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13 Brands Similar to Coach

Carrying a designer purse yellow outfit

Coach bags have become a popular accessory that is instantly recognizable. Many people enjoy carrying this fashion arm candy. But you aren’t limited to Coach alone. There are many designer brands creating similar bags that have a lot in common with popular Coach bag styles. Discover brands similar to Coach and fill your closet with the kind of style you like.

Where Did Coach Come From?

Carrying a designer purse casual outfit

The Coach brand actually began as Manhattan Leather Bags in New York in 1941. Inspired by a leather baseball glove, co-founder Miles Cahn worked with six artists to create a line of 12 handbags. They were made from leather, like the baseball glove. And it was a start. No one knew in those days that Coach would go on to become famous for handbags.

The Coach handbag design became more refined as new handbag styles developed and new fashion trends emerged and changed. Today, Coach bags are some of the most recognized and popular pieces of fashion in the world. The company is known for simple, curving silhouettes and distinct branding. Coach bags often have logo fabric or logo accents on the design, or both.

The Coach Look

Coach Nolita 19 In Signature Canvas Bag Purse (Brown Red)

Coach bags have several distinguishing characteristics that make this brand highly recognizable. First, the silhouettes of the bags are simple and usually made with curving lines, rather than corners and sharp edges. Coach tends to have a more unstructured look with somewhat slouchy designs. The brand leans toward a more neutral color scheme of black, brown and cream.

Coach is also quite distinct for its branding. The “C” Coach logo is extremely recognizable and usually quite prominently displayed on handbag designs. The logo makes Coach bags stand out right away.

Finding Brands Similar to Coach

You can’t wear one designer your whole life, not even if you absolutely love it. If you’re looking for brands similar to Coach because you like the way Coach looks but you’re also looking to expand your style, no problem. There are many designers who share similarities with Coach so you can still get the look you want and try out different designs to expand your fashion sense, too.

Bottega Veneta (More Expensive)

Women Soft PU Leather Woven Handbag Summer Handmade Hobo Shoulder Bag Woven Clutch Bag Knotted Casual Dumpling Pouch (Apricot)…

The simple shapes and slouchy silhouettes of Bottega Veneta bags are very similar to the Coach line of handbags. Put them in a closet next to each other, and you may reach for one instead of the other. This brand is also associated with high-end fashion and has been famous with the glamorous since its creation in the 1960s. Andy Warhol was particularly fond of Bottega Veneta.

Unlike Coach bags, Bottega Veneta bags are made in unique woven designs that make them distinct. The woven pattern sets these bags apart and it has become a feature of the brand, so all bags under this label feature the distinct weaving somewhere visibly on the design.

You won’t see a lot of branding on these bags and they’re made in brighter colors than the color shades Coach is most associated with. Bottega Veneta uses lots of pastels and jewel tones. This is a contrast from the more neutral tones of Coach bags and the very clear designer branding you find with Coach.

Bottega Veneta bags cost more than Coach bags of a similar size and design. One reason for this higher price point is the multiple sustainability features. Bottega Veneta bags are made with 100 percent traceable leather, 100 percent certified or recycled paper they are all put in packaging that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Brahmin (Similar Pricing)

Red Dragon Melbourne Margo

For many decades, Brahmin was one of Boston’s best-kept secrets. This brand began in Boston, Massachusettes in 1882 making luxury leather products of all kinds, including gorgeous handbags. Boston’s most fashionable citizens came here to get their bags and the brand continues to thrive to this day.

Brahmin bags have a distinct textured finish that resembles animal skin. Many Brahmin designs are made in a unique gradient color shading that creates a multi-tonal effect. This gives the bags their own look and even their own distinct feel.

Like Coach bags, Brahmin bags tend to have more curving, unstructured shapes with general large and somewhat slouchy designs. They also have medium to short carrying handles, another feature that is very similar to classic Coach bag designs. Like Coach, Brahmin also offers a range of matching wallets and purse accessories to go with their most classic handbag designs.

Now, more people have become familiar with Brahmin bags, many of which are still made by hand with high-end leather. This is why Brahmin bags continue to demand and receive a high designer price that is comparable to Coach bags of the same size and similar styles.

Calvin Klein (Less Expensive)

Calvin Klein Lucy Triple Compartment Shoulder Bag, Almond/Taupe/Caramel Embossed

Calvin Klein is known for all things fashion. The brand makes just about everything you can possibly wear, including pretty handbags in all styles. The classic silhouettes and timeless style of Calvin Klein bags look similar to the simple, elegant designs you find with Coach.

