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Do Flannel Shirts Go with Loafers?

Elevate your look with a flannel shirt and loafers for that casual yet polished style. Check out the various styles you can make with this classic and relaxed combination.

Folded flannel shirts and a pair of loafers against a wooden background.

Are you planning on wearing a flannel shirt and wondering whether it goes well with loafers? My answer is yes, they certainly do. A flannel shirt is a flexible attire that you can wear with virtually anything and still gives you the magnificent style you desire.

You only need to match your shoes and pants perfectly and select the right colors. When you wear a flannel shirt with a pair of loafers, you achieve a casual yet polished style.

The comfortable, long-lasting, and robust flannel material offers a relaxed and comfortable feel. In addition, the plaid and strong material give you a rugged look that every man should have once in a while.

I like to take your fashion sense to the next level by breaking the norm of pairing a flannel shirt with sneakers or boots. Do this by wearing a beautiful pair of loafers instead. Leather loafers are my favorite selection when wearing a flannel shirt.

How To Wear a Flannel Shirt With Loafers

With so many colors and patterns to choose from, putting together an excellent appearance for different events is simple.

Here are five ways to wear your flannel shirt with a good pair of leather loafers for a classy yet rustic look.

Layer Your Flannel Shirt Over T-shirt

Man wearing sunglasses and a flannel shirt over black shirt.

“I’m all about flannels and layers, so that’s pretty much what I rock.” By Josh Hutcherson.

You can achieve a natural look by layering a t-shirt under your flannel and wearing jeans. Then, with a pair of loafers, you will get a stylish look that you can even wear for lunch with friends while still staying comfortable.

It’s the ideal attire for those chilly mornings because it’s made of high-quality materials that will keep you warm.

Also, when you wear a t-shirt under this flannel, it’s easy to remove the flannel during the day and wrap it around your waist.

Timeless Pattern for Jeans

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt, Red, Buffalo Plaid, X-Large

“I’m a third-generation American, so I like that American-looking, Northwestern style with a flannel or jean shirt.” By Cody Horn.

The red and black pattern comes to mind when I think of flannel shirts. However, you can still get a combination of red and other colors. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t own this fabulous color combination flannel in their collections? This pattern is indispensable and easy to match with any pants and shoes.

This style has been trending for as long as I can remember. The red and black flannel pattern paired with jeans made me love the flannel shirts.

If you pair the red plaid flannel shirt with a pair of slim-fitting jeans and a pair of leather loafers, you’ll end up having a subtle look that even your friends will like.

Blazer Over Flannel

Man in the parking lot  wearing beige blazer over flannel.

Want to look sharp, innovative, and successful for that casual event? Try wearing a flannel under a blazer with nice tailored chinos. Now, complete your look with a nice pair of brown leather loafers. However, this will mostly depend on the colors of your outfits.

You can only imagine the stares you’ll get with this fantastic look and “who dressed you?” comments.

Flannel Over Hoodie

Young man wearing flannel shirt over a hoodie.

Students love this look for sure. They love it because of its cool style, and how comfortable and warm one feels, especially during the cold weather. So let’s leave the students alone; this look fits every man.

You can wear this to work (although it depends on your work environment) and go out with your friends with this look. If matched with a pair of loafers, your appearance is even great for parties.

Tuck In and Tie Up

Man wearing a flannel shirt and denim jeans.

This is the style to go for if you have a date after your work. Flannel shirts are usually not tucked to get that casual look. However, tucking in a flannel shirt is the perfect solution when you want to spice things up a little and get a more formal look.

You don’t have to wear a plaid shirt for this look. A solid color can also do. You can also add a tie to complete your appearance. Wearing some loafers with socks will give you a classic office look.

Flannel Shirt and Shorts

Man in flannel shirt and denim shorts sitting on a wooden table.

Are you going to a party? Or want to have some drinks with your buddies? Well, this is the best look to go for during the summer. 

You can layer your flannel over a t-shirt and wear flat-front shorts. Improve your look by tucking in the t-shirt and leaving the flannel unbuttoned. Also, rolling up the sleeves can give you that perfect look.

It would be best to have some leather loafers to complete this look. You can also accessorize your appearance with a watch and a chain if you are into them.

Final Thoughts on Whether Flannel Shirts Go With Loafers

So, do flannel shirts go with loafers? Yes. In fact, you will look great in them. However, it all comes down to the type of pants you wear and your selected colors. Also, the occasion or reason for dressing this way will significantly affect how you combine them.

You may transform your look with a flannel shirt and loafers with these few options. You can also try out new styles to stand out while still maintaining a polished look.