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All the Ways to Accessorize the Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a staple of every woman's wardrobe. Knowing how to accessorize your dress will maximize versatility and take you from day to night. Dress it up with a statement necklace. Wear it with combat boots and a leather jacket for a rebellious style.

This is a close look at a woman wearing a little black dress showcasing her accessories.

A little black dress is a wardrobe staple. It can be dressed up or down, and it is perfect for day and night. It’s important to change up your look so your dress doesn’t become boring. If you have the perfect little black dress, the key is to accessorize it properly.

Choosing the Perfect LBD

If you don’t have a favorite little black dress yet, choosing a versatile style will help you make the most of it. A simple dress with a mid to knee-length hemline will provide the most versatility. However, if you prefer an edgier style, you can go with a mini dress.

A wrap dress or sheath dress is great for the office and date night. A bodycon dress provides sex appeal and is a great choice for events. You can choose a longer hemline to offset the form-fitting aspect if you plan to wear it for other occasions as well.

If you prefer a more casual look, a slip dress is a perfect choice. It’s comfortable and simple while still looking elegant.

You’ll need to consider the material as well. Satin and silk work well for all occasions. They give you a blank palette to accessorize. If you want a more feminine look, lace is a beautiful material for a black dress.

All the Ways to Accessorize a Little Black Dress 

This is an illustrative diagram showcasing the ways to accessorize the little black dress.

There are many ways to accessorize a little black dress, but they fall into a few basic categories.

Little black dress accessories include:

  • Jackets
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Miscellaneous accessories

Check out each category for ideas on accessorizing your dress no matter the occasion.


A woman wearing a denim jacket over her little black dress.

A jacket can keep you warm, but it can also be the perfect lbd accessory.

For an edgy modern look, pair your black dress with a leather jacket. A black leather jacket with zippers adds a little contrast. You can also choose a simple tan jacket.

For a casual dress, a denim jacket is a great choice. The blue of the jean jacket contrasts beautifully with black.

A cardigan or blazer is perfect for smart casual. For a conservative look, choose a muted color. For a fun, upbeat look, choose a bright color like pink or lime green.

If you want to add some luxury to your lbd, you can’t go wrong with faux fur.


A woman wearing a pair of red shoes with her little black dress.

The right shoe is a great way to update your little black dress. Choose a heel for evening elegance and sneakers for a casual look. Combat boots add a sophisticated edge to your black dress. A heeled sandal can take your dress from day to night.

Black heels are classic, but you can also add some color to your look by choosing a contrasting shoe. White and brightly colored shoes add a modern feel to your little black dress.


A woman wearing pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings with her little black dress.

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to accessorize your black dress. The neckline is the biggest determining factor when accessorizing with jewelry. It’s particularly important if you want to wear a statement necklace.

If you have a v-shaped neckline, a pendant necklace will echo the shape of your dress. If your dress has a plunging neckline, consider a bold pendant or a delicate necklace with statement earrings.

A chunky necklace is perfect for a sweetheart neckline. Pair it with subtle earrings.

Chandelier earrings and a simple necklace work well for deep daring necklines as well.

A bracelet can also help add flair to your style. It’s best to choose one statement piece and allow the other pieces to e understated. If you choose a bold bracelet, then keep your necklace and earrings simple.

Miscellaneous Accessories 

This is a close look at a little black dress surrounded by various accessories.

Other accessories can help complete your look and make your little black dress perfect for nearly any occasion.

A scarf is the perfect LBD accessory for fall and winter. Use it to add a pop of color. Choose a floral scarf for a boho or feminine look. For a daring look, choose a bright boldly colored scarf.

Tights are another way to accessorize your black dress in cooler months. They work well for casual occasions. Black tights are classic. Just be sure to add some color with other accessories.

A belt can add interest to your black dress. It’s a simple way to upgrade your dress. It creates an instant waistline that can have a flattering effect.

For a chic look, choose a black belt with a statement buckle. You can also choose a colored belt for a pop of color.

A purse or clutch can also be used as a little black dress accessory. A black clutch is elegant and always a good choice for formal events. For date night, choose a brightly colored purse that provides a pop of color. For a boho look, choose a bright print purse or beach bag.

Tips for Accessorizing Your Little Black Dress

This woman accessorized her little black dress with red shoes, a red purse and red lips.

Start with the dress itself. Is it detailed and delicate or simple? If your dress has embellishments, keep accessories minimalist to allow the dress itself to shine. If the dress is simple, use it as a backdrop for killer accessories.

Accessorizing your lbd allows you to decide where the eye is drawn. If you want your legs to be noticed, choose a brightly colored heeled shoe. If you want the eyes to be drawn to your face, choose statement earrings.

If you are self-conscious about your waist, choose an eye-catching necklace. It’s counter-intuitive, but a belt can have a slimming effect. It draws the eye to the belt, instead of the waist itself. This is particularly effective when paired with a jacket.

Black goes with every color, but it is important to choose a color scheme. This doesn’t mean every accessory has to be the same color. You simply need to choose colors that work well together. Generally, if you choose one bright bold color, other colors should be muted or neutral.

Accessorizing a Little Black Dress FAQs

How do you spice up a little black dress?

The simple answer is with the right accessories. One way to do this is to add red. A red clutch, red heels, or red nail polish can heat up your look. Jewelry can also add some glamour to your look. Choose a statement piece in gold or silver to upgrade your black dress and add sophistication. 

What necklace goes with a little black dress?

This depends on the style of your dress and the occasion. A colored chunky necklace creates a boho look that is perfect for a slip dress. For an elegant look, choose an eye-catching pendant. Be sure that your necklace is above or below the neckline. 

How do you find the perfect little black dress?

The perfect little black dress is one that suits your style and body type. It’s best to try on different styles until you find one that flatters your body type. Of course, it should fit your personality as well. The right dress will make you feel beautiful and confident. 

How do you wear pearls with a black dress?

Pearls are classic. Pairing a white pearl necklace with a black dress can be incredibly chic. Consider a single strand of pearls for a sophisticated style that pairs beautifully with a maxi or cocktail dress. For a daring look, pair a multi-strand pearl necklace with a plunging neckline. 

Who popularized the little black dress?

The little black dress was popularized in the 1920s by Coco Chanel. Vogue referred to the Chanel black dress as the “Model T” of lbd.

Why is the little black dress a classic?

Because it works! The black dress works for every woman, regardless of style preferences or body type. It’s also versatile. The same dress can fit a variety of occasions with the right accessories.