Like Coach, Calvin Klein stays up to date with the latest silhouette and color trends in style and offers new bags every year to match the current fashion season’s tastes.

Also like Coach, Calvin Klein purses are often made in neutral color shades. Black, tan and cream designs are always popular choices. Calvin Kelin also uses clear branding and discreet logos to show off the design name.

Calvin Klein rose to fame in the fashion world because of the standout designs he made, which stood out for being sleek, clean, timeless and trendy all at once. He became a huge name in the fashion world and soon, his purses were known as trendy, glamorous accessories for all kinds of clothing.

Unlike lots of other high fashion options, Calvin Klein style is accessible. Handbags made under this label are less expensive than Coach bags of a similar size and style. That’s because Calvin Klein fashion is designed in order to be affordable and accessible to those who want high-end style without paying a huge, high-end price. This is a great option if you want a bag that is similar to Coach but more affordable.

Chanel (More Expensive)

CHANEL Women's Pre-Loved Chanel Black Lambskin Half Flap Mini Bag, Black, One Size

If you like designer purses and wallets from Coach, check out Chanel. The distinct quilted style immediately makes Chanel items stand out. Like Coach, Chanel has very clear branding and a look that is recognizable right away.

Chanel is a famous name in fashion with a line of bags and purses that vary greatly in size and style. The brand is famous for the “flap” bag but there are many other silhouettes available. Chanel bags tend to be more structured and more classic in style than Coach bags but like Coach, this is a highly recognizable high-end brand.

Chanel and Coach both have a huge selection of different handbag and purse styles in all different sizes. Those who enjoy the different options that Coach bags offer will enjoy shopping for Chanel bags just as much.

Chanel has become much more expensive in recent years, with purses and bags carrying big price tags that are thousands of dollars higher than Coach bags of similar sizes. Why is there such a huge price difference? To begin with, Chanel uses very high-end materials, such as lambskin. There are also 180 steps involved with crafting just one of these bags, a process that includes multiple quality checks. That’s pretty intense and it definitely demands a high price tag.

Dior (More Expensive)

Dior Women's Pre-Loved Micro Lady Tote Satin, Black, One Size

Made with high-quality materials and known for being high-end, Dior has a great selection of bags in all sizes. Dior remains a huge name in fashion and the brand has branched out into all areas of style, even perfume, to become one of the most recognized labels. If you enjoy Coach because you like having a well-known label on your arm, Dior will fit the bill quite nicely.

Dior bags tend to have a structured shape and they’re designed in many classic silhouettes. The brand is distinct for its covered handles and its very unique branding, which often includes a charm-like decoration on Dior bags. This little extra adds a certain “oompf” to Dior bags.

Christian Dior rose to fame as a designer in the 1940s. Dior is credited with creating the “New Look,” a fashion line that defined a generation and set the stage for many years of style inspiration of the future. Dior has been a huge name in fashion ever since, famous for everything from clothes to handbags.

Bags from Dior are more expensive than bags from Coach of a similar style and size. There are some practical reasons for this difference.

Dior limits production to make their bags more exclusive, which is one reason why items from the label are so expensive. Dior also sources high-quality leather from Italy, a country known for high fashion and fine leather goods. All the cotton, wool and silk used in Dior bags are from Italy or France, where high-end textiles are produced. More expensive materials lead to more expensive designer bags.

Fendi (More Expensive)

FENDI Women's Pre-Loved Fendi Zucca Mamma Forever, Brown, One Size

Fendi has been a high-end brand known for producing high-quality items since the day the doors first opened. The brand quickly became associated with quality leather goods. Fendi was started by a husband and wife team who had five daughters. Together, the family of seven created new fashions and built the brand into the worldwide success it is today.

The five Fendi daughters remained active in the brand after both their parents passed away, becoming synonymous with high-end, timeless fashion over the decades. Fendi has become a standout name in handbags and has several distinct features associated with the label.

Fendi bags are known for a distinct print pattern that is featured on several styles of bags, clear branding and logos that are distinct from other brands. Fendi bags also tend to have a neutral color scheme. Like many popular Coach bags, Fendi bags are often made in neutral shades of black, brown and cream, with some Earth tones like mustard yellow and gold appearing in the catalog frequently as well.

