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16 Different Types of Baggy Pants

Person wearing baggy pants walking across a bridge

Baggy pants are what you reach for when you’re having a lazy day. Maybe you put some on after a big meal or when you’re not feeling well, health-wise. Maybe you wear them when you’re traveling.

Heck, you might even wear them all the time. There are many types of baggy pants and lots of comfortable styles that feel great, fit great and look great. You can choose style and comfort with the right types of baggy pants.

Who Wears the Pants?

Pants are one of those items of clothing that has been around for so long, its true story has been lost to the pages of time. Ancient humans living during the Stone Age wore pant-like clothing, or at least leg coverings. They lashed fur skins and animal hides to their legs in order to survive the cold temperatures and harsh conditions of the Ice Age.

But as society began to develop around warm climates in the Middle East, the wearing of pants fell out of fashion. Most people wore short skirts and long tunics, as depicted in Egyptian imagery. The first time that a written record of pants was noted happened around 600 B.C.E. when Greek historians wrote of them.

Row of pants hanging up

The Greeks saw pants being worn by Persian, Central Asian and Eastern horse riders. The Greeks, like the Egyptians and other cultures who lived in the Mediterranean region wore gowns and skirts exclusively. Pants, however, made more sense for those who traveled by horseback.

When the Greeks first saw these horse riders in their pants, the style was so different that historians took note of them and wrote about it.

But the ancient Greeks didn’t travel by horseback and they scoffed at the notion of pants altogether. Rome likewise agreed and outfitted their soldiers in skirts rather than put them in the strange-looking garment preferred by the horse riders. When Rome later attempted to conquer Britain, they ran into pants-wearing people again and again, found this to be a very strange way of dressing indeed.

Soon, however, Roman soldiers saw the benefit of wearing pants in the wet, moist climate of England.

Three people wearing baggy pants

Pants didn’t really catch on in popular culture until the 1300s, when it became clear that they were superior military garments.

Knights wore tight-fitting hose under their armor. Pant styles began to develop from here until today, when there are many, many different types of pants. And when you’re looking for styles that are going to be baggy and comfortable, there are plenty of types to choose from.

Types of Baggy Pants

When you want to just feel comfortable, when you need to do a tough job, when you want to work out, there’s a pair of baggy pants that are perfect for whatever you want to do. Get to know more about the different types of baggy pants you can wear for all kinds of different activities and get to building a better wardrobe based on the styles you like best.


CandyHusky Men Women Baggy Hippie Boho Gypsy Yoga Harem Pants Aladdin Costumes (White)

Also known as Turkish trousers, these are very wide, airy pants that are gathered tightly at the ankle. This is still folk clothing in Turkey and there are several very similar variations of the pants, including tashalava, schalwar, kaccha, patiala salwar, shintigan, sirwal, shaovary, balloon pants and zouave.

These pants are typically made in lightweight, breathable fabrics that create a very airy design. Aladdin pants are made to sort of float around the legs because the fit is so baggy and the cinched ankles creates a natural air pocket around the legs. It’s a very comfortable, casual style that’s easy to wear.


Smart & Sexy Women's Comfort Cotton Boyfriend Fleece Lounge Pants, Black Hue, XL

Boyfriend pants and boyfriend jeans are a woman’s style of pants that are intentionally made to look like a man’s style of pants. The cut of these pants is somewhat baggy and boxy on a woman’s frame, with a straight leg style that comes straight down from the hips.

Boyfriend pants are a little bit baggy by design because they’re supposed to look like a man’s pants but on a woman’s body. However, these pants are still styled to fit a woman’s body and won’t really fit a man’s body very well.


ATG by Wrangler Men's Upland Pant, Denim/turkish Coffee, 36W x 32L

Cut in a straight, loose style, bush pants are wide-legged pants with large pockets on either leg. They end in very wide leg openings. The wide legs create a cool, comfortable design that is perfect for warm weather wear.


Match Men's Wild Cargo Pants(Black,32)

Cargo pants are made with large thigh pockets that are designed to store tools and gear. Cargo pants are somewhat loose-fitting and slightly baggy, which gives the body plenty of room to move and maneuver while working. These pants are typically made in durable designs with strong materials because they’re worn as a popular style of work pants.


Dickies mens Sanded Duck Carpenter jeans, Timber, 32W x 32L US

Carpenter pants are made specifically to be worn by carpenters. They are a somewhat baggy design and always have a hammer loop on the leg. Carpenter pants are often made with features like double knees and extra tool pockets to hold items. They’re made to be highly durable because they’re designed as work pants.

However, the baggy fit makes these pants stylish and comfortable to wear, too. They have a great casual look that’s stylish even when you aren’t working.


Rothco Vintage R/S Vietnam Fatigue Pants, Olive Drab, Large

Fatigue pants are military pants and they’re popular as civilian wear, too. They are slightly loose-fitting to allow for comfort and easy movement, with a straight style that ends right at the ankle. Fatigue pants have tool pockets and many extra features to hold various pieces of gear. These pants are reinforced in specific areas for additional strength, too.


Banjamath® Women's Smocked Waist Harem Hippie Boho Yoga Palazzo Casual Pants (M,Peacock Black)

Wide and baggy, harem pants are cinched at the ankle. Despite the name, this is not a style from the Middle East. However, the design was certainly inspired by similar pants, notably Turkish trousers. Harem pants were introduced to European and American fashion in 1910 by designer Paul Poiret as a Western take on Eastern pants designs.

Harem pants are most notable for inspiring the later Hammer pants, which became a fashion craze in the 1980s. Worn by recording artist M.C. Hammer, the loose trousers were extremely wide through the hips and thighs and tapered sharply on the lower legs and ankles.

