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18 Brands Similar to Carhartt (Less and More Expensive Options)

Carhartt Retail Store

Carhartt is one of the oldest and best-known workwear brands for men and women in the U.S.. Located in Dearborn, Michigan, Carhartt was founded in 1889 and continues to be a privately-owned company that focuses on high-quality flame-resistant coats, rugged jackets, clothing, work boots with safety toes and composite, waterproof rain jackets, and tough work jeans. This massive apparel line satisfies almost every need and all types of activities.

In addition to their high quality and durable apparel and footwear, customers are Carhartt brand loyal because of the company’s long and rich history. Decades ago, the Carhartt team recognized this competitive edge and continued to take pride in it, with their website motto being “Outworking them all.”

Carhartt products range in price depending on the clothing category, size, and type, but are generally affordable. You can purchase them in online retailers and big-box locations like Walmart and Dick’s.

When a customer finds a good brand, online research typically follows, and part of this analysis is finding other companies with related products to become more educated on marketplace choices. So if you’re interested in other similar brands to Carhartt, keep reading to learn more!

1. Arborwear not to be confused with harbor wear

Screenshot of Arborwear homepage.

As the brand name indicates, Arborwear focuses on safety gear, not apparel you’d wear on a boat and around a harbor! Arborwear’s safety gear is the type that can be worn out in the forest that can ward off all elements. The company’s original focus was on tree climbing, but they’ve since expanded into other areas like durable accessories, safety gear, and clothing.

Their outdoor clothing lines are an excellent alternative to Carhartt because of the unique style options while maintaining a high-quality level. Note that Arborwear’s clothing is significantly more expensive than Carhartt’s, but you can expect to have the items for a long time!

2. Caterpillar, the brand, not the insect

Screenshot of Caterpillar homepage.

The brand could be a little confusing to many consumers who view Caterpillar as a construction equipment label. Yes, it is, and the same company that makes high-quality equipment makes an equally as rugged and classic workwear brand. Surprisingly, Caterpillar is one of the leading competitors to the Carhartt workwear line since they’re targeting the same market.

However, Caterpillar may have an advantage because the same individuals driving their excavators are more likely to buy their apparel line due to familiarity with the company’s quality. Caterpillar specializes in hard-working accessories and clothing that have longevity, even in the most demanding environments. Caterpillar also makes other clothing, from comfortable tees to flannel shirts, to wear when not on site.

3. Columbia, different spelling than the country

Screenshot of Columbia homepage.

One of the closest competitors of The North Face, Patagonia, and Carhartt is Columbia, which is an excellent alternative to these brands for outdoor gear and apparel. The company offers a vast selection ranging from shoes and boots to backpacks, outerwear, and other rugged outdoor gear, all at comparable prices (and sometimes cheaper) to Carhartt.

The Columbia brand has been around for decades and continues to consume a small slice of the outdoor wear market share pie. As a result, the company is another iconic American brand known globally.

4. The Cornerstone of your apparel

Screenshot of Cornerstone homepage.

Although Cornerstone is a much smaller brand compared to Carhartt and others on this list, their quality is large, despite the small choices. Cornerstone is a great niche option focusing on casual clothes and outerwear, sold directly to the consumer. If you work in the medical sector, you may have heard of Cornerstone because they make exceptionally durable and desirable scrubs and are good at what they do.

5. Dri Duck, because being dri is important

Screenshot of Dri-Duck homepage.

With a focus on apparel that can stand up to all types of outdoor conditions, Dri Duck produces every item from heavy-duty, insulated winter jackets to classic chore coats, making them the ideal choice for those who work all day outdoors and require durable clothes that can fight the elements.

You never know what the day will deliver at a construction site or out on the farm, so you want to be prepared with comfortable and warm clothing to ensure you can get the job done without any outside distractions. For this reason, Dri Duck’s workwear is an excellent alternative to Carhartt, although they are more expensive. In addition, the reviews of most Dri Duck items are exceptional because of their quality build.

