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Where to Buy Used Smartwatches Online (Save Big)

Smartwatches are expensive gadgets that can really enhance your quality of life, convenience, and even your general aesthetics. Here are places where you can buy used smartwatches with affordable prices and quality.

A close look at a woman checking her email on her smartwatch.

Smartwatches are all the rage right now. Instead of having a stagnant, classic watch on your wrist that only tells the time, smartwatches allow your watch to have so many more features than ever before. Able to read your texts, check the weather, or even steady your heart race, smartwatches are truly a thing of the future.

But, sometimes, you don’t want to pay full price for these expensive watches. Used smartwatches, then, make for a great option. With used smartwatches, you get to experience high-quality and luxury at a lower price. Plus, you have so many different places to choose from.

Types of Used Smartwatches

Before you find your perfect used smartwatch online, it’s important to establish what kind of smartwatch you want to purchase. There’s more than just one–each one more different than the next–so understanding just how each type functions will help you find what you like and what you don’t.

As time goes on, I’m sure more smartwatches will be released, but, for now, there are four main types to choose from.

Fitness Smartwatches

TagoBee Fitness Tracker Smart Watch for Men Women 1.54" Full Touch Screen, ip67 Waterproof Smartwatch con GPS Bluetooth Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor for iOS and Android Phones

Fitness smartwatches, as the name suggests, are smartwatches that are dedicated almost entirely to your health and wellness.

Able to track how many steps you’ve taken, miles you’ve run, and even how many calories you might have burned–all while telling the time, too, of course–these fitness watches are the athlete’s best friend.

A female jogger checking her smartwatch health tracker.

These smartwatches are great for people who are seriously into fitness and want to be as in-tune with their bodies as possible.

Some smart fitness watches can track your heartbeat, help you lower your heart rate, and monitor your daily caloric consumption.

All of these features, and more, are geared towards keeping you feeling your best, and they’re always just there, on your wrist, ready to be used.

Companion Smartwatches

Companion smartwatches, on the other hand, are smartwatches that are designed to be connected directly to your phone.

When hooked up your phone, these types of smartwatches allow for various features that make everyday communication so much easier than ever before.

Instead of having to check your phone to read a text or email, your companion smartwatch can let you read the message right from your wrist. Some smartwatches, like Apple’s, even allow you to answer phone calls from your smartwatch.

A businessman syncing his smartwatch with his phone apps.

When being connected directly to your phone, your companion smartwatch essentially becomes a mini version of your smartphone, always with you in the most compact form.

Standalone Smartwatches

If you don’t want to connect your smartphone to your watch, or you don’t have a smartphone, that’s fine, too. Standalone smartwatches are smartwatches that do not require a paired phone to work properly.

They have their own apps and you can still send and receive texts and calls–you just typically need a SIM card and internet.

A businessman using the apps on his smartwatch.

These smartwatches are still equipped with GPS and other phone-like features. Some require a monthly plan like a regular phone, while others don’t.

Able to take pictures, play games, and provide you with fitness information, standalone smartwatches are full smartphones on your wrist, even if you don’t have your own actual smartphone.

Standard Smartwatches

Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch, Black (Renewed)

Standard smartwatches aren’t going to be nearly as multifaceted as other smartwatches. These are still all-digital and typically require a smartphone to be paired to, though they don’t have as many features or applications as standalone or companion smartwatches.

You probably won’t be able to take pictures or respond to texts, but you will likely be able to read texts, music control, and check the weather.

These are great for those looking for digital access that’s not too complicated. These tend to be less expensive than other types of smartwatches, simply because their features are a bit limited. However, they’re still far more advanced than your typical wristwatch.

Best Used Smartwatch Websites


A great place to start when looking for a used smartwatch–no matter what type–is E-Bay. All-day long, people are buying and selling their used smartwatches on E-Bay for lower prices than you’ll find practically anywhere else.

