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16 Brands Similar to Boden

Two women in smart casual wear

Boden is one of those brands where you just can’t go wrong. No matter what you buy, you’ll be getting something that is stylish, a little bit elegant and flattering. The clothing here is made to look good and feel good and it’s made to look classy. This is smart casual at its best and this is why Boden stands out as a highly popular brand. But there are brands similar to Boden that are trying to capture this same sort of effortless, elegant chic vibe. Do they succeed?

Get a look at Boden-like brands and see how they compare. Maybe it’s time for you to add a few new labels to your shopping rounds when you’re looking for new fashion. When you know the brands you like, it’s a lot easier to find exactly the clothes, accessories and shoes you want to wear.

History of Boden, the Man and the Brand

Standing on bridge in fashion dress

Boden was launched in 1991 with eight menswear items, designs that Boden drew himself by hand. But men don’t do a lot of shopping, as a general rule, so Boden launched women’s clothing and children’s clothing in order to get more business and sell more clothes.

It was the right idea. When Boden added more clothes, more customers started to notice. Women saw the casual, chic designs that had a classy look to them and they started buying the clothes for themselves, their male partners and their children. The Boden brand was off and running.

Johnnie Boden was the man behind it all and in those days, he did it all. He designed the clothes and took pictures of them for the catalog. He managed the business and he watched as it slowly grew and grew. Pretty soon, Johnnie Boden couldn’t do it all by himself anymore. There was just too much business.

Boden Style

Stylish women in casual clothes from the back

To this day, Boden designs and creates everything within the company. But a lot of things have changed for the Boden brand since the 1990s. Now, the list of employees has gone from one to over one thousand.

Boden makes clothing for people from ages 25 to 50, though the target audience is 35-year-old women. In Britain, the average Boden customer is called a “yummy mummy,” a much nicer term for the American version of that same sentiment. In other words, these clothes are for women who are stylish and sexy but in a totally sophisticated and classy way. The Boden shopper is chic and elegant and likes classic fashion.

This is classy style that, yes, is a little bit hot, too. The clothes here fit and flatter the body without being skintight or very skin-revealing. These are elegant looks that are perfect as office wear, great for date night and totally glamorous as everyday casual wear. Fitted satin blouses, gorgeous velvet shirts, airy skirts with a little bit of a boho look. This is Boden and this is the kind of fashion that made the brand famous.

Finding Brands Similar to Boden

Wearing a smart casual fashion look

Boden doesn’t stand alone when it comes to offering a huge range of all sorts of fashion for women (and sometimes men and children) who are classy and sexy and chic all at the same time. There are many brands similar to Boden that have a lot in common with this British brand. Discover how these brands are like and dislike Boden and you may discover that you’ve got some new favorite brands to shop with!

Albaray (Less Expensive)

The Drop Women's Blake Long Blazer, Black, Medium

Elegant style, beautiful fabrics, figure-flattering fashion. This is Albaray, and these are all qualities you can also find in Boden clothing. The styles at Albaray are very similar to what you’ll find with Boden. Albaray is also a British brand with pricing that is a little less expensive than similar items you can purchase at Boden.

Shop here for dresses, knits, outwear, denim, loungewear, swimwear and jumpsuits. Albaray specializes in women’s clothing and it specializes in making clothing that women want to wear. Pretty prints, classic silhouettes and a muted color palette give Albaray style a timeless, elegant look.

This is not trendy clothing. This is trendless clothing that will look great tomorrow and five years from now. You can create many different everyday looks here that will look great everywhere.

If you like the elegant, classy style you can find at Boden, you will love the similar fashion you can purchase at Albaray.

Anthropologie (Similar Pricing)

futurino Women's Solid Long Sleeve Velvet Jacket Open Front Cardigan Coat with Pockets Outerwear

Do you like soft satins? Airy chiffon? Rich velvet? See what else you like about Anthropologie, a brand that makes a ton of items for you to love. Anthropologie is a lifestyle brand that makes everything from garden and outdoor items to pajamas. You can shop for furniture or beauty products here.

But if you’re looking for a brand similar to Boden, you’re here to shop for gorgeous clothing. You won’t be disappointed. Anthropologie makes everything, from intimates and lingeries to outerwear, plus all the layers in between. Shop here for activewear, dresses, pants, skirts, sweaters, swimwear and anything else you want to wear. You can spend a lot of time shopping here and you will find a lot of stuff you like at this brand if you like the fashions you’ve seen at Boden.

