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23 Stylish Online Coat and Jacket Stores

Find the coat you need in the color and size you want at these online coat stores that offer great low prices and high-quality items.

Various coats and jackets on hangers in a store.

Shopping for coats can be fun or harrowing, depending on whether or not you know where to go. You can experience frustration if you have a hard time finding a jacket or coat that fits properly. Style matters, too.

More Choices

Some local stores only carry the latest trends, which can put off those who prefer traditional and vintage styles. Not everyone wants to wear a puffer coat. Some want a tailored peacoat. You may have trouble finding outerwear that fits as well, if you’re anything other than a very standard size. Shopping online provides you with a much wider range of styles. You can choose a duster or waist-length jacket. And best of all, you can find one that will fit you.

Canada Goose Jackets

You find a wider array of colors from which to choose by shopping online, too. Rather than being forced to choose black, brown or white, you gain access to a rainbow of choices that includes virtually every hue and shade. Forget just finding a green coat. Online, you can find a moss jacket, a sage trench or forest green peacoats.

Search for jacket and coat stores online from the etailers that are environmentally conscious, devoted to high-end clothing, full of selection or specializing in some style that suits you. Because when you shop online, you can choose from a huge range of stores that suit your specific fashion needs.

Online stores may track your browsing habits and offer you a discount if you’re a repeat customer, or perhaps if you haven’t purchased anything recently and they want to lure you in with deals. You may see an ad for a sale at a particular store as you browse because of this practice. You may get offers for everything from gift cards to discounts on brand-new items.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose was founded under another name in 1957 but with the same purpose it still has today: provide high-quality vests, raincoats and snowmobile suits. Canada Goose provides warm outerwear and sportswear for people who are going out into the cold but don’t want to feel the cold. If that’s you, the huge selection of warm coats, jackets and hoodies here will definitely warm your heart. And your body. You get the idea!

L.L. Bean

The L.L. Bean website offers a plethora of men’s, women’s and children’s coats and jackets as a part of a larger selection of clothing and outdoor equipment. The company has long focused on the great outdoors and most of its selection caters to those with active lifestyles. This outdoorsy company has a huge selection of clothing and accessories, including jackets, coats and vests in a range of sizes.

Use the storefront to search for specific features relating to fit, insulation, length, warmth rating, color and price. Look for ultralight down feather and fill jackets, pack away jackets, puffer jackets, fleece-lined warm-up jackets, winter coats, utility jackets, waterproof insulated jackets, classic anoraks and many, many more.

The North Face

Climbers may tell you that the coldest side of the mountain is the north face. Conditions are harshest here. Only the most rugged, the most daring or perhaps the most foolhardy choose to brave the north face of any mountain. But for those brave fools who enjoy pushing themselves to the limit in outdoor environments, there’s outerwear from North Face.

The North Face is a famous name in outerwear. These jackets and coats are made to take on the harshest conditions in the roughest environments. North Face is the coldest side of a mountain…but the company North Face actually began in San Francisco! It was in this city that two hiking friends decided to create their own mountaineering store. The North Face clothing company began and the rest became outerwear history.

At this online store, you can search for jackets and coats by temp rating, waterproofing level, activity and more.


Many athletic ladies love Lululemon, an athleticwear brand that caters to die-hard athletes. Expect to find numerous puffer jackets and fleece. Its products come in a bright array of colors for the fashion-conscious. The designers at Lululemon create the latest looks based on current trends.

Its products use responsibly sourced goose down and Glyde fabric for windproofing and rainproofing. The storefront offers a somewhat limited size range of 2 to 14. On the plus side, every purchase earns free shipping at checkout.

Jack Wolfskin

The hiking equipment and outerwear company Jack Wolfskin offers men’s, women’s and children’s jackets, fleece, raincoats, ski jackets and three-in-one jackets with an array of features including insulation, lightweight construction, windproofing and waterproofing. Essentially, if you enjoy outdoor activities, you can find a coat to suit you here.

They have a standard color set, which can be somewhat limiting for those seeking stylish outerwear. Jackets and coats come in shades of blue, green, red, black, grey, brown, pink, violet, orange, yellow and white here.

Established in 1981 as an eco-conscious company before that was cool, this online store offers outerwear crafted from 100 percent organic cotton and responsible down standard-certified (RDS) down. If you want environmentally sound clothes, this is your company.


Shop ModCloth for fun, fashionable outerwear that fits. You can find just about any size of clothing here thanks to a super wide range of sizes from extra, extra small (XXS) to extra, extra, extra, extra large (4X). That means you can shop here for anyone.

