64 Different Skirt Styles (Mega Skirt Chart)

Whoa! Did you think there are 64 different types of skirts? Yup, there are that many which is nuts. We put together an awesome skirt chart showing all 64 with custom illustration.

Young girl in a pink skirt with a matching pair of pink shoes.

The skirt is the part of a dress that hangs from the waist downward.

It can be part of a dress or a stand-alone garment.

Typically, these days a “skirt” refers to a stand-alone garment unless discussing the parts of a dress such as “the skirt section of the dress”.

When it comes to skirt variety, there are many, many different types. So much so, we invested a lot of time deciphering the different types and then putting it all together into a skirt types chart as well as a scrolling list, both of which we set out below.

Discover all the different skirt options here.

Skirt Styles Chart

Skirt styles chart.

1. Pleated

Happy woman in a white shirt and a denim jacket, along with a long skirt.

Pleated skirts can be found in a variety of lengths, colors, and patterns. The pleats in a pleated skirt can be small or large, skinny or wide. Because pleated skirts are so popular it is not hard to find a pleated skirt for any particular taste, style or design. The skirts also come in long lengths, short lengths, knee lengths, and those in-between lengths.

2. Short

Girl wearing a black leather jacket and a purple short skirt.

Short skirts are so-called because of their length. They are great for showing off legs and enable mobility than the medium to long versions that restrict movement. They are also often considered better-looking than their counterparts.

3. Straight

Woman wearing a sun hat and a straight, sky blue skirt.

Straight skirts are simply narrow skirts with no other features. They do closely resemble the pencil skirts but they are usually not as form-fitting or tight like a pencil skirt. Straight skirts are basic and simple and are the go-to attire for most businesswomen. Straight skirts come in a variety of colors and lengths.

4. Underskirt

Vassarette Women's Tailored Anti-Static Half Slip 11122, White Ice-20 Inch, Small

An underskirt is basically what is known as a slip. These types of skirts are made from either cotton or nylon and are made to wear underneath an individual’s clothing for an added layer of coverage. These groups can come in various neutral tone colors such as beige, black, off-white, white, or cream. They also come in various lengths and thicknesses.

5. Bubble

Topdress Women's 1950s Vintage Tutu Petticoat Ballet Bubble Skirt (26 Colors) Black M

Bubble skirts are skirts that are really eye-catching and can sometimes be a little over the top. These skirts are designed with a profound hemline that is pulled together to create a bubble effect. With the hemline being pulled together it creates a puffiness throughout the skirt.

This puffiness is what causes the skirt to look as if it is a bubble that is difficult for the average person not to notice. This skirt commands attention regardless of the material it may be made out of.

6. Tulip

CHARLES RICHARDS Women's Asymetric Hem Tulip Plain Mid Waist Skorts Mini Skirt Shorts Black

Tulip skirts that are made with inverted hems that actually go back into the skirt itself. These skirts also have irregular hemlines and because they are tucked back into the skirt it gives off the look of an upside-down tulip flower. This type of skirt was quite popular in the 1950s just like the poodle skirt was. But these skirts are now starting out o come back in style.

7. Knife Pleated

NAWONGSKY Women's Elastic Waist Solid Plain Pleated School Uniform Cosplay Costume Skirt, Black, Tag S = US XS

Knife pleated skirts are the most common types of skirts worn with pleats. What makes this skirt stand out from all the other starts with pleats is that knife-pleated pleats are defined with sharp folds that go in and out and they overlap each other. Because of this, knife-pleated skirts can be worn in formal and casual settings depending on the length and the type of material the skirt may be made from.

8. Draped

Simlu Womens Drape Up Stretchy Asymmetrical High Low Short Mini Bodycon Pencil Skirt, Black, Small

A draped skirt can be considered a petty type of skirt because of the way it is made. These types of skirts are usually knee-length or shorter and they are made with loose fold materials that allow for the skirt to be tucked in the front around the waistline which causes it to be draped in the back. These skirts are mostly seen party attire, formal or semi-formal clothing.

