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13 Brands Similar to Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton is a name that stands out even among luxury brands as a top design and a solid fashion choice. The brand makes everything you might wear, plus any kind of bag you might want to put stuff in. You can turn to Louis Vuitton for jewelry, watches, fragrances, every clothing item you want and even home goods. Louis Vuitton is a world-famous design name and a luxury brand that commands the highest prices and plenty of style attention. But if you’re looking to expand your personal style and add even more flair to your fashion, there are many other brands similar to Louis Vuitton that share some of the same qualities as this famous name.

History of Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton was born in France in 1821 and got an education in fashion early, as one of his parents was a milliner. That’s someone who makes hats. But the small town he was born in wasn’t quite big enough for the future plans Louis Vuitton had in mind. That’s why he left home at age 16 and walked 292 miles to get to Paris.

Vuitton got an apprenticeship with a box maker and soon made a name for himself by making his own boxes. He did so well with making these boxes that he opened his own shop in 1854 and in 1858, designed the very first Louis Vuitton steamer trunk. It was flat and easy to stack, something that wasn’t the fashion for trunks at the time. Trunks were made with curved lids to allow for water runoff. Louis Vuitton solved the problem by designing his trunks to be waterproof in any shape.

It changed the way people traveled and made Louis Vuitton a famous name. Soon, people were going out of their way to buy trunks from Vuitton. The brand expanded to make many types of bags and became a premier label for travel items.

Louis Vuitton’s son eventually took over the business and in 1925, the brand got a big introduction into the world of high fashion thanks to another iconic name: Coco Chanel. The Louis Vuitton brand designed a bag for her personal use and later, mass-produced the design so that everyone could have it. Because after Chanel carried the bag, everyone wanted it.

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The brand’s image as a luxury shopping stop for handbags is now legendary and it all began with just one bag for one important client. Since then, Louis Vuitton has been behind some of the most famous designer handbags in all of fashion history.

Louis Vuitton has expanded to include all things fashion, in addition to making bags of all sizes. The label has become one of the most famous brands in style, dressing everyone from royals to famous people of all types to everyone who appreciates fashion.

Finding Brands Similar to Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton is a famous designer name in luxury fashion but this brand doesn’t stand alone. There are brands similar to Louis Vuitton that share certain characteristics and deliver amazing style of all kinds.

Armani (Similar Pricing)

A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE mens Crew Neck Logo Tee T Shirt, Grid Logo Black, Large US

Giorgio Armani has such a famous name in fashion, the brand is known as just Armani. When you’re known by just one name, you are pretty darn famous. The catalog of luxury clothing here is full of black and white and some splashes of color in classic patterns and bold designs. Armani is best known for making gorgeous men’s suits but the brand actually creates fashion of all kinds.

Armani clothing is made with luxurious fabrics like cashmere, velvet and silk. This is high-fashion wear and it looks and feels like luxury thanks to the super trendy designs and luxurious construction. Armani has similar pricing to Louis Vitton and sells a similar, broad range of products that includes fashion for men and women, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, beauty items, fragrances and more.

If you’re looking for a high fashion brand, it’s hard to go wrong with Armani.

Balmain (Similar Pricing)

Balmain Cotton Baseball Cap Black/White One Size

Where lots of luxury fashion brands create clothing that seems made for the red carpet, and only the red carpet, Balmain makes sweatpants, hoodies, T-shirts and the kind of clothing that people actually wear on a daily basis. This brand makes regular clothing. Well, if your regular clothing is detailed with bright gold buttons and made with luxurious fabrics like organic cotton.

You’ll see lots of designs in basic black with flattering silhouettes here, along with seasonal items. Find gorgeous knits in fall and winter, lightweight and flowy designs in spring and summer. You will find every fashion item you might want to wear here. Balmain makes clothing for both men and women, along with a huge product line that includes shoes, accessories and bags.

Shop Balmain for all kinds of luxury items and highly fashionable looks. Balmain makes clothes in all the trendy styles. The pricing here is similar to Louis Vuitton, so you won’t pay more if you choose to add pieces from this label to your closet.

Berluti (Less Expensive)

Fashion Shirts For Women 2022 Solid Color High Sweatshirt Slim Casual Blouse Top Graceful Coat Hooded Sweatshirt Navy

Berluti makes shoes, bags, accessories and gorgeous high-end fashion for men. There’s a huge range of styles to choose from under this label. Berluti makes T-shirts, knits, sweatshirts, outerwear, button-down shirts and jeans, the items that people actually wear every day. This is casual designer clothing that’s made to look good and feel good. Not all designer clothing can make this claim!