Anthropologie makes both petite and plus-size fashions, offering style to fit a huge range of body types. Not all brands can make this same boast. Anthropologie is inclusive and that’s something shoppers love about the brand. Anyone can shop here and find fashionable clothing that looks good, fits well and flatters their shape. Because after all, great fashion is for everyone and the right clothes will look great on every body type.

You can also shop here for all the accessories to go with the looks you create here. Anthrologpoie makes jewelry, socks, sunglasses, hair accessories, belts, bags and anything else you might need to complete your outfits. Find that little extra pop or color or that statement piece that will put your look right over the top.

The pricing and the styles at Anthropologie are similar to Boden. You will find a huge range of elegant, classy styles here, gorgeous looks that are perfect as everyday wear, office wear or semi-formal wear. Once you start shopping at Anthropologie, you will end up being a regular customer of this well-known, extremely varied brand.

Argent (More Expensive)

TNNZEET Women’s Black Flare Yoga Pants

Argent makes clothing for women that has a distinct professional, elegant look. Shop here for cute pant suits, gorgeous wap blouses, dresses in all different styles, pants and knits. Argent also carries jumpsuits, denim and other pieces you need to complete all your everyday, casual looks.

The catalog here is full of bold power colors and basic blacks and grays, timeless patterns and clothing in trendy silhouettes. The fashion here reflects the current trends and popular street style. These styles reflect what people are currently wearing but with an elegant, sophisticated take on current, trendy styles. This is current fashion that’s built on classic silhouettes and traditional designs.

Many items here are available in multiple color options. Argent’s pricing is more expensive than similar items you can purchase at Boden but the selection of sophisticated style at Argent is hard to beat. You’ll find lots of gorgeous wools and beautiful designs here, enough to keep you busy shopping at Argent for quite a while. There’s a big selection of stuff here, something else the brand has in common with Boden.

Chico’s (Similar Pricing)

Chico's Women's Mock Neck Tunic, 8/10 - M (1), Black

Once famous for its accessories and jewelry, Chico’s has become a favorite brand among stylish women who want to look professional, stylish and trendy. You can still find a huge selection of jewelry and accessories at Chico’s but it’s the clothing you’ll probably notice most. If you’re looking for styles similar to Boden, you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking at Chico’s before you find it.

Shop here for outwear, jeans, leggings, sweaters, T-shirts and anything else you need for your casual everyday and professional business looks. The clothes here are made in muted colors in pretty floral and abstract patterns in classic designs that honor the trends without being dictated by them. You get both the trendy and the timeless, the elegant and the sexy. Chico’s style definitely has that Boden-like vibe.

When your style is traditional with a little bit of a trendy edge, your brand is definitely Chico’s. The prices here are similar to what you’ll find when you’re shopping at Boden, so you won’t be spending any more when you’re spending here. Add Chico’s to your favorite brands list, because there’s a lot more than accessories here.

Chicwish (Less Expensive)

CHICWISH Women's Black Mock Neck Ruched Long Sleeves Knit Top Sweater Pullover

If you were going to describe Chicwish clothing, the phrase “young, professional style” is bound to come up. The catalog here is full of gorgeous knits, amazing separates, beautiful skirts, dresses and a huge selection of fashion of all kinds. This is the kind of stuff you wear to a business meeting when you want to make an impression. Chicwish clothing is pretty much designed to make an impression, no matter which piece you choose.

Chicwish also carries a huge range of accessories to complete every outfit. There’s a huge array of colors to choose from as well. Chicwish’s style is colorful and classic, with flattering silhouettes in classy styles that are similar to the fashions you will find at Boden. There’s a big range of items to choose from here and enough color variations that you can always find something to suit your own personal style.

Find all the everyday casual wear and professional office wear you want at Chicwish, along with accessories to complete every look. The pricing here is less expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Boden, so you can get even more fashion when you’re shopping for stuff here.

Fat Face (Less Expensive)

Fineser Women Clothes Womens V Neck Solid Sweater Sweatshirt Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Tops Off Shoulder Casual Pullovers Blouse Shirt with Pocket (Pink, M)

Rich colors, touchable fabrics, classic designs. This is Fat Face, a brand with a fun name and a lot of fun fashion. The catalog here is full of figure-flatting clothing and items you can wear for everyday casual and casual dressy looks. In other words, it’s got a lot in common with the stuff you like about Boden.

