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12 Brands Similar to Aritzia

Red fashion dress

Aritzia’s brand is everyday luxury clothing that looks high-end and has plenty of style at prices that even non-millionaires can afford. The styles here are classic and sophisticated, ranging from casual to professional to semi-formal. If you like Aritzia’s take on the timeless feminine style, you’ll be glad to know there are many brands similar to Aritzia that have many of the same features and fashions that you already like.

The Good Idea

Aritzia began basically as a kiosk. It was a little pop-up boutique inside a huge department store in Canada, a family-owned mecca to shopping that was already packing 70 years of history in Vancouver, Canada. Talk about a David and Goliath situation. The little kiosk was surrounded by places to shop, huge stores, little fancy boutiques, and well-known brand names on all sides.

The little kiosk managed to gain attention by offering beautiful fashions at affordable prices, a business model that has been proven to work. The fashions at the Aritzia kiosk stood out even when surrounded by all those big stores and established brands. Just like in all the stories, the underdog prevailed.

People began coming to the mall to visit the Aritzia kiosk, not the big department stores. After all, good fashion has a way of making itself stand out.

Growing Up

Brian Hill, the founder of the brand, opened a standalone Aritzia boutique in 1984. The little kiosk had become a real store. And it continued to be really successful.

The brand continued to build as word about Aritzia fashions continued to spread. The little kiosk that could have blossomed…and it was growing.

Row of hanging clothes

Today, Aritzia has stores across North America, and fashions from here are sold globally through the online store. Founder Brian Hill had a pretty simple take on fashion: providing beautiful clothes, good service, and a good shopping experience. Aritzia still maintains these principles.

The formula worked. The Aritzia brand has found its way to multiple countries, and it has found its style on lots of different bodies. There are lots of things that shoppers love about Aritzia fashion. All the same, things that shoppers noticed at that little kiosk in the 1980s are still true of the Aritzia brand today.

Aritzia Fashion

Aritzia has set itself apart from other stores in a number of ways. Like many stores, you can find lots of different labels and brand names at Aritzia stores. But unlike many others, all of these labels are part of the Aritzia brand.

Aritzia develops its own brands. Each acts as an independent label within Aritizia stores. This gives shoppers lots of different options and different style choices when they want to put together those perfect looks. Every label under the Aritzia has its own distinct look and style, so shoppers can fine-tune their wardrobes to perfectly reflect their own personal fashion sense.

Under all labels and in all locations, Aritzia specializes in women’s clothing, making everything you want to wear. That includes dresses, blazers, swimwear, accessories, shoes, denim, activewear, and more. Aritzia has a huge selection of items, all in classic silhouettes and sophisticated styles. The product line here is a lot of soft colors and neutral shades.

It’s clothing that is stylish but not flashy, elegant, and timeless more than it is trendy and to the minute. These are clothes you can wear again and again and even through multiple changes in season and fashion fads.

This brand appeals to young, professional women who want to look stylish and fashionable, and who want to look sensual rather than sexy. This clothing is made in classic color shades like black, gray, and cream in silhouettes that are fitted, not skintight. It’s fashion that takes itself seriously, like the smart, put-together women who wear it.

If the elegant, fashionable look of Aritzia clothing appeals to you, explore some of the many other brands that are similar. The things you love about Aritzia are not limited to this one brand alone. You can find many brands that have things in common with Aritzia, maybe even the stuff that you love in the first place.

Finding Brands similar to Aritzia

Wearing a fashion outfit outside

The simple but sophisticated fashions and great professional styles at Aritzia have made this brand famous among female shoppers who like looking stylish. But there are many brands similar to ARtizia that have some of the same features you love and the looks you want. Get familiar with these other brands and start getting familiar with even more fashion.

When you know how to look for the brands that are like the brand you love, you can find the fashions you want to wear much more easily.

Anthropologie (Similar Pricing)

BTFBM Women Long Sleeve Open Front Plain Knit Cardigan Fashion Color Block Striped Slouchy Loose Pockets Sweater Outwear (Green, Large)

Clothing, accessories, shoes, hosiery, home goods, jewelry, candles, Anthropologie has it all. Like Aritzia, Anthropologie focuses on clothing for women, everyday styles that are fashionable, fresh, casual, and fun. Anthropologie creates items that are trendy and hip in lots of pretty colors.

This brand appeals to young shoppers who want to look trendy and fashionable no matter what they’re wearing, from athletic wear to casual style to semi-professional looks. Anthropologie considers itself a lifestyle brand, providing everything you need to live your best life. The store first opened in 1992 in Pennsylvania. Today, Anthropologie has hundreds of stores all around the world.

Like Aritzia, Anthropologie takes a total approach to fashion, offering all kinds of items that are both worn and displayed around the home. This company also makes everything you can wear on your body. This is something Anthropologie has in common with Aritzia.

