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7 Reasons To Not Wear Makeup

Taking a break from makeup gives a lot of benefits not only to your skin but to yourself as well. Find out the advantages of not wearing makeup and see how you can look pretty without it.

Woman removing her eye makeup.

I remember being obsessed with makeup when I was young. All the different makeup brushes fascinated me. But somewhere along the way I started feeling a little uneasy about it. So I decided to do some research on why wearing makeup may not be a good idea after all.

There are many valid reasons why not to wear makeup. As the manufacturer decides if a makeup product is safe, there is no rigorous testing that other manufactured products, like medicine, go through. Many of the makeup products used have substances that are harmful which get absorbed into the skin.

Many people wear makeup for different reasons. However, there are actually a lot of reasons that back up the fact that makeup is not as beneficial as many people believe it to be. Let’s take a deeper look into why you shouldn’t wear makeup.

You Will Have More Free Time To Do Whatever You Want To Do.

Close-up of a young woman with red hair and no makeup.

Let’s be real; applying makeup takes a lot of time. All the different facets of it require a lot of time and patience to get it just right and looking good. However, when you choose not to wear makeup, you have more time for nurturing activities and other ways of self-care.

During the 30 minutes or an hour that you would normally use to put on makeup, you can pick up a different hobby like reading a chapter in a book, trying out some yoga, or even just using that time to make a yummy filling breakfast.

You can even sleep a little longer because you no longer feel rushed to wake up extra early just to make sure that you have time to apply makeup.

You Will Be Saving a Lot of Money.

Luxury makeup with gold packaging.

Makeup can cost you a lot, especially if you are buying many different products from well-known brands. The table below gives you an outline of just how much more women spend on makeup products.

  American women American men
Per month $115 $49
Per year $1380 $588

When you don’t wear makeup, you can either save your money, invest your money or use that money on experiences instead of accumulation. Even when there is a clearance or a sale, there is no avoiding that you’re still spending money that you could have been saving.

Most Makeup Products Have Toxic Ingredients.

Makeup palettes with toxic ingredients.

There are many toxic ingredients and irritants like artificial fragrances used to make the products smell good, alcohol, artificial colour, petroleum, and preservatives in many of the lower-end brands and even some of the higher-end brands that leach into your skin and even your internal system.

When you apply it on your face, it tends to make you break out because of the barrier that makeup makes, which leads to an increase in the amount of oil that your skin produces. Some people even have bad reactions.

Using makeup to cover up any skin problems that you may already have, like pimples, can actually create even more problems for you. The makeup itself may not age your skin, but the ingredients in it tend to go against the natural process of aging that your skin goes through.

Your skin is much healthier makeup-free as you are able to moisturize it better and take care of it.

Worrying About Your Makeup is a Thing of the Past.

Woman applying eye makeup in front of the mirror.

Not only is it a lot of work to apply in the morning, but you also have to worry about the makeup on you throughout the day. You no longer have to be stressed about smudging your makeup or having to make a quick trip to the lady’ room to touch up your makeup.

You have more freedom to touch your face without worrying that you’ll wipe half of it off and ruin your look. You’ll also find that your clothes are much cleaner because, generally speaking, makeup gets everywhere, especially foundation.

You Learn To Value Your Natural Self More.

Woman in sweater hugging herself.

Many people feel more beautiful with makeup on than they do when they aren’t wearing any makeup. You can find confidence in your natural beauty. The other really lovely thing is that makeup styles change all the time, but you can have confidence in the fact that your natural look will never go out of style.

At first, you may feel uncomfortable because you no longer have a layer of makeup to hide behind, but you will soon learn to love your imperfections and appreciate how unique they make you, and also just feel good and comfortable in your own skin.

You’ll Be Playing a Huge Role in Saving the Environment.

Woman breathing clean and fresh air in the forest.

All the products that you have to throw away either because they have expired, or they don’t suit your skin, or you have just used them up almost always have plastic packaging, and the containers and bottles are usually made of plastic too.

These go into the trash and then the landfill, and our environment is already under a lot of strain. You would be joining the group of people that are trying to be more responsible and save our environment.

How Can You Look Pretty Without Makeup?

Woman with eye mask applying cream in the bathroom.

There are many ways that you can look beautiful without makeup. It is very important to find a skincare routine that works for you. Moisturizing also plays an important part in keeping your skin supple, glowing, and firm. The other ways are:

  • Drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Exfoliating regularly and
  • Regularly giving yourself a face mask.


Not wearing makeup is a self-loving journey. I understand why others wear makeup and do not judge that decision. However, makeup often only treats what is on the surface and not the root problem leaving you with the original trouble that you were facing.

Not wearing makeup will enable you to feel more content with yourself and embrace your true self. Your natural look has many benefits that bring you inner peace overall because you don’t have to worry about meeting certain beauty standards just to feel beautiful.