9. A-line

Taydey 50's Rockabilly Retro Pleated Skirt Bubble Style Size S Green Flower

When it comes to selecting a skirt for versatility, the A-line skirt is the way to go. A-line skirts are designed to flatter a figure by being fitted at the waist and hips but flares out the closer it gets to the hem of the skirt. This design allows for free flow and movement and looks good as a professional style for the office or for a casual style when out on the town. The A-line skirt got its name because the finished product actually looks like the letter A.

10. Bell-Shaped

Red, bell-shaped skirt on a white background.

Skirts that have the bell-shaped design are usually flared on both ends. This flare on both sides of the skirt allows the skirt to look more elegant and also to look as if it has been layered. Bell skirts can come in various lengths and colors. The design of a bell skirt also makes the skirt look formal whether it is made with a solid color, print, or plaid.

11. Wrap

SheIn Women's Boho Ditsy Floral Knot High Waisted Wrap Split Midi Skirt Red X-Small

Wrap skirts are skirts that are large pieces of materials and hat must be wrapped around a person’s body at least one or two times in order for it to close. These skirts usually have a tie to secure them once wrapped. They don’t have any elastic in the waist and they may or may not have a definitive hemline. Wrap skirts are mostly worn for comfort and as a casual price of attire. They can come in many different styles, designs, and colors as well as patterns.

12. Mini

Woman in a black mini skirt.

Miniskirts are just that miniskirts. Any skirts that stop before the knee are can be considered a miniskirt, but for the sake of this article, a miniskirt skirt is usually quite short on the wearer. Most miniskirts or micro miniskirt just do come below the buttocks area of the wearer. They can come in a wide array of colors, patterns, and materials.

13. Wraparound Skirt

TLB Roma Bohemian Wrap Around Long Skirt - Black Tie Dye L: 37.5

Wraparound skirts first appeared around 2,130 B.C. in Ancient Egypt when men wore wraparound skirts known as shendyt. They were a rectangular piece of clothing wrapped around the lower part of the body and tied in front. The clothing eventually became longer reaching from the waist to the ankles.

14. Mermaid

Slender woman wearing a blue mermaid skirt.

Mermaid skirts got their name because it’s designed closely looks like the back end of a fish. These designed skirts are often fitted but yet wide at the waistline and then a slight flare out just a little at the hip area and then become slimmer around the leg and knee area before flaring back out again around the bottom. This design is mostly used for formal occasions and can be found in various colors and patterned materials.

15. Gypsy

Dancing woman wearing a stylish gypsy skirt.

Gypsy skirts were originally designed for Dancing. These skirts are designed with layers or tiers as they are called. They are usually long in length and can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Gypsy skirts are designed to flow and move freely with the slightest movement by the wearer. They are extremely comfortable and are very pretty to look at whether the wearer is walking, dancing or just standing still.

16. Godet

Greylin Women's Leona Godet Skirt, Royal Blue, X-Small

Godet and Gored skirts are very, very similar in design. In fact, because they are so closely designed the same the only way to tell them apart is when they are both flared out. The subtle difference comes in with the actual material and cuts it the skirt. For example, the Godet skirt usually is long and as A- lined type of look to it. It is made of all one piece of material.

The Gorded skirt has the same design except it has different types of materials that may add or sewn into the dress to give it the flare at the hemline. Either way both of these skirts’ overall look is very sexy and appealing. These types of skirts are oftentimes used by models in runway fashion shows.

17. Accordion

Allegra K Women's Zip Closure Accordion Pleated Metallic Midi Party Skirt Army Green X-Small

The accordion skirt is usually a long skirt that has tightly pressed pleats into the skirt and they are layered on top of each other for an accordion-style effect. The bottom portion of the skirt is usually circular which helps to aid in the mobility of the skirt. The accordion skirt can come in various colors and lengths. This girl can also be used in a casual or formal setting depending on the material and the color.

18. Ruffled

Belle Poque Vintage Steampunk Gothic Victorian Ruffled High-Low Skirt S Wine

The ruffled skirt usually has ruffles started midway throughout the skirt and going down to the hemline. These types of skirts have ruffles around the entire skirt or the ruffles can be around either side of the skirt, in front or back. Ruffle skirts can be used for party attire, formal attire, or casual attire depending on the material that the skirt is made from. A ruffled skirt can also be made as short skirts in addition to being made long.

