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Men’s Dress Shirts Should Fit Just Right!

Check out our comprehensive guide on the different kinds of men's dress shirt fit. See how each fit affects one's overall look and how an in-between fit makes the best option.

Man wearing a white dress shirt and shades.

What do we mean by this?  How can a man’s dress shirt fit him just the right way?  By not being too loose, nor too tight.  Either one of these two extremes can leave him looking extremely sloppy.  In this comprehensive blog, we intend to show examples of a man’s shirt fitting too loosely, too tightly, or in between.  It is our belief that in between is the best option for any man. 

Example of a Shirt That Fits Just Right

Man wearing a dress shirt.

Notice how the lines of the shirt flow smoothly up, down, and across his body.  It is not loose enough to look like it has not been ironed; yet not tight enough for him to appear uncomfortable.  When a man wears his shirt in this fashion, he is ready for the office or a formal evening out on the town. 

Why Should a Man’s Dress Shirt Not Be Too Loose?

Man in a white dress shirt.

In this case, a man’s shirt may have just been cleaned and pressed.  Yet, if you view the sample picture, it looks as though it has not been ironed in a month.  It gives the appearance that he has slept in this shirt.  The image portrays a man that is sloppy and unkempt.  If he goes to work like this, his boss might send him home to change.

More Reasons Not to Wear a Loose Fitting Dress Shirt

Man wearing a white dress shirt.

Each of the reasons listed for a man not to wear his dress shirt to loosely lend to the thought that this person does not care about his appearance. 

  • It is far more likely that the loose material will catch on something and get torn
  • Wrinkles will appear on the shirt that could become difficult to iron out
  • Material will stick out around the waistline and also hang off the shoulders
  • The collar around your neck will be loose, as will the tie you are wearing
  • The sleeves will billow out when the suit jacket is removed
  • When a suit jacket is worn on top of this shirt, material around the cuffs will stick out

Why Should a Man Not Wear His Dress Shirt Too Tight?

In the first place, it will be extremely uncomfortable.  Your throat will feel like you are being strangled.  Your chest and waist areas will hurt a lot.  Then the movement of your arms and elbows will be severely restricted.  Your shirt could even rip open in several places while you are at work.  The other significant reason is illustrated in the following photo. 

This is What Can Happen!

Man wearing a tight dress shirt.

Although the shirt might appear fine when you first put it on, if it is too tight THIS can happen.  Gaps will open up around the areas of the buttons.  Not only can the buttons snap off the shirt, but your skin will be popping out just like in this picture.

Spouses – do you really want your man looking like this when he leaves the house?  Do you think his bosses will ignore this?  We think not in answer to both of these questions.  You can see how horrible it looks when a shirt is too tight!

A Perfectly Fitting Dress Shirt

Man wearing a white dress shirt.

Here is a second photo of a man wearing a dress shirt with an in-between fit.  Do you notice how he appears comfortable, but not sloppy.  There are no unsightly openings around the buttonholes and the collar fits just right.  This is what any man should aspire to look like in his dressy shirt. 

Second Style of Dress Shirt

Man wearing a pastel dress shirt with short sleeves.

This photo shows an example of a man wearing another style of dress shirt.  Perhaps these shirts would be worn as part of a business casual look.  Instead of the long sleeves and neutral colors, this shirt features short sleeves with a more vivid color.  Yet both would be considered dress shirts.

The In-Between Look is Again Prominent

Even in the case of these shirts, it can be seen they are neither too loose, nor too tight.  The in-between style of wearing them is once again perfect.  When he goes anywhere dressed like this, people will marvel at how fantastic he looks. 

See the Illustrations for Yourself

The shirt torso fit

The above illustrations will enable you to compare the three different types of dress shirt fits.  See what a difference it makes when the shirt is worn with an in-between fit.  This is what the man should aim for when he puts his shirts on.  A side benefit of a fit that is just right is that he will be comfortable all day.  This will allow him to focus on his daily tasks. 

A Sharp and Confident Man Will Emerge

Man in a dress shirt holding a jacket.

What happens when a man’s shirt, as well as the rest of his attire, fits perfectly is that he appears sharp and confident.  Instead of worrying about how his clothes look to others, he can concentrate on his work or on his business meetings.  Consequently, his appearance commands respect from everyone he encounters.  Spouses – this is what you want for your man!