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26 Parka Brands for Women

Many different sizes of Parkas being hanged.

As winter approaches, the daylight hours grow shorter each day. Soon, the temperatures will be falling, and you will need to reach for a warm winter jacket or parka to guard yourself against the cold and other winter elements.

If it is time to buy a new parka, remember to select one after you consider how you will use the parka. The companies noted below offer a variety of winter parkas in different lengths that are casual and created for everyday use.

However, some of these innovative companies now manufacture performance parkas that are more technical and designed for mountain outdoor activities and conditions.

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1. The North Face

The North Face brand physicals store in Beijing.

North Face is a company that was established in the 1960s as sporting goods, climbing equipment, and fashion retailer. Their main target buyer was outdoor enthusiasts. 

Currently, North Face has been a subsidiary of V.F. Corporation, a global retailer of footwear and apparel since 2000, but it has since evolved into a preferred symbol of street and fashion wear.

The Northface Parka collection is available in a variety of sizes, styles, coat lengths, and colors to meet every need and winter climate condition. The North Face is also well known for creating stylish, warm, and weather-resistant winter vests.

2. Eddie Bauer

The Eddie Bauer brand physical store in Ontario Canada.

Established more than 100 years ago in Seattle, Eddie Bauer is a clothing manufacturer selling its women’s parkas online, in retail outlets, and in premium retail stores. In the late 1960s, Eddie Bauer was sold to General Mills; however, the business is now owned by Authentic Brands Group.

The Eddie Bauer collection of women’s parkas offers a wide and diverse selection of warm and stylized winter outerwear options. Their parkas tend to be innovative as some are reversible, lightweight, or even combined as a hybrid down insulated coat.

3. L.L. Bean

A front view of the L.L. Bean brand store in Ohio, USA.

LL Bean was established in Freeport, Maine, in the early 1900s as an outdoor recreation and clothing manufacturer and retailer with one product – the Duck Shoe or Hunting Boot – which they still sell. L.L. Bean now operates more than four dozen stores and is a robust online store that serves a worldwide global community of L.L. Bean clothing lovers.

L.L. Bean’s parka and winter coat options are known for their quality and great guarantees. Their activewear options, which are known for durability and lasting qualities, provide various colors and designs for most outdoor lifestyles.

4. Patagonia, Inc.

The Patagonia Inc. store brand.

Patagonia, Inc. is a well-known retailer of outdoor clothing that was founded in Ventura, California, nearly 50 years ago. Patagonia operates more than a hundred stores across five continents that are located in more than ten countries. 

Patagonia products are designed specifically to be durable as well as stylish for all kinds of winter weather. From insulated long, prairie parkas to comfortable down vests that come in a variety of colors, Patagonia has it all.

The causal parkas are available with hoods and removable inserts. In 2022, the owner put this company in a trust whose profits are used to combat climate change.

5. REI Equipment Inc.

REI physical store in San Diego California.

More commonly known as REI, REI Equipment Inc. is an American retailer and manufacturer of outdoor equipment and apparel for men and women. Established in the late 1930s in Seattle for serious climbers and backpackers, REI now operates in about 40 states but also has a large online and catalog business.

REI manufactures a large variety of insulated and layered women’s parkas and jackets that are available in plus, petite, and tall sizes. Some of these parkas are available in a variety of colors as well.

6. Outdoor Research

Couples going on a hike wearing an Outdoor Research Storcraft parka.

Founded in Seattle, Washington, in the early 1980s, Outdoor Research manufactures outdoor apparel and gear for the serious mountaineer and outdoorsman or woman.

This innovative outdoor clothing and parka manufacturer offers an infinite product warranty that covers any manufacturing defects during a consumer’s lifetime use of any Outdoor Research product. These women’s outdoor jackets are available in many fabrics, colors, styles, and sizes, with some reversible!

7. Legendary Whitetails

Close up photo of a Legendary Whitetail brand jacket isolated in a white background.

Established in 1999 by an avid hunter and outdoorsman, Larry Huffman, in Apopka, Florida, which is part of the greater Orlando metro area.

Legendary Whitetails designs and manufactures outdoor apparel and gear for cold weather. Legendary Whitetails operates as a direct-to-consumer (e-commerce) merchandiser, with a large retail following on its internet website.

The women’s line of products offered by Legendary Whitetails has been the fastest growing product line over the past two decades. The women’s parkas and jackets offered by Legendary Whitetails run the gamut from quilted fabrics to their famous Anchorage Parka.

8. Fjalraven

A Fjalraven store brand interior set-up located in Cambridge, USA.

Established in 1960 in Sweden, Fjalraven is a brand that specializes in upscale outdoor clothing apparel, and gear. The company’s name translates to Artic Fox, which is also the brand’s logo.  

The Fjalraven brand is marketed and available worldwide and is now a subsidiary of Fenix Outdoor International. The parkas and warm winter weather gear offered by Fjalraven are available with or without hoods and in a variety of colors. The Greenland Parka, one of the first designed by Fjalraven, continues to be the No. 1 seller.

9. Marmot

A Marmot brand store located in Yokohama, Japan.

