50 Types of Boots for Women and Men (Epic List)

Discover all the different types of boots for women and men. Casual, dress, functional, outdoor, rugged, stylish, heels, no heels and more.

A group of women wearing different boots.

Brief history of boots…

Let’s keep it short: boots date back to 15,000 B.C. They were first seen in a painting where a man wearing boots made of skin and a woman wearing boots made of fur were standing side by side. Boots were even featured on Khnumhotep’s Tomb during 2,140 B.C.E.

Perhaps the clearest cut picture painted of boots dates back to 1,000 B.C.E, where the Scythians belonging to Southern Siberia wore simple boots made of leather with fur leg covering. The boots were lashed by a thin thong of leather.

It wasn’t until about 3000 BC that the Minoans from the Greek island developed boot-making into a skilled trade.

Historically, the purpose of wearing boots was to protect the feet and legs. While they surely do serve the same purpose today as well, the fact is that modern boots have become more of a fashion statement.

Although the typical image that pops up in one’s mind when they hear the word “boots” is a shoe that covers the foot and the ankle, extending up to the calf (or even knee), today there are numerous styles of boots lining the shelves in shoe stores.

Check out what you have been missing and up your glam game.

Boot Definitions and Terminology

Shoes and boots have almost the same parts. Let’s have a look at the basic parts first:

  • Sole: This is the base of the shoe that is divided into three parts – insole, midsole, and outer sole.
  • Upper: This is the part above the sole that contours your feet.
  • Brogueing: This is a form of style that is found on most boots. Tiny holes can be seen carved into the leather of the shoe that is purely for the purpose of fashion.
  • Open Lacing: Depending on the type of booth, this is the part that joins the throat with laces.
  • Insole: This is the thin covering upon which your feet rest.
  • Heel: This is the shoe’s back portion that provides elevation. It is made of different materials such as metal or rubber.
  • Boot Shaft: A padding that cushions the Achilles tendon or ankle.
  • Pull-Tab: A small leather loop attached at the opening of the booth so that the wearer can pull on the boots easily.
  • Spur Ridge: Mostly found in cowboy boots, this part forms a small ledge that sticks out from the top of the heel. It stops the metal spur from falling onto the heel and helps when dismounting or mounting a horse.

Common Boot Materials


Known for their durability, leather is often the first material choice of boot wearers as leather boots provide no discomfort while walking in rain, snow, or muddy areas.


Nylon is known for both its super-light weight and breathability. If you are looking for boots that offer these two qualities, go for nylon boots.


In addition to being utterly comfortable, rubber boots are water-resistant and easy-to-clean. Rubber boots are a great choice for rainy days.


Winter boots are often designed from duralon. Such boots stay fit to wear for years as they are made 100% from PVC.


Boots made from wool are famous winter footwear that helps you stay warm in the chilly season. The 100% synthetic material also contributes to the longevity of boots.

Types of Boot Heels

High-Heel Boots

Susanny Womens Sexy Martin Boots Platform Chunky High Heels Ankle Booties Lace Up Zipper Autumn Winter Shoes Black 5.5 B (M) US
Click image for more info

Look more attractive (and taller!) by opting for high-heel boots. If there is a party or a fun get-together to attend to, these heels are always the go-to choice for women.

Block-Heel Boots

Block Heel Cleated Sole Platform Chelsea Ankle Boots Black Synthetic Suede US 7
Click image for more info

These boots do not only appear stylish but have solid heels that are way too comfortable and safer than those sporting thinner heels. Plus, they take the pressure off the front foot!

Cuban-Heel Boots

Krazy Shoe Artists Mens 2 Inch High Cuban Heel Ankle High Boots (10D US) Brown
Click image for more info

Worn by both men and women, Cuban heel boots typically have short to medium height with a solid heel.

Flared-Heel Boots

Kenneth Cole New York Women's Galla Pointed Toe Bootie with Flared Heel Stretch Shaft Fashion Boot, White, 9.5 Medium US
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These types of boots have a slim base which expands in its width towards their bottom half. Flared-heel boots became popular in the 1970s and are still going strong!

