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16 Brands Similar to Mejuri

Fine jewelry multicolored gems

Typically, good jewelry costs a lot of money. Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds…this is expensive stuff. And that’s why usually, jewelry that’s made with these materials costs you a lot more than the fake stuff that only looks like real gold and diamonds. This isn’t the case with Mejuri. This brand has made a name for itself by providing quality real jewelry at highly affordable prices. Mejuri stands out for providing affordable high-quality jewelry but are there other brands similar to Mejuri that do the same thing? Can you find what you like about Mejuri in other brands and expand your jewelry collection to include them, too?

History of Mejuri

Fine jewelry gemstone

Mejuri founder Noura Sakkijha was born to be involved in the jewelry business. She is the third generation of her family to work in the fine jewelry industry. Her experience in the jewelry industry showed her that jewelry was often designed and sold with the idea that men would be buying for women. This created a lot of classic, traditional designs that cost…well, too much money.

Noura Sakkijha knew she could do better. She wanted to design the kind of jewelry that women would buy for themselves…at prices they could afford. This makes it possible for women to buy a lot of jewelry that’s actually designed for them, not for a man to buy for them.

Sakkijha creates jewelry that can be worn together or separately, pieces that are perfect for everyday wear. Her designs have caught the eye of numerous celebrities, driving Mejuri to huge success and big name recognition.

Mejuri jewelry is handmade and beautifully designed. It’s not made to fit some cookie-cutter jewelry style. This brand makes designs that stand out, styles that don’t look like the stuff you can find everywhere else. This fresh take on jewelry design is one reason Mejuri has managed to stand out among other brands.

The pricing is another way that Mejuri differs and it’s a selling point that has people buzzing about the brand. But Mejuri isn’t the only one of its kind out there. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy fine jewelry, it’s time to start finding them.

Finding Brands Similar to Mejuri

Fine jelwery necklace in box

Are there brands similar to Merjui that have things in common with this popular brand? Explore lots of other different brands and explore more jewelry options. There are many brands that have certain characteristics in common with Mejuri and that means there are many opportunities for you to experiment with wearing cool jewelry styles.

Adina Eden (Similar Pricing)

By Adina Eden Women's Pave Huggie Chain X Stud Earrings, Gold, One Size

Adina Eden makes both gold-plated and fine jewelry, giving customers two price options. The designs here are definitely striking, with a distinctly creative look. Expect to see chains, spikes, different types of pendant necklaces and outside-the-box designs that truly stand out. But the thing about Adina den is that you should expect the unexpected from this brand.

If you like the more unusual, unique designs of Mejuri jewelry, you will like the styles you’ll discover at Adina Eden. Fine jewelry styles here are made in diamond, pearl and turquoise designs, among other gem types. These styles have an ageless quality and definitely appeal to a huge customer base; basically, anyone who likes unique jewelry.

Pricing at Adina Eden is similar to the prices you will find for like items from Mejuri. If you want to shop for even more creative jewelry in pretty, stylish designs and you’ve seen everything new at Mejuri, Adina Eden might be just about perfect for you.

Aurate (Similar Pricing)

SHASHI Women's Tilu Bracelet Set of 2, Aurate, Gold, One Size

Aurate specializes in fine jewelry and the style here is definitely classic looks with a twist. This is like classic jewelry re-imagined. If you like the fresh, modern take on jewelry that Mejuri creates, you will like what you find at Aurate. The designs here are for anyone who likes trendy, modern fashion jewelry.

Even classic pieces, such as pendant necklaces and hoop earrings, have their own unique look to them at Aurate. The fine jewelry collection includes diamonds, pearls and colored gemstones. Yellow, rose and white gold fill up the catalog.

Mejuri and Aurate both have similar pricing, so you can spend about the same amount across both brands.

Blue Nile (More Expensive)

1 Carat Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings 14K White Gold Round Brilliant Shape 3 Prong Screw Back (J-K Color, I2 Clarity)

If classic elegance is what you want from your fine jewelry, Blue Nile is right where you want to be. The catalog of items here is absolutely huge and the selection of options is wide. The metal selection alone is huge, with everything from tantalum to platinum. You can find a huge selection of gemstones here as well, with dozens or more pieces featuring diamonds, amethysts, emeralds and just about any other gem you might want to wear.

Blue Nile’s huge selection and elegant craftsmanship certainly set this brand apart but this brand is not about affordable jewelry. This brand is about luxury jewelry and the pricing here is more expensive than similar items you can find at Mejuri and more affordable brands like Mejuri.

