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IPSY Subscription Box Review

If you are still unsure wether you want to subscribe, this is our in-depth review of the IPSY Subscription Beauty Box to help you have an informed decision.

Screenshot of the IPSY Homepage.

Everyone is always looking for the next best thing. Without even realizing it, we spend a lot of our time waiting. But what happens when companies like Amazon bring you items straight to your door? There is nothing better than checking the tracking on something you’ve ordered, only to see that it is supposed to be delivered that day. Receiving things in the mail has always made me feel like a kid on Christmas!

If you are like me, you hate going to the store to pick out makeup. Although I love shopping, when it comes to going to the store and picking out makeup, I end up spending way more than I needed to. That is why subscription boxes are such great options, especially if you prefer online shopping.

When it comes to makeup, you can count on me for natural and minimalist looks. I enjoy brands that allow me to play off my natural features, not cover them up. Finding new makeup can be expensive and tiring. That’s what subscription boxes have become my best friend. I can try out new products every month for a fraction of the cost.

About IPSY

Ipsy was the creation of Youtube Star Michelle Phan. Phan used it as a way to showcase her marketing skills in the beauty industry.

What is IPSY?

Like other subscription boxes, Ipsy is an inexpensive way to try new makeup trends. For only $12 every month you receive five travel-size products. You can also choose from three options when purchasing your subscription. The most basic and least expensive bag is the Glam Bag. You can also choose from the Glam Bag Plus for $25 and The Glam Bag Ultimate for $50.

How Does IPSY work?

Prior to actually signing up for Ipsy you are told to take a quiz that will help customize your monthly bag. You answer questions such as “what is your skin tone,” “what eye color do you have,” and “what hair color is closest to yours.”

You are also asked what brands you usually go for. Some well-known brands were included in this list, as well as some up and coming brands I had never heard of.

A screenshot of a page from the IPSY Website.

A screenshot of the beauty quiz page of IPSY.

You are also asked how often you buy various products, which helped me because I definitely use products past their shelf life purely because I do not want to have to buy a new one. Not only are you asked how often you would want a certain product, but what shades and hues you generally look for. As someone who has fairly pale skin and likes to stick to natural shades, this was helpful. I tend to stay away from makeup with a lot of pigment or bright colors because it generally does not look the best with my skin.

Overall, the quiz was super helpful as it made me feel like they were going to customize my bag just for me.

When you are finished with your quiz you are directed to payment and put in all your information for the shipment. For only $12 a month you will receive five travel-size products that are perfect for vacations or trying various products for a good price. Each month you also receive a makeup bag. I found the extra makeup bag perfect for travel or organizing my makeup at home.

My favorite part of Ipsy is that each month I was able to choose one item that would go in my bag. This feature is unique to IPSY and is not found in other subscription boxes. It was nice to feel like I had at least a small part in making my bag my own. Another added feature is that Ipsy always has products you can add to your monthly bag for a small fee. If you need new mascara this month, you can add it to your bag with ease.

Should You Order Ipsy?

Ipsy was one of my first makeup subscription boxes I ever tried. With that being said, I had pretty low expectations. After trying out many other subscription beauty services, I realized that Ipsy is not one of the better ones. Although it is very inexpensive, you only receive travel size products. If you end up like a product you can only buy it off Ipsy’s site and the products themselves are very hard to find.

A screenshot of the beauty quiz page of IPSY.

Also, if you are like me and only like minimalist makeup Ipsy may not be for you. In the months that I ordered Ipsy, I almost always received bright-colored products that I would never use. Although the mini sizes were perfect for regifting, if I am going to pay for the box each month, I want to be able to use the products.

Customer Service

If you are looking to sign up for Ipsy you should first take into consideration their customer service. Many of Ipsy’s negative reviews have to do with Ipsy’s customer service (or lack of). First and foremost, Ipsy does not have a customer service phone number. Like all sites without a helpline, this should be your first red flag. Ipsy only responds via email or by Twitter.

If you do reach out to Ipsy, expect to either wait weeks to hear back or not hear back at all. If something goes wrong with your order and you have to reach out to customer service, the $12 might not even be worth it.

Canceling Your Subscription

When canceling your Ipsy bag, it should be easy. If you do cancel your order make sure you are doing it at least a few days prior to the end of the month so the company has enough time to view your request. The instruction for canceling is as follows:

  1. In the ‘Account’ section, go to ‘Edit account settings’.
  2. Click on ‘Membership’.
  3. Click on ‘Manage membership’.
  4. Select ‘Help me stop my membership’.
  5. Click on ‘Continue cancellation’.
  6. Provide a reason for canceling your subscription.

Screenshot of the Help Center page from the IPSY website.

What Beauty Products Are Included?

Depending on what you choose in your initial makeup quiz, you can receive a variety of products. The options in the quiz are seemingly endless. Plus, if you do not receive an item you want, you can always go back in and add it to your order before it is shipped to you. There is definitely something for everyone.

If you are like me and like minimalist makeup, you can let Ipsy know that in the quiz you take. If you like bright colors, you can also make that clear. As a pale girl with bronde hair and freckles, I am pretty particular about my makeup. I ended up receiving a lot of skincare products, rather than makeup.

You can expect to receive any and all kinds of products. From skincare to eyeshadow and mascara, you may receive it all. In your bag you can expect to get mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and so much more. They will also throw in items such as moisturizers and cleansers for those girls who love skincare.

The Verdict

All in all, Ipsy is a great stepping stone into the world of subscription boxes. For such a low price each month, you are still getting a good amount of products. Overall, Ipsy is great for trying new products. Although I found other boxes I liked more, I received a few items that I loved and will buy again.

With all of that in mind, the customer service made it almost not worth it for me. I had an issue with canceling my subscription and was not able to get a hold of customer service. I have found boxes that are nearly the same price but have way better customer service. However, if you do not plan on canceling, Ipsy is a great option. After all, it is only $12 a month and you receive more than five products including the makeup bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ipsy Budget-Friendly?

Ipsy is the most inexpensive beauty bag I have ever seen. For only $12 a month you are receiving five new trial size products. If you are looking for a way to try new products without breaking the bank, I would definitely say Ipsy is the beauty subscription you should start off with,

How Easy Is It To Sign Up?

If you can sign up for things like Amazon Prime and Netflix, you can easily sign up for Ipsy. You start off by taking a quiz and putting in your information. The next thing you know you will get a beauty bag straight to your door.

Can You Track Your Order?

Each month you are signed up, you will receive an email with your unique order number. With that order number, you will be given a link so that you can track your order.