Like Louis Vuitton, Berluti makes a huge selection of projects and they make a ton of different fashion items. The pricing here is less expensive than what you can find at Louis Vuitton. Like Luis Vuitton, this brand offers a big range of items to choose from and all sorts of styles meant to dazzle the eyes.

Dior (Similar Pricing)

Ch.Dior J'adore/Ch.Dior Edp Spray 1.0 Oz (W) 1.0 Oz Edp Spray 1.0 Oz [Health and Beauty]

Christian Dior is another legendary name in fashion, a brand known for not just creating trendy style but for actually setting the trends in style. Dior makes a huge range of fashion for men and women that includes accessories, jewelry, shoes, and everything you want to wear. Shop Dior for outerwear, T-shirts, denim, loungewear, dresses, just about everything you might want to put on. Dior makes the most casual to the most formal styles.

Dior even makes fashion for children and babies, along with home goods. This label carries an absolutely huge product line that’s extremely varied, so you can get everything you want. You can even get items like a baby stroller here. If you want to fill your life with luxury, you can do that with Dior. There are always new items being made here, so you won’t get bored shopping the Dior catalog.

The pricing here is similar to what you will pay for like items at Louis Vuitton, so you can add Dior pieces to your wardrobe without increasing your clothing budget.

Dolce & Gabbana (Similar Pricing)

Dolce & Gabbana Fashionable Men's Sweater Gray (44)

How do you feel about bold colors, eye-catching patterns, super trendy designs? This is exactly what you will find at Dolce & Gabbana, sometimes styled as D&G. You find all kinds of different fashion items here, everything from dresses suited to the office to casual T-shirts and beachwear to red carpet looks.

Shop this label for bags, shoes, accessories and clothes of all kinds for men and women. You can also find styles for children here and a huge range of jewelry, too. Dolce and Gabanna also makes beauty products, along with an enormous catalog full of fashion.

The pricing here is similar to what you will pay at Louis Vuitton. Both brands maintain a huge product line that’s full of items to purchase. Dolce and Gabbana is known for offering the latest trendy and edgy looks that reflect all the hottest pieces on the red carpet and fashion runways. In fact, D&G often helps set these red carpet and runway trends.

Ferragamo (More Expensive)

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Adjustable & Reversible Gancini Belt, Silver Buckle…

With a catalog full of gorgeous leather, metallic and wool designs, Ferragamo has an amazing selection of high fashion items to choose from. Though this brand is most famous for its leather, Ferragamo makes everything in fashion, including outerwear, dresses, knitwear, dresses and shoes, handbags and accessories of all kinds. Find clothing for men and women here, along with fragrances, sunglasses and much more. Like Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo has a vast catalog of fashion to enjoy.

This luxury brand makes trendy styles that are built on classic silhouettes and timeless designs. Ferragamo clothing is fashionable now and it will be fashionable tomorrow. The designs are meant to be worn and enjoyed for years, not just for a season or two.

The pricing here is somewhat more expensive than what you will pay at Louis Vuitton.

Givenchy (Similar Pricing)

Women's Fall Dresses, Maxi Dress Country Black Long Sleeve Cotton Fashion High Waist Temperament Dress Cardigans Trendy 5Star Engagement Outfits Stylish Sweaters Wool Mongolian (L, Wine)

You can quite literally buy your entire wardrobe at Givenchy, from the underwear to the outerwear and everything in between. The list of fashions here includes all types of shoes, jewelry, accessories and bags. Givenchy makes clothing for women, men, children and babies, because luxury fashion can be enjoyed at all ages.

Givenchy also makes a wide range of beauty products in addition to all the many other items available under this label. The pricing here is similar to what you will pay for fashion at Louis Vuitton. Both brands make a huge range of trendy fashions that are made to be highly stylish and both brands are known for being trendsetters, so it’s pretty hard to go wrong with the fashion you can get from either of these luxury labels.

Gucci (Similar Pricing)

Gucci Women's Matelasse 90s Rectangular Sunglasses, Black Black Grey, One Size

Gucci is definitely among the top names in fashion and like Louis Vuitton, has a reputation for making beautiful bags. Gucci also makes a huge range of fashion, lifestyle and jewelry items. You can shop here to find styles for men, women and children. Gucci may be famous for bags but the catalog is big enough hat you can dress head to toe in this label if you like.

There’s also a big range of beauty items here. The Gucci catalog is chock-full of fashions. This brand makes it all, including activewear, lingerie, swimwear, T-shirts, dresses, outerwear and literally everything in between. Gucci is also known for fragrances and accessories like watches, something else the brand has in common with Louis Vuitton.

