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12 Stores Similar to Urban Outfitters

Here's a roundup of 12 stores similar to Urban Outfitters that offer high-quality clothing at reasonable prices. You'll surely love the selections in these stores as much as you do with Urban Outfitters.

Woman in sweater and scarf holding shopping bags.

If you shop at Urban Outfitters, you’ll know their high-quality, fashionable items are hard to beat. That said, you may be looking to try something a little different, and as a fashionista, I completely understand! So, here are twelve stores similar to Urban Outfitters.

Twelve stores similar to Urban Outfitters are:

  1. Anthropologie
  2. Free People
  3. Frank And Oak
  4. Missguided
  5. TopShop
  6. H&M
  7. ModCloth
  8. Forever 21
  9. Revolve
  10. Tobi
  11. Zara
  12. Asos

These clothing stores share similar successes and fanbases due to their affordable and high-quality fashion.


Anthropologie Embroidered Patch Jacket Sz S - NWOT

Most fans of Anthropologie would gladly serenade it with passionate praise for its vast range of highly-fashionable clothing, whether you’re in the market for a new denim item, some Bali-themed throw pills, or an exquisite new batik-fabric dress.

Anthropologie has a way of roping its fans and making them feel at home while browsing the many promising fashionable items. It may be interesting to hear that the parent company of Anthropologie is, in fact, none other than Urban Outfitters.

It came about when the founder of Urban Outfitters, Richard Hayne, traveled the world searching for inspiration through breathtaking museums and countless hours of textile research. At least, Anthropologie was born of the desire to cater to individual identity.

Consequently, it offers extraordinary fashion from ordinary materials, including women’s clothes and accessories, intimates, home furnishings and décor, cosmetics, and gifts are all part of their product line.

Furthermore, they boast five muses which express Soft & delicate, elegant classic, easy cool, boho chic, and modern athletic. Anthropologie fashion is not necessarily inexpensive, but their exquisite quality is undeniable, and they remain popular for it.

Free People

Free People Women's High Tide Printed Tee Size: Small- Ivory

Free People offers a unique take on fashion, offering a bohemian fashion style that is well-loved by its fans. It has a broad spectrum of women’s clothes, accessories, shoes, lingerie, and swimwear.

It also features a beauty and wellness section, which contains cosmetics, skin and oral care, oral supplements, crystals, and books, among other things. The general pricing is reasonable enough that there is something that everyone can afford.

It’s also worth mentioning that Free People is a subsidiary of Urban Outfitters, Inc. Richard Hayne and his first wife, Judy Wicks, started a business called Free People in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the early 1970s.

He built a second store, changing the name from Free People to Urban Outfitters, as the store’s popularity expanded. Urban Outfitters’ business started to take off.

Meg, Dick’s then-wife, was in charge of Urban Outfitters’ private label section, which backed products only available at Urban Outfitters. It was a huge success, and by 1984, the “Free People” wholesale line was back on the market.

Frank And Oak

Frank and Oak found their humble beginnings in Montreal by engineers Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani. Frank and Oak have interesting sustainable, organic men product lines that help them stay ahead of their competition.

Their Minimal brand makes clothing shopping less tedious. These fashionable items derive from recycled, antimicrobial hemp that grows without pesticides, consume 50 percent less water than cotton, and are innately stronger against UV rays.

For this reason, Frank And Oak’s objective is to produce high-quality apparel that is both lasting and memorable by employing environmentally aware materials and processes and principles considered ethical.

Consequently, the fashionable item is considerably lighter, and it provides optimal comfort and flexibility for warm weather. That said, Frank and Oak are typically known for their snazzy button-down shirts, wool cardigans, and parkas.

Poor manufacturing conditions across the world and the prospect of irreversible climate change inspire them to do their bit in protecting people and the environment.


Missguided Distressed Shirt Burn Out Choker Tee Size Small 4 Grey

Missguided is a multi-channel shop originating in the United Kingdom that sells clothing to women aged 16 to 35. Its designs make use of in-house talent to provide millennial women with the fashion they require for all aspects of their lives.

Since their goal is to empower people, they make it simple for everyone by keeping our product inexpensive. It’s not just quick fashion; it’s lightning-fast fashion. They do, however, have a menswear line called Mennace, which they sell online.

Since its inception, the online shop has seen tremendous development in the United Kingdom and expansion into the United States, Australia, France, and Germany.

With its department store Nordstrom and a concession at Selfridges Trafford Centre, they have a strong presence in the United States. Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square hosted the second UK brick-and-mortar store, while Selfridges Birmingham hosted the third.

Missguided has lovely tall and petite product lines, which each featured around 70 pieces, in addition to a plus-size collection. It also has a wedding dress collection consisting of 19 pieces for brides and bridesmaids.

Furthermore, the company boasts an exciting range of exhibitions, including lingerie, nightwear, a new denim collection, and a premium collection called Peace & Love.


TopShop first found its legendary roots by British designers in the 1960’s. Despite having about 501 stores globally – and online operations in other regions – the Topshop brand was bought by ASOS on February 1, 2021, and now operates entirely online.

They retail women’s clothing, make-up, and accessories. It’s all here for you to appreciate, from classic denim cuts, cozy knits, and stunning outerwear to fire shoes and sneakers.

Topshop has collaborated with high-fashion companies on capsule collections and product lines in areas including dance, fitness, and sports.

Its roster includes Red or Dead, Clements Ribeiro’s assistant Markus Lupfer, Hussein Chalayan, Tristan Webber, and Tracey Boyd, among a slew of other well-known designers and models.


H&M shares similarities with Urban Outfitters in that they’re bursting at the seams with the sheer volume of fashionable variety. Products include cardigans & sweaters, jackets & coats, pants, shorts, swimwear & beachwear, sleepwear, and activewear.

Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) is a Stockholm-based Swedish international apparel brand. They are well-known for their fast-fashion apparel for men, women, teens, and children. Consequently, they sell exceptionally well with trendy and inexpensive clothing.

Furthermore, their collaborations glimmer with cultural influence found worldwide. They offer an exclusive product line by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Dutch designers Viktor & Wolf, and pop star Madonna.

H&M does not produce its own products, but rather, they rely on approximately 900 independent suppliers throughout the world, primarily in Europe and Asia, which 30 strategically situated monitoring offices control.

H&M offers fast fashion, which empowers those on a budget to keep up with the latest trends without breaking the bank.

Since not everyone can afford an expensive piece every season, H&M can conveniently provide you with a new outfit every season if you so wish. Of course, this means you’ll be able to spend the balance of your hard-earned cash on some great statement items.


The headquarters of ModCloth, an American online retailer of indie and vintage-inspired women’s clothes, is in Los Angeles. Walmart eventually sold ModCloth to brand investment platform Go Global Retail in October 2019.

Modcloth is reactivating its growth by reintroducing popular designs and adding new tools to improve operations and customer service.

ModCloth specializes in stylish goods for ladies who want entirely original and one-of-a-kind designs. It sells a wide range of glitzy things influenced by old fashion trends. Their items are reasonable, high-quality, come in a variety of designs, and come in various sizes.

The firm, which is famous for its body-positive pictures and retro and thrift-shop-inspired clothing for women in various sizes, was founded in 2002 in co-founder Susan Gregg Koger’s dorm room at Carnegie Mellon University.

Furthermore, ModCloth places a lot of emphasis on connecting with customers. Style Gallery, a user-generated image gallery where consumers contribute images of themselves modeling a ModCloth outfit, is one such crowdsourcing endeavor.

These images are then posted on the ModCloth blog, allowing readers to see how a particular piece of clothing appears on a real person rather than a professional model.

Forever 21

Forever 21 Women's Plus Size Puff-Sleeve Top, Black, 1X

Forever 21 is a fast-fashion business based in Los Angeles, California, United States. In 1984, Fashion 21 opened its doors in Highland Park, Los Angeles, as Forever 21.

Apparel for men and women is available in most Forever 21 locations, including plus-size clothing for women. It also sells girls’ apparel and home/lifestyle items on its website.

Their low prices make them an excellent alternative for young women on a budget who want something entertaining, adventurous, and stylish while yet feeling youthful.

They offer fashionable apparel in the form of sweaters & cardigans, rompers & jumpsuits, dresses, jeans, hoodies & sweatshirts, activewear, lingerie & sleepwear, as well as shoes and beauty accessories, and much more.

With over 700 locations in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom, they later expanded into the apparel labels Forever 21, XXI Forever, Love 21, and Heritage.


Revolve states that they aim to provide high-quality, fashionable products to Millennial and Generation Z consumers. They’re an online fashion shop that carries over 500 brands of on-trend clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty goods for men and women.

Their notoriety has gained over 4.3 million Instagram followers, but their primary influencer marketing strategy helps them gain even more online awareness.

They boast a vast array of products, including activewear, loungewear, skirts, tops, swimsuits & cover-ups, pants, rompers, denim, jumpsuits, accessories, jewelry, and much more.

While Revolve has several high-end things, they also provide some low-cost options. Filter your searches from lowest to highest pricing and work your way up from there. Filtering this method can lead to some fantastic deals.

Furthermore, certain brands on the Revolve website are virtually always less expensive than others. Superdown, Lovers & Friends, and Amuse Society, for example, frequently feature items that are almost free!


Tobi is a Los Angeles-based online fashion shop specializing in women’s clothes. The site distributes to over 100 countries and provides various styles, from party wear to athleisure.

They offer a fantastic range of fashionable clothing items, especially dresses. Women can find almost any type of clothing, such as crop tops, blouses, jumpers, lingerie, various skirt styles, footwear, denim shorts and skirts or jeans, and even wedding products.

Furthermore, Tobi fans often enjoy coupon codes, such as 50 percent off for your first purchase. Tobi often advertises these coupons as often as they have flash sales. However, remember that products from flash sales are non-refundable.

The reviews on are favorable for the most part but remain somewhat mixed. Some customers are unhappy with their purchase’s quality and delivery time, while others praise Tobi for its quality and prompt delivery times.


Zara’s ownership belongs to Inditex, founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega, and is the world’s largest fashion conglomerate.

Zara offers a diverse selection of clothing for ladies, men, and children. Cosmetics, fragrances, and home items are also available from the brand. Furthermore, Zara employs consumer trends to provide desirable fashion and products to their consumers.

Their fashionable items include coats & jackets, trousers, footwear, lingerie, dresses & jumpsuits, shirts, tops, denim, and beauty products like perfume.

Interestingly, Zara maintains a zero-advertising policy, preferring instead to invest a portion of earnings in the development of new stores.

Zara takes just one week to create and launch a new product, compared to the industry average of six months, and produces over 40,000 designs each year, with around 12,000 new designs carefully selected and manufactured.


Asos is a fashion and cosmetics shop based in the United Kingdom. The firm was started in London in 2000, focusing on selling to young adults.

Their website offers apparel and accessories from over 850 brands and its own line and ships to all 196 countries from fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe.

Asos has a reputation of offering the most up-to-date, very stylish designs at reasonable costs, and shipping is swift and easy with no tax.

Furthermore, their website lets you see a video of the clothing model wearing the clothes, making it much easier to understand how the clothing moves and flows, which is impossible to do in a store!

Asos offers brand-name designer apparel and accessories at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar retailers. It isn’t easy to top this quality when you include free delivery on any purchase, simple returns, and an easy-to-use App.