Slim Heel Boots

onlymaker Women's Handcrafted Rounded Toe Side Zipper Slim Fashion Ankle Boots Black Size 9.5
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These sexy boots are a great pick for women who love channeling their sassy and bold side. Due to their pencil-thin heels, they can only be rocked by brave-hearted women!

A. Types of Boots for Men and Women

Boots are a major element of one’s ensemble as they can totally make or break their style. Wearing the wrong pair of boots for a given situation might land you on the top of the worst dressed list. To save your grace, we have noted down some of the most popular yet stylish types of boots that every man and woman can choose from. Here goes the list:

1. Chelsea Boots

Jivana Men's Ankle Boots Oxford (8, BLack-23)
Click image for more info

Chelsea boots, also known as ankle-length boots, happen to be the oldest footwear style, dating all the way back to the timeless Victorian era. Â The boots were invented by J. Sparkes Hall – a personal bootmaker of Queen Victoria. Although these boots came about centuries ago, they still happen to be one of the most sought-after boots ever. Both men and women can find a variety of Chelsea boots, available in different shades and designs.

This lace-less style boots can be sported with both formal and casual attire. Men can style Chelsea boots with a sleek, smart suit, making the entire look appear utterly in sync. For example, if you are rocking a blue-tailored suit, go with dark brown leather Chelsea boots. The combination of blue and brown together is utterly safe and sexy. For a more casual style, men can invest in suede Chelsea boots. Why? Owing to the soft texture of suede Chelsea boots, these super stylish boots can take your cool and laidback style to another level. Most suede boots are available in brown and black shades. Keep in mind that black suede boots make for a classic urban outfit while brown ones give charming country look vibes.

When it comes to women, the style choices for Chelsea boots are aplenty. Unlike men’s Chelsea boots, women aren’t restricted to just brown or black colors. In fact, they are blessed to have these easy-to-walk-in boots in such a wide range of colors. For example, they can easily find these boots in shades like pastel, red, beige, etc. If you are going to a party, you can always pick the trendiest metallic or shiny leather boots. For everyday winter wear, you can opt for cream or black boots with full wool lining.

2. Hiking Boots

SAGUARO Mens Women Fur Lined Snow Boots Waterproof Leather Winter Booties Cold Weather Outdoor Hiking Work Shoes, 11 Women/9.5 Men
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Are you planning to hit the trail? Don’t forget your hiking boots!

Do you know their best quality? You can use them as snow boots too. As winters fall upon us, it is common for us to rummage our wardrobe for our most reliable and comfortable snow boots. If you don’t have hiking/snow boots, don’t worry, head over to your nearest shoe store, and get your hands on the best sportswear ever.

We suggest that all men and women should look for hiking boots that are waterproof and durable. In addition to high quality, they must also check that boots fit them nicely but aren’t too over-tight. If the latter turns out to be true, then ditch them for better ones – supportive but comfy at the same time.

When it comes to the designs of hiking boots, you won’t end up disappointed. You can find typical black/brown rugged leather boots that not only are practical but are super sleek as well. A fun option is every girl’s current obsession – silver cracked leather hiker boots! The shoes are supremely versatile and glamorous – a perfect pick for women who love to be a little extra.

Men and women can also find modern hiking boots that feature classic details. For example, leather boots with bright laces are a fashion statement that every person would love to rock. Hiking boots needn’t have to be boring and modern hiker boots are a testament to that.

3. Riding Boots

Lower East Side Cognac Women's Maisie Riding Boot 5 Wide Calf
Click image for more info

While these types of boots were originally designed for the horse riding purpose, but in today’s time, they are stylishly paired with casual outfits. Clearly, riding boots have come a long way from being merely functional boots to trendy boots for an everyday, casual look.

Since you can style riding boots in so many ways, it is hard to fathom a wardrobe without a pair of killer riding boots. The best way to flaunt your riding boots is with a pair of classic skinny jeans. Have fun by choosing a pair of jeans in a shade that compliments your boots. For instance, if you are sporting blue-colored skinny jeans, then you can go for brown or black riding boots. Give a fun twist to your style by opting for unconventional colored jeans such as green, red, or magenta jeans.

An exclusive, trendsetting option for women is to try wearing riding boots in order to pull off a country-inspired outfit. How you may wonder? If you haven’t noticed before, riding boots bear a slight resemblance to cowboy boots. When worn with an elegant knee-length frock, you will definitely channel your inner country girl.

