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All About My Canada Goose Vest – What You Need to Know

Wearing Canada Goose Vest

About two years ago I started wearing vests.

I never bought them before because I didn’t see the point but now I do.  Warm body yet avoid over-heating as heat can escape via arms.

It’s an ideal outerwear option for Fall and Spring.

They look cool too.

As part of my Canada Goose shopping spree, I tacked on a vest into the shopping cart.  My first vest purchases were Lululemon vests.  I figured I might as well get one by Canada Goose as well.  I opted for the Freestyle Crew vest.

What do I think of my Canada Goose vest?

It’s great.  It’s warm. It fits great.  Looks great although it has the hardcore outdoor style to it.  With a pair of jeans or even rugged shorts, it’s a good look.

It works with athletic wear as well although I like the look with jeans more.

It’s somewhat bulky but I have the slim fit cut which slims it down nicely so I don’t look like a balloon in it.

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Down-filled: Canada Goose is known for down-filled apparel. This vest is one such garment stuffed with down for warmth.

Canada Goose Jackets

Front view of Canada Goose Freestyle vest

Inside photo of Canada Goose Freestyle vest

Crew collar: I love anything with higher collars so this crew cut neck was a natural choice for me.  It’s soft as well for comfort and additional warmth.

Collar photo for Canada Goose Freestyle vest

Slim fit:  I like my vests cut slim so they are snug around my torso. Otherwise, they look far too huge.

Pockets: This thing comes with a nice selection of pockets (several outer and two inside pockets).

Outer pockets photo for Canada Goose Freestyle vest

Mesh inside pocket for Canada Goose Freestyle vest

Side interior pocket for Canada Goose Freestyle vest

Durable: The material is tough and rugged. You can feel it’s strong materials and durable.

Secure zipper and button-flap:  The zipper is heavy-duty, solid but also smooth. There’s a button-down flap that secures on top of the zipper for further wind protection.  The buttons look better than an exposed zipper.

Close-up photo for Canada Goose Freestyle vest

Is this vest worth the money?

Yeah, it is if you like vests and if spending the hundreds more compared to other vests isn’t a hardship.

After buying something from every product line Canada Goose sells, I have to say it’s worth the money if you can afford it.  It really is great outer wear apparel.

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What is Canada Goose?

A Canada Goose is a brand of winter jackets, toques, parkas and vests. These products are part of a collection of rugged outdoor cold-weather gear made to withstand the elements in the Canadian winter. The main product that is available at Canada Goose is the goose feather and down-filled clothing.

Canada Goose offers a variety of vest styles and lines.  They include:

  • Freestyle (this is what I bought);
  • Garson;
  • Crofton;
  • HyBridge;
  • Duncan; and
  • The Journey Vest.

The company was founded in 1957 in Canada but was called Metro Sportswear Ltd. In 2000, the company changed its name to the present title—Canada Goose. You can purchase Canada Goose vests and other products online and at retailers around the world.

What is a Canada Goose vest?

A Canada Goose vest is a piece of clothing that is made exclusively by the Canada Goose brand and company. However, you may also see vests that are made using Canada Goose feathers and down. These are not from the same manufacturer, and knock-offs are often sold on the black market to resemble the official Canada Goose brand of products. If you want to purchase an official Canada Goose vest, make certain to use a reputable vendor or storefront that you can trust.

Who is the CG vest made for?

Canada Goose designs products that are made for children, women and men. The material and fill is lighter in weight and easier to wear than other cold weather winter-proofed clothing. At the same time, the Canada Goose down adds a wealth of warmth to this article of clothing.

The Canada Goose brand is ideally suited for rugged conditions. Therefore, the target buyer for a Canada Goose vest would be someone who is spending a great deal of time outdoors in cold-weather climates. This includes work and pleasure as the vest is a stylish and sophisticated cut and look that works well in upscale settings.

In other words, you can easily wear this type of vest on the streets of Soho in New York City and be just as cool looking as anyone else. Each vest is designed using the best materials, including water-resistant Arctic Tech. This helps the wearer maintain safe conditions in cold winter climates, such as blizzards and subzero temperatures. The style of the vest allows the wearer to easily remove it in case they become overheated for added adaptability compared to a coat or parka.

What is the down in these vests?

The goose down is the main star of these high-end vests. The down comes from Canadian Geese well adapted and naturally designed for the cold weather conditions that occur in the northern territories and other cold climates. As a result, the down is perfectly suited to allow you to stay warm in near freezing temperatures.

The fill for the Canada Goose vests is 625 fill power white duck down. It comes from North America. By the way, these vests do not contain any fur—only the duck down. According to Canada Goose, a single ounce of this down material has two-million fluffy filaments.

How should I style a goose vest by Canada Goose?

When wearing a Canada Goose vest, you want to let the vest be the star of the show. Pair this vest with a button-up shirt or a simple one-colored top. Then add a scarf for added warmth around the neck area and to block wind drafts from coming up from the back of the vest. The Canada Goose vest is a simple design that has solid color blocking in darker hues. This includes black, graphite, navy, Atlantic navy, red, military green, and spruce.

Some of the more modern styles of vests, including the Freestyle Crew Vest, also feature a printed look, including abstract blue camo. Each vest is adorned simply with just a signature circular Canada Goose patch trimmed in bright red on the left chest pocket. Thanks to the warmth of this layered piece, you can improve your look with this single vest.

What are Multiple Purpose Vests?

A multiple-purpose vest offers more than just warmth. Take the Canada Goose vest, which has triple-function layered pockets to increase storage and security. You have several places to store your valuables so as to reduce the need to carry a backpack or purse.

On the Canada Goose vest, you also have a smooth and soft suede tricot lining on the collar. This adds to the protective warmth of the vest so as to keep out unwanted drafts. Also, a storm flap covering the buttons in the front, which snap, gives the wearer even more protection against cold breezes slicing their way through.

Vests are also comfortable when filled to the brim with Canada Goose down and feathers. The ultra-plush fill is what gives this vest its style and look. Ideal for those shoppers who want to have a piece in their closet that can double as a travel pillow. Additionally, when choosing Canada goose vests, there is the benefit of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This further helps the owner of the vest by protecting yourself against mold and mildew.

A Canada Goose vest is designed to keep the person wearing it both dry and very warm. Your goal here is to maintain the flexibility and freedom of having your arms unencumbered with a coat or jacket. This allows you to move and work with ease, while still maintaining the core body temperature that is elevated when wearing this type of vest.

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