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What is a Newsboy Hat?

Take a close look at the newsboy hat showcasing its rich history, how is it worn today with pairings, fashion, season and weather so you can choose the right newsboy hat for you.

This is a man wearing a black newsboy hat.
  • A newsboy cap also called a newsie hat or baker boy hat, has been around since the early 20th century.  
  • This hat is normally worn during fall, although it can also be worn in the hotter months.

The newsboy hat has been around for many years; it is a fashionable hat that can be worn with casual attire. This hat makes your style look a little more formal without going the whole way.

A newsboy hat has been worn since the 1910s to 1920s; it was worn mostly by men of a lower class, such as newspaper boys, dockworkers, or farmers. It is now worn by all men and women of all classes. It is best to wear in the cooler fall months but can also be worn during winter or summer.

What is a Newsboy Hat?

A man lights up a cigarette wearing a newsboy hat.

A Newsboy hat, also known as a newsie cap or baker boy hat, has been around for many years. It is a casual cap with a similar style to the flat cap; it has the same overall shape and stiff peak. However, the body of the hat has a more rounded shape made of eight pieces and a button on the top center and sometimes a button attaching the front to the brim, same as some flat caps.

The crown of the hat is much floppier and folds in on the sides and in the front. This hat is more stylish and has a younger look than the flat cap associated with older generations.

The History of a Newsboy Hat

This is a vintage photograph of boys wearing newsboy hats.

The newsboy hat was commonly worn in North America and Europe by men and boys of all classes during the early 20th century, specifically in the 1910s to 1920s. Although all classes wore it, it was predominantly worn by men and boys of a lower class.

As the name suggests, these hats were worn by newspaper boys, but not exclusively; others that worn them include dockworkers, high steel workers, costermongers, farmers, shipwrights, beggars, tradespeople, and artisans.

These hats were worn by men and boys in the upper class but mainly during leisure activities such as driving, country sports, or golf.

This hat with the flat cap was very trendy among the Peaky Blinders, a well-known gang in Europe. This hat was also frequently worn by David Beckham, Brian Johnston from AC/DC, Prince William, P Diddy, and WWE Sami Zayn.

Is a Newsboy Hat Worn Still Today?

This is a woman wearing a patterned newsboy hat.

Newsboy hats are still worn today, although they are not worn in the correct manner by most people compared to the 20th century. This is a nice hat to wear as it is more classy compared to a baseball cap.

Although men have traditionally worn this hat, it has recently become popular for affluent women and fashion houses during the 21st century to wear too. These hats have also become popular among hipsters.

When Can You Wear Your Newsboy Hat?

This is a man wearing a newsboy hat while sitting on a bench by the bay.

It is mainly worn during the cooler months in fall, but it can be warmer during the warmer months. You can choose newsboy hats made of cotton, which are great for summer, or a wool blend that is great for fall or winter.

You get these hats in all different colors, mainly your traditional natural colors, although floral patterns have become trendy as well. This hat can be worn to casual events such as sports events, walking in the park, shopping, dinner with a friend, or a chilled day outing.

What to Wear Your Newsboy Hat with?

This is a man wearing a brown aviator jacket and a newsboy hat.

This hat is typically worn with casual wear, with a stylish jacket, or hoodie and jeans. However, you can dress it up a little with smart pants or chinos and a stylish jacket for evening events; you can even style it with s nice casual suit.

This hat is not formal but can make a casual style look more formal compared to a baseball cap.

Remember that this hat gives one a more historical look, be careful not to overdo this. By wearing a tweed jacket or coat that has a historical aspect to it, you may end up looking like a page boy, which is not what one should strive for.

To give your outfit an authentic and dynamic feel, pair it with modern-styled clothing.

Choosing the Right Newsboy Hat

This is a man wearing a blue shirt and a gray newsboy hat.

Choosing the correct size Newsboy hat is important; if it is too big, it will look very floppy, and if too small, it will be uncomfortable and not sit correctly on your head. There are hat sizing charts that can be used to choose the correct fit.

The correct-sized hat should sit with its sides draped down to your ears, and the brim of the hat should sit low on your forehead, which will shade your eyes.

A newsboy hat should not be worn tilted back or up on your head; you can try tilting it to the one side if it suits you. There are many different types of newsboy hats you can choose from based on the material that is used and the color. It is easiest and best to start with a linen and cotton blend with 8-panels.

Go with a darker color such as navy or black, this color and material is a classic that is easy to style with, and it goes with almost all clothing styles. For a summer look, you can try a lighter-colored hat, either a beige, off-white, or light grey; these will also be easy to pair with light-colored summer clothing.

This style can be paired with a casual summer look, such as shorts and a nice t-shirt. If you would like to branch out a little, choose a wool newsboy hat; this will give your look a more upscale and fashionable feel.

The wool and cotton hats will come in a few fabrics like herringbone, tweed, or plaid. For a unique, bold look, try a leather or corduroy Newsboy hat; the best would be a soft lamb leather newsboy; just make sure to wear this style correctly.