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16 Brands Similar to Gucci

Gucci storefront day

Gucci is one of the most well-known brands in the world, a label associated with luxury. The world’s leading stars have worn Gucci on the red carpet. The brand is known for jewelry, fragrances, handbags, clothing of all kinds. This is one of the most famous names in style but Gucci isn’t the only high-end luxury brand out there. There are several brands similar to Gucci that offer the fashion you want and the designer look that makes labels like Gucci stand apart.

A History of Gucci

Gucci bag black and gold studio shot

The story of Gucci begins way back in 1897 with Guccio Gucci. He was a young man and he had just started working at the prestigious Savoy Hotel in London as a bellboy. Glitzy and ritzy people went to the Savoy, and Guccio noticed something about them: their luggage.

The suitcases and trunks he carried as part of his job as a bellboy were incredible. You knew you had it made when the thing you carried your stuff in was super fancy, right?

Gucci thought about those suitcases, those fancy people and in 1921, he was in Florence, Italy. Here is where he established his very first store.

If you know your European history, you know that this would end up not being the greatest time to establish a store. World War would rock the country once and then again. This is how in 1935, Gucci found himself with a huge problem on his hands: a League of Nations embargo that made it difficult to get leather.

High-end fashion used a lot of leather in those days. But Gucci needed an alternative, a material he could actually get his hands on. He found a specially-woven hemp material made with interconnecting diamonds in a black and tan pattern.

Gucci storefront night

The design would go on to become a signature style for the Gucci brand. By this time, Gucci had become a family-owned brand, with Gucci’s wife Aida and their sons, Vasco and Rodolfo, assisting in the design and management of the brand.

Through the years, Gucci items would be seen and beloved by famous people around the world. Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly both carried Gucci purses that became famous high-fashion items.

The brand has never gone out of style and has never truly faded from the fashion limelight. Gucci continues to be a thriving luxury brand that graces the most fabulous and famous people around the world.

But there are brands similar to Gucci that have their own past and their own celebrity endorsements, not to mention plenty of amazing fashion.

Finding Brands Similar to Gucci

Wearing designer labels

Gucci is a famous luxury label but there are many other luxury labels out there for you to fall in love with. Each brand has its own distinct looks and signature style but they are all in the same business: creating high-end, luxury fashion for the most stylish. If that’s you, it’s time to get to know more about these brands.

Alexander McQueen (Similar Pricing)

Dress the Population Women's Blair Plunging Fit and Flare Midi Dress, Navy/Nude, M

This British fashion house has dressed everyone from royals to Lady Gaga, who particularly favors this designer label. This brand is known for its highly modern, exciting fashions. The designs are embellished with additions like embroidered and shiny bits and made with luxurious materials to drive home that designer look.

Alexander McQueen is an extremely popular and beloved high-end brand. This label carries everything in the way of fashion for men and women, including bags, dresses, outerwear, denim, T-shirts, shoes, accessories of all kinds and even jewelry. Like Gucci, this designer label makes it all.

The pricing at Alexander McQueen is similar to what you’ll pay for similar items at Gucci, so you won’t find yourself spending more by shopping this brand.

Balenciaga (Similar Pricing)

Balenciaga BB0096S Shiny Black/Grey One Size

Balenciaga is high fashion that looks like casual everyday wear. This is streetwear like button-down blouses, jeans, T-shirts and all the stuff you wear on a day-to-day basis…but it’s designer. That means every item has its own sheen and style.

Shop here to find high-end men’s and women’s fashion that includes outerwear, knitwear, sweatshirts and hoodies, shoes and all kinds of different bags, small leather goods and accessories. Balenciaga reflects the current streetwear trends you’ll find everyone wearing and it reflects whatever is hot and trendy right now.

This is high-end casual clothing that has similar pricing to similar items you can purchase through the Gucci label.

