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Should You Wear Long or Short Necklaces with V-Neck Shirts?

Here's a closer look at how you should wear necklaces with V-neck shirts. Wearing the correct length will not only flatter your neckline but as well as your overall look.

Woman wearing layered necklaces with V-neck top.

Necklaces with V-neck shirts may show off your neck, bust and upper body in a way that attracts people to you. I warn you to make sure they fall at the correct length, however. Otherwise, you could experience devastating fashion embarrassments.

What I Like

Nude Lariat necklace

Source: Lana Jewelry

This instance of a necklace with a V-neck top makes sense to me. It’s subtle. It doesn’t take away from the natural beauty of a person when wearing it. It also has a shiny appeal that comes from wearing metallic jewelry in the light. I could see this achieved with any color metal, including silver, gold, bronze, platinum or another. 

Sleek Peek Rose Gold Layered Choker Necklace

Source: Lulus

I do believe in layer necklaces. If worn with a V-neck line, however, I think the chains should stay above the fabric and not below it. Not everyone will agree with me, but that’ show I feel.

Sometimes, when it comes to wearing a neckless with a V-neckline, it may provide a subtle accent. It brings out the best in the portion of the body from the neckline down to the bust, for instance.

Ring Decor Layered Y Lariat Necklace

Source: SheIn

Sometimes, combining chokers with one long chain that reaches close to a shirt’s fabric provides a unique, aesthetic appeal. It can bring out the important points of a person’s body from the neck to the bust point where the fabric may first appear.

What I Have “Mixed Feelings” About

Box Chain - Rose Gold

Source: Awe Inspired

If I were to see someone wearing a necklace that has all four layers shown in the above photo, I’d wonder. I think layering necklaces of different lengths could cover up the bare space between the neckline base and the shirt worn below it. However, wearing too many chains together may seem like overkill.

What I Don’t Like

Woman putting on a necklace.

“If I want to add a little more, I’ll add a longer pendant like the Rebel Pendant to add more pizzazz to the simple T-shirt and jeans look. One necklace to touch the skin, one to touch the fabric. It’s all about layering.”

Ashley Danielle seems to set a precedent for layering necklaces. I do understand the idea of having necklaces reach to below the fabric line of dresses, shirts or other attire. However, I don’t think that any chains worn around the neck should reach beyond the skin present below a V-neck line.

I’m also not sure if I would wear a squared necklace that would spread along the front of my chest. If it has too many gems too near the neckline, it may come across as too flashy. If wearing a piece like this, it’s best if that’s all the jewelry you wear unless it’s stud earrings or a thin bracelet on one arm.

Your Turn to Experiment

Woman wearing short necklace.

I don’t expect you to like all my choices. I also don’t want you to feel bad if you like what I don’t like. Therefore, I encourage you to experiment with wearing necklaces with V-line shirts or other tops. I offer additional tips to allow you to explore on your own.

To start, make sure your necklace is long enough that it doesn’t disappear into your v-neck shirt. You want people to be able to see it. Some necklaces drop too low and may end up caught underneath a top’s fabric.

If you have a big bust, make sure the necklace isn’t too short or it will end up looking like a choker. People gazing at you may not notice. After all, you could wear at least one additional chain below the one closest to your neckline to balance the skin space between the neck and the top of the bust line.

You can also experiment with different types of necklaces: pendants, chains and statement necklaces. Wearing them with a V-neck shirt will help you show off all the jewelry you have.

My Final Take on V-Necklaces

Woman wearing office attire and a necklace.

Make sure you choose a necklace for your V-neck shirt that complements your overall look rather than competing with it. It also must show up above your bust line, with some exceptions.

I know that some sources recommend wearing layered necklaces with V-neck tops above and below the fabric neckline. I don’t. 

I prefer the neck jewelry to appear above the neckline unless I’m wearing crew neck shirts that come slower to my neckline than a V-neck would. If I see more fabric than skin, then I would accept longer necklaces. Otherwise, I think they should remain above the neckline.