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12 Brands Similar to Anthropologie

Wearing a boho style dress

If you like chic fashion with a modern, hippie-like flair, you probably already know all about Anthropologie. This brand sells just about everything, including all the fashion you want to wear and all kinds of stuff for your home. There are many brands similar to Anthropologie that have some of the same features and styles you like but with more options that will allow you to expand your style.

What Is Anthropologie?

Person wearing boho outfit on beach

Anthropologie specializes in women’s clothing but the brand also offers a line of beauty products, home goods, furniture, outdoor and garden items and wedding items. The brand is best known for clothing, shoes and accessories, everything you need to play around with your fashion.

Anthropologie makes fashionable, stylish clothes for women who need all kinds of different looks, from casual to professional to date night styles. Anthropologie sells everything you want to wear, including jackets, jeans, skirts, even sleepwear and lingerie, not to mention a huge range of accessories.

There’s a huge selection of items here. You can just about shop for everything you need for yourself ad for your home at Anthropologie. The brand even has makeup, bath and body items and fragrances. 

Why Does Anthropologie Have Everything?

Anthropologie bills itself as a full lifestyle shopping destination. From the very beginning, this brand sold a variety of items going all the way back to the first store. This opened in Philadelphia in 1970 as Free People, a brand that still provides fashion today. 

The store sold jewelry, housewares and clothing, along with cannabis accessories. It was opened by Richard Hayne and his old roommate, Scott Belair. By 1975, the store had moved to a bigger location and got a new name: Urban Outfitters. 

Anthropologie started out as a line of clothing sold at Urban Outfitters. In the 1990s, Anthropologie branched off to become its own brand. And it has become a hugely popular brand, appealing to women who have a little bit of a bohemian vibe but still love style. 

Anthropologie captures the boho fashionista look in a way that stands out to style watchers. However, this is not the only brand that puts its own twist on boho style.

Finding Brands Similar to Anthropologie

Two people wearing hip outfits

The unique look of Anthropologie clothes, the loose silhouettes, the fun patterns and colors, it all gives the brand its own look. But there are several brands similar to Anthropologie that have something in common with the brand. Many other brands have features that are similar to the features you love in Anthropologie.

Brandy Melville (Less Expensive)

Ru Sweet Women's Active High Waisted Sporty Gym Athletic Fit Jogger Sweatpants Baggy Lounge Pants with Pockets Black

Like Anthropologie, Brandy Melville makes clothing for women in all styles and types. You can find everything here, from activewear to dresses to intimates and everything in between. Brandy Melville also carries jewelry, bags, belts, socks, hats and hair accessories because it also creates all things fashion for all stylish buyers. You can also get olive oil here. We’re not sure why…but that’s sold under the Brandy Melville label, too.

Brandy Melville has a casual, fun take on fashion that mixes graphic images with bright colors and classic patterns, something the brand has in common with Anthrolopgie. The casual clothing here is made for everyday wear in pieces that can be mixed and matched to help you create multiple looks using just a few items. 

This is young, hip fashion for trendy buyers, an audience that Anthropologie also targets. Brandy Melville’s fashion is more affordable, on average, than Anthropologie’s. This is not a luxury brand, it’s an everyday brand that’s made to be affordable. When you’re looking for cute and affordable everyday clothes, Brandy Melville is a great place to start looking.

Christy Dawn (More Expensive)

R.Vivimos Women Short Sleeve Summer Floral Embroidery Lace Hollow Out Bohemian Cotton Linen Midi Dresses (Small, Beige)

Fashion from Christy Dawn is made from organic and regeneratively grown cotton, along with upcycled fabric. The style here is vintage-inspired, which gives Christy Dawn a bit of a boho vibe that’s similar to the styles you can see at Anthropologie. 

Soft colors and floral patterns are found often in Christy Dawn fashion, along with rich Earth tones and roomy knit pieces. There’s a big selection of casual, comfortable style here that includes dresses, blouses, outerwear and footwear. There are maternity-friendly styles and sizes that range from petite to plus under the Christy Dawn label. 

Pricing here is more expensive than Anthropolige pricing. Christy Dawn’s commitment to using ethical and high-quality materials and other climate-friendly initiatives the brand uses takes extra time and energy, which adds to the final price of each item. 

Fillyboo (More Expensive)

Flying Tomato Off Shoulder Bohemian Maxi Dress - Off Shoulder Ethnic Floral Print Sundress with Waist Bow Tie 17914-TJ_Ivory M

If you like the look of Anthropologie clothes, you’re going to find lots of reasons to keep shopping at Fillyboo. This brand specializes in boho-inspired fashion that has a breezy, whimsical style. There are a lot of ruffles, a lot of free-flowing silhouettes, some super chic mod looks that definitely invoke a 1960s vibe and a whole lot of soft colors and pretty floral embellishments. 

Fillyboo focuses on fashion, creating dresses, knitwear, skirts, top and bottoms and swimwear, primarily, along with shoes. As the brand expands, it may one day offer as many products as Anthropologie.