On E-Bay, you’re able to actually bid on these used smartwatches themselves, setting a price that you feel comfortable paying. Then, if it gets too expensive, you can back out and try bidding on a different one.

With so many buying and selling their used smartwatches on E-Bay, you can find practically all types of smartwatches available.

Whether you’re hoping for a fitness watch or a standalone smartwatch, someone is bound to be selling a watch that piques your interest. Plus, sellers are required to post pictures so you can see exactly how much wear and tear these watches have experienced.


Garmin Vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit - Black (Renewed)

Amazon, in general, is a great place to buy high-quality products at lower prices. Their used smartphone selection, however, is even more impressive, as you have sellers from all around the world placing their used smartwatches up for extremely affordable prices. Here, the description of the watch will indicate just how used these watches are to prepare for you any possible damage.

Compared to new smartwatches, used smartwatches of all types are going to be priced lower than what you’d find in store. With Amazon, you’re also likely to receive your used smartwatch in an extremely timely fashion, as they have some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. Amazon promises that these products are going to perform like new, and if you’re not satisfied, you can always send it back.


Swappa is a huge online marketplace that is designed for the selling of used electronics like smartwatches, phones, and laptops.

Founded back in 2010, this website has only exploded in popularity as people realized the beauty of buying pre-owned items like smartwatches.

All of these products have been gently used, and you work directly with the seller themselves–not a third party.

Swappa doesn’t allow sellers to sell broken items in any capacity, so if you receive a product that doesn’t work, you can get your money back.

Simply put, this site gives you a place you can rely on for used smartwatches that are guaranteed to work practically like new.

Swappa’s selection of used smartwatches is impressive, but it’s also not surprising, as the site is quickly growing to be one of the most popular places to buy used technology.

Super easy to use and with prices that are quite affordable, you can find any type of high-quality used smartwatch in this virtual warehouse.

A close look at a brand new Fitbit on a wooden surface.

Best Buy

Surprisingly, Best Buy has quite a good selection of new, refurbished, and used smartwatches. Their website is packed full of these pre-owned watches, and in every type, too.

Because Best Buy is a fairly popular business, there’s likely to be a Best Buy in an area near you. If this is the case, you can find a used smartwatch on their website and then have it shipped directly to the store closest to you. This makes picking up a breeze and much quicker than your typical shipping time.

Best Buy’s used smartwatches are priced reasonably and are guaranteed to work. Though they may have some minor cosmetic damages, these used smartwatches are going to work almost like new and give you a great smartwatch experience.

Plus, if you have any questions, the experts behind Best Buy are always there to help you out–whether it be in-person or online.

Facebook Marketplace

To find used smartwatches in your area, you can rely on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is an extension of Facebook that allows people in your area to come together and sell goods and services to others near you.

On Facebook Marketplace, you can see who the person is that is selling the watch–even if you have mutual friends–and if they’re a trustworthy person to buy from.

Facebook Marketplace is being constantly updated and people are selling their used smartwatches for incredibly low prices. Often, these people are simply just hoping to get rid of their items, so prices are some of the lowest of the low.

Again, these are people in your area, so you don’t have to drive too far to pick it up, either. You and your seller must coordinate a pickup destination, but it’ll be near you, regardless. Just type smartwatch in the search and see what your neighbors have to sell.


Adorama is another great place to find your perfect used smartwatch. They specialize in selling high-quality digital technology including smartwatches, smartphones, cameras, lenses, and so much more.

You can actively read reviews about the products and sellers, and you even earn rewards the more you buy through Adorama.

Their used smartwatches are somewhat pricey, but they’re in pristine condition and work flawlessly. They also come in a variety of different brands and types, giving you quite a few options to choose from, and making the price easy to ignore.

Something super interesting about Adorama is the fact that they actually have a rental service, too. In the event that they have a piece of technology that you just want to try out, or maybe a bigger device like an entire camera set up, you can rent your product for a certain period of time.