Balmain (Similar Pricing)

Balmain, Australia | Aussie City Merch - Australian Flag Pullover Hoodie

Balmain uses amazing textures and patterns to create designer fashion of all types. This brand makes fashion for men, women and children, along with a huge selection of bags, sneakers and eyewear. Balmain offers a big line of accessories, along with fashion including swimwear, denim, shirts, knitwear, sweatshirts, dresses, blazers, outerwear, T-shirts, you name it.

The style here is distinctly designer, with all kinds of features meant to make each item stand out. That means you will stand out and get noticed when you wear these fashions. Balmain isn’t afraid to use color and different materials to design highly trendy, totally unique designs. This brand has its own very modern look that stands apart even from other designer labels.

Balmain prices items at similar amounts to what you’ll find at Gucci.

Burberry (Similar Pricing)

Women's Long Hooded Rain Jacket Outdoor Raincoat Windbreaker(Khaki,Small)

Burberry is most famous for the plaid pattern it uses. Burberry was once the premiere name in raincoats but this brand’s catalog includes a huge range of fashion. Shop Burberry for gorgeous shirts, outerwear, knitwear, dresses, swimwear, activewear, plus a huge range of bags, shoes and accessories of all kinds. Burberry also carries an enormous selection of scarves. You can even get fragrances with Burberry.

Like Gucci, this brand carries everything you can put on your body, including jewelry and eyewear, belts and key charms. Burberry has truly come a long way from raincoats, offering everything you might want to wear. This brand makes styles for men, women and children.

The prices at Gucci and Burberry are similar, so you won’t pay more when you buy similar items at either brand.

Chanel (More Expensive)

SweatyRocks Women's 2 Piece Outfits Long Sleeve Button Front Crop Jacket and Mini Skirt Set Black White S

Coco Chanel was setting fashion trends for women back in the 1920s. How famous is this brand? Chanel is the designer credited with popularizing “the little black dress” for women. That’s a really big deal. Chanel is still a big name in fashion and still a famous and beloved brand that people are proud to wear.

Chanel makes gorgeous fashion for women that includes dresses, two-piece sets, blouses and a huge range of accessories that includes bags, jewelry, watches and everything else you want to wear to set off all your looks. Chanel is famous for its “C” logo branding and for creating more than one world-famous “it” piece of fashion.

Chanel is also known for its famous quilted pattern, which is featured in many different bag designs. The prices at Chanel are more expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Gucci. Even among high-end design brands, Chanel stands apart as a powerhouse brand and a name that carries a whole lot of style with it.

Christian Dior (More Expensive)

FOXER Leather Satchel Handbags for Women, Split Cowhide Alphabet Pattern Ladies Signature Top-handle Bag with Nylon Shoulder Strap Womens Fashion Purses and Handbags Women's Medium Tote (White)

Christian Dior is one of the most influential fashion designers in all of style history. Christian Dior first came to fashion fame in the 1940s for popularizing the “New Look,” which truly started a style revolution and changed the way women everywhere dressed for a decade.

Dior is still right on the cutting edge of fashion, creating trendy designs that reflect the current style tastes. This label makes fashion for men, women, children and even babies. You can find all things fashion here, everything from a huge range of bags to jewelry of all kinds. Dior makes shoes, small leather goods and many accessories, including sunglasses and scarves.

The fashion here includes just about everything you can wear, including knitwear, dresses, T-shirts, denim, swimwear and more. Dior fashion is modern, beautiful and suitable for semi-formal, professional and everyday wear.

The pricing here is most expensive, on average, than what you will pay for similar items at Gucci.

Dolce & Gabanna (Similar Pricing)

Dolce & Gabbana DG 2233 01/87 Black Metal Square Sunglasses Grey Gradient Lens

Beautiful materials, bold colors and a design style that leans toward the sexy, Dolce & Gabanna is one of the most popular brands in high-end fashion. This label makes clothing in all styles, from activewear to the more formal red carpet gowns.

Dolce Gabanna makes everything, including dresses, blazers, knitwear, T-shirts, denim, loungewear, even underwear and more. There’s a big line of accessories, bags and shoes here as well, of course. Like Gucci, this label makes high-end items of all types. That includes jewelry and fashion for men, women and children. You can also shop this brand for beauty products.