Fillyboo fashion is hade made in Bali, Java, Indonesia and India. Because the clothing is handmade, which takes extra time and attention to detail, the prices here reflect the special care that goes into each item.

Francesca’s (Less Expensive)

Dress the Population Women's Francesca Flutter Sleeve A-line Midi Dress, Burgundy Leopard Multi, XL

Francesca’s, like Anthropologie, creates fashion for women. The catalog here includes shoes, accessories and wedding items, stuff you can also find at Anthropologie. Francesca’s sells everything you want to wear, from lingerie to denim to swimwear and everything else you might put on.

The style here is a little more boho-inspired, a quality that Francesca’s and Anthropologie have in common. Bright colors and patterns brighten up the catalog, which is enormous. There are lots of items to choose from here and lots of ways to cultivate a classy, bohemian look with the items from this brand.

Francesca’s prices are noticeably less expensive than Anthropologie’s. The brand carefully curates all items to choose pieces that are stylish and yet not too expensive. You can get a lot of fashion at Francesca’s. 

Free People (Less Expensive)

Free People Colby Long Sleeve Oversized Slouchy Tee Black XS (Women's 0-2)

The styles here are casual and comfortable, which definitely strikes a bohemian vibe that matches the fashion you can find at Anthropologie. There’s a good reason these two brands sell similar fashion: they are owned by the same parent company.

The Free People catalog is full of stylish, funky look. You will see lots of wide-leg pants, cool knits, pretty colors and all kinds of amazing bohemian-inspired fashion. If you like the look of Anthropologie, Free People is definitely a brand you need to see.

This brand has a big selection of items that includes intimates, jackets, activewear and a huge range of casual clothing items. You can also get shoes and accessories to finish off your look here, not to mention beauty and wellness items as well. Like Anthropologie, Free People offers a huge range of items that don’t stop at clothing.

The prices here are less expensive than Anthropologie, which makes this brand a great alternative when you’re looking for more affordable ways to get the funky fashion you crave.

Lovestitch (Less Expensive)

Love Stitch Women's Floral Long Flowy Halter Maxi Dress (M, Peacock)

When you want boho-inspired fashion with a more professional style, Lovestitch is the perfect brand. The clothes here have that same hippie-like feeling of Anthropologie but with a slightly more mature style. You can wear many of these clothes to work and not look out of place.

Like Anthropologie, Lovestitch has a huge selection of fashion of all types. You can also pick up beauty products, shoes and accessories here. Lovestitch’s brand is “California style,” which truly captures that boho sort of vibe. 

There are a lot of lightweight, loose styles here. Floral patterns are all over the catalog. There are also a lot of knits, some great denim and pretty much everything you need for a casual, stylish look with some boho twists. 

Clothing from Lovestitch is somewhat less expensive, on average, than similar items you will find at Anthropologie. If you like Anthropologie’s style but want something just a little more professional and sophisticated, go browse the fashion at Lovestitch.

Lucky Brand (Similar Pricing)

Lucky Brand Women's Pajama Set - 4 Piece Sleep Shirt, Tank Top, Pajama Pants, Lounge Shorts (S-XL), Size Large, Red

If you like the trendy, fashionable look of Antorphologie, Lucky Brand fashions are likely to appeal to you. Lucky Brand style has a hip edge to it. The fashion here appeals to young fashionistas in their late teens and early 20s who like to wear the latest styles.

The fashion here is a little edgier and a little less boho. However, like Anthropologie, this brand offers a huge range of products. You can find everything in casual fashion here, including cool graphic Ts, jumpsuits and activewear. There’s also a big selection of every type of accessory, even including roller skates. Now, that’s a big range of items.

Lucky Brand is perhaps best known for blue jeans. The brand offers many styles of jeans in all washes and cuts you could want. Lucky Brand even makes throwback 1980s and 1990s jeans styles. 

Lucky Brand offers similar pricing to Anthropologie, so you can buy like items across both brands for the same amount of money. If you want a big selection of fashion that’s casual with a bit of an edge and maybe even a bit of a rockstar vibe, you’re going to like Lucky Brand.

Mara Hoffman (More Expensive)

Mara Hoffman Women's Lolita Dress, White Multi, XS

Boho style meets designer high fashion under the Mara Hoffman label. This brand has a big selection of various fashion items, including a big line of swimwear and accessories. Mara Hoffman also has a more boho-inspired look, something the brand has in common with Anthropologie.

Characteristics of this brand include the colorful designs. Mara Hoffman fashion doesn’t shy away from bright shades of purple, yellow, turquoise and orange, among other hues. These bright clothes are meant to catch the eye and they definitely will.

Clothing bearing the Mara Hoffman label is noticeably more expensive than similar items you will find at Anthropologie. Mara Hoffman uses high-end materials, such as organic cotton, linen and climate-beneficial wool. The brand prioritizes eco-friendly practices and ethical factories and artisans and delivers items in 80 percent recycled packaging. Extra attention to detail like this causes the price to be higher. 