Fendi bags tend to have more structured shapes but many designs are made to look more slouchy, like some of the most well-known Coach bag silhouettes.

Fendi bags tend to be more expensive because Fendi uses high-quality animal leathers, including exotic leathers like python and ostrich. This, along with the Fendi name itself, commands a high price.

Fossil (Less Expensive)

Fossil Women's Ryder Leather Satchel Purse Handbag, Brown (Model: ZB7412200)

Fossil bags stand out for their colorful style and their somewhat unstructured, roomy designs that are reminiscent of Coach bags. The more casual look of Fossil bags is very much like the go-anywhere style that has helped make Coach such a celebrated brand. The great thing about Fossil and Coach both is that you can carry one of these bags with jeans and look great or take it with you to a fancy restaurant and still be stylish as heck.

As a brand, Fossil became known for watches first, quickly making a name for itself in the 1980s with wrist fashion. The company branched out into other areas of fashion soon and today, Fossil bags compete with other high-end brands.

Fossil bags are made in a huge range of styles. Many classic silhouettes are available, including shapes that are similar to the best-known Coach bag designs. Like Coach, Fossil bags are made often in neutral color schemes like shades of brown, cream, black and gray.

Fossil offers affordable fashion, compared to many other labels. The bags are well-made and they are made with real leather but the price tag isn’t as pain-inducing as some others you might find when you go shopping for luxury looks. Fossil is a bit more accessible than some other labels, so this is a good choice when you’re looking for Coach-style accessories for a little less.

Gucci (More Expensive)

Gucci Camelia Camel Pebbled Leather Soho Shoulder Hand Bag Tassel

Guccio Gucci began the Gucci label in 1921 in Florence, Italy, selling luggage and saddles. The Gucci brand expanded from there, becoming one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. This is thanks in no small part to First Lady Jackie Kennedy, who favored the brand. A fashion trendsetter, Jackie set the style for the women of the world and people everywhere copied her style and bought items from her favorite brands.

Gucci is distinct for its particular plaid-like pattern, which is often seen in their bags, for red and green stripes and for the distinct double G logo. Gucci bags have a unique look thanks to this clear branding but many of the silhouettes in the Gucci line resemble the curving shapes of Coach bags.

Gucci bags are often made in shades of brown, black and cream, which makes them visually similar to the Coach bag color palette.

Gucci bags cost more, sometimes hundreds more, than Coach bags of the same size and similar styles. This is because Gucci tends to limit production on certain styles, which heightens the exclusivity of the brand. The bags are also made with high-end materials and careful detail, such as precise stitching and expensive leather. Gucci bags are made in Europe, where employees receive high wages and good benefits, which also tends to cost a little more than bags that are made in countries where employees are treated much more poorly and paid less.

Gucci also prides itself on hiring the best designers and they put a lot into strict quality control. Gucci maintains extremely high standards. For all these reasons, Gucci fashion commands a high price.

Guess (Less Expensive)

GUESS womens Noelle Small Elite Tote, Brown Logo, One Size US

Guess bags are made in a huge range of styles in a wide selection of colors and patterns. This label is recognizable for its branding, which is usually clearly displayed, and its iconic question mark logo. The many different bag styles available from Guess put this brand on par with Coach when it comes to handbag variety and range of selection.

The Guess brand was started by four brothers from the south of France who fell in love with LA. The brand started with a pair of jeans, selling them to Bloomingdales. The design sold out within a few hours. By the end of the year, Guess jeans were in every major department store in the U.S. The label would soon include handbags and lots of other fashion, too.

Guess became famous for its advertising campaigns, which centered around famous sex symbols. Their bags are branded and have shapes that are similar to many popular Coach bags. Guess bags are also made for every day, go-anywhere style like Coach bags. These bags can pair nicely with jeans and sneakers on casual days but the brand is high-end enough to pair with formal wear, too.

Guess bags tend to be less expensive than comparable Coach bags. That’s because the brand specifically remains accessible to a wide buying audience. To keep prices lower than other high-end brands, Guess uses suede, nylon and faux leather, rather than all premium leather, to make bags more affordable.

Hermes (More Expensive)

LAORENTOU Genuine Leather Handbags for Women Herbag, Ladies Lock Bags Top Handle Bags and Bucket Purse (Elephant Grey)

In the 1830s, Hermes was already a famous name on the streets of Paris. After all, Thierry Hermes made some of the finest harnesses and bridles for carriages in the entire city at that time. His shop became the most popular place in Paris to buy saddlery items.

