30 of the Best Online Clothing Stores for Women

Here are 30 of the best online clothing stores for women to satisfy your shopaholic craving at the comfort and safety of your own home and without the hassle of carrying all those shopping bags.

A woman browsing through the dresses on display at a store.

1. Adorned By Chi

Adorned By Chi is a very unique, feminine, alternative-style clothing line. Think magical creatures meet urban style. They have a very large selection of graphic print tees and sweatshirts. They also have skirts, accessories, and Adorned By Chi comic books.

2. Venus

Venus carries a lot of sexy, feminine, sophisticated clothing for women. It started as a small business run out of a college dorm room and is now a thriving company with hundreds of selections. They specialize in affordable runway looks in the categories of casual wear and career wear, and they carry up to a size 3X.

3. Torrid

Torrid is a great, trendy online clothing store that carries a lot of casual wear and special occasion wear for plus-sized women. They carry from sizes 10 to 30. They also have a good selection of swimwear and licensed character clothing.

4. Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and has a huge selection of women’s clothing. Their versatility comes from the fact that they allow other retailers to sell on their website. You can literally find just about any style, size, category, brand, or color of clothing on their website.

5. Etsy

Etsy is an online community of designers and artists that sell handmade items. If you are looking for unique clothing and/or customized clothing, Etsy is a great website. They also have a large selection of vintage clothing. Etsy also happens to be a great source for women’s costumes.

6. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is a plus-sized clothing store that specializes in casual wear, activewear, and career wear. They tend to have very high-quality clothing in the size range of 14 to 28. Lane Bryant tends to run really good sales quite often which is handy since their clothing is a bit on the expensive side.

7. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is an online women’s clothing retailer with a massive selection of clothing. They are geared more towards the younger generation and have multiple categories of clothing from casual to evening wear. In the near future, they will be home to Cardi B’s exclusive clothing line. Their clothing ranges from XXS to 3X.

8. Bluefly

Bluefly specializes in discount luxury clothing and gently used vintage clothing for the family. While the clothing is discounted because they may be from last year’s collections, this website still provides a great way to get high-end designer clothing on a budget. They carry sizes XXS to 4X.

9. Free People

Free People is a company that offers bohemian style modern clothing from sizes XXS to XL. Though it’s unfortunate that they don’t have a larger size selection, their clothing is trendy and high-quality. It is a bit pricey but the uniqueness makes it worth it.

10. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is one of the trendiest online clothing stores for women. They have a limited size selection (XXS to XL) but they offer many categories of stylish clothing. They also have a really cool blog called Nasty Galaxy.

11. FarFetch

FarFetch is a great site to find all of the best fashions from high-end designers. Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Prada, Fendi, Jimmy Choo–they have it all. They even have an app for iPhone users. Their sizes range from XXXS to 3X and they have over 10,000 clothing pieces for sale. That doesn’t even include accessories, bags, and shoes.

12. Prom Girl

Prom Girl, as the name suggests, is a great online source for amazing prom dresses as well as pageant wear. They have a great size selection from XXS to 5X and many color and style choices. They carry some of the most popular evening wear brands like Sherri Hill, Faviana, and Zoey Grey.

13. Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart is a plus-sized clothing store that specializes in casual wear to career wear. Their brand is very interactive with customers–they host fashion shows and even sometimes bring on their best customers as models. They carry sizes from 12 to 36. They are one of few retailers who carry sizes this large.

14. Hot Topic

Hot Topic carries clothing geared towards goth style and punk rock style. They also have a fair amount of pop culture clothing. Their sizes range from XS to 4X.

15. Garage

Garage is an online retailer that sells lots of chic clothing. The clothes they offer is simplistic, but still fashionable. Their size range is limited–they carry juniors sizes XS to XL.

16. Windsor

Windsor is a clothing company that offers a big selection of prom, evening, and bridal gowns. They also have upscale casual clothing, accessories, and shoes. Their size range is limited to the range of XS to XL.

17. Francescas

Francescas is a small online boutique clothing store that carries clothing that is soft, feminine, and chic. While they have a small selection of clothing compared to others on the list, their clothing is trendy and affordable. They carry sizes XS-XL.

18. Hollister

Hollister is a casual wear company that focuses on modern young adults. They also have a huge selection of high-quality parkas. Most of their sizing is in juniors, but they carry from size XS to XXL.

19. American Eagle

American Eagle is an online retailer that sells casual wear that is geared towards a younger crowd. They are an extremely popular company that is known for its high-quality goods. They carry from sizes XS to 2X.

20. Aeropostle

Aeropostale is a company that has products that are very similar to American Eagle. Their product offering is just slightly more simplistic but they are also known for high-quality clothing. Their sizes range from XXS to 2X.

21. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a family-owned company that sells super feminine clothing that is very trendy. They are the fifth largest specialty retailer in the country. As the name indicates, it is geared towards young adults. Their sizes range from XS to 3X.

22. Rue 21

Rue 21 is a clothing retailer that specializes in chic casual wear. Like Forever 21, Rue 21 is geared towards young adults. Their clothing selection updates on a daily basis. They have very affordable pricing and their sizes range from XS to 4X.

23. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is a clothing company that specializes in fashionable casual wear and evening/occasion wear. They have affordable pricing and great quality clothes. Their sizes range from XS to 4X. They also carry great shoes and accessories selections. They also usually have a value-priced section on their website (as if the prices aren’t already a value!).

24. Zaful

Zaful sells clothing that is designed to appeal to college-age kids. The clothing is simple but stylish, affordable, fun, and flirty. They have a great selection of swimwear and accessories. Their sizes range from S to 5X. They have a 30-day warranty on their products and they offer a student discount.

25. Lululemon

Lululemon is a Canadian company that specializes in modern, simplistically designed yoga clothing, running clothing, and outerwear. They also have an exclusive group called The Sweat Collective. This consists of “leaders in sweat”–think yoga instructors, professional athletes, personal trainers, and more. These people get special perks from the company. You must submit an application and meet their eligibility requirements to join the collective. Their sizes range from XS to 2X.

26. Fabletics

Fabletics is a company that sells activewear and fitness clothing. Founded by celebrity Kate Hudson, the company’s goal was to mix fashion-forward style with work out clothing. They are very popular for their large selection of leggings. Their sizes range from XXS to 3X.

27. Ulla Popken

Ulla Popken is a company that aims to target the plus-sized, middle-aged shopper. They have a high-quality selection of contemporary casual, career, and evening wear. One of the standout facts about the company is that they sell clothes up to a size 38, a hard-to-find size. The smallest size they carry is a size 12.

28. Cato

Cato is a very popular women’s clothing store that sells upscale-casual and career wear. They also have a great selection of occasion dresses, shoes, and accessories. They have really high-quality clothing that has a superior fit. Their sizes range from 2 to 36W.

29. Maje Paris

Maje Paris is an upscale online boutique that sells high-end, contemporary clothing for women. Fair warning: their clothes are very expensive and they don’t usually run too many sales on the good stuff, so if you aren’t the type of person who’ll spend $300 on a blouse, this may not be the right retailer for you. On the plus side, their clothing quality is amazing and the styles are unique.

30. Avenue

Avenue is an online clothing store that sells plus-size clothing. They specialize in sizes 14-32. They are known for the great fit of their clothing for plus-sized women. They carry ready-to-wear, casual, and career outfits and separates. They also have a wide array of outerwear, accessories, and shoes to complete the outfits.

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