For a sassier look, girls can try pairing the riding boots with their pleated mini skirt. Make sure that you choose riding boots that are knee-length so that you could also show off your skin. In this way, you will be able to appear sweet and attractive at the same time.

4. Wedge Boots

Georgia Men's Carbo Tec-M Farm and Ranch, Prairie Chestnut, 11 D US
Click image for more info

Wedge heel boots are the ultimate choice for all the fashionistas out there, who are all about style, comfort, and versatility. These are the kinds of boots that can help you pull off any kind of outfit, whether you are wearing them with your favorite shorts, an oversized sweater or with a casual white tee and jeans. Women often work this trend in their wardrobe considering the vast amount of styling options they can have when wearing wedge boots.

If there is a formal evening to attend anytime soon, you can lean toward glittery wedge boots to make a statement. But if you are not a brave soul, stick to black shiny leather wedge boots. And trust us, they will look just as good!

Wedge boots don’t just enhance your style, they are great to wear on work sites as well. This is the reason why most men opt for wedge boots for their work ensemble. The soles of wedge boots typically have a single rubber piece that covers from the heel all the way to the toe. The best part about that is that a wedge soul is made up of polyurethane, making it oil, slip, and heat resistant.

5. Chukka Boots

Clarks Men's Desert Chukka Boot, Oak Suede, 110 M US
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A fun fact – Chukka boots first originated in India by the British army men who used to play “Sport of Kings” there.

This renowned fact doesn’t really matter much now, considering that the boots are not known for their west heritage, but instead their comfy style. Men should pair them with their work trousers, jeans, or chinos and up your fashion game instantly.

An essential tip: Never go for contrast color soles when purchasing chukka boots. Simply, stick to dark, vivid colors. If you are all about lightweight and equally sleek boots, look no further!

There are a number of fashionable ways in which women can also rock chukka boots on a regular basis. Pair your favorite chukka boots with an oversized tee and leggings, and you are good to go. For a super casual winter style, throw on a full-sleeve tee, a down vest, skinny jeans, and seal the look with a pair of sleek chukka boots.

Did you know that you can try forever cool chukka boots with a slip dress? Don’t forget to try it!

6. Cowboy Boots

Old West Boots TBM3051 Distress 13 EE - Wide
Click image for more info

From country singers to Hollywood stars to fashion bloggers and the general public, everyone has, at one point or the other, flaunted cowboy boots. Needless to say, these epic boots are a wardrobe staple and a great addition to a closet of any trendy person out there.

You probably know that cowboy boots come in many kinds of designs, offering a unique style for everybody. Knowing a clear distinction between all the different types of cowboy boots will help you choose the right pair. The most common ones are the classic cowboy boots which come with a 12-inch high shaft and a Cuban-type heel. It means that these boots are angled toward the inside which was, and still is, a befitting choice for every cowboy boot lover.

Another type of cowboy boots is the roper, which features a lower shaft compared to the other types. They have a relatively round shape, with work boot-like heels. If you go to a shoe shop, you will also stumble upon the stockman, which boasts shorter and wider heels. The buckaroo’s boots are the flashiest of all, as they are over 14 inches tall and have embellishment on their shaft. When purchasing cowboy boots, the size of your feet matter is not the only detrimental factor, the width matters as well.

7. Rain Boots

Capelli New York Ladies Shiny Umbrella Mid-Calf Rain Boot Grey Combo 9
Click image for more info

Generally, rain boots are ankle or knee-length boots, that are made from a rain-resistant exterior (rubber). There was a time when these boots were strictly restricted for bad weather conditions, but these days, they are a major fashion statement. But how can you make these basic boots look cool?

You can try PVC transparent boots that aren’t just attractive but extremely functional as well. Their plastic material is highly water-resistant which keeps your boots dry and ever-so-cool. Also, don’t forget to wear some cool wellie socks. The best styling advice is to team a neutral outfit with a pair of bright and vibrant rain boots.

Another great option for you is to go for a pair of sexy lace-up rubber boots over skinny jeans. A cozy, wooly sweater on top will complete your entire look. To successfully combat the winter showers in style, nothing will suit you better than your awesome trench coat, a pair of tight skinny jeans, and colorful wellies.