Marmot, which was once known as Marmot Mountain Works, was founded in the 1970s in Colorado. Currently, this manufacturer is a subsidiary of the large corporation, Newell Rubbermaid. The Marmot brand is headquartered in Rohnert Park, California, after a move years ago.

Marmot’s women’s parkas and jackets come in many styles and colors, some with removable layers for multi-season use. The Marmot brand is also known for its featherweight (only 1 pound and 3 ounces) long artic parka made from recycled nylon fishnet that is machine washable.

10. Mountain Hardware

The Mountain Hardwear brand store.

Founded in California in the early 1990s, Mountain Hardware manufactures high-performance equipment, gear, and apparel for avid outdoor enthusiasts. Mountain Hardware’s innovative products and technology have changed the game for certain outdoor, climbing, and camping lovers and adventurers.

The company maintains two retail locations in the Pacific Northwest and sells its women’s parkas and other merchandise online as well. The women’s parkas include a variety of fabrics, lengths, styles, and colors – some with or without foldable hoods for complete warmth. Their Ghost Whisperer Parka is among the women’s winter jackets that remain a bestseller.

11. Arc’teryx Patera

The Arc'tery Patera brand store located in Canada.

Arc’teryx Patera is a manufacturer of outdoor gear and apparel that is known for its obsessive design. This manufacturer of quality parkas for men and women includes a versatile Gore-tex or down insulated hooded warmth in any climate.

The Alpha S.V. is the company’s most durable Gore-tex designed for the most severe of weather conditions and is available in a choice of colors. Check out Arc’teryx patera’s softshell parka, which is warm but a great option for mixed weather conditions.

12. Cotopaxi

A Cotopaxi retail store located in Salt Lake City, USA.

Cotopaxi, founded by Davis Smith, is a modern B Corp manufacturer that makes ethically sustainable outdoor gear and apparel that is specifically designed to last and to have a lasting and positive impact on the consumer and the environment.

The company name, Cotopaxi, refers to one of the globe’s highest active volcanos located in Ecuador, which is also considered sacred to indigenous Quechuans. The Cotopaxi brand is modern, functional, practical, and colorful, with parkas and jackets of many lengths to meet a variety of purposes.

13. Columbia Sportswear Company

The Columbia Sportswear Company brand store located in Selangor, Malaysia.

The Columbia Sportswear Company is an American manufacturer and distributor of sportswear, outerwear, and gear for camping, skiing, and hiking lovers. Columbia Sportswear, which was named for the nearby river in Oregon, was established in the late 1930s in an area on the outskirts of the greater Portland metro vicinity.

Columbia Sportswear products are available in more than 12,000 retailers around the globe, in six-dozen countries, with 40% of its business from locations abroad. The Columbia women’s parkas are available in many colors and styles, with something for everyone.

14. Lands’ End

A Lands' End retail store exterior design logo in Richfield.

Founded in the 1960s as a mail-order company supplying yachters, Land’s End is now a publicly traded company headquartered in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Land’s End’s primary business is internet-based (and catalog) but also maintains retail locations in Germany, France, the UK, Austria, and Japan.

The Land’s End ultra-lightweight down parka is available in eight colors and is easily packable in any luggage. The down, hooded winter parka is manufactured using responsible down standards, and the fleece lines parka offers a cozy insulated option.

15. Woolrich

A Woolrich brand jackets and parkas being displayed organizedly.

Woolrich was established as an outdoor apparel company in Pennsylvania nearly two hundred years ago and is the oldest outdoor manufacturer and outfitter in the United States. Woolrich is now headquartered in Italy (and owned by the private equity firm L-GAM Advisors).

Woolrich serves an international market of outdoor gear and apparel. The Woolrich brand of practically-designed women’s parkas is offered in various styles, sizes, and colors.

The down products from Woolrich are made from RDS – Responsible Down Standards as well as an anti-microbial treated pocket lining. These products are easy to care for as they are machine washable if washed separately.

16. Canada Goose Holdings, Inc.

A Canada Goose Holding Inc. company building located in Montreal, Canada.

Canada Goose is the holding company of an outdoor winter clothing manufacturing business. Canada Goose was founded as Metro Sportswear in the late 1950s by a Jewish Immigrant from Poland. 

Their outdoor options include a wide range of parkas, jackets, and other winter accouterments. Two decades after they began, Canada Goose was manufacturing parkas for police and other public sector employees.

Canada Goose parkas are stylish (a bit pricey) and available in several distinct styles and colors for all cold weather conditions and climates. Their bestsellers are Mystique, Trillium, and Shelburne parkas.

17. Zara

Side view angle of a physical store of a Zara Brand.

Founded in Spain in the mid-1970s by A. Ortega, Zara specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of retail clothing, outerwear, and other products. Now headquartered in Arteixo, Spain, and a subsidiary of Inditex, Zara retails its products across the globe. 

By 2007, there were Zara stores in nearly 100 countries worldwide. Zara offers two hooded parkas that are classically stylish and easy to care for as they are machine washable on a delicate cycle.