19. Full Skirt

Full Funk Wide Full Maxi Skirt Africa Dashiki Mixed Patchwork Long Elastic Waist, Medium, Variegated Color

A full skirt is simply a long skirt gathered at the waist. It gives off a traditional effect and looks very feminine.

20. Gored Skirt

Alfani Womens Zip Pockets Panel Pencil Skirt Gray 8

The gored skirt is made up of several triangular pieces of fabric known as “gores”. It looks similar to an A-line skirt because the gores at the top of the waist are smaller and wider at the bottom of the hemline.

21. Sarong

Tanned woman walking the beach, wearing a white sarong.

Sarong skirts are skirts that are made to wrap around a person’s body as a skirt or scarf or as any other type of clothing article that an individual can think of creating. These skirts are made with light materials and are most known as a bathing suit essential. They can come in multiple colors, sizes, patterns, and designs as well as various shades. Sarong skirts can be tied up on one side or worn as a complete wrap skirt.

22. Fly Skirt

Charles Richards Women Blue High Waist Button Fly A-Line Denim Maxi Long Skirt,Blue02,Medium

Fly skirts are simply A-lined cut skirts that can be either short or long and they have a really wide flare towards the bottom of the skirt. Depending on the type of material the skirt is made of, it can be used for either a formal, semi-formal, casual, or party atmosphere.

23. Fix Box Pleat Skirt

Vector graphic model of a fix box pleat skirt.

A fix box skirt is a skirt that usually has two large pleats in the front with the seams underneath and folded facing each other. These types of skirts are usually knee-length or longer. They can also come in various colors and materials making them perfect for a casual or not so casual setting.

24. Button Up Straight Skirt

Dreamskull Women's High Waist Button Fly Skinny Denim Long Maxi Skirts

Button up skirts are usually skirts they have buttons all the way down the front or the side of the skirt. Most of the time button-up skirt is used for casual settings. The skirts can be made out of various materials however there are more commonly seen made out of denim.

Unlike button-up skirt, panel skirts are usually made with flowing material that moves with the wearer’s movement. Panel skirts are oftentimes used and dance or exercise. They can also be utilized in a semi-formal or formal setting if they are made out of a particular material.

25. Layered

Dare2BStylish Women Waterfall 8 Tiered Boho Layered Maxi Skirt | Reg & Plus Sizes (Small, Black)

Layered skirts are another type of skirt that has multiple sections throughout the entire skirt. This type of skirt usually has layers made out of the same materials, patterns, and colors. They can come in either long or short styles. Layered skirts are simple with their design and were created for comfort. Sometimes their skirts can be found with their layers made out of a different pattern, materials, or colors.

26. Paneled

RaanPahMuang Salvador Dali The Burning Giraffe Paneled Short Skirt, Small

A paneled skirt is made up of panels that can be widened or narrowed towards the bottom for an almost straight or twirly full skirt. This is ideal for women who want to achieve the look of a slim waist.

27. Asymmetrical

Made By Johnny WB1132 Womens Asymmetrical High Low Ruffle Hem Skirt S Aqua

Asymmetrical skirts are simply skirts they have asymmetrical cuts were no two lengths are the same. Asymmetrical skirts can be designed with either one or both sides of the skirt being cut either shorter or longer than the front and back of a skirt.

There is also an asymmetrical cut where only one side of the skirt is longer than the remaining portions. However, the cuts are placed the overall look of the asymmetrical skirt is elegant. It does not matter what type of material or color the offline cuts add a sense of elegance to any outfit.

28. Trumpet

Snowskite Womens 3 Layers Floor Length Trumpet Mermaid Wedding Dress Petticoat, White, S/M

Trumpet skirt can still be considered a mermaid skirt. The only difference with the trumpet skirt is that they are normally knee length in design. Trump skirts still have the fishtail look to them and are great for formal or not so formal settings.