What you spend at either label will be the same, too. The prices at Gucci are similar to what you will pay for like items at Louis Vuitton.

Hermès (More Expensive)

YOUR SMILE Silk Feeling Scarf Women's Fashion Pattern Orange Carriage Large Square Satin Headscarf (305)

Hermes is famous for amazing scarves but this brand actually makes it all and is big in fashion for selling a broad range of products. Hermes makes fashion of all kinds for women and men. The brand makes a huge line of home and equestrian goods as well, a throwback to the brand’s origins. Like Lous Vuitton, Hermes has a long history in the world of style, something that not all of the most luxury of luxury brands can claim.

There’s an enormous selection of jewelry, fragrances and makeup items under the Hermes label as well, along with all the fashion you might want to wear. Hermes uses luxury materials like cashmere, silk and leather in styles that include dresses, outerwear, knitwear, beachwear and casual items.

The prices at Hermes are more expensive, on average, than what you will pay for similar items at Louis Vuitton.

Hugo Boss (Similar Pricing)

Hugo Boss mens Blouson Pullover Sweater, Raven Black, Large US

Hugo Boss is perhaps most famous for menswear, especially men’s suits. However, this brand carries a wide range of fashion and items, something the label has in common with Louis Vuitton. In addition to a vast catalog of accessories and shoes, Hugo Boss carries jeans, tracksuits, underwear, beachwear, swimwear, outerwear, knitwear, casual items and more.

Shop here to find trendy clothing in a big range of different colors. Hugo Boss isn’t afraid to use graphic images, bold colors and classic silhouettes to create trendy fashion. These designs reflect the latest fashions and flattering styles that help to set the fashion trends of the day. Hugo Boss is right at the forefront of making fashion what it is.

The prices here are similar to Louis Vuitton fashions and like Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss has a reputation for making classy, trendy styles that appeal to the world’s rich and famous.

Thom Browne (Less Expensive)

Thom Browne Men's Blue Classic Check Wool Oxford Shirt Casual Button-Down - 5

Thom Browne fashion tends to stand out even among other luxury brands. This label’s catalog is full of rich colors and lively patterns built around classic silhouettes and wardrobe staples like T-shirts, polo shirts, knitwear, swimwear, outerwear and just about every other piece of fashion you could wear.

Shop this brand for bags and leather goods of all types, many different footwear styles and a huge collection of accessories that includes socks and neckties. Thom Brown makes clothing for men, women and children, in addition to a wide range of eyewear, fragrances and much more. Like Louis Vuitton, this brand carries an enormous line of products.

The prices here are slightly less expensive than what you will pay for like items through Louis Vuitton.

Versace (More Expensive)

Versace Jeans Couture Men's Black Gold Chain Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt (M)

Versace makes all types of fashion in every type of style, from super casual wear and activewear to the most formal and black tie designs. Shop here to find clothing for men, women and children, along with home goods, accessories and shoes. Versace also carries a huge selection of bags, just like Louis Vitton. You can even shop here for underwear and socks. Heck, you can even get a Versace bathrobe if you like. This brand truly makes everything. If you like to shop, you won’t get bored with this label.

This brand truly makes it all, so you can get every single piece of fashion you may want. That includes keychains and jewelry of all kinds, too. Versace is known for using graphic designs and patterns to create eye-catching fashion. You’ll find a lot of colors in the clothing here and distinctive branding and logos that make Versace stand out.

The prices here are more expensive than what you will pay when you’re shopping at Louis Vuitton.

Vivienne Westwood (More Expensive)

Vivienne Westwood Cowboy Skull Lover Funny Quotes Halloween T-Shirt

Like a rare few others on this list, Vivienne Westwood is personally responsible for shaping fashion trends and creating distinctive designs that continue to resonate throughout the style industry. Vivien Westwood was a pioneer in the punk rock look and continues to create highly stylized fashion with a counterculture sort of vibe to this day, along with more classic styles and looks suitable for brides and those posing for photos on the red carpet.

Vivien Westwood makes both out-of-the-box, trendy fashion with a lot of edginess and classic, beautiful designs that are suitable for the most conservative of looks. This label makes a huge range of fashion for women and men and Vivienne Westwood is a famous name in bridal wear as well. Shop this brand for bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories all kinds, too.

The prices here are more expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Louis Vuitton.

Wearing Brands Similar to Louis Vuitton

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There are many high fashion brands similar to Louis Vuitton that offer some of the same qualities you like. Explore the items available through these other brands and expand your fashion sense to include lots of well-known designer names.


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