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10 Outstanding Nature Jewelry Stores Online

Natural jewelry, which is mostly created from components of nature, is popular in the fashion industry. Let's have a look at the top ten websites that sell natural jewelry, which is listed below.

Morning Moon Nature Jewelry Collection

Natural jewelry, also known as organic jewelry, is the epitome of simplicity, originality, and uniqueness. The fashion world embraces natural jewelry, mostly made from nature’s elements.

Organic jewelry symbolizes Earth’s magnificent purity, crafted into different accessories such as anklets, necklaces, bracelets, handbags, earrings, belts, brooches, and various ornaments.

The beauty of natural jewelry is the diversification of various materials such as raffia, bamboo, leaves, stones, cedar, shells, and wood. One is spoilt for choice from the wide selection of natural materials.

I love how cedar springs to life when made into a beautiful necklace; it creates a powerful talisman for clearing negative vibes. The following is a collection of the ten outstanding online stores that sell natural jewelry:

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Store 1: Morning Moon 

Morning Moon nature jewelry examples (photos)

Morning Moon is one of the leading jewelry shops for magnificent handcrafted nature jewelry, such as bee earrings, leaf seashells necklaces, and natural pendants. Inspired by the textures of nature, Morning Moon uses the finest jewelry grade.

Here is a company that offers enchanting jewelry pieces steeped in meaning and symbolism. Some of their contemporary pieces feature gemstones; I particularly liked the gorgeous turquoise birthstones.

Morning Moon Handmade Collection made from Natural and Finest Sterling Bronze, Silver, Brass, and 14k Gold

The company uses the finest nature jewelry-grade sterling silver (925 Sterling) for its pieces. Similarly, they make the highest brand of golden bronze and brass grade jewelry pieces (their chains and hooks are mostly silver and gold-coated).

The finishing is what you will love about the Morning Moon collection. The company offers several finishes on their pieces that enhance the beauty and magnificence of their jewelry:

Frosted Finish: the pieces are gently hand-polished with natural metal luminosity and luster. I recommend choosing from the beautiful golden collection or the sterling silver pieces.

Oxidized Finish: the jewelry pieces feature beautiful patinas made from a natural antique process. The colorful patinas showcase the exquisite pieces made by the company. Oxidized Finish is exclusively done on sterling silver jewelry pieces.

Unique Jewelry from Morning Moon that is sure to capture your attention is the Morning Moon chains and earring hooks. The pendants feature naturally colored bronze and silver chains. The earrings are hand-forged with high-quality silver and gold hooks.

Morning Moon is much more than a nature-inspired jewelry store; the company cares about a carbon-neutral environment and is committed to nurturing natural resources. With Eden Reforestation Projects, Morning Moon is engaged in various projects for environmental sustainability.

Store 2: Dune Jewelry &Co. 

Dune Jewelry Store

Do you want to experience customized handmade jewelry made from sand and earth materials? Well, look no further than Dune Jewelry. The company boasts of making organic jewelry that lasts forever; quite interesting, I must say.

As one of the leading online shops for natural jewelry, Dune personalizes its jewelry pieces with flower petals, beach sand, sea shells, and more earthly materials. Their collection features necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, rings, and accessories.

We recommend the bestsellers collections such as the Wave-Inspired, Luxe Edit, Larimer jewelry, Hampton’s rope, the Abalone, the Turquoise Gradient, Delicate Dune, Mother of pearl, and touch of the world.

Natural Jewelry Handcrafted with Love and sandy Hands

Founded by Holly Daniels Christensen, Dune Jewelry is based in Massachusetts but also features an online shop that ships all over the United States. The company makes unique jewelry pieces from over 5,000 destinations globally from earth elements. Locals from various ethnicities collect the materials.

When you wear a piece from Dune Jewelry, you can ‘revel’ in the feeling that the piece represents great memories of power stones, someone’s favorite beach spot, a vacation spot, a childhood beach life, and honeymoon destinations, flowers from a special bouquet, and more.

All offers are provided with a money-back guarantee and complete customer satisfaction.

Best Selling Natural Jewelry at Dune Jewelry

Shop online for the latest jewelry trends from their nautical collection featuring the latest fashion designs from handmade sand jewelry to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Store 3: Brilliant Earth Jewelry 

Close up shot of a diamond ring with purple gemstone.

Brilliant Earth Company offers exceptional, naturally crafted, ethically sourced jewelry.

Jewelry for Everyone at Brilliant Earth Jewelry

Are you looking to shop for exquisite organic jewelry online? Brilliant Earth is a must-visit. Discover a unique collection of natural jewelry crafted in the most elegant expressions. The company offers an inclusive collection from contemporary silhouettes to classic designs to reflect distinct customer preferences.