Cullotes skirts are skirts not that look like pants and a skirt at the same time. These skirts are designed with really flowing material but yet has a definite separation between each side. So they would actually wear like pants but because of all the flowing materials, they look like a skirt.

29. Circle

Moxeay Women's Basic A Line Pleated Circle Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt (Small, Black)

Circular skirts are very popular and all the most noticeable skirts out of all the 58 styles. The skirts are usually cut with a round bottom and can be either long or short. These skirts may or may not have pleats and are worn for casual attire.

Circular skirts are also created with a flowing design in addition to the circular-cut which allows for more mobility and free flow. This mobility and free flow are what help make this skirt free to be so popular and fashionable.

30. Culottes

Meraki Women's Standard Culottes, Black, EU XS (US 0-2)

Trumpet skirt can still be considered a mermaid skirt. The only difference with the trumpet skirt is that they are normally knee length in design. Trump skirts still have the fishtail look to them and are great for formal or not so formal settings. Cullotes skirts are skirts not that look like pants and a skirt at the same time.

These skirts are designed with really flowing material but yet has a definite separation between each side. So they would actually wear like pants but because of all the flowing materials, they look like a skirt.

31. Fixed Box Pleat Skirt

CHARTOU Women's Glitter Metallic Chevron Pattern Gold & Silver Mid-Long Accordion Pleated Skirts (Gold, X-Small)

A fixed box skirt is a skirt that usually has two large pleats in the front with the seams underneath and folded facing each other. These types of skirts are usually knee-length or longer. They can also come in various colors and materials making them perfect for a casual or not so casual setting.

32. Cowl

JustWin Women's Solid Color High Waist Pleated Skirt Casual Pleated Midi Elastic Pleated Maxi Skirt

A cowl skirt is simply a skirt that has either a straight or A-look that flared out at the hip area and then slims back down as it comes to the hemline. This skirt can be worn as a casual or elegant attire depending on the material. A winter skirt is usually a skirt that is long in length and is made out of s thick material like wool, polyester, or leather. These types of skirts are perfect for events that are being held in really cold weather.

33. Sheath

Zeagoo Women's High Waist Corduroy Faux Wrap Slit Solid Mini Sheath Wear to Work Skirt Black

A sheet skirt is a skirt designed to flatter an individual’s waistline. These skirts can b mid-length or long but the overall design is to enhance and accentuate the wearer’s waist. The same holds true for the Peplum skirt. This type of skirt is designed with an extra piece of material, usually placed around the waistline to add a flare. Again these skirts intended purpose is to flatter and enhance the waistline rather than any other portion of the wearer’s body.

34. Peplum

Oops Outlet Women`s Ladies Frill Bodycon Pencil Stretch Celeb Peplum Midi Skirt Plus Sizes S/M (US 4/6) Cream

Also known as an overskirt, a peplum is an extra piece of garment added to the waistline of a skirt or worn over another garment. It flares out and down so it gives the look of a narrow waist.

35. Pegged

Mannequin wearing a gorgeous blue pegged skirt.

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A pegged skirt is simply a pencil skirt that still has the narrowness but tapers at the bottom. This type of skirt is great as business attire and can be used formally as well. The toole skirt is almost identical to the tutu. A toole skirt is made out of chiffon, lace, tools, or other light and flowing materials that are layered upon each other and gathered around the waistline. These skirts can either be long or short in length and can be found in different colors.

36. Tulle

DRESSTELLS Knee Length Tulle Skirt Tutu Skirt Evening Party Gown Prom Formal Skirts Black S-M

A tulle skirt is made of a single layer of lightweight, sheer woven mesh fabric. It’s usually seen during weddings and gives off on opaque but stiff look when constructed as a skirt.

37. Inverted Pleated Skirt

Tahari ASL Women's Inverted MIDI Pleat Skirt, Black Ivory Polka Dot, 2

An inverted pleated skirt is a box pleated skirt with one or more pleats that are reversed so that the fullness is turned inward. It is ideal for hiding one’s body shape.

