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12 Brands Similar to Princess Polly

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Young, hip and trendy fashionistas know the name Princess Polly. No, this is not a popular video game character who kicks serious butt. It’s fashion that kicks serious butt. Princess Polly fashion is for the trendy and the bold. If you like wearing the freshest styles, this is probably your brand. But there are brands similar to Princess Polly that can become new go-to sources for hot style. Start playing around with wearing these different labels and start wearing all the cool fashions you want.

History of Princess Polly

In 2005, Princess Polly was just an idea. Fast forward 15 years and it’s a global brand with stores that stretch from Australia to Los Angeles. How the heck did that happen?

Back in 2005, Princess Polly was a brick-and-mortar store on the famed Gold Coast of Australia. It was started by Wez and Eirin Bryett in Queensland. And in 2010, they noticed something happening: online sales were bringing in more money than the store. They expanded their online store. In fact, they greatly expanded their online presence. They expanded it a lot.

The Bryetts were smart enough to see how things were tending in the fashion retail market and they were quick to get ahead of the game. The techniques they used way back in 2010 are techniques that major corporations are using right now to try to reach the popularity that Princess Polly already has.

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They engaged with the fashion community online and became a multi-million dollar fashion brand. Not bad for a shop in Australia. Princess Polly has become a hugely popular brand that’s well-known with online style watchers. You’ll see it often in fashion social media posts because the brand still maintains a huge online presence and continues to engage the community.

But if you like the fashion at Princess Polly, you do have other shopping options. There are many brands similar to Princess Polly that have things in common with the brand. Explore these other options and get a good look at all the other fashions you could be wearing and get trendy looks for any occasion.

Finding Brands Similar to Princess Polly

The hip, hot, young fashion at Princess Polly has put the brand on the map ad it’s drawn a lot of eyes on social media. But there are other brands similar to Princess Polly where you can find more style and play around with more looks.

A And N Boutique (Less Expensive)

Generic Andongnywell Women's Long Sleeve Sexy Bodycon Mini Dress Slit Dress with Buttons Detail Bodycon Dresses (Red Wine,Medium)

If you like young, hip fashion, you won’t find a reason to dislike A and N Boutique. The fashion here is fresh and fun and definitely follows all the trends. The catalog is full of bright colors, cool looks, and whatever style is hot right now. The brand has this in common with Princess Polly.

A and N Boutique, like Princess Polly, is full of pic-worthy looks and highly stylish items that are made to be worn anywhere. The prices here are more affordable than what you will find at Princess Polly. Similar items cost less here, so you can even spend less or buy more.

Boohoo (Similar Pricing)

Generic Y2k Mini Dress Spaghetti Straps Print Semi-Sheer Sheath Bodycon Backless Sexy U- Neck Halter Mini Streetwear Strap Halter Neck Dress (L), Multicolored, Large

Boohoo is where retro fashion goes to get a totally fresh, hip new style. Bright colors, empowering graphics and retro style that has become modern fills up the Boohoo catalog. Leather, feathers, fleece, sequins, yes, yes, yes. You’ll get all the dazzle and all the trendy fashion here.

Like Princess Polly, Boohoo sells hot, young fashion with tons of trendy style. This label uses retro looks as a design foundation, then puts a bit of a twist on the look of the clothes here. Boohoo and Princess Polly have very similar pricing, so you can shop at both and spend about the same money you’d spend by sticking to just one brand.

Cotton On (Less Expensive)

COTTON ON Women's Training Tank Top, Black, M

If it’s cool and casual and affordable, it’s going to be at Cotton On. This brand specializes in affordable, stylish clothing that follows all the trends and has all the right fashion attitude. All the casual clothes you want to wear are here and they’re all very reasonably priced. If that sounds good, you should be doing more shopping with this brand.

Clothes from Cotton On are even more affordable than similar items you can find at Princess Polly. And despite the name, everything here isn’t made of cotton. But everything here is about great fashion and about being the latest, hottest look. If you’re shopping for trendy fashion, make sure to take a look at the clothes here.

Hello Molly (Similar Pricing)

Beach Dresses for Women, Hello Molly Midi Dress Plus Size Clothes Women Summer Tulle Dress Formal Wedding Bridesmaid High-Waist Party Ball Prom Gown Cocktail Dress Casual Dresses (4XL, Blue)

Hello Molly carries tops, bottoms ad swimwear, along with shoes and accessories, but mostly the catalog here is full of dresses. The styles range from casual to semi-formal but they all have one thing in common: hot style. The latest dress looks are here in all the trendy colors.

