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25 Pants Similar to Carhartt

Side view angle of a man wearing Carhartt

Carhartt is famous for its durable and comfortable workwear. When Carhartt was first founded in 1889, the company made clothes for rail workers. Today, the company makes a wide range of clothing, including jeans and work pants.

People love how durable Carhartt clothing is. Clothes are made with heavy-duty threads and materials resistant to stains and water. Products are also reasonably priced, with pants ranging from $39.99 to $99.99.  

Carhartt is sold online and in many stores. Still, they’re not the only brand making high-quality workwear. These brands are all great alternatives to Carhartt pants.

1. Dickies

Person wearing khaki work pants

Dickies makes work pants in a variety of fits, fabrics, and sizes. The brand is famous for its 874 work pants, which are relaxed, tapered pants made from sturdy twill. Dickies is also known for making stylish, durable clothing for skateboarders. 

From cargo pants to painter’s paints, Dickies offers a range of styles for men and women. Prices for a pair of work pants range from $29.99 to $119.99. Some pants use cooling or moisture-wicking technology for maximum comfort. 

2. REI

REI physical store in San Diego California.

REI is a recreational company known for its durable outdoor clothing. They make products like snow pants and yoga pants, but they also offer quality work pants. The Trailsmith Pants made from sturdy cotton and moisture-wicking spandex are very popular.

This brand caters to people that love spending time in outdoors. They make pants that are suitable for both hiking and outdoor work. Prices for their work pants can run from $49.99 to $99.99. 

3. Timberland

A photo of a Timberland physical store in Belgrade Serbia.

The Timberland brand began by making sturdy boots. Since then, the company has added more products to its line. They now make a wide range of clothing, including work pants that are made from rugged materials.

Timberland clothing looks office-appropriate, but it’s designed for the outdoors. Many of their pants are water-resistant and provide sun protection. Costs range from $29.99 to $150.

4. 1620 USA

Photo of a 1620 USA pants isolated in white background.

1620 USA makes workwear with a lifetime guarantee. They use fabric technology that’s designed to boost comfort and productivity. Fabrics include stretch nylon and double weave twill. 

With prices starting at $148, 1620 USA is more expensive than Carhartt. Since their pants are made to last 10x longer than other work pants, some buyers see them as a solid investment. This clothing is ideal for heavy-use jobs like construction.

5. Duluth Trading Company

Duluth Trading Company Men’s Fire Hose Relaxed Fit Cargo Pants isolated in a white background.

This Minnesota brand makes clothing for people that work hard. From cargo jeans to utility pants, they make a range of products from breathable fabrics. Their pants also have triple-stitched seams for extra durability.

Some durable pants are stiff, but everything that this brand makes has plenty of stretches. The brand uses sustainable fabrics whenever possible. Costs can vary, with pants ranging from $39.95 to $124.50.

6. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen physical store in Alberta Canada.

Founded in 1877, Helly Hansen is a Norwegian company that makes clothes for harsh weather. The brand has even designed survival suits for oil workers! They make multifunctional work pants with rain and sun protection.

This brand uses a range of technologies to make its pants more durable. They also use natural fibers like cotton. Prices range from $45 to $180 for a pair of work pants.

7. Bulwark

A men's Bulwark pants in darkblue colorway isolated in a white background.

Bulwark makes flame-resistant clothing that works well for dangerous jobs. The brand is popular in many lines of work, including oil and gas. Their pants can even hold up against molten metals! 

Some of their styles include jeans and classic cotton work pants. Costs can range anywhere from $55 to $252. The most expensive pants they sell are suitable for fighting fires.

8. Patagonia

image of a hand holding a patagonia jacket's label, showing fair trade certified logo

This brand makes clothing for outdoor sports, like climbing, hiking, and fly fishing. Their heavy-duty pants are also ideal for outdoor jobs. They make canvas pants, and jeans, and even sell pants made from hemp!

Patagonia is a California brand that’s very popular in the Pacific Northwest. Everything the brand makes has a guarantee. Prices for workwear pants typically range from $79 to $99. 

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9. Truewerk

A photo of a working man wearing a truework pants.

True to its name, Truewerk makes comfortable and breathable workwear. They offer pants for all weather conditions, from sunny days to snowy weather. All pants have stretch so that workers can stay mobile. 

Truewerk pants also have plenty of pockets so that wearers can carry what they need. The brand is very popular with construction workers and carpenters. Prices range from $59 to $70.

10. Cat Workwear

A photo of a man wearing CAT Workwear.

Caterpillar is a leading manufacturer of construction equipment. Their clothing line, Cat Workwear, offers rugged and comfortable work pants. Many of their pants are waterproof, flame resistant, and UV protection. 

The brand offers lightweight pants and heavy-duty pants for tough jobs. Many of their pants have reinforced stitching for extra durability. Costs vary, but pants usually cost between $44.99 and $84.99. 

11. Mountain Khakis

A photo of a man's mountain khaki isolated in a white background.

Mountain Khakis is a Wyoming company that blends timeless styles with durable designs. This brand makes clothing that’s perfect for the office and the outdoors! Pants come in lots of colors and are made out of fabrics like cotton canvas. 

Features like knee and back seat panels make these pants extra durable. Most of their pants also have plenty of products. Their prices range from $59.95 to $109.95.

12. Wrangler

Photo of a man wearing Wrangler Authentics Classic Twill Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant.

Wrangler is famous for its jeans, but they make workwear too! They offer pants made from breathable materials with reinforced stitching for extra protection. Pants are available in lots of colors and even offer features like extra pockets. 