Naturally, he expanded the business to include leather feed bags for the horses and saddlebags to store accessories. The bags were a big hit with his clients. But…why should the horses get all the fashion?

A bag designed to hold saddles and riding gear was the first bag for humans that Hermes designed. But it wasn’t until 1922 that the fashion house found its niche in luxury handbags, when the wife of Emile-Maurice Hermes told him that she couldn’t find the right handbag to hold her necessities.

He made her one and now, Hermes is one of the most popular and sought-after handbag designer brands in the world. Some of the most expensive bags ever sold were Hermes bags, including one creation that sold for a positively staggering $500,000 USD. Hermes bags are some of the most expensive bags in the world.

Hermes has now been a part of the Parisian fashion scene for six generations of different Hermes family members. The distinctive silhouette and mid-length carrying handle make Hermes bags highly recognizable.

The simple shapes and color palette, which is full of Earth tones, is similar to the style and look of Coach bags. However, Hermes bags are far pricier. Hermes has discreet branding in most designs.

Why are Hermes bags so expensive? These bags cost not just thousands of dollars but tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the prices are actually shocking. Why? For starters, Hermes bags are quite exclusive. Some models of bags, like the coveted Birkin, actually have a years-long wait list and purchases of the bag are limited. Buying a Hermes bag isn’t always as easy as going into a store and buying a Hermes bag.

The company also uses incredibly high-end materials to craft every bag. Exotic leathers, real gold and platinum and real diamonds are used. Bags are handmade to such a level of detail that a single bag can take days to make. This all commands a high price, which the world’s rich and famous seem pretty delighted to pay.

Louis Vuitton (More Expensive)

Louis Vuitton Women's Pre-Loved Monogram Delightful Bag, Brown, One Size

Coach bags have recognizable branding, distinct silhouettes and lots and lots of different options when it comes to choosing a style. Louis Vuitton has all of this, too. Louis Vuitton bags have noticeable branding and logos and a huge selection of bags in their catalog, which makes this brand comparable to Coach.

Like Coach, Luis Vuitton products use quality materials and craftsmanship. The distinct tote-like shapes and slim purse styles found in the Louis Vuitton catalog are highly similar to Coach bags that are always classic favorites with style shoppers. Louis Vuitton bags are often made in shades of brown, tan, cream and gold, which makes them visually similar to Coach as well.

Louis Vuitton was 16 years old in 1837 when he arrived in Paris and got a job as an apprentice making luggage. In 17 years, he opened up his own shop and began building a legendary name in fashion. High fashion handbags were eventually added to the catalog and today, Louis Vuitton has a huge range of fashionable accessories.

Louis Vuitton bags tend to be more expensive by hundreds of dollars than similar Coach bags. Why? For one thing, Louis Vuitton makes bags that are extremely durable. They may be pretty, but these bags are tough. Some designs are literally fireproof. Other designs are waterproof. Some are tested by being dropped with eight-pound weights inside them to check their toughness. A Louis Vuitton bag is expected to last you for years and years, even with frequent use.

This strength is due to the careful craftsmanship and the materials used in these bags. Louis Vuitton bags are handmade in Europe and they are made to last you for a lifetime. This is why Louis Vuitton tends to be a more expensive brand than others and why it asks for a higher price than similar Coach handbags.

Lucky (Less Expensive)

Lucky Beri Tote, Dusty Sand

The slouchy, unstructured shapes and neutral color palette of Lucky bags give them a very Coach-similar appearance. You will find many of the same silhouettes between Lucky and Coach bags but a Lucky bag will cost you a bit less than going for Coach.

Lucky is still a relatively new designer brand, particularly compared to others on this list that have been on the style scene since the 1800s, and has not yet reached the name recognition that often drives up the price on designer products. In time, this young designer brand could outdistance Coach and become more expensive but for now, Lucky is the more affordable label.

Lucky started out as a brand selling jeans in LA. Lucky jeans were inspired by vintage fashion from the past and they were full of little details and touches that caught the public eye. Lucky jeans became a hit and the brand soon branched out into all kinds of fashion, including designer handbags.

Lucky bags are available in many colorful tote and bucket bag styles that compare well with more expensive Coach bags. The slouchy, casual style of Lucky bags also resembles Coach bags, though Lucky has far less branding. These styles tend to be simple and elegant.

