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5 Reasons to Wear a Thong

Thongs don't just make you look sexy and attractive but they give a lot of benefits that can make your life easier, more comfortable, and even healthier. Here are some of the vital reasons why you should wear one.

Back profile of a woman wearing a black thong against a red background.

Having watched Victoria’s Secret Model shows year in and year out really introduced me to what fancy, sexy, glittery underwear looks like. It also got me thinking about whether or not any of the undergarments, especially thongs, were comfortable at all. So I took a closer look to and find out exactly what all the hype was about thongs.

There are many reasons to wear a thong. No panty lines are visible, and the design of the thong ensures that the underwear will not ride up or down. There is a fashion consciousness to it and a feeling of being a mature adult once you wear one.

Deciding on whether or not to wear a thong can be a complicated process. However, there are many benefits to wearing thongs that make your life easier and you more comfortable, no matter the clothing you choose to wear.

They Provide the Perfect Balance of Coverage and Freedom.

Woman wearing thong near the beach.

Thongs are the perfect balance between enough coverage so that you feel secure and not completely bare and exposed, and they make you feel free because of the way that they are designed.

Thongs are Much More Comfortable than Regular Underwear.

Woman hand holding a lacy thong.

When you’re wearing regular underwear, it can sometimes ride up or roll up, especially if you are wearing the wrong size, and this can lead to things being quite uncomfortable for you when you get a wedgie. Thongs get rid of that problem because they do not bunch up, and because of that, there is no friction to stress about and no tiny, painful pimples created on your backside.

Although the waistband is generally a little bit wide, there is so little of it to feel, including the fabric that goes between your backside, that you don’t get any chaffing and instead get maximum comfort.

Chaffing can also happen when the underwear seams dig into your skin, and that can be uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Thongs do not have any seams that will dig into your skin, making sure that you’re constantly comfortable.

There are No Panty Lines.

Back profile of a woman wearing a white, seamless thong.

It can be a real struggle wearing certain clothing with regular underwear. Those panty lines have no shame and display themselves to the fullest extent that they can. Tight-fitting clothes such as leggings, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, form-fitting dresses, shorts, etc., are clothes that generally do not go well with regular underwear.

Sure, you can buy underwear that is of different material like lace, which tends to be lighter and not as obvious through your clothes, but there’s still an outline of your underwear that can be seen.

Thongs are the perfect undergarment because when you are wearing them, you never have to worry about panty lines being visible. The thong is designed in such a T way that you can wear any kind of clothing that you’d like to wear and feel confident that your panty lines are disguised because the thong goes in a discreet area.

Another reason to choose thongs is that they, unlike boy shorts, do not create an illusion of your backside looking like it has been cut in four, which means that your backside looks its best without the shape of it being changed because your entire backside is left exposed.

They are the Best for Working out.

Woman in thong working out in a gym.

When you’re working out, you usually wear tight workout gear like spandex or tights, and thongs are perfect as they do not hamper any movement, and you don’t have to be concerned about people seeing your underwear while you’re doing your thing.

They allow you to move freely and work out confidently without feeling restrained while making sure that you have some protection under your work out gear. They are also more hygienic than going commando, as some people like to when working out.

Wearing a Thong Makes You Feel Attractive, Sexy, and Mature.

A sexy, black thong adorned with purple flowers.

Thongs are considered to be one of the sexiest undergarments simply because of the sex appeal attached to them. Many women feel instantly attractive, confident, and sexy once they wear thongs even if no one else sees them. Just knowing that you’re wearing a thong somehow flips a switch that empowers.

They look good because of the way that they display a woman’s curves, which then translates to feeling good no matter your shape and size. Undergarments like thongs make one feel more mature because the target market is usually adult women and not kids.

How to Maintain Thongs?

A couple of things being dried on a heated towel rack.

Thongs are often made with delicate material, and so in order to keep them looking good, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Use cold water with some hand washing detergent.
  2. Full submerge them in the mixture and let them soak for some time.
  3. Gently swish them in the water so that the layers of the fabric do not get worn away as that will lead to them becoming scratchy.
  4. When you feel that they are clean, squeeze out the water without wringing the material and then rinse them in cold water again.
  5. Placing the thongs on a towel will dry them naturally.

If you do not have time and are too busy, then washing them in a washing machine with cold water on a gentle setting would do the trick. However, remember to use a lingerie bag even when it is on a gentle cycle so that your thongs do not lose their elasticity and comfort.


If you’re one of those people that have tried to wear one but just didn’t feel comfortable, it’s highly likely that you did not give them enough time. You are not used to them, and so they feel a little unusual. The trick is to commit to it for three or four days until you’re at that point where it just feels like it’s normal.

Trial and error also help as there are many different thongs to choose from, and so once you find the right fit and material for yourself, you won’t be able to stay away, I guarantee you.