If you are a human of any shape, you can find a coat at ModCloth. You might think that means you would pay a lot, but you don’t. You can find many styles starting at $40 at this store. You can find the proverbial yellow raincoat with a hood here or a bright red dress coat with black trim. Nab a rain jacket and zip-up jacket. Whatever you’re looking for in whatever size you need, it’s probably here.

You can buy multiple looks here for less, so you have more choices to wear.


Everlane focuses less on fashion and more on warmth. These coats get tested at cold, colder and coldest temperatures. You find a lot of puffer coat styles at Everlane. They focus on making the warmest product, not the trendiest one.

The coats at this store use a material called PrimaLoft. This lightweight and water-resistant fabric fights the cold. Best of all, you can machine wash it. The store rates its coats by temperature resistance. First-time buyers to this online store will get free shipping.


Nordstrom does not sell only jackets and coats but it does have a massive online selection. You can find pretty much any style at this store. They carry designer brands and you can find a jacket or coat in any color or style here. While Nordstrom has a reputation as a high-end department store, it also offers a wide range of price points.

The store offers an immense size diversity, ranging from sizes 00 to 28 with petite sizes in those ranges, too. Every style of outerwear is here, from a fur coat to long trench coats to a rain slicker. Nordstrom provides that level of diversity. Every order gets free shipping.


Bershka specializes in keeping you warm in cold weather. It focuses on affordability. You can find coats and jackets in faux fur, shearling, wool, velvet and many more materials. Prices start at just $40, so you can buy here on a budget.

The color range is pretty huge, as Bershka carries numerous brands but its sizes prove a little lackluster. You can find a coat here if you wear a size extra small to large. That leaves a lot of people cold. You won’t go broke on shipping, however, since the store charges a flat rate for standard shipping.

Eddie Bauer

The folks at Eddie Bauer have designed clothes for outdoor activities for many years. They use lab tests to rate their jackets and coats because they take cold weather that seriously. These clothes are designed for pretty extreme temperatures, so you can find a coat here for temperatures of 35 degrees F to negative 25 degrees F. Almost anyone can find a coat to fit here since the sizes range from extra small (XS) to extra, extra, extra large (3X).


Asos is the choice for you if you want to look fashionable and stay warm on a budget. The range of styles here remains huge no matter what time of year.

Choose a faux fur green jacket, a denim jacket or a long duster coat. There are a bevy of sizes to choose from as well. Asos caters to bodies that don’t come in a “standard” size, those wearing petite and tall sizes. This store carries women’s coat and jacket sizes 00 to 26.

Shipping on every order is free and returns are free, too. Asos is a great go-to starting point for everyday shopping. If you cannot imagine being able to afford a new winter coat, shop here first. This is affordable fashion and that’s a great reason to shop.


Target’s clothing section underwent major overhauls in the last few years. This well-known chain recently forged partnerships with many specialty stores and other online retailers. Target now has a wide online selection of jackets and coats in a ton of different styles.

The outerwear section includes waistcoats, puffer jackets, dress coats, rain slickers and lots more. Target has a wide price range on outerwear as well to fit any budget. Sizing options are good, with most styles available in extra small to extra large times four.


H&M offers a number of styles from many designers, with enough fashion options to satisfy anyone’s taste. And if your style is bold and colorful, no problem. Turn to H&M if you want a pink puffer coat or faux fur jacket in a unique color like olive green. The store has a wide range of styles and sizes from extra small to extra extra large times four. Shipping is highly affordable here, too.

Club Monaco

Shop Club Monaco for fashion outerwear. Think fabulous, stylish coats you might see in Vogue. From lovely Merino wool dusters and snuggly peacoats, you can find it all here. If you want a black jacket with fur trim or midi zip-up jacket to wear with a pencil skirt, this store has it.

Crafted of fine fabrics and real fur, coats here come in sizes ranging from extra small to large. Club Monaco carries numerous brands from a huge range of designers.


Yumi offers women’s jackets fashions that are a blend of Eastern and Western styles. The selection of jackets and coats here are distinct for their beautiful materials, bright colors and unique designs. There are classic looks here and high fashion styles, like cheetah prints and vest designs. But you can also find designs with distinct Eastern flair here when you want to add a new layer to your look.


Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Stio specializes in tough outdoor clothing. That means their jacket and coat selection is stuffed with features like Gore-Tex and insulation, durable construction and high-visibility colors. If you’re going to be camping, hiking, fishing or spending time outdoors, Stio will have a perfect piece of outerwear to prepare you for it.