38. Pencil Skirt

Belle Poque Women Black Stretchy Vintage Midi Pencil Skirts with Bow Knot S BP587-1

Pencil skirts were designed to be straight and narrow. They do not have any type of flamboyance about them and they are oftentimes used more for business attire. Pencil skirts are skirts that fit the wearer’s body closely and can be considered tight. Very seldom are pencil skirts worn as a casual type of skirt but they hold true to their design.

39. Maxi Skirt

M Missoni Womens Maxi Skirt, 38, Black

Maxi skirts are simple but yet so elegant. These types of skirts are usually cut in an A-line pattern but with one exception. The length of maxi skirts comes all the way down to the floor and does not stop at a wearer’s ankles. These skirts can come in so many different colors, styles, and patterns but the one thing that distinguishes it is the fact that it comes all the way to the floor. A lot of formal and evening gowns are made
using this type of design.

40. Bustled Skirts

SATINIOR Lingerie Bubble Skirt Women's Layered Tulle Dancing Bustle Skirt, Rainbow, One Size

Bustled skirts are created to be different from any other skirt design because of its unique, bunched up design. The bunched portion of the skirt is oftentimes found in the back of the skirt, however, some skirts that have been designed with bunches in the front would still fall into the bustled category. Bustled skirts can come in different lengths, styles, and print patterns. But most times bustled skirts are found to be cut short in the time front and kept long in the back.

41. Broomstick Skirts

Womens Indian Sequin Crinkle Broomstick Gypsy Long Skirt (Blue/Purple Tones)

Broomstick skirts are usually designed for comfort. They can come in various lengths but the most common length is usually long down to the ankles. They almost always have an elastic waistband which allows for even more comfort and flexibility. This type of skirt has its pleats throughout the entire length of the skirt to help increase its mobility.

It does not give off a formal or elegant look but instead, it speaks comfort, casual, and cozy. A broomstick skirt is a perfect skirt to wear lounging around, out to the park or for an evening at the movies. Regardless of any event or outing, this skirt may be worn to, the wearer is sure to be comfortable and dressed casually for any non-formal occasion.

42. Denim Skirts

Kaachli Women's Cotton Midi Calf Pleated Fall Thin Blue Denim Skirt with Belt (S)

Denim skirts are very versatile and can fit into casual, formal, or elegant categories. Denim skirts can also come in a variety of ways such as short, long, light, dark, straight or pleated, and so on. These types of skirts can also be used in the workplace setting if they are cut in a certain pattern. They can be accessorized with all kinds of crafts such as rhinestones, buttons, tye-dyed glued or paints, and other sorts of crafts. The possibilities with denim are endless.

43. Dirndl Skirts

Dirndl Skirts on a pole serving as mannequin.

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Dirndl skirts are very well known and worn skirts in Austria and Bavaria however they are quickly worn becoming popular in other parts of the world too. These skirts are usually knee-length and have a tight bodice attached to them. These skirts also have a wide, flatting love ok to them. They can usually be found in print patterns.

44. Flared Skirt

FACE N FACE Women's High Waisted A line Street Skirt Skater Pleated Full Midi Skirt X-Small Black

A flared skirt kind of resembles the broomstick skirt but with some obvious differences too. A flared skirt is usually knee-length and it pleats are not as profound as those found in a broomstick skirt. However, the pleats in a flared skirt are there to allow the skirt to flare out while a person walks.

This gives a flowing and elegant look to the skirt while it is in motion. But if a person is standing still the skirt looks kind of plain and simple. Because these skirts can have a sense of elegance about they are good to wear in the workplace for comfort and fashion.

45. High Waisted Skirts

Junky Closet Women's A Line Knee Length High Waisted Skirt (Made in USA) (Small, 20447SKGZ Burgundy)

The high wasted skirt was designed to add a sense of difference when being compared to other her skirts. This skirt has a higher than normal waistline and is oftentimes very noticeable. They normally come in short and long lengths, different colors and patterns and styles.

High waisted skirts also enhance the user’s waistline. The types of machines used to design this skirt give the overall skirt a look exuding formal all while giving the illusion that the wearer’s waistline line is slimmer than what it actually is.

