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Work It Girl Allure Beauty Box Review

Let us show you everything you need to know about Allure Beauty Box, its products, the pros and cons and even how to start and end a subscription.

Screenshot of the Allure Beauty Box webpage.

“You better work/Work it girl” all the way to the perfect beauty box for the trendy queen. If you want the latest and greatest in the beauty world, Allure’s box is your best bet. With more than 5 products from the best in the industry, you are sure to feel like a Covergirl.

It is no surprise that one of the top-ranked magazines in the country (and the world) would create a beauty subscription box that would rock your world. If you are like me, you LOVE magazines. Since I was a little girl I have admired the journalists that work at high-end magazines like Cosmopolitan and Allure. So, I was beyond excited when I found out that Allure came out with their very own beauty box. I could not wait to get my hands on it!

Allure beauty subscription box

If you live under a rock, you probably aren’t super familiar with subscription boxes. Let me fill you in. Subscription services, such as Allure’s beauty box, are a monthly service where you basically send yourself a gift. For example, Allure’s box sends you 5+ skincare/makeup products for only $23 every month. With this particular box, you will receive more than $100 worth of products for a little under $25. There is nothing better than knowing you are getting what the best in the industry has chosen for you!

How To Sign Up

Signing up for your monthly subscription is SO easy! It is just a few simple steps that will allow you to get a gift to your door every single month. Here is a step by step process of how to sign up with ease:

  1. Fill out your billing information with your address, as well as your email address so they can send you your goods. You can also order through your Amazon account if you do not want to fill out all of your information.
  2. You will then fill out your shipping information (if it is different than your billing information).
  3. After you finish the first two steps you are prompted to put in your credit card info in order to pay for your product!
  4. After you are finished with all of these steps you are to review your information to ensure you will receive your beauty box
  5. Enjoy!

Allure Beauty Box Price

For only $23 every month you will now receive six products (previously five) in your Allure Beauty Box. You will receive more than $100 worth of products and are guaranteed to get another free product when you sign up. Hello, FREE STUFF! You will also receive free shipping on your box if you live inside the U.S.

A close look at Whish botanical primer from Allure beauty box.

What Is To Like About Allure Beauty Box

With Allure’s Beauty Box you know you are getting the latest and greatest in the industry. The creators of Allure are handpicking items for their subscribers to ensure that when you receive their box, you are also getting the trendiest items on the market.

With your box, you are guaranteed five items, but there is a good chance you might be getting more. If you are seeing your favorite Instagram influencers with a beauty product, there is a good chance it will be in your monthly box. So, if you are like me and have major FOMO, this is an awesome option for you.

What I Don’t Like About Allure Beauty Box

Out of all the subscription beauty boxes I have tried (and that’s a lot) this box was the smallest. Although some people say “good things come in small packages,” I usually think “the bigger the better.” It was a nice surprise to find a few full-size products but was still disappointed with the packaging and size. Come on Allure?!

Allure beauty box filled with various beauty products in sample sizes.

What Products Come In Allure Beauty Box?

Each box will include AT LEAST six products directly picked by Allure’s editors. The box will include a mix of luxury and trendy brands, so you will always have the best of both worlds (score). Each month, there is also a good chance that you will receive a bonus product for free (double score).

A fun additive that makes the Allure box unique is that you will always receive a letter from the editor. This letter is used to ensure that every product you are receiving has been tested by the team at Allure. You will also be getting reviews of the products ahead of time so you know what to expect.

How To Cancel Your Membership

If you cancel your membership at any point (I don’t know why you would) it is as easy as emailing the company. You can email Allure at to cancel. To ensure your subscription is canceled and you will not be billed for the next month you must cancel by the last day of the month prior. For example, cancel on or before October 31st to make sure you will not receive your November box. Because no one wants an unnecessary expense!

Can You Return Or Exchange Items?

Allure does not accept any returns or exchanges. Major bummer, I know! However, there are several online forums where people exchange items for past beauty products. So, if you do not like something you receive, there may be someone who does!

One thing I have found to be super helpful when I receive products I do not like is to regift them to friends. A plus for the people close to me is that any product I do not like in my subscription boxes, they get. Not only do I get to try new products, but they do too! It’s a win, win for everyone!!

A close look at a bottle of Pixi rose oil blend from Allure beauty box.

Will I Get To See What Is In My Box?

If you follow Allure on any of their social media platforms you know they love to give sneak peeks of their products. As an advertising strategy, they have given people the opportunity to view a few of their products ahead of time.

But only if you follow them on Facebook or Instagram. If you do not like previews of your subscription boxes, it is probably best to stay off of those pages while you are waiting for your products (sorry girl).

Do You Get To Choose What Is In Your Box?

Sorry to disappoint, but you will not get to choose any of the products in your Allure Beauty Box. Unfortunately, Allure does not really customize their beauty boxes. If you are planning to receive a foundation, concealer, or item similar, they will ask you to choose a color that resembles your skin the best.

However, products such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, etc will not have the option to be customized. Allure prides itself on finding great products for the people that are ordering their boxes but will not send individualized products. But hey, don’t shoot the messenger!

Can I Buy Products I Like Individually?

Yes, thank the beauty gods! There are several ways you can buy individual products. If you loved one of the products you received in a previous box you can follow the links that you should have gotten in your box. Each month, your box will have links to the products. A bonus? Most of the time Allure gives you discount codes so you can get your products at a discount!! A BLESSING!

When you wear these products I hope you “work it girl.” I found the price of Allure’s Beauty Box to be amazing, especially for the fact that I received more than the six products I thought I would be getting. Although some of the products weren’t my favorite, I would definitely order again.