Craghoppers creates sustainably made outdoor clothing, with 70 percent of its products made from recycled materials. That includes recycled plastic, repurposed yarn and recycled paper. All of their items, including coats and jackets, are made from 100 PFC-free fabrics.

The online storefront has a big selection of styles for men and women. Jackets and coats can be sorted by fit, technology and all the usual categories. All the outerwear from Craghoppers is designed to be tough and durable as well as stylish. Because you still want to be well-dressed even when you’re getting in touch with nature.


Cold. Rain. Snow. Patagonia makes outerwear that can help you face all of these challenges. Patagonia strives to be environmentally conscious. In addition to other steps, the company gives back one percent of all sales to the preservation of the environment. Since they also provide a huge, stylish selection of jackets and coats with all sorts of different features, this company is a great choice for outerwear.

Tom Beckbe

Jackets and coats from Tom Beckbe are not about looking pretty. They’re about performance. This outerwear is made for hunting. These jackets and coats are insulated, water-resistant and made in neutral, outdoor-ready colors. Shop for vests, hooded coats, a tough parka or anorak, lightweight jackets and any other outerwear you might need to get out into the woods and the fields and search for your prey.

Tom Becke spent his youth in the forests and hills of Alabama, fishing frequently. He knows what kind of gear you need to venture into the great outdoors, and that’s the type of clothing you’ll find on the site.

Cotswold Outdoor

Cotswold Outdoor makes stylish but tough outerwear. They have a big selection of waterproof, insulated and windproof jackets and coats in a ton of different styles, including puffer styles. They sell many major brands, including the North Face. Shop here to find jackets and coats for men, women and kids.

Sierra Trading Post

Sierra makes cold weather gear. Search for outerwear designed to handle wind and rain, look for insulated jackets or shop for fleece jackets, among other categories. There’s a big selection of work and utility jackets here, too. This clothing is made for watersports, camping, hiking, skiing and being in the snow.

Sierra Trading Post began as a mail-order business in the 1980s, the same decade it started using eco-friendly packaging paper. The company has been on the edge of trends ever since. Sierra was one of the first catalog companies to go online. It’s still offering great cold weather clothing in all the hot styles.


Berghaus makes clothing for outdoor adventures of all kinds. They specialize in hiking jackets that can take on any tough weather conditions. You can find a huge selection of waterproof jackets at this online storefront and search for jackets based on specific features and colors.

Ultimate Outdoors

Ultimate Outdoors offers jackets and coats from many well-known brand names and retailers, including the North Face, Craghoppers, Under Armour and more. The search filters here allow you to look for jackets based on features, style or activity.


Shopping for outerwear online can create questions you would not experience if shopping locally. If you’ve still got questions, no problem. Get the answers to all the most common questions about buying jackets and coats online and soon, you’ll pretty much be an expert on the subject.

Why does the outerwear not fit when you bought your size?

You might need to make a return to the store and purchase the next size up if you buy a coat made by a designer from another country. Each country has its own sizes, and they vary pretty vastly. A woman who wears a size four in the U.S. may wear a medium in Japanese sizing and a size six in French sizing.

Always check sizing charts when you’re shopping. Get out your tape measure and check your own measurements to be sure. It’s much easier if you purchase an item that fits the first time.
Remember, you may be wearing your jackets and coats with a heavier outfit, such as a sweater. You may even have on a lot of layers, which can add bulk. Consider this, as you may want to go up a size on some cold weather coats.

What does Arctic-rated mean?

Terms like Arctic-rated, extreme temperature and sub-zero are terms applied by various brands and/or manufacturers in order to make products stand out. In the U.S., labeling requirements are very clear. The manufacturer needs only to provide care instructions, fiber content, the country of origin and the name of the manufacturer. For specialty labels, such as “made in the u.S.A.,” certain standards must be met. However, there are no standards in place for labels such as Arctic-rated. [Source: Federal Trade Commission]

If you’re looking for gear that can handle extreme cold, look for insulated items. A wool coat or jacket will also be very warm because of wool’s natural insulating properties. Some manufacturers may provide information about the temperatures their outerwear can withstand. This can help you narrow down your options and find an item that’s going to keep you warm in harsh conditions.

Can you find vintage coats online?

If you’re searching for vintage fashions, you don’t have to scour the secondhand shops in your local area. Many online retailers sell vintage clothing. Stores like Thrifted specialize in offering only vintage styles. Other stores offer a mix of vintage and brand-new fashions. Some etailers specialize in offering brand-new vintage-style looks such as vintage-type bomber jacket styles and other classic styles you may be searching for. Target your searches to include vintage fashions and you’ll find stores that offer these styles.

