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Are Birkenstocks Comfortable?

Yes, Birkenstocks are extremely comfortable and they're stylish as well. Dive into their features and see why these now iconic shoes have been tagged as the most comfortable and supportive sandals for men and women.

Close-up of a foot wearing Birkenstock and sock.

I love Birkenstocks because they look good and are comfortable. With an orthopedic insole, the now iconic shoes bring comfort to a whole new level.  They also incorporate additional designs such as color and size to suit different buyer preferences. So, what makes these casual-looking shoes so comfortable?

Come in Different Styles

Woman holding Birkenstock while walking on the beach.

You can find Birkenstocks in various styles, such as different colors and sizes. The colorful selections let you add a personal touch to your choices, letting you pick the shoes in your favorite hue. You can also get the same style in different sizes to suit different family members or friends.

Birkenstocks can let you walk a mile in my shoes. They feature a unisex design that makes them the perfect gift for all. I especially appreciate this quality since it makes purchasing holiday gifts easier. Additionally, you no longer have to be envious of your husband or wife walking on cloud nine.

Birkenstock Women's Mary Casual Shoes Black Leather EU Size: 41 - US Size: 10/10.5 Narrow

Nonetheless, you can get these shoes in customized designs to suit women and men. I like variety and greatly value being able to pick Birkenstocks in heels. Our sample shows stylish Birkenstocks for women featuring leather upper material and sued footbed. The short 2.5-inch heel offers sufficient height to add style to my fashion while remaining low enough to maintain comfort.   

You can also find certain designs with additional accessories, such as bedazzled straps, for a unique look. Men can find shoes with customized patterns to suit their preferences and reflect their personalities. Although Birkenstocks have a casual appearance, I like that minor creative adjustments can give them a chic feel. 

Orthopedic Design

Birkenstock Women's, Gizeh Birko-Flor Sandal - Regular Width Magenta 42 M

Birkenstocks are famous for incorporating cork and latex footbeds into their designs. These features provide highly flexible and shock-absorbing shoes that relieve pressure and support the feet. The natural materials design insulate against the cold and heat, offering a good foot climate.

The ergonomic construction facilitates blood circulation to help heal foot issues. I benefit the most from this design since I generally walk a lot. These shoes are ideal for my wardrobe because I am frequently on my feet and moving. Ironically, they are also a perfect option for lazy days. Their simple design means you do not need too much preparation and consideration; just slip them on, and off you go.     

Besides, the buckles integrated into each shoe mean you can adjust your favorite pairs to fit your feet shape. I occasionally struggled to find quality sandals with a suitable fit since my feet are wider. Birkenstocks offered the perfect solution with the buckles, helping me to find the perfect adjustment for happy feet.

Finding Joy in the Ordinary

Woman on a swing wearing black Birkenstock.

Jimmy Johnson once stated that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Birkenstocks offer that little extra in the form of comfort. These shoes enable you to care for your feet, even when on your feet for long periods. 

It is typical to spot folks strolling around their neighborhoods in one of the Birkenstocks. Their comfort and simple design make them perfect for various situations. I often wear mine to enjoy a relaxing walk in the park and shop. They are also my go-to options when dropping by the office on Saturdays.

Now, you may think I am pushing the envelope with this fashion, although I beg to differ.

The office has a casual-wear policy for Saturdays, and these shoes are the epitome of casual and comfortable wear. Besides, isn’t it standard to have an extra pair of official shoes in your cabinet to cover emergency meetings on casual days? I get the best of both worlds; wear my comfortable Birkenstocks and not worry about attending impromptu professional meetings.

Walking on Sunshine

White Birkenstock with rattan bag and shades against palm leaves.

Aside from wearing Birkenstocks to roam through my normal days, they are a must-have for vacations. If the Birkenstocks are so comfortable on the pavement, how much more are they on soft sandy beaches? Strolling in these comfortable shoes by the beach is second only to walking barefoot.

The different styles available mean you can pick a shade and style that best fits your vacation theme. Our example features a back strap to offer more comfort and fit to suit long strolls and jogging. The design also goes well with long, chiffon sunny dresses to deliver the complete vacation look.

I also like Birkenstocks for trips because you can pair them with various accessories to create a stylish fashion. Here, I pair the white shoes with a round rattan bag. Do they scream “beach day”? Sure, but combined with the right attire, you can also pull them off on a day out in the neighborhood.    

But, Why the Discomfort?

Top view of feet wearing Birkenstock.

Many people commonly complain of experiencing discomfort and mild aches when wearing Birkenstocks for the first time. Nevertheless, the discomfort is normal and a good sign. You may think it crazy to consider pain a good thing but hear me out.

Habitually wearing brogues, converses, and flat-soled flats generally make your feet a little lazy. An ergonomic shoe with a good flatbed begins to train your feet’s muscles, resulting in counterintuitive responses and discomfort.

“Are you telling me it’s my fault that Birkenstocks are uncomfortable?” No, I am not blaming you. Rather than attributing the discomfort to the shoes, I suggest looking at it differently. Let us interpret it as a sign that your feet are reclaiming their natural function. With that said, it will not hurt (pun intended) to change your shoe selections for better foot care.

I find Birkenstocks to be among the most comfortable shoes in the market. Even though I love their ergonomic design, my fondness comes from the worthwhile perseverance I experienced at the start. Whether you immediately love them or go through some initial discomfort, the eventual positive outcome is the same.