46. Peasant Skirt

LAUREN RALPH LAUREN Womens Laucar Floral Print Peasant, Boho Skirt Green 2

Peasant skirts are long skirts but what makes them special is that they are made with a lot of pleats throughout the entire skirt and they also have levels of layers within the same skirt. The materials of a peasant skirt can be one particular piece of material or multiple pieces of materials combined to make the skirt. Their types of skirts are poly with women of any age whether young or old.

47. Pleated Skirts

CHARTOU Womens Chic Elastic High Waisted A Line Leopard Print Pleated Shirring Midi-Long Skirt (Army Green, X-Small)

Pleated skirts can be found in a variety of lengths, colors, and patterns. The pleats in a pleated skirt can be small or large, skinny or wide. Because pleated skirts are so popular it is not hard to find a pleated skirt for any particular taste, style or design. The skirts also come in long lengths, short lengths, knee lengths, and those in-between lengths.

48. Poodle Skirts

FunWorld Poodle Skirt, Pink/Black, Small/Medium 2-8 Costume

Poodle skirts closely resemble an A-line skirt with a flare towards the bottom. In addition, the skirts always have a sewn or ironed patch of a poodle placed on the skirt. It does not matter if the poodle is placed on the front or the side of the skirt because it is always going to stand out from the skirt due to the fact that it is never the same color as the skirt itself.

The poodles are also made of a different material than what the skirt is made of. This is done so that the poodle stands out on the skirt when it’s being worn. These types of skirts were very popular in the 1950s however they are beginning to make a comeback.

49. Skater

SheIn Women's Basic Solid Flared Mini Skater Skirt X-Small Black#3

A skater skirt is oftentimes a short skirt that has sort of a high waist but also has pleats. This type of skirt is usually made of a light material and easily flows with every movement of the wearer. A skater skirt is mostly seen in sports type settings.

This type of skirt also has a circle design which helps with mobility.

50. Skorts

DOMICARE Women Active Athletic Skorts with Pockets - Lightweight Quick Dry Skirt with Short for Workout Sports, M, Black

Skorts are shorts with the skirt made on top of them. Skorts can come in various sizes, styles, designs, lengths, and colors. Skorts are mostly seen on wearers who are avid sports players. Skorts have sometimes been mistaken as being an oversized shirt however they are truly a combination of the best of both athletic types of clothing, that being shorts and a miniskirt.

51. Trouser Skirts

WonderWink Women's Size Wonderwork Plus Pull-on Cargo Scrub Skirt, Black, 2X-Large

Trouser skirts are actually skirts that are trousers but have the features of a skirt. They are mostly made with material that allows for flair with the individual moons. However, they are also short in terms of length. From any given distance trouser skirt was simply look and resemble any other skirt.

52. Tutu

Dancina Women's Adult Vintage Petticoat Tulle Tutu Skirt [Sticker XL],Black,Regular Size

Tutu skirts are skirts that consist of layers upon layers of vailed materials such as nylon, gauze, or other thin materials, that are gathered at the waistline. Tutu skirts can come in multiple colors and lengths.

They can also b multi-colored meaning one skirt can be made from many different colors of materials. These skirts are popular with ballet and ballerina dancers. They also may or may not have a regularly shaped hemline and are poofy in the overall design. various lengths and thicknesses.

53. Fall/Winter Skirt

Choies Women's High Waist A-line Flared Long Skirt Midi Casual Skirt XL Gray
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Skirts that fall into the fall or winter category are made of thick, warm fabric, such as leather, wool, or polyester. They tend to be pleated and hang at the ankle level most often. Fall and winter skirts are suitable for casual, semi-formal, formal, and party wear. Fall and winter skirts can really be any style of skirt, as long as it is made with warm fabric.



A close look at a striped colorful cotton skirt.

Cotton is by far the most popular and one of the most comfortable types of fabrics, in part because of its breathable qualities. It is a soft and flexible fabric, which means skirts made of cotton are always extremely comfortable and accommodating. Cotton also comes in various thicknesses and can be blended with other fabrics, meaning you can always get what you’re looking for when buying this type of material.