Catbird (Similar Pricing)

Catbird Jewelry Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings Flannelette Pleated Super Flash Rhinestone Earrings Super Flash Diamond Earrings For Women Girls Women Earrings Dangle

If an outside-the-box style is what you like, you will definitely like Catbird. This brand mixes different gem colors together and creates unique designs that have a ton of modern flair. This catalog is full of pieces with interesting settings and fun combinations. Catbird has made a name for itself a fun, trendy jewelry brand that appeals to anyone with a modern, young fashion sense.

Catbird designs are made with different gold shades and silver, primarily. The gem selection is huge, including everything from different colors of diamonds to moonstones. Yes, moonstones. Catbird is definitely a little different. The quirky take on jewelry design helps set Catbird apart and it definitely appeals to Mejuri jewelry fans.

Pricing at Catbird is similar to comparable items you can find at Mejuri. This is fine jewelry with a stylishly unique look at prices that are as affordable as Mejuri. If you like one brand, you’ll probably find plenty of like about the other.

Edge of Ember (Less Expensive)

inBEE Mine! in 16 in+2 in 14 Karat Gold Plated Signity CZ Bee Necklace, 18'

If you like a huge selection of not-so-usual jewelry, go check out the items from Edge of Ember. This brand sells jewelry of all types, for every part of the body, and they make a great selection of it. Gold and silver are the main metal types used here, along with diamonds and pearls and a big range of colored gemstones.

Edge of Ember makes beautiful jewelry using fine materials in somewhat edgy, cool designs, something the brand has in common with Mejuri. The prices here are even more affordable than similar items at Mejuri. Comparable pieces at Edge of Ember will cost a little less.

If you like your jewelry with a look that’s kind of rock and roll, you will like the designs you can find at Edge of Ember.

Gemist (Similar Pricing)

Sterling Silver Rhod-plated 7-8mm Pink FWC Pearl Necklace 18in style QH5167-18

If you like your jewelry to be colorful and maybe a little bit funky in style, you’re going to like shopping at Gemist. The catalog here is full of cool, hip-looking jewelry designs that definitely don’t look like any other brand. Gemist, like Mejuri, has its own look to it that sets it apart.

You can find a lot of designs featuring colored gemstones here, along with a few different types of metal to choose from. You can search for jewelry here by color. Gemist lives up to its name. There’s a huge range of gemstone designs to look through here. Gemist even has a design your own feature, so you can get something truly unique that’s totally your own.

If you like to inject a little boho style into your fashion, you’re probably going to be a fan of Gemist. These designs are a bit more carefree and the styles are made to be fun to play around with. Mix and match pieces from Gemist to create great jewelry looks overall.

Gemist and Mejuri have similar pricing, so you will spend about the same amount buying similar items at either brand. Once you see the designs at Mejuri, you can always check out Gemist to see what’s new and cool in the jewelry business.

Gorjana (Similar Pricing)

gorjana Women’s Lou Huggie Earrings, Small High Shine Chunky Hoops, 18K Gold Plated

Where cool style and elegant design meet, there’s Gorjana. There’s a lot of jewelry to look at here, with styles in different types of gold and silver. You can also find jewelry made with different colors of gemstones in all sorts of different types of jewelry. Gorjana makes a big range of styles that all look a little bit different and a little bit cool, compared to more traditional designs.

If cool and unusual style is your thing and you like the jewelry at Mejuri, Gorjana is the brand for you. The pricing here is similar to comparable items you can find at Mejruki, so you won’t spend more no matter which brand you shop with.

These designs are made for anyone who has an adventurous sense of fashion. If making a statement means wearing something fashionable and unique, then the pieces here are statement jewelry.

Jenny Bird (Less Expensive)

925 Sterling Silver Small Polished Huggie Hoop Earrings, Rounded Rectangle Shaped

If you like jewelry with unusual shapes and different-looking sort of styles, you’re going to like everything at Jenny Bird. This jewelry is made with its own distinct look in designs that don’t really resemble any other brand.

The jewelry here is made mostly in metals, not gems, in simple and elegant designs that really allow the style to shine. Because the designs focus on precious metals rather than using a lot of gems and stones, Jenny Bird designs are more affordable, in general, than similar pieces you can find at Mejuri.

This is a great brand to shop with if you’re looking for simple but cool everyday pieces you can wear with anything. Jenny Bird mixes and matches beautifully with Mejuri and similar fine jewelry brands.

Kinn Studio (Similar Pricing)

Triple Protection Bracelet - For Protection - Bring Luck And Prosperity - Hematite - Black Obsidian - Tiger Eye - Stone Bracelets

Kinn Studio puts a modern twist on classic designs by using unusual shapes and designs that stand out, something the brand has in common with Mejuri. If you want jewelry where each individual piece looks like a work of art, you want to browse the pieces available under the Kinn brand.