Shop Fat Face for clothing for men, women and kids. This brand carries it all, including home items, footwear and accessories. The selection here is vast. You can get everything to wear with this label, including outerwear, nightwear, dresses, sweatshirts, jeans, swimwear, underwear and pretty much any other item of clothing you might want to put on your body. Fat Face makes it easy for you to buy absolutely all the fashion you might need and all the stuff you find here has a certain chic flair to it that’s easy to spot.

The color palette is full of muted tones, basic blacks and grays and creams, all the shades you associate with classic, elegant fashion. The classic patterns give Fat Face clothing a timeless look that will look great in any setting. These clothes are made to be flattering, comfortable and stylish, all the things you want to find in your wardrobe and all the things that many shoppers also love about Boden.

The pricing here is a little less expensive than similar items you can find at Boden and the elegant, classic style is very similar. Like Boden, this is a British brand, so words like “jumper” instead of “sweater” may appear when you shop here! Be prepared for differences in clothing names and sizing with this brand.

Garnet Hill (More Expensive)

Biucly Womens Casual Fashion Crewneck Sweatshirt Loose Striped Printed Long Sleeve Tee Shirts Lightweight Soft Oversized Sweatshirts Pullover Tops Shirt,US 4-6(S),Grey

Garnet Hill makes just about everything. You can shop here for all kinds of home decor, including bed and bath items, rugs and more. This is a lifestyle brand that really does offer a whole lifestyle’s worth of products to buy. But Garnet Hill stands out for its casual, sophisticated fashion.

There’s a huge selection here of clothing for men, women and kids, something Garnet Hill and Boden have in common. You can also shop here for shoes and accessories to finish off your looks with just the right style addition. Find everything you want to wear here to create full and complete looks. Garnet Hill makes it easy for you.

Garnet Hill makes all kinds of clothing in an array of luxurious materials, something that makes this brand stand out among others. The luxury materials add a level of quality to the styles here. Shop here for soft cashmere, organic cotton and gorgeous linen, high-end materials that are soft to the touch and beautiful in clothing.

An inclusive brand, Garnet Hill also makes petite sizes for smaller bodies. There’s a big selection of athleisure wear here and intimates, along with the everyday clothing you might wear to the office, running errands or on date night. Prices here are more expensive than what you’ll find at Boden because of the high-end materials used to make some of these items. But if you want to add some luxury to your looks, this is a great place to start. Garnet Hill items pair well with stuff from Boden.

Hush (Less Expensive)

BLENCOT Women Half Zip Oversized Sweatshirts Long Sleeve Solid Color Drop Shoulder Fleece Workout Pullover Gray S

If your look is casual but classic, your brand is Hush. The catalog here is full of color and traditional wardrobe staples like T-shirts, hoodies, jeans and all the other casual clothing you might want to wear. Swimwear, outerwear, jumpsuits dresses, pajamas, you can find it all here. There’s activewear and partywear. In fact, a lot of what you want to wear is at Hush. This is the perfect brand to go to if you like having vast selection of lots of pretty, affordable clothes.

This brand also makes shoes and accessories to finish it all off. Hush makes clothing for women in casual, comfortable styles that are made to feel good and keep you looking stylish wherever you go. These styles are made to be put on and worn everywhere. This is fashion you can take anywhere, something Hush has in common with Boden styles.

The pricing here is less expensive, on average, than the prices you’ll find for similar items at Boden. You can spend the same amount of money and get more fashion. That’s just good math.

Johnny Was (More Expensive)

Amoretu Women Long Sleeve Tunic Dress V Neck Swing Shift Dresses(Brown,Small)

Johnny Was is a lifestyle brand that carries a huge product line, including home items. You can even find unusual fashion here, stuff you can’t find everywhere, like pretty tunics and colorful kimonos. Shop here for everything you want to wear, including shirts, T-shirts, dresses, pajamas, swimwear and activewear. Johnny Was sells jeans, outerwear and just about all the casual fashion you could want, plus those somewhat different items you didn’t even know you wanted.

The catalog here is full of rich jewel tones and basic blacks, eye-catching patterns and beautiful designs that are definitely based on classic silhouettes and timeless, traditional styles. Johnny Was uses beautiful fabrics to make clothing touchably comfortable. Chiffon, velvet, satin and other gorgeous materials give these clothes a beautiful overall look. This is fashion that just feels good to wear.