Minkpink (Similar Pricing)

MINKPINK Women's Audrey Midi Dress, Black, S

The loose, retro looks at Minkpink definitely strike a bohemian style chord that’s similar to the look of Anthropologie fashion. Minkpink creates dresses and other items of clothing that are a little more casual stylish or semi-formal looks that can be worn to the office or to date night.

Bright colors and bold patterns add distinct characteristics to the Minkpink catalog. This brand offers a wide selection of boho-style dresses and blouses, pretty knits, swimwear, skirts, pants and skirts. The selection of items here isn’t as wide as the offerings from Anthropologie but the boho look is strong with the fashion here.

Miknkpink’s pricing is similar to what you’ll find at Anthropologie. If you’re looking for more boho-type fashion for your wardrobe and you’ve seen all the new stuff at Anthropologie, take a look at the latest styles from Minkpink.

Modcloth (Less Expensive)

LaVieLente Women's Cotton Long Sleeve Graphic Sweatshirt Crewneck Pullover (Puffy Kittens, Medium)

If the vintage look is your thing, Modcloth is your place to shop. This brand has a lot of classic silhouettes and designs that definitely harken back to earlier days of fashion. There are several 1960s-inspired looks here if you want a sort of boho chic look that’s a little more stylized than Anthropologie.

Modcloth, like Anthropologie, also has a huge variety of shoes and accessories, including jewelry and hats. Modcloth fashion is characterized by bold colors, interesting fabric textures and chic vintage style. 

The prices here are slightly less expensive, on average, than Anthropologie. Modcloth also has frequent sales events so you can save even more money on your fashion. When you like Anthorolpgie’s selection but you want style that’s even more vintage, try Modcloth.

Stone Cold Fox (More Expensive)

Happy Sailed Womens Off Shoulder Solid Maxi Dress Ruffle Party High Low Beach Maxi Dresses with Drawstring Belt Large Black

What does modern, sleek boho fashion look like? Stone Cold Fox has the answer. The fashions here are a little less free-flowing and a little more structured than traditional boho looks but it’s got the little frills, the ruffles, the lace and the silhouettes that create the distinct boho look. This is more modern boho style, making Stone Cold Fox a sort of fashionable spiritual sister to Anthropologie.

Stone Cold Fox has a big selection of dresses and gowns for those who want gorgeous semi-formal and formal looks. The brand also carries tops, bottoms, jumpers and robes. Custom gowns are a big seller here, along with wedding wear.

Prices here are more expensive than similar items you can find at Anthropologie. Stone Cold Fox uses high-end materials, such as sand-washed silk. A lot of time and attention goes into designs from Stone Cold Fox, which does translate into a higher price. If you want more modern, luxury boho style, Stone Cold Fox might be the brand you need.

Tularosa (Similar Pricing)

Tularosa Women's Sam Samantha Floral Blouse in Malibu Floral (X-Small)

Fashion at Tularosa has a distinctive vintage and boho flair. The style here builds on classic fashion staples and looks from the past to create modern, stylish versions of these older items. Tularosa has a hip, trendy approach to vintage fashion that is somewhat similar to Anthropologie’s spin on boho style.

Soft colors, breezy fabrics and casual, vintage- and boho-inspired fashion of all types give the Tularosa catalog a distinct look. The brand carries dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits and swimwear. The range of products at Tularosa isn’t quite as extensive as Anthropologie, but both brands have a flair for boho-like style that’s stylish and fun to wear.

The pricing at Tularosa is similar to the pricing at Anthropologie. So when you’re looking for other boho and vintage fashion, see what’s new at Tularosa as well as what Anthorpoolgoie has to offer.

Wearing Brands Similar to Anthropologie

Person wearing a hip fashion outfit

Are you ready to start wearing brands similar to Anthropologie? When you know which brands have the features you like and the similarities to Anthropologie that you want, you will be able to greatly expand your style and add a lot of new stuff to your wardrobe.


Anthropologie is more than just fashion, it’s a whole lifestyle brand that offers everything you need to style yourself and your home. That means there’s a lot to learn about this brand and all of its products. So we searched for the most commonly asked questions about Anthropologie and got the answers to help you know everything you need to know about this brand.

Does Anthropologie carry plus sizes and petite sizes?

Anthropologie produces clothes and fashion for a huge customer base. That includes selling plus and petite sizes. These clothes are made for women in every size because every woman deserves to show off her style.

Where is Anthropologie located?

Cool fashion hanging

Anthropologie has store locations throughout the U.S., with more than 200 stores selling fashion to 44 states. There are also Anthropologie store locations in Germany, France and New Zealand. That’s pretty far from Philadelphia, where the company is still based since its founding in 1970. 

As far as manufacturing fashion products and home items, Anthropologie works with suppliers in Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

Are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters owned by the same company?

Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are owned by the same parent company, URBN. This parent company owns Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, FP Movement, BHLDN, Terrain, Menus & Venues and Nuuly.


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