bright colors. Some collaborate with famous designers to provide a unique and awesome pair of shoes.

There Is No Gender Stigma Or Preference for Birkenstocks

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA White Sandals - 38 N EU

There are not a lot of footwear brands that can argue all genders love their brands. It is quite achievable, and Birkenstock makes it look easy and somewhat like an obvious thing to do. The design of Birkenstocks shoes with its neutral colors is what makes them so flattering for all genders.

What are the Different Type of Birkenstocks Apart from the Classic Double-Strap Sandal?

Even though slip-on sandals are the most popular type of Birkenstock, it is important to note that they have developed a diverse range of Birkenstocks over the past 200 years. They’ve used their time wisely, for they’ve nearly had a type of Birkenstock for every type of person.

They generally come in natural colors, but certain shoes have unique shades, like metallic silver leather or some of the bright colors found in their NEON collection.

 Here is a list of some other shoes sold by Birkenstocks:


Birkenstock Unisex Boston Clog,Habana Oiled Leather,44 M EU

With its range of soft souls, Birkenstock Clogs are a pair of shoes your feet will appreciate. Considerably one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes available, especially the shearling clogs. There are so many available styles that they’ve nearly been seen on every stage, from the comfort of your home to the runways of fashion week.

To check out the different styles of Birkenstock Clogs, click here for more information on the official Birkenstock website.


Birkenstock Bend Sneaker Black Leather 40 N EU

The range of Birkenstocks low-shoes is a nice way of showing how Birkenstock would make these shoes. Some of the unique takes on classic designs include the classic slip-on, the ballerina flats, trainers, and even unique designs that would have Christmas bells going off. With colors ranging from the classics to silver and

To check out the different styles of Birkenstock low-shoes, click here for more information on the official Birkenstock website.


Birkenstock Women's Arran Navy Canvas Sneaker 36 (US Women's 5-5.5)

When Birkenstock’s announced they were releasing sneakers, people knew that their lives were about to change. The most comfortable shoes for men and women have just been released. It perfectly blends the premium materials expected with an athletic sneaker. They’ve also released some durable and fun-looking boots for all occasions.

To check out the different Birkenstock sneakers and boots, click for more information on the official Birkenstock website.

Designers Shoes that are Similar to Birkenstocks

Here are a few of their designs similar to the classic Birkenstock, the color they are available in, and where you can purchase a pair.

Albert Escribano and José Bartolomé Spanish Line Called ‘Hereu’

Founded in 2014 in the Meditteranean regions of the Spanish region by Albert Escribano and José Bartolomé have designed elegant and sophisticated sandals for both men and women. To check out more about what they’re about and their gorgeous bags, you can click here for the official Hereu website.

Beltra Sandals

This is the Beltra Fisherman Sandals from HereU.

Source: HereU

The Beltra ls Hereu’s open-toe “Female Fisherman slip-on sandal has woven straps with a sling-back strap that closes with a small buckle. Hereu uses vegan practices to create rich black, dark brown, and tan colors. You’ll see the craftsmanship of Spanish shoemakers as each pair is proudly handmade.

Canya Sport Slide-In Sandals

This is the Canya Sport Slide-In Sandals from HereU.

Source: HereU

Hereu’s Canya Sport Sandals are a pair of beautifully crafted round-top fisherman’s mule shoes for men. Their cog-like and intricate woven designs are subtle but bold combinations that work. They are fitted with dark brown souls with straps available in Tan, Taupe, and Black shades.

Alexandre Birman’s Brazilian Flat and Sandals Collection

Alexandre Birman is a renowned Brazilian designer who started his very own fashion brand in 2008. He self-titled his couture brand and gained popularity over the years. He used interesting and exotic leathers like ostrich, crocodile, and occasionally lizard. If you want to check out more of Alexandre Birman’s shoes, click here for the official website.

Birman’s shoes are unique in their design. They are inspired by Brazilian culture and have produced some extremely popular for their high-heels and sandals. They have released a few shoes over the years that could be considered a lovely alternative to the classic Birkenstock sandal.

Clarita Sport Sandal

This is the Clarita Sport Flat Sandal from Alexander Birman.

Source: Alexander Birman

The Clarita Sport Sandal is an open-toe slip-on sandal made from Nappa leather and has a very subtle sling-back buckle strap. The colors available are either; Butter, Starlight Blue, or Turtle. Even though it’s a flat sandal, it comes with a heel height of 1.3-inches.

Curly Shearling Slide Flat

This is the Curly Shearling Slide Flat from Alexander Birman.

Source: Alexander Birman

The Curly Shearling Slide Flat is a pair that would be the most familiar to the classic Birkenstock sandal from Alexandre Birman. This round open-toe slip-on sandal is mostly made of suede with a generous layer of shearling and is available in a butterscotch color.

Dr. Martens Very Own Sandal Collection

Dr. Martens is probably the most well-known and iconic footwear brand on this list. Even though they are more famously known for their ageless boots, Dr. Martens have also broadened their shoe designs, and their sandals are worth a peep. For more information on Dr. Martens and their other accessories and shoe designs, click here for their website.

Chilton’s Slide-In Sandals

Dr. Martens Men's Slide Sandal, Black Hydro, 10

The Chilton Slide-In Sandal is made for those men who need durable and waterproof shoes with its strong hydro leather and AirWair sole. These matte shoes are as smooth as they are tough and are available in the classic Dr. Martens black and have two adjustable Velcro straps.