Johnny Was makes clothing that is stylish and timeless, items that don’t follow the trends because they don’t need to. These looks are simply sophisticated and pretty. Johny Was makes fashion for women who know that fashion needs to be practical and that it’s supposed to make you comfortable and confident.

Because of the high-end materials and design used in Johnny Was clothing, the prices here are more expensive than what you’ll find at Boden. Higher-quality fabrics always drive up the price of clothing.

Joules (Similar Pricing)

Joules Women's Funnel Neck Sweatshirt, Blue, 2

The pricing at Joules is very similar to what you’ll find at Boden. The style is pretty similar here, too. Joules has a big catalog of fashion to offer that includes fashion for men, women, children and babies. There’s also a full selection of rainwear here, something that’s actually super essential in British fashion.

Joules made clothing that looks classic. Beautiful floral patterns, stripes and loose, flattering silhouettes rule the catalog of items here. This clothing is comfortable and casual, cute everyday wear that’s not about looking sexy. It’s about looking and feeling stylish. See if that’s how you feel about Joules fashion. This brand clearly has a similar take on fashion to Boden.

Me + Em (More Expensive)

Little Black Dresses for Wedding Guest Lantern Sleeve Wrap V Neck Dress Pleated Womens Cocktail Dresses with Belt M

When you want to infuse your wardrobe with some really high-fashion looks, turn to Me + Em. This brand has a catalog full of bright, bold colors in trendy designs that are meant to turn heads, to say nothing of the positively gorgeous materials used to make these clothes. Luxurious velvet, incredible knits, amazing silk, you can find it all here.

Seriously, you can find it all here. Me + Em makes dresses, tops, pants, jumpsuits, sweaters, skirts, jackets, denim and all kinds of shoes and accessories to go with it. This brand sells high-fashion clothing for women, designs that have beautiful draping, vivid color, amazing texture and trendy style. This clothing stands out because it looks amazing, and that’s a heck of a great reason to stand out.

This is high-end clothing and many designs here are made with luxury fabrics and highly trendy styles. This is runway-ready clothing and that means the pricing here matches this design principle. The clothing here is more expensive than what you’ll find at Boden because this is a high-fashion brand.

Modern Citizen (Similar Pricing)

EXLURA Womens Square Neck Dress Long Puff Sleeve A-Line Casual Short Mini Dress Black

What’s your personal style like? Are you classy, a little sexy, professional, casual cool? You sound like a Modern Citizen shopper. The fashion here definitely appeals to fashionable women of all ages and it hits every vibe: young and hot, professional but sexy, mature and still got it. These clothes just look good in a timeless but modern sort of way. Like Boden, this brand appeals to a huge range of shoppers. If you like classic, chic style, Modern Citizen is for you.

Modern Citizen has got the sweaters, dresses, tops, T-shirts, pants, outerwear and two-piece sets that women want to wear. From casual to professional looks, this is everyday wear that’s full of style. Modern Citizen also carries a huge range of jewelry and accessories to match it all, including shoes. You can even get candles and beauty items here.

This brand also carries a line of maternity-friendly clothing, something that not all brands offer. The pricing here is similar to Boden, as is the style. If you like Boden, you’ll like the fashion you find at Modern Citizen.

Monsoon (Similar Pricing)

Wenrine Women's Mesh Long Sleeve Square Neck Ruched Party Club Cocktail Bodycon Mini Dress Black

Soft, airy fabrics, beautiful patterns and rich color shades. Monsoon has gorgeous everyday clothing that you will actually like wearing every day. These items are fashionable, comfortable and pretty. They’re made to be flattering but not to be sexy. This is elegant style, something Monsoon has in common with Boden.

Shop here for dresses, knits, outerwear, denim, pajamas, swimwear and clothing for women and children. You can find lots of shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry here, too. Monsoon also carries home goods, including seasonal and holiday items. You can spend a lot of time shopping here ad still find new stuff to like.

The pricing here is similar to what you’ll find at Boden, so you can spend the same amount when you shop both brands. That makes it easy to add Monsoon to your shopping rotation.