The company offers exquisite diamond engagement rings. We recommend the solitaire, three stones, hallo, accents, and hidden accents collection brand. Brilliant jewelry believes in jewelry that promotes a sustainable and inclusive environment.

All offers are provided with a money-back guarantee and complete customer satisfaction.

Super Ideal Natural Diamonds to Ignite your Style

From colored diamonds, cushions, oval, round, princess, and pear, Brilliant Jewels offers a super and natural collection of exquisite diamond pieces. You can choose from various options, including Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Heart, and Radiant designs. Gemstones on offer include sapphire, morganite, moissanite, and aquamarine designs.

Defining Standards for Conflict-Free Natural Crafted Diamonds

Most jewelers have subscribed to offering “conflict-free” diamonds as prescribed by the “Kimberly Process” for diamond extraction. Conflict diamonds are tainted with human rights abuses, violence, and environmental degradation. Brilliant jewelry goes beyond the required minimum standard to offer carefully selected diamonds that are ethically and environmentally approved.

The company’s vast source of diamonds originates from Botswana and Canada. Brilliant jewelry has thrived in creating a robust protocol process to track and segregate diamonds according to their origin. Brilliant jewelry promises you blockchain-based technology for their jewelry pieces. Visit them to learn more.

Store 4: Nature’s Jewelry 

A photo of a beautiful gold earrings with emeralds.

Nature’s jewelry is an exclusive jewelry shop offering affordable natural-made jewelry. This online shop features bracelets, necklaces, watches, and more, made from genuine pearls, gemstones, sterling silver, and more.

If you are planning to gift a loved one with exquisite jewelry pieces, this shop makes for a great variety of gifts for special occasions, seasonal celebrations, and event gifts.

Nature’s jewelry is an affiliate of the Potpourri Group (PGI) in Massachusetts. You can shop for all brands of organic jewelry from the website. Free catalogs are available on their website, with details on purchasing and receiving delivery.

They also have policies on guarantees, secure ordering, returns and exchanges, and tracking your order status. All offers are provided with a money-back guarantee and complete customer satisfaction.

What We Love Most About this Collection from Nature’s Jewelry

Nature’s jewelry’s best collection includes pearl and gemstone jewelry. They feature a fine jewelry collection where customers can choose by occasion, style, and material. Have a look at the pearls collection featuring “Paua and Abalone” shells, “mother of pearl,” and “cultured freshwater” pearls.

The website offers a flat-rate shipping rate for all orders above $50. They have super online customer service available for all your inquiries. Visit them and have a look at what’s on offer. They assure you of a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all your purchases.

Store 5: Etsy Jewelry 

A photo of female legs sitting on the sand wearing boho jewelry.

Etsy nature jewelry is an online shop featuring a wide collection of sellable items such as natural jewelry, clothing and accessories, home living products, and art collectibles. Etsy is the most inclusive marketplace with plenty of offers on jewelry items.

Buyers can choose from a wide selection of affordable jewelry-quite affordable; Impressive, I must say; what’s more is they have exclusive offers for jewelry, you can customize your jewelry purchases into unique gift ideas, and they also offer personal tips for shopping for jewelry at the market place.

Etsy marketplace offers a collection of handmade hair flower-crafted adornments, crystal gem earrings, pearl necklaces, charm necklaces, leather tassel necklaces, and more. All offers are provided with a money-back guarantee and complete customer satisfaction.

Jewelry and Accessories for All Occasions

If you need affordable jewelry pieces, Etsy is your online store option. Here you can find a variety of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings for a complete look for any occasion. Remember to pair your overall look with a perfect gift. You can shop online and have your jewelry delivered across the States.

For more options, visit them to shop for your jewelry preference.

Store 6: Shane Co. 

Close up look of diamond rings on a white background.

Shane Jewelry is a company spanning four generations of producing jewelry pieces for proposals, graduations, special life moments, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. The family carries on the legacy of being a trusted jewelry business.

Their businesses’ mantra is “we are here for you for a lifetime because we are also in it for a lifetime,”

A Jeweler You Can Count On

The company boasts of using superior stones for its jewelry pieces. Whether you are searching for rubies, diamonds, or sapphires, you can expect exceptional quality at Shane Co. The team insists on carefully handpicking each diamond and passing their crafted pieces through a rigorous evaluation process.

The diamond pieces at Shane Co. have an extra sparkle and brilliance regardless of the grade chosen. You can choose your style and setting and have your jewelry customized. All offers are provided with a money-back guarantee and complete customer satisfaction.

Passion for Perfection Brand

Shane Co. strives for perfection, no matter the price or the piece. They boast of putting their customer first and provide a 60- day money-back guarantee. Applicable to also their jewelry consultants. You can shop online and have your jewelry delivered across the States.