With this, you pay a daily rental price and then return the product in the same condition you got it in. This is a great way to try something out before committing to a whole purchase.


TradeMore is a great online used smartwatch retailer. TradeMore carries a wide selection of high-quality used smartwatches sold at discounted prices.

Their selection of smartwatches changes daily, so paying close attention to their inventory is your best chance of getting your ideal used smartwatch.

Primarily, TradeMore focuses on selling used Apple watches of various years. So, if you’re looking for one of these premium smartwatches but in a gently used format, TradeMore is easily the best online webstore to go to. Not to mention, they ship their used smartwatches at efficient rates so you don’t have to wait too long before getting your fancy, digital watch.


A great app to help you find used products at affordable prices, Mercari is always a good place to turn when looking for a used smartwatch. Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Mercari is a space for people to come together and sell their pre-owned goodies.

With Mercari, however, these people do not have to be in your area and can ship from practically anywhere and you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable meetups. This allows for quite a wide selection of products and purchase with confidence.

Mercari claims they see over 350,000 new listings each and every day. With those kinds of numbers, you’re bound to find a used smartwatch that catches your eye, no matter what type (or even color) you’re looking for.

Prices depend on the seller, so some may be selling their used smartwatches for better prices than others; with so many new listings per day, you don’t have to settle on a price you’re not happy with.

Back Market

Back Market is a website that focuses entirely on taking used products, refurbishing them, and showing the world what a little TLC can do.

They have a wide selection of used and refurbished smartwatches that function as if they were brand-new. Every device that goes through Back Market is checked by professionals themselves to ensure that they’re working as they should.

You have the option of choosing to be okay with a few cosmetic damages on your used smartwatch, or, if that bothers you, they even have totally pristine options that the everyday person would never be able to tell has been pre-owned.

Their sellers are even required to go through a very rigorous screening process to ensure that they’re trustworthy, and then the site continues to keep an eye on their conduct as they start selling.

All in all, Back Market is extremely focused on its customer service and provides you with the best-used products possible. If you’re not satisfied with your refurbished smartwatch, they’ll work with you directly to make it right.

A close look at a smartwatch connected to the computer with a wire.


Fossil is a famous watch brand that’s known for its luxury watches and somewhat high prices. But, if you can’t afford their typical prices on their brand-new watches, you don’t have to worry.

Like Back Market, Fossil also has used or damaged watches that they refurbish and sell at discounted prices.

These used smartwatches are still of the highest quality and have the Fossil touch, they just don’t cost an arm and a leg to buy.

They offer free shipping on their refurbished smartwatches, but, if you’re fortunate enough to live near a Fossil store, you can also go pick it up there if you don’t want to wait for delivery. And, if you’re not happy with the quality of your used smartwatch, you can always return it for a full refund, as well.


Another online marketplace for you to find your favorite used smartwatch is OfferUp. Available as a website or an app for your convenience, this is a place where people come together every day to sell their used products that they no longer want.

You can choose to only purchase products from people in your area, or you look nationwide for a wider selection of used smartwatches and have them shipped right to you.

With people selling every day, you’re bound to find used fitness smartwatches, used standalone smartwatches, and everything in between.

This is yet another site where people are often on there simply to get rid of their excess things. So, these used smartwatches are going to be much more inexpensive than through other online retailers. If you’re looking to save money and buy without any hassle, OfferUp is a great place to start browsing.

The Best Used Smartwatch is Out There for You

Simply put, the best-used smartwatch is out there for you, you just have to take the time to find it. With so many different online shops to scroll through, your ideal watch is just waiting to be discovered.

Once you decide what type of used smartwatch you’re looking for, and what kind of website will be best for your buying habits, narrowing down the search becomes much easier.

For a little more help, Whatchawearing can help you determine your perfect smartwatch even further. Whether you don’t know the difference between certain fitness watches or you simply need help setting up your used FitBit, we’re here to help you through it all.