Made with a low crotch, the design was perfect for the style of dancing that was popular at the time, namely the Hammer dance, and these pants were a huge hit. Hammer pants have since become a vintage look.


One Stop Equine Shop BasEQ Emma Children's Two-Tone Pull On Embroidered Cartoon Horse Jodhpurs Tan/Chocolate 6

Jodhpurs were made for horseriding and the modern style of these pants looks nothing like the original design. Today, these are very slim-fitting pants that resemble leggings. But when they were first introduced into fashion and for many decades beyond, jodhpurs were baggy through the hips and thighs and then snug-fitting from the knee to the ankle.

This design was created for riding and it was a very popular style, being widely worn by men and women for decades. Over time, however, the jodhpur design was streamlined. Today, it’s harder to find jodhpurs made in a more traditional look.


Arolina Women's Stretchy Wide Leg Palazzo Lounge Pants Black

Palazzo pants are a women’s pant style that fits at the waist and then flares out with two extremely wide legs in a loose-fitting design. These pants are often made with lightweight fabrics and worn in spring and summer. The wide legs allow for cooling airflow to circulate, which helps keep the body from getting overheated.

Palazzo pants are a great option for business and semi-formal wear for women who don’t want to wear a dress or skirt to keep their legs cool.


Women Cotton Pantaloons Costume Bloomers Vintage Pettipants with Lace Ruffle Hem Ivory

Pantaloons are knee-length or longer and they are very baggy with cinched bottoms that have a ruffle of fabric or lace below the cinch. Pantaloons can be worn as pants alone or under a skirt or another pair of pants as an additional layer.

Sailor / Bell Bottoms

WSPLYSPJY Women's Print Stretch Bell Bottom Flare Palazzo Pants Trousers

Better known as bell bottoms or flared leg pants, sailor pants were made with legs that flared out past the knees, a design that helped keep pants dry while on the deck of a ship. The wide leg openings fit easily over boots. Bell bottoms became an extremely popular look in the 1960s and 1970s and they are still worn in popular fashion all the time.


Hanes Men's Jogger Sweatpant with Pockets, Black, Large

Sweatpants are athletic pants that can be worn before, during or after a workout but they are also popularly worn as loungewear. Sweatpants are made in soft, breathable materials in loose, baggy designs with drawstring or elastic waistbands that conform to the body even when the body changes size!

Sweatpants are similar to track pants, which are really just more fitted, more stylized sweatpants.


Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Series Xpedition Pant, Ranger Green/Black, 34W 32L

Tactical pants are very similar to cargo pants and have cargo pockets. However, these pants also have other extras and features that are helpful in tactical situations of all kinds. These pants are worn by EMTs, SWAT team agents and FBI agents, as well as other law enforcement officials and firefighters.

Tactical pants are also worn in civilian wear and they are popular with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Thai Fisherman

RaanPahMuang Thai Fisherman Pants Men/Women, Loose Yoga, Pirate, Harem Pants, 100% Cotton, Unisex Kimono Pants, X-Large, Natural Undyed Cream

Thai fisherman pants are very wide in the waist because they’re made in just one size and one style. The extra material is wrapped around the waist and tied, creating a belt. These pants are often made with cotton or rayon and they are associated with fishermen in Thailand, as you might have guessed.

They have since spread into Western fashion, where they’re popular as maternity pants and beach pants.

Tobi Trousers

ONTTNO Men's Floral Stretchy Waist Casual Ankle Length Pants (Black)

Tobi trousers are traditional uniform pants in Japan. They are worn by construction workers who work in high places. The pants are baggy and then taper sharply just past the knee. These pants are worn with Jika-tabi, which are traditional high boots designed in bright colors.

Wide Leg

SweatyRocks Women's Casual Wide Leg High Waisted Button Down Straight Long Trousers Pants Black M

Wide leg pants flare out wide from the hips, getting wider and wider until they create very wide leg openings at the cuffs. This design makes it easy to wear boot styles of all types.

Wearing Different Types of Baggy Pants

Try wearing all sorts of different types of baggy pants for all sorts of activities or just because you like the way the style looks. Baggy pants are made to feel good and above all, fashion should always feel good. If you’re looking for comfortable style, baggy pants are a great place to start.


person wearing baggy pants

Baggy pant styles have been around literally for centuries and there are many different types of baggy pants you might wear. That means you might have a lot of questions about wearing them. We’ve got the answers to the most frequently asked questions about baggy pants styles, so you can get all the information you need to wear, care for and style these pants well.

Are baggy pants in style?

Baggy pants were pretty much the look of the 1990s but how about now? Are baggy pants even in style? Yes! Baggy pant styles actually stretch back through the pages of history, with different styles becoming popular at different times.

Baggy pants in all styles have now become classic, so you can’t go wrong when wearing them because you’re honoring past looks by putting a new spin on this iconic fashion silhouette.

You can stay up-to-date on the newest and latest baggy pant styles by following popular celebrities on social media. Many celebrities post pictures of their latest outfits, so you can see exactly what’s trendy and what’s in style. Once a celebrity poses in something, it becomes fashionable and trendy whether it was already considered to be that way or not!

Can you make pants bigger?

Sometimes, pants can be altered to improve the fit. The waistline can be made a little smaller or let out a little bit and the legs can be shortened, though usually they cannot be lengthened. But pants cannot really become much bigger or smaller. If you need bigger pants, you need to get a new pair of pants.

How do you style baggy pants?

The trick to styling baggy pants is to wear something fitted somewhere. You do not want to pair baggy pants with a baggy blouse or top that completely swamps your body and hides your figure. You can wear an oversized top but wear it with a belt to define your waist and give yourself a shape. Try wearing fitted tops, cropped jackets and belts to make outfits with baggy pants look amazing.


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