8. Fringe Boots

Minnetonka Women's 3-Layer Fringe Boots 7 M Taupe
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Most women are a little hesitant when it comes to styling their fringe boots with their outfit. But in reality, they are quite easy to sport. The best way to rock fringe boots is by pairing them up with a simple outfit so that your eye-catching boots remain the center of attention. Just throw on a white tee, ripped skinny jeans, and finish this look with a pair of brown mid-calf fringe boots and voila!

If you want to increase the level of drama, go ahead, and flaunt a trendy outfit with fringe boots. How about rocking a denim shirt with skinny jeans, a colorful scarf, and camel mid-calf fringe boots? Try it and you, along with others, will be impressed by your amazing fashion sense.

9. Engineer Boots

Frye Vicky Engineer Chocolate 6
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Although these types of boots were developed before World War II, they are still relevant in today’s modern times as well. It is not hard to figure out how these protective boots remain as the most popular boots ever.

Engineer boots vary in designs and styles but they happen to share some common traits. First and foremost, all engineer boots are made from full-grain leather which adds to its durability and flexibility. The most noticeable feature of engineer boots is its shaft height, which can extend easily from 7 to 17 inches. Their double-layer shaft keeps the wearer protected against heat and water.

10. Jodhpur Ankle Boots

Grinders Jodhpur Mens Ankle Boots, Size 11 Black
Click image for more info

If you love riding and are on the lookout for affordable boots, Jodhpur Ankle boots are your answer. These boots are similar to Chelsea boots, with the only difference of ankle straps that they prominently feature. While they come in a variety of colors and designs, your best pick would be pure black leather or brown suede.

11. Lace-Up Boots

Fashion Thirsty Womens Knee High Mid Calf Lace Up Biker Punk Military Combat Boots Shoes Size 7
Click image for more info

One of the boots that were center stage in the public eye all of last year is none other than lace-up boots that usually come in knee-high size. If you are all for laces, then lace-up boots are a great pick for you.

They come in a lot of sizes, shapes, and designs and choosing one or even two pairs of lace-up boots that differ from one another but look equally stylish wouldn’t be difficult at all.

12. Chunky Platform Heels

Cape Robbin First Class Studded Platform Faux Leather Ankle Boots with Chunky Block Heels for Women - Black Size 9
Click image for more info

These boots give an edgy, bold, and rugged appearance. So if you want to channel a similar kind of look, you know which boots to buy.

Chunky platform heels initially got popular in the ’90s and are ruling ever since.

13. Suede Boots

Faionny Womens Shoes Suede Ankle Boots Solid Leopard Zipper Boots Short Shoe for Women Sneakers Brown
These are clearly suede boots for women but suede is commonly used for men’s boots as well.  Click image for more info


While they are not as warm as long-length boots, suede boots are a great option when you are looking for style over comfort. These are the kind of boots that not are best to wear on chilly days of autumn but can be rocked to any fun, summer party!

As time goes on several types of footwear will gain popularity and disappear into the wind of obscurity. But boots will never be a part of those. Even though some types of boots may gain more popularity and die down over the years, they will always be a part of everyday life and a bold fashion statement. So which of these boots piqued your interest the most? Hard to pick one, right?

B. Types of Boots for Men

A man wearing a pair of Medium-Brown Chelsea Boots.

While there are many boots where the style is worn by both men and women, there are also some boots worn more often or only by men.

1. The Chelsea Boot

Steve Madden Men's Highline Chelsea Boot, Black Suede, 7.5 M US
Click image for more info

These boots started their tap in the 19th century. The elastic in the middle was a staple during the mid-60. It was all the rage amongst the British. While they were a hit back then, these boots were seldom seen later on, but they have recently made a comeback.

They are now featured in many menswear magazines. The boot has a slim silhouette, heel pull-tabs, and elastic side panels. With minimal design, the slip-on style of the Chelsea boot makes it quite attractive. It has a

sharp toe box with a thin leather sole. The good thing about these boots is that they look good with every apparel style from jeans to chinos and even suits. Have a hot date at night? Want to impress someone? Boot up with Chelsea, and you will have a fabulous time impressing the girl.