Free Life Time Warranty

Shane Co. believes in their pieces’ quality so much that they promise you a free lifetime warranty. Superior craftsmanship is what it is!

At Shane Co., you can shop by metal styles or have your design crafted from scratch. We recommend their wedding bands, sapphire, gemstone, ruby, and pearl jewelry. You will be spoiled for choice here. Visit them and pick a quality piece.

Store 7:  The Natural Ruby Company

Close up photo of three ruby rings on a silky cloth.

The company offers a variety of natural ruby jewelry pieces matched perfectly with exquisite, handcrafted custom designs.

Ruby Rings

Are you looking for classic ruby rings online? The Natural Ruby is your go-to shop. They stock contemporary natural halo designs and diamond and ruby rings.

Ruby Wedding Bands and Earrings

The company has stunning earring pieces for special events and everyday wear. They also stock exquisitely handcrafted wedding bands as one of their specialties. Their stock also features ruby bracelets, pendants, and necklaces in a world-class collection.

The Uniqueness of Ruby Jewelry

Ruby is one of the most precious stones for jewelry making. Coveted for centuries by gem collectors and big personalities, ruby jewelry pieces feature some unique jewelry.

Why Choose the Natural Ruby Jewelry Company?

The company knows that perfect ruby jewelry is what you crave for as a jewelry shopper. The company offers an extensive selection that is rare, valuable, and of high quality. All offers are provided with a money-back guarantee and complete customer satisfaction.

A good jeweler will tell you how a gemstone’s beauty is directly proportional to the quality of its cut. At Natural Ruby Jewelers, they have excellent precision in their cutting processes; the ruby’s color, carat weight, and clarity are all factored into producing a symmetrical and well-proportioned gemstone. Visit their online stores for a variety of ruby jewelry.

Store 8:  Novica Jewelers 

Top view image of a necklace on the box.

Novica is an online marketplace and a very innovative platform to shop for handcrafted jewelry. Here you can explore thousands of handcrafted natural jewelry pieces, check out online, and have your jewelry delivered in any part of the States.

Novica stocks a wide variety of natural jewelry at affordable prices. Their stock on offer includes nature rings, nature necklaces, nature earrings made from silver, natural fiber, wood, flowers, shells, bones, cotton, bamboo, and bauxite.

The jewelry has themed natural features, such as “reforestation” and “energy of life,” “cockatoo garden,” “dreamy forest,” and “fanciful feathers.” All offers are provided with a money-back guarantee and complete customer satisfaction. You can shop online and have your jewelry delivered across the States.

Store 9:  Kay Jewelers 

A beautiful view of golden bracelet jewelry on a white background.

The Kay outlet is a leading online jewelry shop providing world-class, must-have pieces of natural jewelry. Kay Jewelers is widely known online as a leader in jewelry pieces. The store has over 1,000 stores located across most states.

As jewelry experts, Kay Store promises value for money and exceptional service whether you are shopping t one of their physical stores or online shop. The outlet has splendid customer care and offers live chats and free consultation before purchasing, giving you a seamless shopping experience.

All offers are provided with a money-back guarantee and complete customer satisfaction. You can shop online and have your jewelry delivered across the States.

Exclusive Designer Collection at Kay Stores

Kay stores offer a variety of quality natural jewelry, from gemstones, diamonds, jewelry gifts, and watches- you have a variety of selections to enjoy your shopping. Kay also stocks exclusive jewelry designs from trusted brand partners, complete with warranties.

What do you look for when shopping for natural jewelry? Kay Stores gives you a wide selection to choose from its store collection. What you see online is what you get precisely upon purchase. Special occasions need exceptional jewelry; ensure you sample the wide variety online for your design and style.

Store 10:  Blue Nile Jewelers 

Close up view of diamond engagement ring on a heart shaped ring box.

Blue Nile Jewelers offers you the unique opportunity to sample their variety of diamond jewelry in the form of stacked rings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Explore diamond jewelry in various shapes from oval, round, emerald, radiant, marquise, and other designs.

Celebrate Special Occasions

Some of life’s moments call for unique jewelry. The extraordinary collection available at the Blue Nile will fit any special event you might have. The collection features handcrafted jewelry pieces that can be customized to suit your event, style, and budget.

Make your style effortless by shopping from their collection. Visit them to sample what they have on offer. All offers are provided with a money-back guarantee and complete customer satisfaction. You can shop online and have your jewelry delivered across the States.

Natural jewelry has its value and appeal. It’s fashionable and contemporary while incorporating aspects of ethnic crafts and elements. Natural jewelry portrays a unique statement; it can be widely accessorized and paired with matching outfits, taking your elegance and style to a new level.

Are you looking for Natural Jewelry online? Look at the sampled ten outstanding online jewelry shops and pick natural jewelry of your taste.