45 Types of Jackets and Coats for Women and Men (List)

Need a jacket. We have you covered literally. Check out this epic list of all the different types of jackets for women and men.

Man woman wearing coats

Jackets are a wardrobe essential as they not only upgrade your overall style but also keep you completely warm in chilly days of autumn and winter. There was a time when jackets used to only come in limited colors like brown, black, and white and common fabrics such as leather and wool.

But thankfully, due to the progress made in the fashion industry, there has been a staggering increase in designs and styles of clothing including everyone’s favorite; jackets!

Luckily, jackets come in several types that women and men with different tastes and preferences definitely view as a justifiable purchase, whether it’s out of necessity or purely for their fashionable elements.

If you are someone who loves jackets or want to learn more about them, you have landed on the right page. Here you will find everything that you need to know about different kinds of jackets and coats that every woman and man should own (or at least some of them).

Jacket vs. coat – what’s the difference?

The fundamental difference betweenjackets and coats, both of which come under the broad category of jackets, is that jackets end at the waist. On the other hand, coats are a longer garment that usually goes up to your knees or thighs.  So, let’s get started with this traditionally worn winter wear.

While jackets and coats are different, we put them all here given they’re outerwear.

A. Types of Jackets for Women

1. Leather Jacket

A beautiful woman sporting a leather jacket like a cape.

Let’s start with the basic type first – The leather jacket!

This is the type of jacket that comes in handy when you want to keep your style casual yet edgy; or when you are not in the mood to put in a lot of effort in your outfit but still want to appear super stylish.

The best part of a leather jacket is that it comes in a plethora of variants that choosing “the one” that also matches your fashion sense won’t end up being a chore!

2. Denim Jacket

A woman laughing in a black tank-top and denim jacket.

A denim jacket must be applauded for its versatility if nothing else. This uber-cool jacket can be styled with any kind of apparel be it dresses, jeans, gown, shirts, you name it!

If you want to pull off a denim-on-denim style like a pro then make sure to choose denim colors that flatter your body shape.

Also, avoid going for denim clothing that is too matchy-matchy.  A popular style that is easy to rock by any woman is high-waisted denim jeans with a cropped shirt in a color like red (that harmonizes well with your denim). To finish the look, throw on a cool denim jacket and rock your stylish outfit.

3. Bomber Jacket

A stylish woman in a fashionable jacket on a sunny day.

As the name suggests, women that prefer to sport a bomber jacket look nothing less than the bomb. Go for this sexy jacket and team it up with a white tee and ripped jeans, and then get ready to channel your inner daredevil.

You can also give a feminine touch to your overall look by opting for a chic bomber jacket with a pencil skirt – this style is apt for a friends’ night out.

4. Quilted Jacket

A young, beautiful woman in a quilted black jacket, walking in the autumn park.

If your aim is to stay warm yet stylish, a modish quilted jacket is just for you. When puffed-up jackets wear you down and leather jackets aren’t enough, quilted jackets are something that can come in handy.

Rock bone-chilling winters with style by investing in a trendy quilted jacket!

5. Linen Jacket

A model posing in shorts and a linen jacket.

If you thought that jackets are for cooler days only, think again. When it is steamy, a cool linen jacket will save the day. Linen is a superlight fabric that makes linen jackets comfortable to wear in the scorching summer heat.

A fashion tip: consider wearing a linen jacket with cool shorts and be the style diva of your dreams. For more feminine clothing, you can go for a bright linen jacket with a long floral dress and get ready to rock any casual occasion!

6. Barbour

A sexy woman wearing a dark navy blue jacket and black shorts.

Every closet must have a timeless jacket and by timeless we mean the classic Barbour jacket.  To pull off this ever-so-trendy jacket is slightly tricky.

The key is to always purchase a Barbour Jacket that fits you perfectly. You can find Barbour jackets in two styles: waxed cotton and quilted. Try out both of these styles and go with the one that makes you feel right at home.

7. Parka Jacket

A woman wearing a cool parka jacket.

A parka jacket is the current obsession of celebs and non-celebs alike. This trendy jacket is supremely versatile to wear as it can be rocked in several fun ways.

Throw on a black sleeveless shift dress and team it up with a brown hooded parka for a relaxed weekend look. You can also look for parka jackets in soft pastel colors to underline your femininity.

If you are a huge fan of denim then a denim parka jacket could be your go-to choice. Do pair your denim parka jacket with a neutral outfit so that it remains in the spotlight.

8. Drawstring Jacket

A woman wearing a drawstring jacket.