6. Duluth Trading Company has those wonderful cartoon commercials

Screenshot of Duluth Trading Company homepage.

I love the Duluth Trading Company commercials because they perfectly describe problems and solutions, especially with their men’s underwear line. However, Duluth offers much more than underwear and work clothes as a company.

Their portfolio includes numerous other casual staples, many of which are at an incredibly low price. The company carries all types of apparel, from carpenter’s pants and work jackets to shoes and boots, so it’s a suitable place to find entire outfits for any activity.

Duluth Trading Company offers many robust and durable products, much like Carhartt, given its rugged name. An additional benefit is the company’s website is simple to use and well stocked, plus they have 60 retail locations across the United States for those who desire an in-person shopping experience.

7. Eddie Bauer is a clothing staple

Screenshot of Eddie Bauer homepage.

Founded in 1920, Eddie Bauer has delivered new and innovative outdoor clothing options at prices consistent with Carhartt. Named after Eddie Bauer, the founder, the company has patented numerous designs, including their infamous quilted jacket. To ensure high quality in all conditions, the company utilizes fabric technologies, including WeatherEdge and eVent, patented by engineers and designers at Eddie Bauer.

Given the technology implemented in their products, Eddie Bauer remains an affordable brand. In addition, one of their most popular products, the Downlight StormDown Hooded Jacket, is constructed from 5% recycled Polyester, so they have a corporate focus on sustainability.

8. Filson, your one stop shop for American heritage outerwear

Screenshot of Filson homepage.

As a leading American Heritage brand, Filson produces durable and rugged gear and clothing with excellent performance and an appealing aesthetic. Filson is one of those brands the cool kids can wear around trendy neighborhoods in large cities, like Carhartt. But, ironically, Filson’s apparel line is simultaneously the perfect choice for the serious outdoorsman to wear in the wilderness.

That means the clothing isn’t just for show; it has excellent functionality. Filson carries all types of apparel, from pants, sweaters, and shirts to outdoor gear like fishing equipment, hunting gear, and even luggage.

9. Helly Hansen is your source for outdoor apparel

Screenshot of Helly Hansen homepage.

Located in Oslo, Norway, Helly Hansen is better known across Europe than in the United States. The lack of brand knowledge is unfortunate because their outdoor gear and clothing rival even the most premium brands across the pond. Given the ruggedness of Norway, their gear is focused on outdoor adventures over workwear, making them a great alternative to Carhartt.

However, this is not the best clothing to purchase if you’re looking for construction apparel and gear. Helly Hansen is more expensive than Carhartt and most other brands on this list, but you get exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and durability. Helly Hansen’s outdoor apparel is best suited for cold weather journeys while still being stylish enough to deliver universal appeal.

10. Keen Utility screams excellent work boots

Screenshot of Keen Utility homepage.

Best known for their comfortable yet durable work boots, Keen Utility offers numerous outdoor gear and workwear products that rival Carhartt. Every item Keen produces must conform to the same high standards that have made them one of the best names in work wear. Keen’s most popular items are steel-toe boots, hats, bags, and sandals, which are the opposite of steel-toe boots.

In any case, since all these products follow the same standards, you can rest assured they will last long, regardless of what the day throws at them. Keen Utility’s products are generally more expensive than Carhartt’s, but they have regular sales and deals to find the correct item in your price range.

11. Can’t leave L.L. Bean off this list

Screenshot of L.L.Bean homepage.

This is L.L. Bean’s specialty for those searching for durable outdoor gear, so they are an excellent alternative to Carhartt. One of the most significant benefits of L.L. Bean’s outdoor gear is that it holds well in wintry weather.

Additionally, L.L. Bean offers a variety of outdoor equipment, home goods, and bags, with their backpack line being around for decades. I remember having an L.L Bean backpack in high school because of its durability and ability to hold super heavy books that I had never read!