Cotton Lawn or Voile

GRACE KARIN Girls Voile Layered Tutu Ruffle Swing Skirt Dance 2-3Y CL036-1
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Also called lawn cloth, this type of fabric is made mostly of 100% cotton and is similar to batiste but with a little more structure. It contains very fine threads and resists wrinkles, keeps the skirt’s shape, and has lighter colors that can have an almost transparent quality. In addition to skirts, this material can also be used to make drapes and clothing for warmer weather.


A close look at a denim skirt.

Denim is a sturdy type of cotton with a twill weaving pattern and diagonal ribbing that comes either dyed, which is called indigo denim or left white, which is what most other types of denim are made of. It is a warp-faced type of fabric that is most commonly used to make jeans and skirts. It is a very comfortable and popular material.

Jersey Knit

Womens Summer Solid Lightweight Below The Knee Length for Women(2XL,Red)
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Jersey knit is a popular material for many types of clothing, and today it is made of a blend of synthetic fibers, wool, and cotton, although it was originally made of pure wool. It is known for very small, close-knit stitches, and its characteristics include its warmth, durability, looseness, and softness. In addition to skirts, items such as t-shirts can also be made of this material.

Linen Blend

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Women's Washed Linen Blend Midi Skirt, Black, 14
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Like cotton, linen is durable, strong, and soft, but linen blends are made with other materials as well and have advantages that include an ability to become stronger when wet, natural resistance to bacteria, and high absorption capabilities. Linen blend skirts are extra comfortable and low-maintenance, and it is also a great material for tote bags, shirts, and even accessories.


Bimba Women Long Black Skirt Printed with Slit Poly Cotton Bohemian Style Wrap
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This is a mixture of cotton and polyester, and the reason it is so popular for skirts is that it is easy to care for and slow to wear out or stain. The polyester makes the skirt strong and resistant to wrinkles, while the cotton makes it soft and comfortable. The most common combination is 65% cotton and 35% polyester, although 50/50 blends are also very popular. Since cotton is generally more costly than polyester, this blend is a great way to enjoy a mostly cotton fabric at a much lower price.


Soprano Juniors Women's Poplin Side Tie Skirt, Navy, S
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Poplin fabric is very strong and is made of a plain weave of almost any type of fiber or blend. It is usually made with a corded surface, and it is now made of polyester, silk, wool, or rayon, or even a combination of these materials. Items such as skirts that are made of poplin tend to be slow to wrinkle and easy to iron, and it is often called broadcloth. Poplin can also be used for elegant upholstery or formal dresses.


SHREE RAM IMPEX Women's Jaipuri Vintage Rayon Skirt Ankle Length 36 Inches (Multicolored)
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Made from regenerated cellulose fiber, rayon has many grades and types. Rayon can imitate other fabrics, including cotton, wool, silk, and linen, and it is made from cellulose that comes from wood pulp. Although rayon is made with natural materials, it is not considered a natural fabric because the process to turn it into a wearable fabric is quite extensive. It is still, however, a very popular material for both skirts and other apparel.


Tahari by ASL Seersucker Pencil Skirt Seersucker Black/White 18
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Seersucker is usually made out of either synthetic material or a material such as cotton. It has a surface made of both flat and puckered sections, giving it a truly unique and interesting look and feel. Seersucker often is striped or is made of materials with various patterns and designs on it, and it has a wrinkled appearance in many areas.

Stretch Cotton

TheMogan Women's High Waisted A-Line Flared Circle Skater Mini Skirt Black S
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Stretch cotton is not exactly stretchy like elastic, but instead, it has a small amount of “give”, which is just enough to make it super comfortable and accommodating. It has either a two-way or four-way stretch when being made, and it moves with you all day long, which makes it perfect when you’re looking for something that is both comfortable and long-lasting.


A close look at a gray patterned twill skirt.

Twill fabric is a weave fabric that is usually made out of materials such as cotton, silk, or polyester, and it is characterized by parallel, diagonal ridges. Some of the many characteristics of a twill skirt include resistance to staining, its ability to cover up dirt in the fabric, its durability, and its attractive look. Twill also resists wrinkles and creases, and it gives skirts and other articles of clothing a unique and sturdy look, making it a very popular type of material to make a skirt from, not to mention items such as hats and even blazers.