Michael Kors (Similar Pricing)

Michael Kors XS Carry All Jet Set Travel Womens Tote (brown sig)

At first glance, Michael Kors bags look quite similar to Coach bags. Both brands are known for trendy styles with somewhat curving, more unstructured designs. Michael Kors branding even looks similar to Coach, often featuring the designer logo on purse clasps in a manner like Coach styles.

Both designer brands also use more neutral color tones more often than other shades. This means that Michael Kors bags are timeless and not as subject the whims of color trends of other brands, which is something that consumers love about Coach, too.

Designer Michael Kors took the world by storm in 1981 and in the early 2000s, came to fame on “Project Runway.” Today, his bags are carried by the world’s most glamorous people. Michael Kors bags are priced similarly to Coach bags, meaning that bags of a similar style and size cost about the same from either label.

Brands Similar to Coach

Holding a designer purse close up

There are many different designer brands out there but some make bags that are similar to popular Coach bags whether in color or style or features or overall look and design. Get a look at the brands similar to Coach and the beautiful bags they offer. Use these bags to inspire new outfits and expand your fashion style. Because why focus on just one brand when you can fill your wardrobe with different fashion staples? Have fun with designer bags and play around with your accessory style.


Looking for brands similar to Coach will take you across a huge price range and introduce you to a whole lot of different looks and styles. You might still have a lot of questions about Coach bags and designer bags that are like Coach bags. We’ve got the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Coach bags, so you’ve got the info you need to buy and carry your Coach bag and other designer bags like a true trendsetting fashionista or fashionisto.

Carrying a designer bag blue outfit

Are Coach bags real leather?

Coach bags are usually always made with real leather. The majority of Coach bags are made with premium leather. In addition to this, 90 percent of all the leather used will be sourced from Silver- and Gold-rated Leather Working Group tanneries by 2025 as part of a company-wide commitment. But because not every single Coach bag is made with leather, you will need to check the label to make sure if real leather is what you want.

Can you wash a Coach bag?

You can’t get your Coach bag and toss it in the washing machine the same way you would with your canvas tote. However, you can wash a Coach bag if it becomes dirty. It’s just not quite as easy as using your washing machine.

Wash your Coach bag by hand, using a gentle undyed cleaner and warm water to wipe out the interior of the purse with a damp cloth. You can do this on the outside of the bag as well but it’s better to use an actual leather cleaner on the bag’s leather. The leather cleaner will have its own specific instructions for the best way to use the product.

Allow your bag to air dry for at least 24 hours and then it’s clean and ready for your next adventure.

How can you tell an authentic designer bag from a fake?

Designer handbags are expensive, too expensive for everyone to afford. However, lots of people want designer bags. This is why there’s a big market out there for good-looking fakes. So how can you tell the difference between the real thing and one that isn’t? If you’re paying the price for a Coach bag or another designer bag, you want to make sure it’s real and not one of those really good knockoffs.

First, look at the bag’s materials. Designer handbags use quality leather, often exotic leathers. You know good leather when you find it. The material will be supple and flexible and yet soft to the touch. Genuine leather also isn’t perfectly smooth to the touch. It should have a more pebbled or textured surface. If it is perfectly and uniformly smooth, it isn’t genuine leather.

Examine the stitching next. The stitching should be perfect and it should be perfectly straight. Every stitch should be uniform, meaning that they are all the same size. The stitching will look very clean and neat, in short, quite precise.

Check the lining as well. In many Coach bags and lots of other designer bags, the lining will be a pretty satin, usually in a solid color or a brand-appropriate printed pattern. The lining should be smooth and soft to the touch. If the material is rough or coarse, this is a red flag.

Are designer handbags a good investment?

Designer handbags are incredibly expensive but does that mean they’re a good investment? Some people say they are but when it comes to fashion, the economics are a bit tricky.

In order for a bag to be valuable, even an expensive designer brand, the bag must be kept in pristine shape. Also, there’s no way of knowing if a brand’s value will increase or decrease over the years. Some brands may soar in popularity and others may plummet.

Handbags can sometimes gain value and become vintage over time, increasing their worth and even getting a profit. However, this is only true for some styles and some brands. There are much better investments out there. If you’re looking to turn a profit on a good and reliable investment, handbags probably aren’t the commodity you should turn to.

Where are Coach bags made?

Coach bags are made primarily in Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Look on the inner label of the bag, which should tell you where it was made.


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