What’s unique about this type of jacket is that they come with strings that can be tied around and adjusted around the center.

If you are walking in the rain or snow, this kind of jacket can come in handy in protecting your undergarments from getting all wet. Some drawstring jackets also come with a hoodie, which can also contribute to your comfort level when traveling.  To achieve optimum levels of comfort, our suggestion is to go for cotton drawstring jackets.

9. Hoodie

Front and back views of a woman in a black hoodie jacket posing and smiling for the camera.

Hoodies are one of those few clothing items that can instantly make a woman appear cool and youthful. They make for an excellent choice when going for jogging or running. Just put on a hoodie and you are good to go; you won’t even have to worry about wearing anything underneath it.

Above all, hoodies are ultra-cozy and comfortable, especially when you wear them in fabrics like cotton or polyester. They can literally feel like a hug – no exaggeration there!

10. Cropped Jacket

Model walking the rampway sporting a cropped jacket, top, and jeans.

This is one of those head-turning jackets that are taking over the streets of fashion all over the world. You can find cropped jackets in a variety of fabrics such as camo, leather, and velvet so purchase the one that suits you and the weather.

One of the reasons why a cropped jacket is trending these days is due to the endless ways you can style it. Throw it over a pretty black dress, jeans, or even a blouse!

11. Puffer Jacket

Puffer jacket women

Most women avoid wearing a puffer jacket out of fear of getting all bogged down by its heavyweight.  What they need to know is that a puffer jacket also comes in light-weight material that perfectly serves its practical purpose and also provides you with a slimming effect.

In addition to that, these jackets can be found in a plethora of colors and designs will make you want to buy them all, just at a glance!

12. Cashmere/Wool Jackets

A woman wearing cashmere/wool jacket.

Are you gearing up for long winters? There isn’t a better option than thick cashmere or wool jackets. They will keep you warmer in the teeth-grinding days of winters!

B. Types of Coats for Women

If you are on the lookout for a slightly lighter fabric and a longer version of the traditional jacket, coats are a legitimate option for you. Some of the most common types of coats are:

1. Fur Coat

A fashionable woman wearing a luxurious fur coat.

Every woman loves a rich, soft fur coat. But why is that so? If you don’t know it already, you should know that a fur coat has always been a sign of luxury and sheer elegance.

It is the kind of coat that makes everyone’s head turn. Add a posh clothing piece to your wardrobe by investing in a durable fur coat.

2. Overcoat

A girl posing in a fashionable outfit with a purple backdrop.

You surely can’t do without a warm, snug overcoat during the freezing winters. But protecting you from the colder months is not the only appreciable thing about an overcoat.

This winter essential also makes a fashion statement with its long, classy style. The key to rock your outfit with an overcoat is by slipping on a cushiony woolen scarf around your neck as well as trendy ankle-length boots.

3. Maxi Coat

A woman sporting a gorgeous maxi coat.

Typically, a maxi coat is a full or ankle-length coat. Coats that fall well below your knees are also considered to be maxi coats. Sometimes, these coats also feature a hood which is a great pick for the windy winter days.

Like trench coats, maxi coats can be paired up with any kind of dress. However, these versatile coats look the best when flaunted with a white tee and skinny jeans. Elevate the look a notch higher by wearing your killer heels alongside it!

4. Trench Coat

A beautiful woman sporting a beige trench coat.

What is the first clothing piece that comes to your mind when we say classic and timeless? A trench coat, right?

Like a denim jacket, a trench coat can go well with any outfit. Wear it over an elegant red dress to a fall party or pair it with your casual jeans and tee, and head out for a coffee run on a rainy day.

5. Evening Coats

A glamorous woman wearing a black evening coat over her dress.

An evening coat is a fashionable woman’s choice to reinforce the point that her fashion game is on point. An evening coat can range from a sexy velvet blazer to a sequined jacket etc.

6. Blazer

Woman wearing a red blazer and a matching yellow sunglasses, top, and shoulder bag while leaning against a green door.

Gone are the days when blazers were boring and restricted for formal events only. Today, blazers come in endless colors, cuts, prints, and fabrics that you can pull off at any given occasion.

Wear it with a button-down shirt or your favorite jeans and if blazers are your constant obsession, then a nice blazer dress is also a great option to go for.

Aren’t all these types of jackets and coats unique in their own way? So get them online or from your nearest shopping mall and rock them with style!

C. Types of Jackets and Coats for Men

Different types of men’s jackets on display in a store.