Pricing at Anthropologie is similar to what you’ll find at Aritzia, though the fashions here are a little more hip and trendy and a little less timeless than the looks you can find at Aritzia. Those who like Aritzia clothing but want fresher, hipper looks will love what they find at Anthropologie. You can find many similar items that have a simile design feel to them between both brands.

Doen (More Expensive)

Organic Cotton Linen Shirt Dress for women Summer Lightweight linen maxi dress casual maxi dress midi Linen dress Button shirt dress Loose shirt dress plus size Bohemian shirt dress Maxi shirt dress

Five women came together to create Doen, a woman-ran business that focuses on the classic styles, colors, and fabrics associated with coastal California. The fashions here are breezy and soft, with puffed sleeves, ruffle and scalloped details, lightweight fabrics, and pretty, neutral colors that go with anything. The California design style is present in everything you can find at Doen, which gives the brand a distinct look.

The silhouettes are simple, the fabrics are beautiful, the fashions are timeless, Doen has these characteristics in common with Artitzia. Doen works with certified ethical manufacturers and looks for ways to reduce environmental impact as a company. The company also makes it a point to prioritize women-owned businesses. By 2020, over 80 percent of Doen’s products will be produced in women-owned or co-owned factories.

Doen’s pricing is a bit higher, on average than the items you’ll find at Aritzia. But Doen, like Aritzia, focuses o creating beautiful styles that can go anywhere and look great everywhere.

Dynamite (Less Expensive)

THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets, Tummy Control Workout Running Yoga Leggings for Women (Medium, Gray-Marble)

The trendy styles at Doen’s give you an idea of what young women in their 20s and 230s are wearing right now, from activewear to officewear.

Like Aritzia, Dynamite has a huge selection of items that cover most of your fashion needs. You can get jeans, jackets, swimwear, lingerie, a T-shirt, and anything else you might need for the perfect outfit. If you like the huge selection of different items available at Aritzia, Dynamite will definitely appeal to you.

Dynamite makes stylish items for every occasion and everywhere you might want to go, primarily targeting professional women, just like Aritzia. The clothing here is similar to what you’ll find at Artzia, and the two brands both target the same buyers. However, Dynamite’s pricing is a little lower. You will pay less for items here than for similar items through Aritzia.

Those who like the fashions from Aritzia but want to pay a little less will love what they find at Dynamite, from the fashion to the pricing.

Frank & Oak (Similar Pricing)

Frank & Eileen Women's Mary Dress, Blackout, S

Beautiful colors, classic patterns, and elegant silhouettes are hallmarks of Frank & Oak clothing. This brand, like Aritzia, focuses on timelessly stylish looks rather than trends. Frank & Oak also focuses more on casual style, providing everyday wear of all types.

Frank & Oak maintains a large collection of clothing of all kinds, something that Aritzia shoppers will like. The brand even maintains a huge line of beauty items and accessories, including an entire line of skincare products. They have everything from hats to bags to watches to help you dress up and finish off your look. This wide selection is something that buyers enjoy with Aritzia, too.

The many different types of fashion at Frank & Oak provide an all-inclusive shopping experience where buyers can seek out items all over the body. That includes watches. Frank & Oak has a huge selection of different items and enough of each to appeal to anyone’s sense of style.

The pricing at Frank & Oak is similar to what you’ll find at Aritzia. If you like the wide selection and elegant styles at Aritzia but want a fashion that’s a bit more casual, Frank & Oak is the right choice for you.

The Frankie Shop (More Expensive)

YESNO Women Casual Loose Cropped Denim Jumpsuits Rompers 90s Jeans Overalls Distressed Ripped Fringed/Pockets P49 (L, P49 Blue)

The Frankie Shop sells trendy, casual fashion for young people in their teens and 20s who want to be right on the cutting edge of style. Cool cargo pants, hip one-shoulder blouses, cute knits, you can get it all here. Like Aritzia, the Frankie Shop provides clothing of all kinds for women. That includes loungewear, swimwear, dresses, accessories and shoes, everything you want to wear.

Also like Aritzia, the Frankie Shop has lots of professional clothing and plenty of wardrobe staples. The Frankie Shop focuses more on trendy styles than Aritizia and has a distinctive high-end look. This gives the clothes a bit of a high-fashion sort of sheen, and that’s why the styles here are so trendy and designed to fit all the current fashion fads.

The pricing at the Frankie Shop is somewhat higher than what you’ll find at Aritzia, on average. If you like Aritzia but you want clothes with an even trendier look and a bit of a more high fashion feeling, the Frankie Shop is the perfect place to start looking.

French Connection (Similar Pricing)

French Connection Women's Off-Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit, Summer White, 8

The casual clothes at French Connection have a chic, stylish look, but there’s a timeless quality to these fashions, too. French Connection has a similar classic look to the clothing at Aritzia. Both brands also appeal to a similar demographic: stylish, professional women who want to dress well but who don’t want to go broke doing it.