Hello Molly makes affordable fashion that’s highly trendy, just like Princess Polly, with a distinctly high-fashion look. Hello Molly uses different textures and fabrics to create fashion that looks designer but it’s all priced reasonably. If you like affordable fashion, and you definitely do if you like Princess Polly, you will like shopping here. Put a bit of a high fashion spin on your wardrobe wth styles from Hello Molly.

Honey Peaches (Similar Pricing)

Boho Dress for Women Maxi, One Shoulder Ruffle Dress Porsha Williams Favorites Clothes Tank Dresses Summer 2021 Women's Sexy Slit Hem Floral Short Sleeve Loose Casual Dress Short (S, Cyan)

While some brands, like Princess Polly, offer a huge range of different items, some brands choose to specialize. Honey Peaches specializes in dresses and one-piece outfits that create stylish casual to semi-formal looks that will turn heads wherever you go. If you’re young and fashionable, or dress young and fashionable, you’ll love the clothes at Honey Peaches.

These are trendy looks that are seen on runways right now, rather than more timeless or classic styles. You can come to Honey Peaches to see what people are wearing right now. The clothes here are all about looking high fashion. They’re trendy and they’re hot and they look like designer stuff but they won’t break our budget. Honey Peaches has similar pricing to Princess Polly, with like items priced similarly across both brands.

House of CB (More Expensive)

Dresses for Women 2022 Elegant, Dress Summer Casual Under 10 Y2K Dress Dressed Women's Casual Fashion Shoulder Half Sleeve Hollowed Out Printed Casual Daliy Mini Dress Er Beach (L, White)

House of CB definitely adheres to the trends. You will find the latest looks here, the really cutting-edge styles made in cool fabrics with sexy designs. House of CB specializes in dresses but carries a range of different fashions that includes denim, outerwear, loungewear, sweats, tops and bottoms.

The clothes at House of CB have a designer look to them and this is more of a designer label that creates highly stylish clothing. Materials like lace, faux suede and crystal-embellished fabrics make clothing from House of CB more expensive, on average, than similar items from Princess Polly. The more expensive fabrics and extra embellishments add to the overall cost.

Nasty Gal (Less Expensive)

Nasty Gal Clothing for Women Outfit Sweatsuit Sets 2 Piece Rose White XL

When you want everyday casual fashion that’s cute and in style, go shop the Nasty Gal label. This brand has hot colors, great denim designs, all those day-to-day pieces you wear on a regular basis. Sexy mini skirts, structured blazers, purses to match everything you wear, Nasty Gal has it all. If you’re wearing it, you can find it under this label.

Like Princess Polly, Nasty Gal has a big catalog of items that includes hip retro and vintage looks. If you have been searching for Instagram-ready fashion, search no more because Nasty Gal has got it. The pricing here is even less expensive than similar items you’ll find at Princess Polly, which means that, in a way, you can save money by shopping here.

PacSun (Less Expensive)

PacSun Women's Eco Light Blue Distressed Mom Jeans Size 26

PacSun fashion has a streetwear style to it. These are the styles and the items that people are wearing right now, every day, while they’re out and about. These are the looks you will find on college campuses, at cool coffee shops, at the sold out concert. Oversized cropped sweaters, jeans, graphic T-shirts, sneakers, PacSun’s even got underwear.

This brand literally carries all the everyday items you want to wear and they come in trendy styles in lots of different color options at affordable prices that are even less expensive than the pricing at Princess Polly. Both brands appeal to young, fashionable people who want to wear the hot looks. If that’s you, then you’re going to like the fashion at PacSun.

Peppermayo (Similar Pricing)

Blouses for Women Business Casual,Rosydeer Lace V Neck Crochet T Shirts Ruffle Long Sleeve Tops Work Outfits Fall Fashion White XL

Do you want cute style, sexy fashion looks, all the latest fashions? You want to get a look at the catalog of items from Peppermayo. This brand carries a huge selection of items, everything from dresses to swimwear to shoes and accessories. Peppermayo provides the latest in cool, casual style.

These looks are young and fresh and fun and sometimes sexy, something that Peppermayo has in common with Princess Polly. Even the pricing here is similar, so if you like one brand you’ll probably like both. It might be time to add Peppermayo to your list of must-browse shopping places if you want to expand your wardrobe of stylish clothing.

Stelly Clothing (Similar Pricing)

2022 Winter Coats for Women, Fashion Casual Sharpa Jacket Fleece Lined Warm Hoodie Outerwear Plus Size Long Sleeve Plush Sweatshirt Thick Comfy Fuzzy Tops with Pockets(A Black,3X-Large)

Stelly Clothing is so up on the latest fashions, you can literally shop by trend at the brand’s online store. Stelly carries a big selection of fashion, including swimwear and outerwear, but the biggest selection is in the dresses. Stelly makes a lot of gorgeous dresses, from everyday casual dresses to show-stopping little black cocktail dresses. You can find any dress style you want here, from your next cute date look to a cutting-edge outfit for the office.

