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Top Spring Hair Styles

Spring has sprung and boy does that feel good. How happy are you that we are no longer forced to hide behind those masks anymore? I’m not going to lie, it was kinda nice being able to be incognito all the time. I full took advantage of it but now I’m ready to shed that skin, that gloom, of course those lbs. and especially take my hair out of that gnarly top bun. Oh no time for change. I am being totally sarcastic when I say that.

Everything Changes


I am the queen of change I’m not even joking or exaggerating. When it comes to fashion or beauty girl switch it up. It’s all ok, it grows back, washes off or uh you just change your clothes.

I’ve always been that one, “oh just dumped a boy?” cut yo hair, “oh have a big launch?” dye yo hair, “oh season changed?” cut and dye yo hair.

Sun In Lemon Hair Lightener - Sun In Lemon Hair Lightener 4.7fl oz(Quantity of 4)

My hair hasn’t been its original color since the day my friends and I discovered that damn bottle of Sun In. It was the summer going into 8th grade and my poor mother didn’t even see it coming…well until she did. I was forbidden to put that stuff in my hair but I showed her and I dumped out my hairspray and loaded it up with that dreaded solution. As a natural brunette you can guess that it only transformed to one color and yes that was orange. If orange straw was a color that’s the color I was and it took all of my 4 years of high school to grow it out.

My hair has been just about every color intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. My life has been a cycle of grow it long, cut it short oooooh and look at that pretty color. I can’t just settle into a look and consistently maintain it; I get bored of looking at myself and then there is the point that I just need to refresh the tresses. I don’t think my mindset is necessarily healthy because I’m pretty sure every time I change it, I expect some life altering event to take place or every time I change it it’s because some life altering event. And if ending lockdowns and mask mandates don’t qualify as one, then I don’t even know a thing.

Spring Flings

I get it, not here for my hair color stories but I know you’ve seen what’s been going on in hair scene. Well and if you haven’t, you’re welcome.

What goes around comes around what was once cool and then extremely uncool is now well yep you guessed it cool again. The mullet is no different. I know that word is just cringe worthy urgh. Seriously though, up until the last couple of years they did not represent what it does today. Why would it? It’s been transformed, super fresh and named perfectly as the Wolf Cut. It’s like every women’s inner spirit animal if you ask me. I mean don’t we all want to feel like we have this big mane of hair and let be big an wild? C’mon I see you, y’all are working that look every Saturday and Sunday morning and well if you work from home maybe Mondays and Wednesdays.

Wolf Cut

Confession, I’ve been growing my hair out for over 2 years to be able to have the perfect Wolfie and no I’m not talking about kids or kids’ names, that’s actually not the name but was the name and well whatever I’m confused. I digress! I’ve had a couple of cuts to start shaping it as it grows and I’m telling you that Hairstory saved me multiple times from wanting to just chop it off.

I started out using just the Wash in Rich and wasn’t 100% blown away but I was happy and it was definitely an improvement that what I had been using. I can’t lie, I got sucked in quick and also tried out their balm and the powder. Ok, once you figure out how much your hair needs it seriously is a game changer.

New Wash (RICH) Kit, Hair Cleanser & Conditioner, 8oz Pouch, 4oz Hair Balm + Scalp Brush, Extra Moisturizing, Improves Softness, Natural Ingredients, Protects Color & Eliminates Frizz

I had to undo a lot of shit for this hairstyle. Hi my name is Bridgette and I used to wash my hair daily. In washing my hair every day, it also meant that I had to blow dry it and them more than likely add some waves via the curling iron. I couldn’t help it; I knew that it was bad for my tresses but I couldn’t help it I had do it every single day. I was convinced that it made me feel sick if I didn’t. It’s true. So, my lockdown undoing was to stop the washing, the blow drying and the curling. Whoa I had no idea that 1) you could actually transform your hair but that 2) Every time I did that, I was training my hair in a way that wasn’t natural and therefor made it near impossible for a wash and go look. I’m totally convinced now that it’s ok to not wash your hair everyday but I’m not on board with the no washing for anything over 4 days. Nope, not ok.

So maybe that you are more of a sleek girl, that’s so cute! You know what else is also cute? No time like the present to clean up your act with a classic bob. This is never out of season and if you’ve got that shiny and full head of healthy hair this is the best way to show it off. This is such a great statement especially if you’re adding some color to it, like Paige’s expensive brown or Mrs. Bieber’s Cali-cool highlights. It’s the perfect canvas to go either girl next door or vixen.

Bob Cut


The dreamiest look of all has definitely got to be anything with hydrated curls. Can we please praise the hair goddesses for the Rounded Fro. My mom was blessed with perfectly coiled curls although at times I’m sure she didn’t feel that way about it. I love her curls and my whole life I watched her carefully pin them back. There were times she cut it short and it was like a baby fro and other times she grew it out, had it completely straightened by accident and well I’m so happy she just got the best Deva Curl Cut into a little Rounded Fro. It looks like she’s the life of any party. There is just something so sassy about embracing curls it’s like nobody puts curls in the corner!

Round FroI know not everyone is super into committing to a style.  It is a lot work and for the most part we gave it up for the last couple of years and I don’t know but I’m here for a less complicated routine.

Love yo self.

Over all the best thing to do for self care is genuine care for your hair.  I’m a serum and oil girl and giiiirrlll this Olaplex bonding oil does wonders.  Yeah there are now 8 wonders of the world.  Perfect for a nice air dry and protects from the potential abuse.

Maybe you don’t want a new hair cut but I know most of all y’all are getting a fresh color.  We still love our vibrant and pastel fashion colors but let’s face it, not everyone wants to work that look every day.  This is why I’m loving all the color trends.  Bright and sun kissed blondes, strawberry brunettes and the girl next door coppers.  Lean into whatever shade you are naturally and give your strands a time out.  Generally something subtle to compliment your own beauty is always the best way to live your best life as you’re frolicking through the wildflower fields.  

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, 1 fl. Oz.