12. Levi’s is another iconic brand that must be on this list

Screenshot of Levi's homepage.

As one of the stereotypical examples of the iconic apparel brand, Levi’s began as a workwear staple, transforming into much more than the founders could ever have imagined! Founded way back in 1853, Levi’s was one of the first American brands to offer workwear apparel and literally invented denim jackets and denim jeans. Although these two clothing articles continue to be Levi’s staples across the globe, the company’s portfolio has expanded to comfortable clothing that surpasses workwear.

Today, Levi’s delivers various products ranging from tees and shirts to chinos, classic 501 jeans, and much more. Although the company has had to keep up with inflation to remain in business, prices remain reasonable compared to many other brands. Since Levi’s started as and continues to offer workwear apparel, they are a direct competitor of Carhartt, with a comparable price point.

13. Patagonia is the perfect choice for the Patagonia Region

Screenshot of Patagonia homepage.

Patagonia is another highly trusted global outdoor apparel and gear brand. They have created premium clothing with similar quality to North Face and Carhartt for decades, along with a vast selection of workwear, fishing equipment, bags, and much more.

Patagonia is synonymous with quality because of its excellent material selection and production methods. Also, the name makes you think of quality due to the rugged Patagonia Region of Argentina.

14. A Red Kap goes with blue shirts

Screenshot of Red Kap homepage.

Founded in 1923, Red Kap is another American staple brand that makes work wear and industrial clothing designed for some of the biggest industries, including culinary, transportation, and automotive. However, Red Kap operates differently than all brands on this list because they are more of a business-to-business organization, supplying uniforms and other apparel instead of a business-to-consumer brand.

As a result, they are a brand the average consumer has never heard of but is iconic in the industrial and commercial world because their apparel holds up under the most demanding conditions.

15. The North Face will give you a smiley face

The North Face

In recent years, the VF Corporation acquired The North Face, the same parent company as Dickies. The company decided to keep the name and branding because of its iconic appeal to consumers across the globe.

The North Face remains one of the most popular clothing and gear brands because it can withstand even the coldest climates. The North Face is well known for its bags and outerwear but has recently expanded its offerings into pants, tops, jackets, and other apparel. They continue to be a significant competitor to Carhartt’s outdoor garb.

16. Timberland has landed on amazing boots

Screenshot of Timberland homepage.

Best known for their incredibly durable, steel-toed work boots, which have also become a fashion statement, Timberland has branched out into other apparel and footwear areas to become one of the most popular streetwear brands in the U.S. With the addition of rugged jackets and work pants, Timberland is an excellent alternative to Carhartt to match their strong boots. Additionally, the company has launched a variety of denim options to accompany a good pair of boots.

17. Wolverine, not the animal, don’t worry

Screenshot of Wolverine homepage.

Founded by Hugh Jackman of X-Men in honor of his best and favorite character, Wolverine lives up to its tough name and is the only brand acceptable to wear at Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Mutants! Of course, the Wolverine brand is completely unrelated to X-Men.

Still, Logan would love the durability and quality of the accessories, boots, and clothing line, especially when engaging in epic battles against villains! Honestly, Marvel should contact the powers that be at this brand since they are missing out considerably on cross-promotional activities, especially since they know the founder!

18. Wrangler up some of those great jeans

Screenshot of Wrangler homepage.

Like many other brands on this list, Wrangler has become an American icon and is a direct competitor of Levi’s in the jeans department. The company has formed its reputation by producing durable and hard-working denim, so it’s one of the best alternatives to Carhartt’s jeans.

In addition to launching a variety of jeans, Wrangler has also been undertaking a range of casual clothing to appeal to various consumers. Some of their most popular apparel items, aside from jeans, include robust shirts and jackets that are ideal for a hard day’s work on the job site or a ranch. In addition, Wrangler features similar pricing to Levi’s and Carhartt.