The Chelsea boots are available in various materials. The colors that work best with all attires are black leather or medium-brown suede.

2. The Captoe Dress Boot

A pair of Black Captoe Dress Boots.

Dress boots have their own space on the shelf and the Captoe Dress boots are the epitome of what we call style. This classically designed boot is of medium height with a smooth edge that will go really well with your sharpest tailored business trousers.

In fact, they are rugged enough that you can rock them with your beat-up, grungy, and selvage denim. A sharp boot such as this needs to be worn in all its glory and we recommend going for the color dark oxblood in leather material.

3. The Wingtip Boot

A pair of tan Brogue Wingtip Boots.

The Wingtip boot with brogue details is not your ordinary, formal boot style. The design on it makes the boot perfect for informal wear, say for a date night or dinner with friends. The casual footwear has somewhat semi-formal embellishments, which gives it a laid back look. It’s good enough to be worn with a suit and denim.

The Wingtip boots were quite popular during the start of the Dalton Plan and even gained the name “Dalton Style”. The name was given to them because they are fashionably flexible and last for a very long time. Due to their style, the Wingtip boots look best in dark cordovan or chestnut brown colors.

4. The Suede Brogue Boot

A pair of brown Brown Suede Brogue Boots.

The design of Suede Brogue boot is somewhat similar to Captoe boot. However, its style is more casual and rugged due to its heavy stitching and height. This boot looks best in suede material in medium-brown color.

5. The Jodhpur Ankle Boot

A look at a black leather Black Jodhpur Ankle Boot.

Similar to the Chelsea boots, the Jodhpur ankle boot is a twist on the full-length Jodhpurs. The only difference between a Chelsea and Jodhpur boot is that the latter has an ankle strap that goes all the way around. It has this sleek European look and goes really well with tapered trim trousers.

The Jodhpur ankle boot looks best in pure black leather or medium brown suede.

The Chukka boot has a deep history. It dates all the way back to World War II and was first spotted in Africa on British soldiers. It has a few laces and a soft, thin sole. It ties above the ankle and is a great boot for cooler months.

The Chukka boot can be worn with chinos, as well as jeans. It’s casual and laid-back design makes a unique style statement, which is why it goes very well with all attires. The colors that best compliment this boot are light brown or tan in suede material.

6. The Harness Boot

A couple of Light Brown Chukka Boots.



Also known as a riding boot, this boot has a tough style and can withstand anything. It protects your feet from dust, dirt, and just about anything. The best thing about the harness boot is that they are meant for hardworking men who don’t shy away from labor and adventure. It looks good in every color, but make sure that you get the ones made from the toughest leather.

7. The Desert Boot

A dark brown Desert Boot.


Similar to the Chukka boot, the desert boot is a creation of the military. It has flexible gum soles and with a pair on your feet, you can walk any dry, dusty terrain. The boot is definitely worth the price because not only is it affordable but provides comfort and has a long life.

8. The Work Boot

A pair of work boots.


Stylish, long-lasting, and strong enough to withstand the coldest weather and still keep your feet warm, the work boot is the ultimate boot without any embellishments. It has a simple lace-up style till the top that gives it a firm grip. Call it workwear because it shows strength when you are in the field. The original work boot is made from thick cowhide that protects your feet.

9. The Cowboy Boot

A pair of cowboy boots.

The ultimate American ranch look is incomplete without the cowboy boot. You can get this boot in two styles: for your fashionable wardrobe that is made for just walking and the other with the hard rider heels for ranch work. This boot is part of history and today, they are worn on every occasion. We recommend getting a pair in natural brown leather, preferably vintage.

10. The Alpine Boot

A pair of Suede Cowboy Boots.

The Alpine boot is a fashion statement that you get to make when you are on a ski trip or a hiking adventure. It is made from sturdy leather and is quite thick to prevent frostbite. Basically, it can withstand any nasty weather conditions and keep your feet safe and warm. It looks best in dark brown color.

11. The Trench Boot

A pair of Hiking Boots.

The Trench boot came into existence in World War I. It was often called an “officer boot” because it had a formal look. The low profile of this boot makes it compatible with every type of wardrobe. It looks best in a medium-brown shade, due to its classic design.

12. Engineer Boot

A brown Trench Boot.

