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How to change an Apple Watch band?

Recently I wanted to swap out a new watch band for my Apple Watch 7. Yes, you can change Apple Watch bands. It would be ludicrous if you couldn’t.

I knew it slid sideways but it was stuck.  That was until I realized there are tiny buttons that release the band on each side of the watch.

Here’s how you change the Apple Watch band

1. Press down and hold the band release button

The release button is on the back of the watch.  Check it out:

Apple Watch band release buttons image

2. While pressing the release button, slide the band out

The buttons are tiny so you may need to use your finger/thumbnail or a pointed object (not too sharp) to push it down sufficiently to release the band.  If you’ve worn your band for a long time, it may be a bit sticky.

Slide Apple Watch band out from the watch

3. Repeat

Do the same for the other band section.

How to put on a new band on an Apple Watch

The process for putting on a new band is pretty much the same.

Press down the band release button.

Slide the new band in along the band.  Here’s a close-up photo of the groove to place the end of the band.

Apple Watch band slides in groove for release or putting on

That’s all there is to it.

The release buttons are hard to see.

It’s definitely a better system than the tiny watch band pins you must finagle into indents.

When the release buttons are not being pushed in, the band is very secure to the watch.  Before I discovered the release buttons, I was pulling really hard on the band and it didn’t budge.