Myles Brando Slide-In Sandals

Dr. Martens Unisex-Adult Myles Sandal, Black Brando, Womens 5/Mens 4

For those looking for an edgier alternative to the Birkenstock, the Myles Brando Slide-In Sandals might be what you’re looking for. With a platform height of 11.5-inches finished with its iconic yellow stitching, these sandals come in Black waxy leather and two large adjustable buckles on the straps.

George Augusto and Sarah Staudinger’s Fashion Line Called ‘Straud’

George Augusto and Sarah Staudinger’s fashion line, Straud, is a hip fashion line that focuses on providing women with stylish designs that closely focus on detail. For those conscious of leather, you’ll be excited to know that Straud works with vegan leather. Based on Los Angeles, you can find more information here on Straud’s official website.

Crew Sandals

This is the black crew sandals from Straud.

Source: Staud

The Crew Sandals take the idea of the Birkenstock further with its third strap, two of which come with adjustable velcro straps. With Nappa leather lining these low neoprene platforms, the crew sandal comes in black with white finishes and sole.

Siesta Sandals

This is the brown Siesta Sandal from Staud

Source: Staud

The edgy and daring slip-on Siesta Sandals is a slight platform flat sandal with a 1.25-inch high black soul and two straps made of vegan leather. The vegan strap and souls are covered in Sherpa. They are available in the exciting shade of Chartreuse and the subtle Doe option.

Katherine Theobald’s Simple and Elegant Shoe Collection from Argentina Called Zou Xou

Zou Xou [both pronounced as ‘Zu] is a footwear company from Buenos Aires in Argentina that has been proudly handcrafted since 2015. Proud founder of Zou Xou, Katherine Theobald creates modern and minimalist looks using old Argentinan techniques. For more information and a bit of a browse, click here for the website. 

Cut-Out Mule Slide-In

This is the black leather Cut-Out Mule Slide-In from ZouXou.

Source: ZouXou

Even though these Mule Slide-Ins are closed-toe, they deserve a spot on this list with their bold cut-out design that creates an illusion of two huge straps over the feet, accompanied with comfort and style. These slide-ins have a 0.75-inch heel available in a Desert, Glazed Black, and Hazelnut natural leather.

Pileta Sport Slide-In

This is the marfil Pileta Sport Slide-In from ZouXou.

Source: ZouXou

The Pileta Sport Slide-in is ready for an adventure with its neat lug sole and durable design. With one strap over the foot, this open-toe sandal comes with a black sole and the available straps in black from leather with a crocodile pattern, or the simple ivory color made from soft goat kidskin.

Sarah Gurt’s Edgy and Smelly Freedom Moses Sandal Collection

Okay, first and foremost, the shoes aren’t a bad smelly. They smell like milk and honey! Literally! Sarah Gurt’s edgy sandal collection is inspired by the vibes of Tel Aviv in Israel. It has made waterproof and strong shoes as they’re made from PCU plastic that has been molded by air. You can read more on these stylish shoes on their official website here.

Women, Men, and Children Slide-Ins

Freedom Moses Kids Two Band Slide - Solid (Toddler/Little Kid) Red 26-27 (US 10-10.5 Toddler/Little Kid) M

One of the nicest features of the Freedom Moses Sandal Collection is a broad range of colors and patterns to select from for men, women, and children. Their patterns range from Terrazzo White to Zeppelin Black. There are approximately 120 different styles to choose from.

The Classic Grenson Sandal Collection

The Grenson Footwear company has been making reliable handcrafted shoes since 1866 in Northernhampshire, England. In 2013, they launched the Grenson Labs for customers to create custom shoes. You can click here on the official website for more information on their heritage and the other accessories Grenson sells.

Chadwick Slip-On

This is the black leather Chadwick Slip-On from Grenson.

Source: Grenson

The Chadwick Slip-On is simple and clean in its design, perfect for the man looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that pays attention to detail. Not only are these shoes handcrafted, but they are also hand-painted in Black or Brown. A smooth rubber sole accompanies the softly-molded sole.

Florin and Flora Slide-In Sandal

This is the black leather Florin and Flora Slide-In Sandal from Grenson.

Source: Grenson

The Florin and Flora Sandal are among the most similar sandals to Birkenstocks on this list, especially with their double-buckle strap and similar designs for men and women. The women’s soles are thicker, but they’re both made from calf leather and are hand-painted as either Black or Dark-Brown. Women also have Tan and White to choose from.

Vanissa Antonious’s Italian Footwear And Handbag Line Called ‘Neous’

Neous is one of the more abstract and high fashion alternative brands found on this list. These shoes are all handmade from traditional techniques in Italy by Australian designer Vanissa Antonious. If you want to check out more of on Neous, click here for the official website.

Cher Platform Sandals

This is the banana Cher Platform Sandals from Neous.

Source: Neous

The Cher Platform Sandals is a pair of elegant open-toe shoes with a beautiful and simple design. With a round golden buckle to secure the sling-back strap, these shoes are made from calf leather with grosgrain finishes on the shoe pipings. These platforms are 1.96-inches and come in Banana, Cream, and Navy colors.

Dombai Leather Flat Sandals

This is the camel Dombai Leather Flat Sandals from Neous.

Source: Neous

The Dombai Flat sandals are open-toe flatform shoes made from calf leather with two wide straps and grosgrain finishes. Camel and Banana are the two colors available, and both come with black soles. Speaking of soles, Neous also offers a pair of black Dombai sandals with rich dark brown shearlings made from sheep fur covering the sole.


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