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Used Smartwatch Buying Checklist

There are many factors to consider and options to weigh when on the process of buying a used smartwatch. Let us lessen your struggle with this used smartwatch buying checklist.

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If you’ve never bought a used smartwatch before, you may not know what to look for. These watches are a bit more complicated than your traditional watch, making the buying process a bit more rigorous. In case you’re feeling intimidated about buying a used smartwatch and what you should be paying attention to, we’ve created a checklist that will make it so much easier.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about used smartwatches and what to check for. From functionality to appearance and capability, all of these are factors to consider when buying a used smartwatch. With this checklist, you’ll be able to find the perfect used smartwatch for you without any hassle.

Check for Functionality

It may sound obvious, but you must double-check a used smartwatch’s functionality before purchasing. Simply because these watches have been worn before and probably were well-loved, you never know how they might be working nowadays. So, always take the time to inquire about how well these smartwatches actually function.

Does it Work?

Always make sure to ask the seller–wherever you choose to buy your smartwatch from–if the watch works. Typically, websites ensure that sellers are being honest about their products and prohibit people from selling products that do not work. If you ask if it works, a seller says yes, and then you find out that it doesn’t when it arrives, then you can easily prove they are at fault.

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a product that doesn’t work. Smartwatches especially are frustrating pieces of accessories, and you deserve to only purchase ones that work in tip-top shape. If possible, ask the seller to send you a video of the watch functioning.

Ask for proof that it can turn on, use apps, connect to your phone, etc. Whatever you want to ensure about your future used smartwatch, ask from the seller. If they’re a reliable, trustworthy seller, they won’t have any issue showing you how well their used smartwatch actually works.

In the event that you inquire about functionality and a seller starts to act shady, this is the number one sign that they’re not a seller to trust. Again, they shouldn’t have any issue giving you the information you need about your smartwatch, so pay attention to how they respond to your questions.

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Is it Damaged? How Damaged?

Along with asking about it working in general, you also need to know if it is damaged in any way, both externally and internally. If it is damaged, how much is the used smartwatch damaged and what isn’t working? If the website itself doesn’t talk about the damage explicitly, take the time to ask the seller to explain.

Even if they claim that it is only gently used, there still may be whole functions that don’t work as well as they once did. Any issues with applications, components, and appearance (which we will talk about next) should be addressed.

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller about all of this and more. After all, you don’t want to order a used smartwatch thinking that it looks practically new when in reality, it’s too damaged to work properly. Once again, if they begin to act strange over inquiries such as these, it’s time to look at a difference used smartwatch through a different seller.

Inspect Appearance

Next, you always want to inspect the appearance of your future used smartwatch before buying. You simply do not know what kind of wear and tear the watch experienced in the past. Too much wear and tear can totally ruin the look of your smartwatch, which also wastes your hard-earned money. So, instead, make sure to inquire about any potential external damages that this used smartwatch might have.

How Does the Face Look?

See if you can take a close look at the actual watch face itself. Ask the seller to take photos of the smartwatch while it is on and off to see if there are any noticeable scratches on the screen that might hinder your experience.

The face of the watch is easily the most important part, but when it’s covered in damages, it just doesn’t look (or act) the same. Guaranteeing that the smartwatch’s face is in good condition can alleviate a lot of anxiety when purchasing a used smartwatch. So, take the time to ask.

Along with the actual face itself, take a look at the edges of the watch, and even the back of the watch if possible. The band, as well, can experience a lot of damage. All of these components are what make your smartwatch look the way you love, so don’t forget to ask about wear and tear in these areas, too.

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Are There Scratches or Dents?

More than just issues with your used smartwatches watch face, make sure to see if your used smartwatch has scratches and dents elsewhere.

Even if the screen is in pristine condition, the back of the watch can be completely beat-up and destroyed–same with the watchband. While watch bands can be replaced, you at least want to be prepared if you do need to make another purchase. Inspect the watchband closely for any damage or stains.

The person you’re buying the watch from should be willing to disclose any damage or wear and tear. Because you’re buying a used smartwatch, the damage is definitely not uncommon. However, you want to be aware of just how much damage these watches have.

While a few scratches can be overlooked, major defects in the screen or program are things that will simply ruin your smartwatch experience. So, make sure you ask about scratches or dents in detail.

Can You Tell it’s Used?

After looking at pictures or even seeing the used smartwatch in person, you should ask yourself: can you tell it’s used? If you can take a look at your smartwatch and see clearly that it has experienced years of use before you, it may not be worth it to purchase.

After all, there are so many used smartwatches on the market that work and look just like new–they’ve just been used for a few days prior. So, don’t settle for any used smartwatch that doesn’t look like you want it to.

It may take some time and some thorough searches, but we promise that you can find various used smartwatches that, to the naked eye, you’d have no idea they were used in the first place. That’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Research its Capability

Finally, it’s important to have a full grasp of what you want out of a smartwatch in the first place. There are various types on the market, each one offering programs that differ from the rest. Because of this, you need to determine what works best for you.

What Do You Need From a Smartwatch?

Start by figuring out what you need from a smartwatch in the first place. Are you looking to buy a used smartwatch to up your fitness game? Or, are you hoping to answer your calls easier? Is this going to be a watch you wear all the time or one that you just want to use on special occasions?

All of these questions are crucial to ask yourself before buying a used smartwatch. You don’t want to accidentally buy a smartwatch all about fitness if you’re someone who needs it for business purposes. Because of this, we suggest taking the time to write down exactly what you want and need out of your watch.

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What Kind of Smartwatch do You Want?

Now that you’ve established what you need from your watch, it’s time to determine the right kind of used smartwatch for you. There are various different types for you to choose from, but the main ones are going to be fitness smartwatches, companion smartwatches, standalone smartwatches, and standard smartwatches.

Fitness smartwatches will give you all the fitness information you could need when you wear them, including tracking your steps, counting your calories, or even measuring your heart rate.

Companion smartwatches pair directly with your smartphone for ultimate ease and accessibility, while standalone smartwatches have all the features of a smartphone without actually needing one.

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And, finally, standard smartwatches are going to be digital watches with features like Bluetooth, receiving texts, and even playing games. Whichever one of those most appeals to you is the one you should turn to when finding the perfect used smartwatch.

Finding the Perfect Used Smartwatch for You

No matter what type of used smartwatch you want, always go through this checklist to ensure it gives you everything you need and more. Used smartwatches are so much more than your typical watch, so going through the effort to find the one that most appeals to you are crucial.

In case you’re still curious about used smartwatches, where to find them, or anything else about these digital accessories, check out the rest of our blog. Whatchawearing has everything you need to find the perfect used smartwatch for you or a loved one.