Originally, this boot was created to provide protection for people’s feet who worked as miners. As times changed, the boot took a new design and adopted the style of riding boots with the ankle strap. The boot has a supportive arch and the pull tab at the top makes it easy for a person to put it on.

13. The Hunting Boot

A red-brown Engineer Boot.

The Hunting boot is distinguished by its “moc toe” and the high lace-up closure. This boot is quite strong and to ensure high quality, it is hand sewn. From noble prize winners to college students, everyone wears these boots to make a fashionable and rugged statement.

14. The Hiking Boot

A pair of Brown Hunting Boots.

Let’s go old school: the Hiking boot is a classic and with so many versions of it, the current one is far away from the technical style one thinks it should have. It has the prowess of an Alpine

boot and with the heavy heel support, it gets that rugged look. It is specifically built for hiking and the deep groves in the outer sole are what makes it perfect for adventure.

15. The Ankle Boot

A pair of Sturdy Hiking Boots.

Similar to the Chelsea boot, the ankle boot is quite snug on the feet. You will find these boots gracing the feet of supervisors at the job site or rock stars. The only difference between the ankle boot and its cousin Chelsea boot is that the ankle part has either a zipper or a strap.

Now that you know the different types of boots that exist and their purpose, you will have a great time buying one and pairing it with your clothes.

16. The Ankle Boot

A pair of black leather Ankle Boots.

Similar to the Chelsea boot, the ankle boot is quite snug on the feet. You will find these boots gracing the feet of supervisors at the job site or rock stars. The only difference between the ankle boot and its cousin Chelsea boot is that the ankle part has either a zipper or a strap.

17. The Rain Boot

HUNTER Men's Original Short Rain Boots, Black, 7 M US
Click image for more info

Rain boots for men can be long, mid-length, or short. I have a pair of long Hunter boots which are without a doubt the best rain boots I’ve ever owned.

Rain boots are typically all rubber and designed to 100% waterproof. Not water-resistant, but waterproof. After all, you need to be able to tromp in the rain, puddles, mud, and whatever other water crosses your way without getting your feet wet.

18. The Snow Boot

Sorel Men's Caribou NM1000 Boot,Buff,7 M
Click image for more info

We’d be remiss to not include some form of a snow boot. I own a pair of Sorel Caribou snow boots and they are amazing. The rubber base keeps my feet dry. The felt insert fits snugly and keeps my feet warm. These boots are the staple footwear from November to April for me, especially when I head up to the ski slopes.

Now that you know the different types of boots that exist and their purpose, you will have a great time buying one and pairing it with your clothes.

C. 21 Types of Boots for Women

Three women sitting on a bench on a white background. Two are wearing boots while the other wears a pair of heels.

By Length

The first step for buying your ideal pair of boots is to decide which length you will like to sport.

Thigh-High Boots

Wild Diva AMAYA-01 Women's Thigh High Stretch Boot - Trendy High Heel Shoe - Sexy Over The Knee Pullon Boot - Comfortable Easy Heel - Black (5.5)
Click image for more info

These boots are the tallest types of boots because they have the longest shaft (the part of a boot that covers the leg) that reaches up to your thigh. They are often the go-to winter shoes for women who live in extremely cold regions because they offer the most warmth and protection. Thigh-high boots can also be worn in warmer seasons given that they are made from lighter material.

Knee-High Boots

STEVEN by Steve Madden Womens Tila Suede Closed Toe Knee, Grey Suede, Size 5.0
Click image for more info

These boots best fit the image that a common man has when it comes to boots. Longer than the calf-length boots, the knee-length boots extend all the way up to your knee. These boots can be worn on skinny jeans but most women prefer sporting them with short skirts to look extremely chic and stylish.

Calf-Length Boots

Ellie Shoes Women's 253-SARAH Mid Calf Boot, Black, 6 M US
Click image for more info

Boots that cover your calves in addition to covering your feet are called calf-length boots. These boots normally have a zipper at the front or at the sides to provide ease while putting them on and taking them off. Some calf-length boots may have buttons and/ or laces instead of a zip.