Where should you put a logo on a jacket?

Jacket logos can be put in one of many places. Company or individual names are often stitched high on the chest, near the shoulder, a few inches under the collar. This may appear on the left side or the right side of the body. Jacket logos also commonly appear on the upper shoulder of a jacket, or they can be placed sideways running down the sleeve. These are the most common locations for logos and names on a jacket. [Source: Apparel kin Bags]

How much should you spend on a custom jacket?

The right jacket can really make a big difference when you’re putting together any look. A custom jacket tells the world you want to look put together, spruced up, dressed to kill. Well, as long as you’re killing fashion boredom. But how much should you spend on your look?

How often are you going to wear the jacket? Can you wear the jacket for multiple types of occasions? Is this jacket easy to clean if it gets dirty? These are all things you want to consider when you’re thinking about spending money on a jacket. [Source: Thread]

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get a high-quality jacket. It’s a common misconception that if something is more expensive, it’s worth more. It will be more luxurious, longer-lasting, more stylish. This isn’t true. Any item can be well-made, even if it is affordable. [Source: The Essential Man]

Decide how much you’re willing to spend on a jacket. Now, subtract one-third of that amount. That’s how much you should spend on a great jacket. Look for ways to save, such as shopping at thrift stores or looking for online coupon codes, to spend less money.

Can online clothing be returned?

Online clothing stores have return policies, should you receive an item that doesn’t fit or otherwise doesn’t meet your satisfaction. Most online stores have return policies but some may require you to do a little more work than others. Check a store’s return policy before you buy to determine whether or not you can meet the requirements of the policy. The best way to ensure that you won’t have to return items is to use size charts, so you know you’ll be getting items in the right size at least.

Do jackets and coats have to be dry cleaned?

Many types of coats and jackets cannot be washed in the machines at home. Wool coats, for example, must be dry cleaned. Jackets and coats that have insulation or filling usually have to be dry cleaned as well. Materials like down can become clumpy and bumpy if you attempt to machine-wash them. Other common coat and jacket materials, such as fleece and faux fur, also require professional dry cleaning. [Source: The Spruce]

As a rule of thumb, have your everyday winter coat cleaned at least once a year unless it becomes dirty or stained, which requires another cleaning. Coats you wear more rarely can be cleaned once every few years, in most cases.

Jackets that are made with common materials, such as vinyl and leather, can be cleaned at home but not in the washer and dryer with your other clothes. For the most part, jackets can be hand-washed carefully. Follow the instructions on the care label and for specialty items, such as leather jackets, you may need special cleaning material and tools. Leather, suede and other common jacket materials can generally be cared for at home. But if you have a stain or don’t want to risk it, these items can also be taken to the dry cleaner.

Can a leather jacket get wet?

Leather can definitely get wet because just about any material can get wet. However, leather can be damaged by wet. If you’ve ever worn a suede jacket in the rain, or you’ve seen the “Seinfeld” episode that’s all about this fairly common problem, then you know that leather can end up being water-spotted if it’s worn in the rain. This is because the natural oils in the leather bind to the water molecules when the water lands on the material. When the water dries, it takes these oils along with it as it evaporates. This can lead to water spots. It can also make the leather dry and brittle, because it needs those oils to stay soft and pliant.

If the skies look threatening, you can always flip your jacket inside-out to try to protect the leather. Otherwise, do your best to stay out of the rain. As soon as you get to a dry location, hang your jacket up. Make sure it’s away from direct heat. Allow it to dry most of the way, then wipe it down gently and thoroughly with leather conditioner. If the leather looks too dry or cracked anywhere, add a little more conditioner and work it into the leather with circular motions. [Source: Cleanipedia]

How do I convert inches to centimeters?

When you’re shopping online, you may not always be dealing with U.S. sizes and measurements. Online shopping allows you to search for clothes literally all over the world. That means you will be dealing with sizes that are different all around the world. Many countries outside the U.S. use the metric system, a totally different system of measuring. When you’re buying clothes online, you may find that size charts are measured in centimeters, not inches. To make the conversion, multiply by 2.54. For example, three inches multiplied by 2.54 is 7.62. This means that three inches is the same length as 7.62 centimeters.

Can online orders be canceled?

If you find your item somewhere else or choose to cancel your item for any reason, you can do so. Because many online stores strive to ship items quickly, you may need to return an order before it can be canceled. With custom orders and other types of orders, there may be a fee associated with cancellation. Check the cancellation policy on items before you buy so you will know the terms well.

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