Men’s Jackets and Coats have been an essential part of sartorial fashion for a long time. To cover up during the Autumn and Winter months and to strike a pose, they have been used as a symbol of rugged masculinity and a functional piece of attire for over a century.

There are different types of coats and jackets for various occasions and they are worn by men of different classes, professions, cultures, and ages depending on their tastes. Due to the cultural clashes because of globalization, many tastes and designs have transferred over from different countries and entire continents. Hence, there is now a jacket for almost any occasion. There are special jackets or coats that you can wear to dinner, a sporting event, a date, a formal event, or even to your job. They are priced depending on the brand and the season of course. Here is a list of jackets and coats that you can wear for almost any occasion.

Men’s Coats Chart

Graphics illustration of the different types of men's jackets.


A man wearing a faded gray blazer.

The Blazer resembles the jacket of the suit, but is more casually fitted and is worn at strictly casual events. It is distinguished from a sports jacket as a more formal garment and can be tailored from solid color fabrics rather than having large splashes of different colors.


A man wearing a tan coat.

Coats are the oldest forms of formal clothing. They can be closed by means of buttons, zippers, or hook and loop fasteners. Other features of the coat can include collars and shoulder straps. They are worn during the winter months and the autumn months in order to keep warm.

Barbour Jacket

A close look at a man's Barbour jacket.

Made by the brand J. Barbour and Sons Ltd, Barbour formal Jackets for men are made of waxed cotton. They have become a common element of British country clothing and have become a status symbol. So much so that any cotton waxed jacket is now called a Barbour Jacket. The Barbour Jacket was originally created to facilitate travel on motorcycles. Hence it was a status symbol for the working class man or the youth.

Duster Jacket

A man wearing a cowboy hat and a brown duster jacket.

Horsemen began wearing this to protect their clothes from the dust that blew up from the horses’ hooves. The dusters used to slit up the back to the hip level so that they could be easy to wear. The Duster was first introduced to mass audiences in the film, the Good the Bad and the Ugly. It is credited with the revival of the clothing. Motorcyclists wear dusters today to avoid roadside dust and dirt.

Fleece Jacket

A young man wearing a fleece jacket.

The fleece jacket doesn’t have buttons, so it makes do with zippers. It provides a lot of thermal insulation but isn’t considered rainproof or snow proof. It doesn’t help you out with wind or rain. However, it is made of polar fleece or of synthetic wool.

Tailcoat Jacket

A young man wearing a tailcoat jacket.

It shares its origin with clothing that was designed for horsemen to avoid dust collecting on their clothes. It has evolved into formal wear for the modern man. Two types of tailcoats can be typically purchased. The first is the dress coat which can be worn during evening affairs and can be worn with a formal tie. The second is the morning tailcoat, which can be worn as a formal morning dress with the front tapered off.

Body Warmer

A man wearing a body warmer jacket.

Also called the Gilet, the body warmer is a coat that resembles a waistcoat or blouse, but doesn’t go quite as far to the knees as other coats do. Gilets are often worn as outer layer clothing during extreme clod. Fashion gilets can be made from cloth or fake fur. They can be used by workers during night or morning shifts and by professional cyclists by using light gilets with windproof fronts and mesh backs.

Bunny Hug Jacket

A man wearing a bunny hug jacket with hoodie.

The Bunny Hug jacket is a hooded sweatshirt with no zipper down the front. It is called the bunny hug because it literally looks as if a rabbit is giving you a hug. It is used to keep warm by young individuals and provides attire for exercise during winter as well.

Bomber Jacket

A man's bomber jacket with gray sleeves.

Also called the flight jacket, the bomber jacket was created for pilots in the air force during World War I. It became part of popular culture and apparel over the decades. It has also now identified as the letterman jacket. Though originally designed to save pilots from adverse weather, the jacket has become part of daily casual wear.

Dinner Jacket

A man wearing a white dinner jacket.

The dinner suit or dinner jacket is worn at black-tie events during British and American conventions. Though not completely similar to a tuxedo, it is very similar in style and in design. The dinner jacket is almost always black, navy blue or white, and is distinguished by stain jacket lapels. It is customarily worn with a white dress shirt and a bow tie.

Flying Jacket

A man sporting a flying jacket with fur lining.

While not being much different from the bomber jacket, this is much closer to the original design for a pilot’s jacket. Considered as a symbol of rugged masculinity, this formal jacket for men has a certain allure that gets you as close to the men in uniform than any other jacket can.