Ankle-Length Boots

Sorel - Women’s Joan of Arctic Wedge II Chelsea, Leather or Suede Ankle Boot, Ash Brown, 5 M US
Click image for more info

As the name suggests, these boots cover your foot including the ankle. Ankle-length boots are usually made of suede or velvet and often come with platform heels. Chelsea boots are the most popular type of ankle-length boots.

Below-The-Ankle Boots

LifeStride Women's Adley Ankle Boot, Black, 5 M US
Click image for more info

Completely opposite to the traditional boots that cover the mid-calf at least, below-the-ankle boots feature a low-cut foot cover that ends beneath the ankle. They normally have high heels and closed toes in order to distinguish them from sneakers, regular heeled-shoes, and a bootstrap. Any boot that incorporates. These boots are usually worn with long jeans or trousers.

By Material

Velvet Boots

Burgundy Silky Velvet Wedge Heel Boot
Click image for more info

Velvet boots ooze style and elegance but they are not recommended for rough use. This is because dust and dirt are quick to mark velvet and getting rid of these spots can be a quite challenging task. So as long as you don’t go hiking or walking on rough terrains while wearing these shoes, velvet boots are a must-have for every woman.

With their sophisticated and refined look, they can be your savior when you are running late for some event and cannot spend too much time carefully picking the right outfit. Just sport these boots and you will be turning heads wherever you go.

Leather Boots

Dr. Martens Women's Rometty Fashion Boot, Black Burnished Wyoming, 5
Click image for more info

Leather boots are poise and exquisiteness personified. These classy boots are not just one of the most popular types of boots amongst both men and women all across the world, but they are also one of the oldest types of this footwear.

Another reason why these boots reached this historic popularity is that because of the material, they are really durable and long-lasting. Plus, leather boots are super easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Whether you accidentally spill tea or water over your leather boots or walk into a puddle, wipe these shoes with a clean wet cloth and they will be as good as new. This is a luxury that you cannot afford if you were wearing velvet boots.

Suede Boots

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Dakota Boot, Stucco Microfiber Suede, 5 M US
Click image for more info

Suede refers to a soft and velvety type of material that somewhat looks like sandpaper (except that it is smooth to touch). Suede is basically a modified type of leather but it appears more luxurious and extravagant than plain leather skins. Boots made of suede go well on both, formal and casual events because they evoke beauty and grace.

Patent Leather Boots

Demonia Women's Emily-375 Thigh-high Boot
Click image for more info

The name might seem confusing, but patent leather does not really refer to a type of leather that is only available from one vendor or the likes. In case you don’t already know, patent leather is a type of material that is shiny, glossy, and waterproof. Boots made from patent leather have a lustrous surface that gives these shoes a refined and polished look.

They normally come with medium to high pencil heels which further accentuate the fashion vibes. Needless to say, wearing this type of boots will make you shine and stand out amongst the crowd (quite literally).

Fleece-Lined Boots

UGG Womens Bailey Bow II Black Boot - 5
Click image for more info

These boots have a soft and plush, fur-like lining along the inner walls of the shoe. Fleece-lined boots are more commonly known as UGGs although the later is basically a brand name for fleece-lined boots introduced by an Australian company. There is no denying that the name UGG sounds a lot like the word “ugly”. In fact, it is said that the name was derived from the same because that is what the first pair of these boots looked like – ugly!

However, modern fleece-lined boots are anything but “ugh”. Highly stylish and super comfy, these cozy boots are a girl’s best friend when it comes to treading the snow-covered footpaths during winter. Wear these cute shoes with skin fitted jeans and a baggy sweater and prepare to receive compliments on your dressing sense.

Denim Boots

Fashion Thirsty Womens Ladies Over The Knee Boots Thigh High Heels Stilettos Stretch Denim Size
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As is evident by the name, denim boots are a type of fabric footwear that usually comes with high heels and in a knee or thigh-high style. These boots make a unique and fascinating substitute for regular jeans and always look stylish regardless of which season you wear them in. Another advantage of denim boots is that, in most cases, the boot shaft is foldable so you can adjust the length to your liking.

PU Boots

DailyShoes Women's Western Cowboy Bootie - Ultra Comfortable Chayo-01, Black Suede, 5 B(M) US
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PU boots refer to boots made from polyurethane. Polyurethane is a synthetic material that is manufactured with bi-cast leather. It is often called faux leather because its texture resembles the same. However, PU boots are more durable and less expensive than their leather counterparts. So, if you are on a tight budget, opt for PU boots because they are the definite combination of fashion and functionality.

