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What are Twill Shorts?

Twill is a great material for many reasons. Not only is it durable and stain resistant, but it just looks good. You may not truly know what twill is, but you have seen it. Check out this article to find out more information about twill.

This is a close look at rough twill weave shorts.

I am sincere when I say I thought twill pants were a type of pants. I thought it meant they were a specific material and style. That is not what twill is at all.

Since many others out there may not be aware of what twill really is, this article is going to share all the details and clear up any confusion. If you are interested in answering the question, what are twill shorts; continue reading this article. 

What is Twill?

This is a close look at various twill shorts showcasing the buttons.

Twill is not a specific material or style of clothes. Twill is a specific type of weave. When you hear that you have twill shorts, it is referring to the way your shorts were woven.

Twill shorts are woven in a diagonal pattern. This pattern is found in many different types of clothes, including jeans, chinos, bags, shorts, and coverings for furniture. A twill weave is typically darker on the front, which is the wale, and lighter on the back.

It has a high thread count. Twill short options rarely have prints on them, but they may have designs like tweed or houndstooth. 

How to Make Twill

Twill can be any fiber, but the most popular ones are cotton or polyester or a blend of them together. When twill is woven, the horizontal thread, also known as the weft, is woven over more than one warp thread. The warp thread is then woven under the warp thread.

A warp thread is the vertical one that is held by the loom. Each woven row is offset from the one above it, which gives it the diagonal pattern. Twill is put into categories that indicate how they were woven.

These categories are fractions. You may see a 1/3 twill weave. This fraction means that the weft is woven over three and under one of the warp threads. 

How is Twill Used?

Twill is used for clothes, home items, and accessories. Twill is typically used for jeans, and they are usually a cotton or cotton blend. Cotton twill is often used to make chino or khaki shorts.

Jeans tend to be a heavier weight, while chinos are much lighter. Twill is found in tweed, herringbone, and houndstooth fabric. The pattern you see in these fabrics is created by using different color yarn in the weave.

Twill creates a durable material that makes it perfect for work clothes like jumpsuits and overalls. You will see twill used for chairs, sofas, curtains, and cushions. 

Benefits of Twill Shorts

This is a close look at various twill shorts showcasing the buttons.

There are many reasons for you to consider when selecting twill shorts as your clothing option.


Twill shorts are sturdy and durable. When you finally find your favorite pair of twill shorts, you do not want them to fall apart on you. You want them to last forever. Twill is incredibly sturdy and durable, which means they are going to last you a long time.

The military has used this material for quite some time due to its strength and staying power. The seams will not split, and you will not find loose threads. Twill shorts will keep you cool in the summer heat.

They can handle regular washing and do not need any special treatment. 


Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short, Acorn Twill, 34

There is nothing worse than pulling a pair of shorts out of your drawer only to find that they are really wrinkled. Even worse is when your shorts wrinkle while you are wearing them. Wrinkling is not a concern with twill shorts.

These shorts are a little thicker, and as a result, they will not wrinkle or crease. They are the perfect on the go shorts. Due to the woven twill fabric, they do not stain easily.

If they happened to get dirty, it is hard to tell they are dirty because of the material and the pattern. The pattern of twill shorts easily disguises any stains or dirt. These shorts will not be the cheapest ones you can purchase, but they are certainly worth paying a little extra. 


Twill shorts breathe well. Even though twill is a heavier fabric, the shorts feel light while wearing them. These shorts allow air to circulate through them and keep you cool even in the hottest weather. Twill shorts are typically made from cotton, enabling them to provide ventilation, especially on a breezy day. 


Twill shorts are stylish and always in fashion. They provide a classic look that you can dress up or dress down. Twill shorts have a textured look to them, and even when they are a solid and neutral color, they are not dull or drab.

You will most likely find twill pants with a button and zipper closure. They have pockets allowing you to hold all of your items securely. Twill shorts have a nice drape so that they will look good on every body type.

You can find twill shorts in varying inseams, and you are sure to find the perfect length for you. They usually have a looser fit and provide comfort in your movement throughout the day. Twill shorts come in all size options, including waist size. These will be great shorts for you to try. 


How Do I Care For Twill Shorts?

Twill shorts are durable and can withstand rough handling. You can wash them in a washing machine, but you should still pay a bit of attention to how you wash them. It would be best if you washed twill shorts with like clothes.

You want to wash them inside out and use safe detergent. Do not soak, rub, clean, or wring them. You should wash twill shorts in cold water, which helps maintain the color. It would be best if you considered washing them on a gentle cycle. 

Can Twill Shorts Be Considered Business Casual?

Twill pants and shorts are considered casual and business casual. Even though twill shorts are considered business casual, you may not want to wear them to the office unless you know for sure that shorts are allowed. You can dress up twill shorts with a polo shirt or a button-down shirt.

You can also make them a little more casual with any of your favorite tees and a pair of sneakers.

How Easy Are Twill Short Options To Find?

Twill shorts are available just about anywhere. You can find them at many different store options, no matter where you like to shop. You can find them online at your favorite store website.

You may be able to find exclusive offers and deal on shipping cost, if you are concerned about the extra price of shipping. 

Is Twill a Good Material for Summer?

Twill is a lightweight and breathable option that is typically made from cotton. It will keep you cool during the hot summer weather. It will not wrinkle on those humid days deep in the middle of summer.