18. Overland Outfitters

The Overland Outfitters shop interior set-up display.

Established in 1973 with a penchant for craftsmanship and quality in Taos, New Mexico, Overland expanded quickly to a second store in Omaha. Over the past five decades, Overland has amassed a large following for its products in their sixteen stores and a robust website.

The women’s line of parkas and outdoor jackets are available in several styles and made from sheepskin or shearling sheepskin. Overland even offers a reversible leather, fox fur winter coat. Overland products can be pricey but are built to last for generations.

19. Alpha Industries

The Alpha Industries shop located in Shibuya, Japan.

Established in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the late 1950s, Alpha Industries is a manufacturer of clothing specializing in fashion apparel as well as military-style garb that is marketed in the United States as well as Asia and Europe.

Alpha Industries has produced military uniforms for organizations throughout the world. Alpha Industry’s Altitude Mod Parka (inspired by the design of a United States Navy Jacket) is available in camouflage or dark brown and has received an average 5-star rating for its quality and the capability to keep the wearer warm in the coldest of temperatures.

Alpha Industries also manufactures other parka varieties with various features, designs, and colors.

20. Nike

The Nike brand store exterior located in Penang, Malaysia.

Founded in the mid-1960s as Blue Ribbon Sports by a University of Oregon track athlete (and his track coach), Nike is now a publicly traded company with an international presence.

Nike is actively involved in the innovative design and development of outdoor apparel, footwear, and equipment for the outdoor and sports lover. Nike is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with proprietary stores and wholesale and retail outlets worldwide.

Its trademark – Just Do It!, is among the most highly recognized in the world. Nike manufactures several Therma-fit parka varieties from sustainable, water-repellent (partially recycled) materials that are available in multiple colors.

21. Marks & Spencer

A Marks & Spencer store located in Macao, China.

Marks & Spencer was founded in the 1880s in Leeds, United Kingdom, as a retailer of clothing, home, beauty, and food products. The company operates nearly 1,000 stores across the United Kingdom., with headquarters in London, England.

Marks & Spencer’s women’s jackets and parkas are available in many styles, sizes, and colors to meet every need. There are hooded parkas, quilted fleece, and those constructed with the company’s patented Thermowarmth technology. Shorter parkas are available with faux fur -with or without hoods.

22. Burton

A Burton brand retail store located in Liverpool UK.

Burton was initially established as a snowboard company in 1977 in an old barn in Vermont by Jake Burton. Since its inception, Burton has grown to be one of the most innovative companies that manufacture equipment and apparel for outdoor enthusiasts and those who live in colder climates around the world.

The Burton line of women’s parkas and jackets are available in various styles – from pullovers to Gore-Tex down parkas for slopes or a quick trip with the kids across town. The Saxton Parka Jacket offers breathable warmth and mountain-grade weatherproofing without the weight of a typical winter parka.

23. Boden

A Boden retail store located in London.

Established in the early 1990s, Boden is a clothing manufacturer headquartered in North Acton, London. Boden primarily markets its outdoor gear and other apparel online and in catalogs to customers around the world.

Originally manufacturing only menswear, Boden added a women’s line a year after its inception. Boden manufactures a waterproof lined parka (offered in three colors) that is machine washable and comes with a relaxed fit and detachable hood.

24. RefrigiWear

A RefrigiWear retail store shop located in Spain.

RefrigerWear was established in 1954 as the Insulated Clothing Manufacturer to serve those who worked in the cold, demanding climates and conditions.

The company’s products, which were designed as the modern approach to keeping people warm, are durable, high-quality apparel options that offer warmth and comfort. While based temporarily in Manhattan, the company is now headquartered in Georgia since 1991.

RefrigerWear’s park line for women includes several affordable options, including the Polar Force Parka and the Iron-Tuff Coat, to name a few. These parkas from RefrigerWear have two zippered hand-warmer pockets and a detachable hood, among other essential features.

25. Duluth Trading Company

A Duluth Trading Company retail store located in Minessota, USA.

Established in Minnesota in the late 1980s, Duluth Trading Company was founded originally as the Portable Product, Inc. company. They focus on developing and manufacturing equipment for the construction business and its employees.

By the mid-1990s, Duluth Trading Company had changed owners several times and eventually went public in 2015. Duluth Trading has been selected to be the official outfitter for the U.S. luge team and will be the title sponsor in a college football bowl game in 2022.

Duluth offers several women’s parkas, including the Down Right Coat, that offers warmth without the bulk. The Frostmite Parka from Duluth is available in three bright colors and offers flexible, lightweight warmth that traps amazing amounts of body heat to keep you toasty warm in frigid temps.

26. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen physical store in Alberta Canada.

Founded in 1877 in Norway, Helly Hansen manufactures and retails sports clothing and other workwear. Helly Hansen offers some of the most classic, Scandinavian-designed, warm parkas available in the marketplace.

Helly Hansen’s parkas are available with hoods, insulation, cozy down, faux fur, and in different lengths and colors. Helly Hansen designs parkas to provide the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing style, breathability, or warmth and using only responsibly sourced down fill.

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