Lace Boots

Sorel Women's Slimpack II Lace Booties, Black/Kettle, 5 M US
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Lace boots are generally a further classification of suede boots or boots made from any other material such as velvet. These boots have a lacy part at the front or a lengthier strip of lace running along with the bootstrap. Any boot that incorporates a bit of lace into its design can be termed as lace boots. These boots are best suited for date-nights or any other day when you want to give your outfit a fancier finishing touch.

Faux-Fur Boots

King Ma Women's Faux Fur Tassel Winter Snow Boot Suede Flat Ankle Boots Black
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These boots are taking over the winter wardrobes big time. Faux-fur boots are making big rounds because they are made from artificial fur and do not involve any cruelty against animals.

By Heel-Type

If you are an impulsive woman who buys whatever she likes at a first glance, you probably already found one of your favorite boots in the list above. But if you follow a more systematic approach when shopping then the last step for selecting the boots that are best for you is to decide on the heel size. Here are the main types of boots classified according to heel size.

Stiletto Boots

Liliana DB54 Women Suede Pointy Toe Thigh High Single Sole Stiletto Boot,Black,5.5
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These boots feature a slim and slender, pencil heel that might be medium-sized or really long. Sleek heeled boots like these go well with various outfits including dresses, trousers, skirts, and many more. Sport stiletto-heeled boots and you will feel like you rule the world!

Low Heel (Chelsea) Boots

Odema Women Chelsea Boots Sahara PU Leather Low Heel Elastic Slip On Ankle Booties(Black Velvet Lining)
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This type of boots features a low, platform-style heel. Chelsea boots are a renowned type of low-heel boots that are close-fitting and include an elastic at the side to provide flexibility and ease in wearing. Such boots are a must-have for all the working ladies out there.

Wedge Boots

Fashion Thirsty Womens Mid High Wedge Heel Knitted Warm Winter Slouch Biker Knee Calf Ankle Boots Size 5
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Nothing’s classier and more comfortable than wearing wedge heels. And wedge heels with boots? Talk about looking stunning in five seconds flat!

Other Types of Boots

Fringed Boots

J. Adams Bree Ankle Boot - Western Fringe Cowboy Low Heel Bootie
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Generally made of leather or suede, fringed boots consist of hanging strips at the side. These boots are a choice good for sporting a preppy style.

Lace Up Boots

chegong Women's Military Combat Boots Suede Lace-up Flat Shoes Over The Knee Boots Brown 36
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Boots that have laces running up along the boot shaft are called lace-up boots. These usually come in knee-high length and pair well with various outfits.

Oxford Boots

Dr. Martens Women's 1461 W Oxford,Black Patent,3 UK/5 M US
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Oxford boots are identified by their distinct shoelaces coupled with a punched-hole design on the foot cover. Wear them with pants or skirts – they will make a statement either way!

Riding Boots

LifeStride Women's Xandy Riding Boot, Black, 6 M US
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Riding boots are basically meant for horse riders but they also make impressive footwear when combined with waist-high jeans or leggings.

Rain Boots

HUNTER Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots Military Red 5
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Exclusively designed for protecting your feet from water, rain boots are a must-buy if you live in a country that experiences a lot of rainy days.

Sock Boots (Women)

Fashion Thirsty Womens Stretch Lycra Stiletto High Heels Pointed Toe Ankle Boots Size 7
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Nothing is chicer and trendier than the sock boots that fit like a glove. They look amazing when paired with skinny jeans, frocks, or short skirts. A perfect alternative when you’re heading out in cold winters!

Open-Toe Boots

Cape Robbin Connie-1 Women's Over The Knee Peep Toe Stacked Heel Boots Half Size Big,Black,9
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Open-toe boots are ideal for both cool and warm seasons but avoid wearing them on days when it is freezing cold. To appear prettier, try pairing these boots with jeans and a light sweater or a cold-shoulder top!

With so many attractive options available, being satisfied with just one pair of boots is next to impossible. So, which types of boots did you shortlist for buying on your next shopping trip?