This brand makes all kinds of jewelry in modern, elegant designs. The catalog has a lot of gold and diamond jewelry, something else this brand has in common with Mejuri. The prices across both brands are similar, so you can buy comparable items and spend about the same amount of money with either jewelry label.

The elegant designs here have a strikingly modern look that appeals to jewelry lovers of all ages, particularly professionals and high-fashion lovers.

Mateo (Similar Pricing)

MATEO New York Womens Malachite Stud w Chain Drop Earring

Unique shapes, cool designs and modern style are what you’re going to find at Mateo. If you want your jewelry to look like no one else’s jewelry, shop Mateo. The catalog is full of jewelry that doesn’t look like anything you can find anywhere else, from simple to elaborate designs. The jewelry here has a cool, modern look and this brand definitely has a lot in common with Mejuri.

Like Mejuri, Mateo has a lot of designs made with gold, pearls and gemstones, including plenty of diamond designs. Even the pricing here is similar, so you can spend about the same amount buying similar items at either brand. If you like Mejuri, go take a look at the designs from Mateo.

Anyone who wants to add some unique jewelry to dress up their fashion will like Mateo. The cool jewelry here mixes well with all kinds of different fashion looks, so you can have fun playing around with these pieces.

Rellery (More Expensive)

Speckled Aqua Czech Glass Drop Wire Wrapped Earrings Boho Artisan Jewelry

Why wear a stud when you can have three in the same design? How about an earring bar instead of a more classic hoop? And speaking of hoops, you should see how Rellery does them. This jewelry brand definitely goes for the head-turning looks and eye-catching designs that shoppers love to find in Mejuri. If you like the bold designs at Mejuri, you will definitely have fun browsing the catalog from Rellery.

The jewelry here isn’t at all traditional and it’s made in a huge range of styles in very different designs that include two-tone striped metal designs, checker rings that are unique to the brand and all kinds of interesting shapes and unique takes on classic jewelry pieces. Rellery finds lots of ways to make its designs stand out, and they do.

The catalog at Rellery is full of gold and gems, including lots of diamond styles, something else the brand has in common with Mejuri. If you like the uncommon and the bold, you will like the jewelry here. Rellery is fine jewelry that has a distinctly designer look and the pricing reflects that high-end appeal. Rellery pieces are more expensive than similar items you can find at Mejuri.

Stone and Strand (Similar Pricing)

TheBeadChest Capped Turquoise with Silver Gemstone Beads, Full Strand of Round Nepalese Stone Beads, Great for DIY Jewelry Necklace & Bracelet Making

What’s the point of wearing jewelry if everyone doesn’t notice it? That seems to be the motto at Stone and Strand. The catalog of jewelry includes earrings shaped like snakes, cool pendant necklaces with an “evil eye” design, bracelets made in vivid colors and lots more stunning looks, including more “normal” jewelry styles that still have their own cool look.

The product line is huge and there are lots of options to choose from. Stone and Strand has a big selection of jewelry in gold and lots of gemstone designs, including diamonds of course. The modern design and pricing at Stone and Strand are similar to what you’ll find at Mejuri, so you can spend about the same for great-looking pieces at either brand.

Tarin Thomas (Less Expensive)

Generic Paper Clip Choker Necklace Silver Necklace Chain T-O Necklaces Jewelry for Women and Teen Girl, 135

It’s hard for any jewelry lover not to fall for Tarin Thomas. Not only do these designs stand apart, there are so many different ways to shop for them. Tarin Thomas has numerous jewelry collections, including a one-of-a-kind line of products, a vintage line of jewelry and selections that are all under $100. If you like shopping for affordable fine jewelry, there’s a whole lot you’ll like about Tarin Thomas. And if you like wearing standout pieces that express a cool sense of style, you’ll do some buying here as well as shopping.

Even the stud earrings here have their own different look to them. Tarin Thomas jewelry has a look that stands alone, with a unique twist on every single piece you can find in the catalog. The collection here includes lots of gemstones set in gold and silver but you can also find another interesting option here: quartz. Tarin Thomas has a lot of different designs featuring this material.

Because Tarin Thomas uses less precious gems and materials even while maintaining fine jewelry status, the pieces here are less expensive, on the whole, than similar designs you can find at Mejuri.

Verlas (More Expensive)

Jewelili 10k Yellow Gold Solitaire Pendant Necklace Set with Round Cut Cubic Zirconia, 18" Rope Chain

Take classic jewelry designs and give them a modern update and you’ll end up with the Verlas catalog. Every piece here is modern but it’s all built on a foundation of elegant, classic designs. This creates a mix of both timeless and trendy style that creates everyday looks, something that Verlas and Mejuri have in common.

