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Corset vs. Bra

Corsets and bras are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. But which one do most women prefer? This post covers this and more.

Burgundy bra and panties on white background.

Like most women who’ve had to wear a bra since puberty, I’m not a fan of the slippage they cause. But, I was lucky enough to have a friend introduce me to corsets, which are the best thing I’ve ever tried.  

The comfort that comes with wearing a corset is second to none, which is why I always wear a corset wherever I go. The great thing about a corset is that I don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable because it doesn’t have bra straps that constantly drag the shoulders and upper back.  

However, every woman is different and some might prefer bras over corsets. If you’re curious to find out why that is, keep reading as we explore the differences between the two, including which one is more comfortable and the most popular option between the two. 

So, what is a corset?

Black corset on red background.

A corset is an undergarment worn by women. It is meant to hold the breasts in place, reduce the size of the waist, and help to restrain the waist over long periods of time. Corsets are made from fabrics that stretch, with plastic boning to support the woman’s figure.  

A lot of lingerie stores (including online) sell corsets and they’re actually a popular item because they’re not only fashionable but they have this unique ability to make a women’s figure appear more attractive. 

Now, the history of corsets is quite fascinating. They were initially designed ages ago and have been worn by women for thousands of years. They can be worn for functional reasons as well as to make an impactful fashion statement.

Basically, if you want to cinch your waist and look like a barbie doll, then corsets will get you there. They’re designed to reduce the size of the waist while making your upper body appear more shapely. 

According to fashionistas, corsets were first spotted as early as 1600 BC, and if ancient paintings are anything to go, corsets have been around for a long time indeed, as some of these images date back to ancient Crete, Greece.  

Reasons why some women prefer corsets over a bra

Black corset rear view.

In my experience, wearing a corset is a better alternative to wearing a bra. But like I

said, we women are different. You might find wearing a bra more comfortable. 

However, after doing some research, I found 5 reasons why some women prefer corsets over bras and I’ve listed these reasons below: 

1. With a corset, there’s no need for straps

Tightening a black corset.

Strapless bras came after designers realized how uncomfortable and straining straps can be. However, strapless bras still have issues such as providing limited support, and it’s often tricky to find the perfect fit. Many women say strapless bras don’t exactly do what they are supposed to do as they tend to slip down and can cause side bulges.   

On the other hand, corsets are strapless but still offer great support. You can count on your corset to keep its shape all day; they don’t slip or bulge, meaning there’s no fear of feeling uncomfortable when wearing them, and they offer great support even when they do not have straps.

2. They make for a more rounded bust

Woman in corset with golden embroidery.

Corsets offer a natural boost to your breasts, unlike bras that consist of thick pads that end up looking unnatural. A corset will offer great support while giving your breasts an overall defined shape.

3. They give the body a more defined shape

Woman in black corset.

Bras tend to cause a digging sensation under the bust, which is something that a lot of women complain about when it comes to bras. This results in a weird slumpy shape as the bra cups the bust while pulling it underneath. This is an issue faced by most women, regardless of their size or shape.

Corsets, on the other hand, are just the opposite. Corsets have the ability to provide support from the bust all the way to your waist and hips, giving you a more defined sexy shape. 

4. There’s no need for adjustments

Golden corset, rear view.

Bras require regular adjustments and this can be really uncomfortable and annoying for many women. When wearing a corset, you don’t need to worry about making adjustments, and can just put it on in the morning and feel comfortable all day long.

5. They are comfortable and you feel confident when wearing them

A model wearing a corset on pink background.

One thing women love about corsets is the confidence they feel when wearing them. Your bust is boosted, your waist looks smaller and your hips are more defined. This is the perfect look for almost every woman, making corsets a stylish, flattering, and comfortable style statement. 

Corsets have that transforming effect women love, too; unlike bras that you constantly need to adjust, which is annoying. 

What is a bra? 

White bra display.

Okay, so not all women prefer corsets like myself. Some women prefer bras and that’s great. 

But what are bras? 

Well, basically a bra is also an undergarment designed for women to provide breast support. Bras are said to date back to 1914 and since then they’ve become an essential part of every woman’s closet. There are many reasons why women wear bras and I’ve listed some of these below. 

1. Prevents sagging

Bra displayed on rack.

Breasts eventually sag in almost every woman, young or older, so to avoid such issues, bras are worn to lift the breasts and help prevent extreme sagging.

2. They offer optimal breast support 

Pink bra on yellow background.

The main purpose of bras is not only to boost the breasts, but good bras also provide support. They offer great comfort while improving your posture, especially for women with heavier and larger breasts. 

3. They offer better shape

Red bra on a rack.

Bras were designed to help women achieve a more defined shape from the bust to the waist down. The right type of bra can help you achieve this by holding the breasts in place so that you can have a more refined shape. 


A drawer full of bras.

Corsets and bras are both an important part of every woman’s closet. They can help to boost confidence, create a more shapely look and make a fashion statement.  

But, between the two which one is best? Well, each woman is different but personally, I prefer corsets because of the great comfort they offer. Some women prefer bras because they’re convenient and have their own set of benefits. Which one is your favorite?