Duffel Coat

This is a coat that is made from the thick material, Duffel, which originated in the town of Duffel in Belgium. The fabric is especially thick and the coat is usually worn with metal hooks and laces instead of buttons. It became very fashionable in Eastern Europe during the mid to late 1800s and began being supplied to the British Royal Navy post world war II. It is now a popular garment among students in Europe during the winter.


A young man wearing a gray hoodie.

The hoodie can be perceived as a sweatshirt or a jacket with a hood. It includes a muff sewn on to the lower front and usually a string to adjust the hood’s opening. While hoods have been a major part of men’s attire for centuries, this particular iteration is seen as all-purpose wear for casual settings, especially when it comes to younger individuals. It can be worn at sporting events, barbecues, parties, school meetups, and even some formal events.

Fur Coat

A close look at a man's fur coat.

While primarily seen as winter wear for women, it can and is worn by men in a formal setting in the winter. Fur coats made with faux furs can be worn during very harsh winters, especially in places like Northern Europe and Asia. It is also customary among people living in mountainous areas to adopt this piece of clothing.

High Vis-Vest

A man wearing a green high visibility vest.

High Vis-Vests are customary clothing for many working-class professions. These include yellow waistcoats, which are the most popular form used as a uniform for airport workers and construction workers among others. It is meant to provide high visibility to the wearer because they’re often working in conditions that can put them at risk of accidents.


A man wearing a bright yellow raincoat.

Raincoats are usually made from water-resistant clothing like plastic. They are worn with a pair of boots and are meant to cover your clothing and prevent them from getting wet. There isn’t a high fashion quotient related to the raincoat, but it can be a very functional piece of clothing.

Discover all the different types of raincoats here.


A man wearing a long red cloak over his business attire.

Cloaks have a rich tradition of being worn by people that tend to convey mystery. They are worn by people mostly as a fashion statement or as part of a costume in today’s world rather than a means to keep warm. They are considered traditional men’s clothing to be worn in high-class meetups like the Opera or the Theatre.

Jerkin Jacket

It was worn by the British army and by troops of various armies during the Second World War.  While not in fashion today, the Jerkin is considered as an essential part of sartorial history.


A fashionable man wearing a waistcoat.

Men’s waistcoats are considered as an essential part of the complete three-piece suit. It can be worn without a coat if need be and if fashion permits. It is considered purely formal wear and has been a staple of men’s wear for centuries.


A close look at a man's dark brown parka.

The parka or anorak is a type of coat with a hood and is associated with faux fur. It was traditionally made from caribou or seal skin; however, it is now made from synthetic materials. It is still used to keep warm in the frigid arctic and can sometimes be coated with fresh fish oil to keep its texture.


A man wearing a black tuxedo.

This is the American equivalent to dinner jackets in Britain. It is worn strictly during formal events and is accompanied with a white dress shirt and a bowtie.

Sports Coat

A close look at a man's dark sports coat.

The sports coat or jacket is traditionally viewed as appropriate wear for sporting events. It was usually worn for sporting events at exclusive clubs. However, today it can be used as casual wear for all types of events. It is usually not accompanied by any ties or bowties.


A man wearing a traditional sherwani.

It is traditionally worn over a kurta with the combination of a churidar pajama. The sherwani is usually made from thick fabrics and has the presence of a lining. It originated in India as a European style court dress for nobles and royals in British occupied India.

Trench Coat

A close look at a man's khaki trench coat.

The garment is usually considered as formal men’s wear. It is double-breasted with 10 front buttons with wide lapels. It has become, through pop culture, a staple of film noir and detective fiction. It was worn by many icons of Hollywood such as Humphrey Bogart and Gregory Peck in various films.


A man wearing black overalls.

It’s a type of garment that is usually worn for protecting men from the elements. The professions that integrate overalls usually are working-class professions such as construction work, hardware workers, carpenters, painters, roofers, etc. They were invented by the Levi Strauss & Co. company. However, they’ve evolved considerably to reach their modern form.


A close look at a man's blue windcheater.

This is a jacket that is a thin fabric coat that is meant to withstand the wind chill and light rain for autumn or winter. It uses elastic waistbands and zippers to allow for adjustments.

This is a complete breakdown of all the different types of jackets that can be bought for men. As time moves forward, new and different variations of jackets are bound to pop up. Buy the ones that suit your needs and enter the world of men’s jackets.

Puffer Coat

A man wearing a Canada Goose puffer jacket.

Source: Canada Goose

I have a Canada Goose puffer coat and love it.  It’s snug, has long arms, and keeps me warm.  Puffer coats are down coats.  They can look really puffy or not so much.  They’re very popular because they keep you warm.