This combination of trendy and timeless gives Verlas a wide appeal. Jewelry wearers of all ages find a lot of designs to love with Verlas.

Most pieces are available in white, yellow or rose gold metal options and the catalog includes a huge range of diamond jewelry designs. All that bling makes Verlas more expensive, on average, than similar pieces you can find at Mejuri. If you want everyday jewelry that’s a little bit more diamond-heavy and designed for dazzle, try Verlas.

Vrai (More Expensive)

Swarovski Attract Pendant Necklace with a Circle Cut Clear Crystal on a Rhodium Plated Setting with Matching Chain

You will find lots and lots of designs featuring diamonds at Vrai, where bling is meant to be enjoyed on an everyday basis. Many designs here are available in multiple metal types, so you can get the look you really want. Vrai specializes in diamonds and most of the designs are focused on this. You won’t find other gemstones in the catalog.

However, you will find lots of amazing designs that stand out with their own unique, modern looks. Wrap rings, untraditional gem cuts, amazing designs that put a modern spin on vintage styles. The jewelry at Vrai really stands out and that’s just what you want jewelry to do.

If you like unique diamond jewelry that’s not so traditional in design, you will love what you find at Vrai. The pricing here is more expensive than the jewelry you can buy at Mejuri, likely because Vrai focuses so heavily on incorporating diamonds into their designs.

Wolf Circus (Less Expensive)

Generic Solitaire Crystal Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Collection Mother's Day Gifts

Sterling silver, gold, colorful gemstones and creativity come together in Wolf Circus jewelry designs. The designs here are made to be simple and elegant and yet stunning and different. Square hoops, pearls that haven’t been ground down to a perfect shape, re-designed classics. Wolf Circus has a catalog full of cool styles.

Wolf Circus makes highly affordable fine jewelry designs using gold and sterling silver, primarily. There are few diamonds to keep everything highly affordable but the designs here are striking even without them, with prices that make them even more attractive. You can find many styles here that cost less than $100.

Wolf Circle is less expensive, on average, than similar designs from Mejuri. That’s because Wolf Circus focuses on less expensive gems or no gems at all, putting the focus on the quality of the design itself.

Wearing Brands Similar to Mejuri

Diamond earrrings white background

Merujri jewelry designs stand out because each piece here is so unique and had a trendy, modern look. However, there are several other jewelry brands that create very different-looking designs, as well as other brands that are made to be more affordable like Mejuri. Explore brands similar to Mejuri and broaden your collection of fine fashion jewelry. After all, you can never really have too much bling.


Necklace and earrings set

There’s still a lot to know about Mejuri and brands similar to Mejuri. We searched the internet for the most frequently asked questions about this fine jewelry brand to get you the answers, so you can get the information you need to know about this fashionable, buzz-worthy brand. After all, wearing fine jewelry isn’t always so simple. Having more information helps.

Where are Mejuri products made?

Mejuri has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, where it also maintains a factory. According to the brand’s website, Mejuri also uses a facility in Seoul, South Korea for its gemstones. Mejuri was originally founded in Canada.

Can you wear Mejuri jewelry in the shower?

If you’ve ever worn faux gold jewelry and other jewelry made with less-than-precious metal, then you know what happens when it gets wet from the shower or from sweat: it turns your skin green. Your ears may get little red spots around the holes from irritation caused by inexpensive jewelry. So…can you wear Mejuri in the shower or will it cause this kind of irritation?

Mejuri uses real silver and real gold to make their pieces because this truly is fine jewelry. The website recommends using standard good jewelry care practices. You should remove jewelry before showering or washing your hands, before going to the gym or working out. You should not get oil or perfume on your jewelry and likewise, should avoid getting lotion or soap on it.

But in the real world, people wear their jewelry all the time. Reviewers have tested Mejuri and it holds up even when wet and even when going to the gym. When you wear jewelry the way people actually wear it, you can expect Mejuri to hold up well. However, you should always follow all care instructions for jewelry provided by the manufacturer. Failing to do so could void any warranty you may have.

Why is Mejuri so popular?

Heart pendant necklace

How did the Mejuri brand appear as if out of nowhere and take the fashion world by storm? The brand managed to draw the eyes of celebrities and fashionistas, who were seen wearing the jewelry. This helped Mejuri’s popularity spread…and it was certainly no accident that it did.

Mejuri intentionally used social media and courted influencers to spread the word about, and get eyes on, its jewelry designs. The brand tapped into social media to use the marketing provided here and the plan was highly successful. Social media is a perfect place for any fashion brand to be seen and it certainly worked for Mejuri.

Once the brand got a foothold in social media, Mejuri really took off. The brand is still highly Insta-worthy, as they say, and Mejuri continues to be highly popular with style watchers.


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