The fabrics Wrangler uses include ripstop cotton and spandex for extra stretch. They even offer durable dress pants! Prices are affordable, with costs ranging from $29 to $69. 

13. Grease Point Workwear

A close up photo of a man's Grease Point workwear denim pants.

Located in Oregon, Grease Point Workwear has been making premium workwear since 2013. They stand out from other workwear brands because they offer made-to-order clothing. When you buy pants from them, your pants will have the perfect fit.

They use high-quality materials to make their pants, like canvas and selvage denim. Stress points are bar tacked to make pants extra sturdy. These custom-made pants cost more than similar brands, with prices starting at $229.

14. Taylor Stitch

Close up photo of a man wearing a Taylor Stitch denim pants.

Taylor Stitch makes work pants that wear in, not out. They use recycled materials that are comfortable and sturdy. Fabrics used include organic cotton and hemp. 

These pants are durable enough for tough jobs and are also office appropriate. Thanks to this, the brand appeals to many different customers. Prices for their pants start at $118.

15. 5.11 Tactical

Close up photo of a 5.11 tactical pants with filled pockets.

This brand is very popular with first responders and law enforcement! Their pants go through testing to make sure they’re as sturdy as possible. Pants also have bar tacking and reinforced stitching. 

Comfort is also key to the 5.11 brand. Many pants have self-adjusting waistbands that give the wearer a perfect fit. Prices for pants range from $48 to $112.

16. Arborwear

A khaki colored arborwear women's pants isolated in a white background.

This workwear brand used to make pants for people that work with trees. Since then, they’ve added more to their line and now make pants for many clients! They use a breathable canvas for many of their pants for added comfort.

The pants come in many colors and keep their color even after repeated washings. Products range from lightweight pants to heavy-duty clothes for tough jobs. Prices start at $45 but go all the way up to $300. 

17. Dovetail Workwear

A women's Dovetail Workwear pants isolated in a white background.

Carhartt makes pants for men and women, but Dovetail caters to women with dirty jobs. Women looking for an alternative to Carhartt will love this durable clothing brand. They offer pants in many styles, including bootcut and relaxed leg pants.

Dovetail makes pants from tough materials like ripstop cotton. Their pants even have secured pockets for extra protection. Prices for pants range from $79 to $149.

18. Wolverine

Backview of a men's Wolverine Canvas pants isolated in a white background.

Wolverine started out making boots but now makes all kinds of workwear! Their target audience is people that work in trades that need extra-sturdy clothing. They make pants from durable Guardian cotton. 

Many of Wolverine’s pants also have a stretchy waist for extra comfort. Pants come in colors like black, brown, and green. Their prices start at $45. 

19. KÜHL

Kühl men's pants isolated in a white background.

KÜHL is an independent brand that makes clothing for all terrains. They use premium materials to make tough pants that can handle any environment. The brand offers pants in lots of styles and in many colors. 

Most KÜHL pants use a blend of cotton and spandex for breathability and stretch. While pants look sturdy, the fabrics feel soft against the skin. Their prices vary, but most pants cost between $79 and $99.

20. Sa1nt Workwear

Sideview photo of a men's sa1nt workwear pants isolated in a white background.

SA1NT makes sturdy clothing for motorcycle riders. They use ultra-sturdy materials that still have lots of stretches. While their motorcycle jeans are very popular, they also offer workwear!

The brand offers denim workwear as well as lightweight twill pants. Even though the brand is famous for its tough clothing, the pants are also comfortable to wear. Pants from this brand usually cost around $89.99. 

21. Ariat

Close upphoto of a man wearing leather boots matched with an Ariat pants.

Ariat is famous for boots, but their workwear is great too. The brand has been making durable clothing for more than thirty years. They offer straight-leg pants in colors like black, tan, and blue. 

This brand offers both lightweight, sturdy pants and pants for the toughest jobs. It’s common to see their pants in the office and at construction sites! Their prices range from $49.95 to $164.95.

22. L.L. Bean

Side view angle of a man wearing a L.L. Bean cargo pants.

The L.L. Bean brand has been around for over 100 years and has a reputation for its qualities. While the company makes outdoor clothing, their pants are perfect for tough jobs. They offer lots of styles, including stretch khakis and multisport pants. 

Since L.L. Bean is a major retailer, they have pants in plenty of colors and styles. Most pants use a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex for comfort and breathability. Prices for pants are generally around $49.99 to $79.99. 

23. Filson

Front view of a Filson store located in New York USA.

Filson has been making workwear since 1897. The brand has grown and changed in many ways, but their clothing has always been very durable. Many of their pants are made using the brand’s signature tin cloth.

Their pants start at $130, which makes them more expensive than Carhartt pants. Still, all clothing from Filson has a lifetime guarantee. This brand is perfect for people that want to invest in premium pants. 

24. Columbia

Zoom in photo of a Columbia pants label.

Columbia is an outdoor and sportswear brand that launched in 1938. The brand is well-known for their bags and jackets, but they also make high-quality pants. From cargo pants to utility pants, Columbia offers many styles. 

Columbia uses durable fabrics like cotton and recycled polyester. This brand also makes big and tall pants for larger customers. Prices are reasonable, with pants starting at $24.99.

25. Ben Davis Clothing

Close up photo of a Ben Davis Navy blue pant isolated in a white background.

Since 1935, Ben Davis has been making tough clothing for workers. Their pants are popular with construction workers, carpenters, and other tradesmen. They sell durable and comfortable clothing with a classic design. 

While the selection at Ben Davis is smaller than Carhartt’s, the quality is comparable. Most pants use a cotton and polyester blend and come in wide and slim fits. This brand has very affordable prices, with most pants sold at around $49.