Beautiful patterns, eye-catching color combinations and trendy silhouettes fill the catalog of Stelly Clothing. The prices here are on par with what you’re used to paying at Princess Polly. If you want to take your fashion game to a more semi-formal level with super trendy style and find lots of great everyday and professional dresses and casual wear, Stelly Clothing is the brand for you.

Surfstitch (Similar Pricing)

Essentials Women's Clothing, Women's Sweaters Fall Cream Long Sleeve Fashion Fall/Winter Solid Color Turtleneck Cape Loose Sweater Women Tunic Size Small Black Clothes for Sweater (M, Red)

Surfstitch makes surfwear. That means you can find a big selection of beach-ready and summer-friendly styles here. That means short shorts, tank tops, to-die-for wrap skirts and dresses, loose and comfy beach pants and flowy dresses, T-shirts, great two-piece outfits and lots more fashion, all of it made in vibrant colors. These clothes are perfect for fun in the sun and casual events of all kinds, as long as you’re ready to turn heads and get noticed.

That’s what this clothing is about: getting noticed. It’s stylish, it’s colorful, it’s totally trendy and it’s all about the same price as similar items you can find at Princess Polly. What’s not to like? Make Surfstitch a go-to source for summer, beach and fun fashion when you want classic pieces in trendy styles and all the hot colors. If your fashion vibe is about being young and fun, this is your brand.

Tiger Mist (Similar Pricing)

Tiger Mist Womens Sian Jewel Neck Long Sleeves Crop Top Black S

When you want super sexy style that stands out, it’s Tiger Mist. This brand has a catalog full of eye-popping fashion in lightweight fabrics and clingy styles that will definitely have you turning some heads. Pretty colors and patterns fill up the catalog, which has a ton of soft color shades and pretty, drapey looks thanks to chiffon and other breezy fabrics.

This is an elevated casual style that’s distinctly sexy. When you’re ready for a night out or you need an outfit that’s going to seriously slay, check out the hot, young fashion for hot, young buyers at Tiger Mist. The pricing here is similar to Princess Polly, so you won’t spend more by shopping under this label.

Wearing Brands Similar to Princess Polly

Princess Polly’s fashion stands out but this brand doesn’t stand alone when it comes to providing hot and trendy style. There are many brands similar to Princess Polly that will give you the young, hot, totally fashionable looks you want. Play around with these other brands and play with your own personal style. Because fashion is a journey. Find out where these brands might end up taking you.


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Princess Polly came out of nowhere and the label hasn’t been established like other brands. Lots of people still have questions about this young brand and its young fashion. We searched for the most commonly asked questions about Princess Polly and found the answers, so you don’t have to go looking for them to get the information you need about this label. Get the knowledge you need about Princess Polly so you can take your fashion game to the next level.

Does Princess Polly have plus sizes?

Princess Polly fashion is definitely geared toward what’s hot and trendy on the style scene. It’s also geared toward smaller bodies. Princess Polly only carries sizes up to US 20. Sizes 16 and up are considered plus sizes. However, plus sizes can go to 26 or higher. Some items at Princess Polly are only available in smaller sizes and don’t even go up as high as 20.

In short, Princess Polly has a limited number of plus size clothing available in some styles, but not in every style sold under this label. If you need a reliable fashion source for plus-sized clothing, Princess Polly could frustrate you.

Where are Princess Polly clothes made?

Princess Polly is highly transparent about where the company’s factories are located, which includes India, Pakistan and China. If you have questions about your Princess Polly clothes, check the label or the company website to find out where and how products are made.

How do you get the right size in Princess Polly clothes?

Princess Polly, like many manufacturers, uses its own sizing. A size 2 or a size S at Princess Polly may not fit you the exact same way as the same size from a different brand. Since looking good in your clothes means finding clothes that fit perfectly, you need to be sure about what you’re wearing.

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But with all these different sizes floating around, things get confusing. You don’t have the money to spend on a lot of trial-and-error. You need a perfect size the first time you buy, and every time after that. It is possible to get the perfect size in clothes, even when you’re shopping online.

Princess Polly has a comprehensive size chart showing all the brand’s sizes and the measurements that match each size. All you need to do to get a perfect fit is to measure yourself. Take a measurement of your bustline around the fullest part of your bust to get a chest measurement. Measure your waist at its slimmest point to get an accurate waist measurement. And as for your hips, measure them around the widest point.

Follow your own measurements and you will get a perfect size with everything you wear. Make sure to measure yourself without clothes on, or with very lightweight and close-fitting clothes on, and stand up straight as you measure.


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