Even the pricing between Dolce & Gabanna is similar to what you’ll find at Gucci.

Fendi (Similar Pricing)

FENDI Women's Pre-Loved Foldover Zucca Shoulder Bag, Brown, One Size

Famous for being super trendy and modern and right on the edge of all the hot fashion, Fendi is a famous fashion label where you can find everything from home decor to styles for men, women and children. Shop Fendi for outerwear, dresses, tops, pants, T-shirts, skiwear and activewear. That’s just for starters. This label also creates shoes, jewelry, accessories and bags of all kinds. Fendi is known for making everything you can wear.

This brand is known for bold style and unique silhouettes and shapes. Fendi provides items at similar prices to what you’ll find when you’re shopping at Gucci.

Givenchy (Less Expensive)

Dress the Population Women's Audrey Spaghetti Strap MIDI A-LINE 3D Floral Dress, Black/Nude, XL

If you like everyday wear with a lot of style, you’ll like the designer fashion you can find at Givenchy. This label makes fashion for men and women, including sweatshirts and hoodies, knitwear, T-shirts, dresses, denim, pants, underwear and more. There’s a big selection of shoes here, along with beautiful accessories, jewelry and everything else you need to give your outfits that certain “pop.”

Givenchy makes fashion and gifts for children as well, including items for babies. There’s a huge range of items here and all of it has this gorgeous Givenchy look, which is a little bit dressy and effortlessly stylish. Givenchy uses traditional silhouettes with lots of modern flair.

Shop Givenchy to find pricing that is less expensive, on average, than similar items you will find at Gucci.

Hermès (More Expensive)

100% Pure Mulberry Silk Square Scarf 27"'x27"-68CM Head Scarf for Women Natural Silk Neckerchief Printed Headscarf (Coffee color orange horse)

Hermes makes one of the most famous handbags in all of fashion. This label is also well-known for its fantastic scarves. However, the Hermes brand makes a huge range of fashion. Shop here for T-shirts, outerwear, dresses, pants, knitwear, beachwear and an absolutely huge line of accessories. Belts, small leather goods, jewelry, shoes, the list of items you can buy here goes on and on.

Hermes makes fashion for men and women. The label creates fragrances, make-up, even home and outdoor items. You can shop for absolutely everything here. Hermes fashion is elegant and classic, simple and casual. This label doesn’t shy away from using bright colors, bold graphics and amazing patterns.

Items here are more expensive, in general, that like items you can find under the Gucci label.

Louis Vuitton (More Expensive)

Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet Monogram Canvas (Brown)

Louis Vuitton’s fashion is classic. The style here is definitely timeless and elegant, with famous Louis Vuitton patterns like the interlinking chains and a color palette that reflects this brand’s bold use of jewel tones and bright metallics. Louis Vuitton has always made clothing that looks high-end thanks to beautiful fabrics, gorgeous draping and elegant silhouettes.

This brand carries a huge collection of items. Shop here for outerwear, dresses, knitwear, swimwear and all sorts of accessories. Louis Vuitton is especially known for bags of all types. The brand also stands out for jewelry and accessories of all kinds, including a big collection of shoes. Like Gucci, Louis Vuitton also carries fragrances, watches and all kinds of fashion items for men and women.

The prices at Louis Vuitton are somewhat more expensive, on average, than what you will pay for similar items from Gucci.

Prada (More Expensive)

Heshe Leather Backpack Designer Purse for Women Fashion Travel College Shoulder Bag (Black-R) Medium

Prada is right up there with the most famous names in designer fashion. You can get absolutely everything here. If you can wear it or use it to dress up your look, Prada makes it.

This label is best known for making bags and small leather goods but Prada’s range of items is utterly gigantic. You can find everything here, from pajamas and underwear to red carpet dresses. Shop here for knitwear, outerwear, denim, shirts and accessories of all kinds, including shoes, fragrances, sunglasses and again, everything you can wear. Prada makes fashion for men and women.