Oliver Bonas (Similar Pricing)

elescat Boho Dresses for Women Summer Beach Sleeveless Sundress Pockets Swing Casual Loose Tshirt Dress(Light Blue,M)

The lovely floral patterns and slightly boho vibe of Oliver Bonas will keep you coming back to the fashion from this brand again and again. Shop here to find outerwear, dresses in all different styles, T-shirts, blouses, skirts, jeans, knitwear, nightwear, loungewear…well, you get the idea. If you can wear it, you will find it here. Oliver Bonas even carries a selection of party dresses that are perfect as cocktail wear.

Oliver Bonas carries a big line of accessories, bags and jewelry, too, along with homeware. You can get all kinds of stuff here. The fashion is just one part of the brand, but it is a part that helps Oliver Bonas stand out.

The catalog at Oliver Bonas is full of color, classic cuts and sophisticated styles that make for gorgeous everyday wear. The style and the pricing at this brand are similar to what you’ll find at Boden.

Phase Eight (More Expensive)

AlvaQ Dress for Women Summer Spring Long Sleeve Deep V Neck Ruffle Flowy Short Mini Dress Fashion 2022 Red Medium

The clothing at Phase Eight is so stylish, even the pajamas look like smart casual wear. The catalog here is full of dresses, outerwear, knits, blouses, swimwear, T-shirts and jeans. Basically, Phase Eight has all the casual, smart casual and professional wear you might want. You can find cocktail wear here as well, not to mention all the shoes and accessories you need to finish off all your looks.

Phase Eight also has wedding attire, black tie dresses and formal wear, something that you can’t always find with other brands. You can also find seasonable and holiday clothing items here, so you can truly dress for any occasion with this brand. If you like chic and elegant fashion, you definitely want to put Phase Eight on your list of favorite brands because you can come here for literally every type of style you want, from the most casual to the most formal looks.

The prices here are slightly more expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Boden but the difference between similar items at both brands is not huge.

Talbots (More Expensive)

TALBOTS Ivory Back Zip Sweater Pullover Size M

Vivid colors and traditional silhouettes will greet your eyes when you look at Talbots clothing. This is simply elegant, classic casual style that’s going to look great this year and next year and the year after that, plus probably a lot more. Come here to get anything you want to wear, plus plenty of other lifestyle stuff, too.

Talbots makes beautiful knits, T-shirts, pants, dresses, swimwear, loungewear, sleepwear and all the other items you might want to wear. This brand also carries a big range of accessories and shoes. You can get clothing in petite and plus sizes here as well, because this brand makes fashion for all body types and sizes.

The product selection here is huge. You can get all the great looks you want and still find more to shop here. Talbots has a truly classic look to it, a simple and elegant prettiness that will look great anywhere you go. If you want pretty, timeless everyday wear that’s stylish and comfortable, you want to do a lot of shopping at Talbotts.

The prices here are more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Boden.

Wearing Brands Similar to Boden

Woman in casual stylish outfit

Boden’s look of classic, stylish elegance has definitely captured many eyes over the years. But there are brands similar to Boden that can give you similar style. Get to know these brands and you can get started on filling your closet with all the fashion you want.


There’s still a lot to know about Boden. We found the most frequently asked questions about this brand and got the answers, so you can get to know everything you want about Boden.

Are Boden clothes ethically made?

Boden does a lot to ensure that clothing is ethically made and the materials used to make the clothing is ethically sourced. Boden even uses recyclable packaging. However, all Boden products are not 100 percent ethically made, according to some environmental watchdog groups. At the same time, Boden does a lot more to promote ethical fashion than many similar fashion brands.

How do you size Boden clothing?

Boden is a British brand. And while the styles aren’t necessarily so different, the sizes are. British and American clothing use a different sizing system, so that a size 12 in the U.S. is not the same as a size 12 in England. This can make things confusing if you’re in the U.S. shopping for clothes with a British brand but the prices are all in U.S. dollars. The sizes don’t translate as easily as the money.

Woman in professional outfit

To make sure you’re getting the right size, take measurements of your body. Your bust and hips should be measured at the widest point, while you measure your waist at the thinnest point. Use a soft tape measure and go all the way around your body without pulling tightly and without letting the tape measure hang loose. You want a snug fit that isn’t uncomfortable.

Once you know your own measurements, match this to the size chart before you buy. This way, you will be sure you always get the right size no matter what you’re buying.

Who owns Boden?

The Boden brand is still owned by original creator and designer Johnnie Boden, who remains extremely hands-on. He believes that maintaining control of his brand is the best and only way to manage his brand, so he still has an active role in the company.


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