Shop here for jewelry and even for lifestyle items. Prada makes items for your pets! If you adore designer fashion, you’ll never get tired of shopping at Prada. This high-end label’s items are more expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay for similar items at Gucci.

Ralph Lauren (Less Expensive)

POLO RALPH LAUREN Classic Fit Undershirt w/Wicking 3-Pack Crews 3 Black/Rl2000 Red Pp XL

Ralph Lauren is a famous designer known for casual and sporting fashion. Though Ralph Lauren didn’t invent the polo shirt, his label certainly made the polo shirt a must-have staple piece of fashion. This label makes clothing for men, women, children and babies. You can also shop here for home goods of all kinds.

Ralph Lauren makes sweaters, dresses, shirts, T-shirts, outerwear, activewear, jeans and everyday wear of all kinds. Shop here for shoes, accessories and all sorts of amazing fashion items. Ralph Lauren is known for casual but elegant style, gorgeous clothing you can wear daily to create laid-back looks that are ready for activity or for simply looking great while lounging around.

The prices at Ralph Lauren as less expensive than what you’ll pay at Gucci and less expensive than what you’ll pay at many other designer brands. This is because Ralph Lauren’s vision of the brand always included affordable fashion. This label believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone, so the prices here are priced so that everyone can afford to wear fashion at least every once in a while.

Tom Ford (More Expensive)

Tom Ford Whitney TF 9 692 Dark Brown/Brown Gradient

Tom Ford and Gucci have a long history. If you like the look of Tom Ford and vintage-style Gucci, there’s a really good reason for that. Once, Tom Ford was the hottest designer at Gucci and responsible for a huge range of designs the brand released. Ford rather famously split with the company and now, this designer has a label that has become famous all on its own.

Tom Ford fashions capture a modern vibe that’s full of color, gorgeous textures and lots of glitz and glamor. The style available through this brand is a little bit flashy and a little bit bold, a design look that appeals to a huge range of customers. Tom Ford makes fashion for women and men, including eyewear, watches, beauty products, dresses, outerwear, jeans, underwear, shoes, bags, accessories of all kinds. You can truly find it all at this brand.

The pricing at Tom Ford is slightly more expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay for similar items at Gucci.

Valentino (More Expensive)

Lrady Women's Deep V Neck Casual Work Bodycon Cocktail Party Pencil Midi Dress, White, Large

If you want your designer fashion to look truly designer, Valentino was made for you. Gorgeous materials, highly stylish embellishments, vivid colors and a style that is distinctly semi-formal, Valentino has a look that is all its own.

Shop this label for fashion for men and women that includes beauty items, bags, a huge range of shoes and jewelry, belts, leather goods and all the fashion you want. Valentino makes dresses, outerwear, knitwear, shirts, denim and much more. The catalog is huge and full of fashion that looks highly modern and trendy.

The pricing here is more expensive than what you will pay with Gucci. Valentino, a label famous for high-end luxury, is one of the more expensive designer labels overall.

Versace (Similar Pricing)

Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette Spray for Women, 6.7 Fl Oz

Versace is just as famous for its branding as for its fashion. The label is known for its distinctive patterns, for its logo and for the touch of gold often included in the fashion you can find under this label. Versace uses luxurious materials like velvet and silk to make modern fashion that stands out for its beautiful style.

Versace blends retro and modern design to create beautifully patterned, colorful items of fashion for men, women and children. This brand carries everything, including home decor, bags and everything you want to wear. Blazers, shirts, denim, activewear, blouses, T-shirts, bags of all kinds, shoes and accessories to finish every outfit you want to wear. You can even buy Versace socks.

This label has everything and it’s got it all at prices that are similar to what you’ll pay when you shop with Gucci.

Wearing Brands Similar to Gucci

Gucci sunglasses close up

Gucci is a standout designer label for sure, with a famous name and a long history in the world of style. But there are brands similar to Gucci that are known for high-end designer style and gorgeous fashion. Explore all these brands and find the differences and similarities between them to cultivate your own personal style and find out what kind of fashion you like wearing.


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