French Connection offers clothing in bright colors in the latest styles but with lots of classic fashion items as well. Like Aritzia, French Connection sells everything in fashion you might want to wear. You can even get fragrance here. Literally, if you can put it on your body to wear, you can buy it here. French Connection also sells clothing for men and children.

French Connection is built around the newest styles and the latest looks in fashion. The name of this brand really does say it all. For centuries, France has really been the epicenter of fashion. It has been considered to be where style is born before it goes to the rest of the world.

Many famous labels first began in France, and Paris is definitely one of the world’s most stylish cities. French Connection definitely holds true to the idea that French fashion is the trendiest, the latest, and the coolest. That’s exactly the kind of stuff you’re going to find here when you go shopping here. And if you like Aritzia, you’re probably going to want to go shopping here.

The pricing at French Connection is similar to Aritzia. The fashion here is a little more casual than the styles you’ll find at Aritzia, and the clothing is a little bit trendier. If you like Aritzia but want to expand your casual wardrobe and stay up on the latest trendy looks, French Connection is perfect for you. With this brand, you can dress like a fashionable French person without actually spending big bucks on a trip to France.

Local European (Similar Pricing)

Women’s Baggy Cargo Pants Low Waist Hip Hop Sweatpants Drawstring Oversized Loose Wide Leg Hippie Joggers Trousers(A White,Small)

Local European specializes in streetwear for women, the latest looks in the hottest styles. Local European appeals to young women who want to look seriously hip.

The clothes here are trendier and more casual than the items you’ll find at Aritzia. These clothes are trendier than what you’ll find in many stores. Local European prides itself on having the newest fashions and all the really hot looks. If people are wearing it right this second, you’re going to find it here.

Pricing here is similar to the prices you will find at Aritzia. The styles are always up to date, so this is a great place to visit if you want to see what’s in style and you want to wear the latest trendy look.

Local European makes clothing for everyday wear, not clothing for professional wear. This is casual and fun fashion. So if you’re looking for a place to shop when you need looks that are more laid back but won’t cost you much more than the fashions you find at Aritzia, Local European is perfect.

Mango (Similar Pricing)

Under Armour Women's Tactical Women Reactor Crew Base Long-Sleeve T-Shirt , Federal Tan (499)/Federal Tan , Large

If you like the professional styles at Aritzia, you will like the items you find at Mango. The fashions here are timelessly elegant and stylish, qualities that Mango has in common with Aritzia. You can find everything from casual to professional looks here, not to mention plenty of accessories to go with it all.

Like Aritzia, Mango has a huge selection of clothing available and every type of clothing item you might want to wear. That includes coats, pants, sportswear, underwear, and even pajamas. Mango also offers home goods, something else the two brands have in common. In fact, there are many similarities between these two brands. If you can’t find what you want at Aritzia, there’s a good chance you can find that right thing at Mango.

Sophisticated style is what you’ll find at Mango, a look these fashions have in common with the clothing you can find at Aritzia. The timeless, classic pieces at Mango have a similar look and similar pricing to the styles available at Aritzia. Shoppers who enjoy Aritzia will have a hard time not enjoying Magno, too.

Modern Citizen (Similar Pricing)

swimall Women Boy Short Long Sleeve Swimsuits One Piece Rash Guard Bathing Suit Swimwear UPF 50+(Blue/Blue Leaves, X-Large(12-14))

Modern Citizen makes professional, sophisticated styles for women in their 20s and 30s who want to look stylish and trendy.

The officewear styles here are trendy and a little bit edgy; if you like fashions, they are like the items you can find at Aritzia but even more bold and slightly more fashion-forward. This is a trendy fashion that meets professional style. With the clothes from Modern Citizen, you can push the envelope a little bit with items like leather skirts, asymmetrical blouses, and other hot looks in fashion.

Modern Citizen, like Aritzia, offers a huge range of products. In addition to all the different fashions you might want to wear, Modern Citizen has a big selection of jewelry, hats, scarves, bags, and shoes. You can even get candles and self-care items here.

You can spend a lot of time shopping and browsing and getting outfit inspiration at Modern Citizen, which is a feature that many shoppers love about Aritzia, too.

The goal of Modern Citizen is to sell fashion that looks like luxury clothing, but the pricing here is similar to what you’ll find at Aritzia. This is accessible fashion, something that Modern Citizen has in common with the Aritzia brand. If you want slightly edgy and trendy fashion that looks high-end but is also affordable, you’re going to love Modern Citizen.

PacSun (Less Expensive)

PacSun Women's Spliced Classic Sweatpants - Brown Size Medium

The cool, hip fashions at PacSun come in a variety of colors. If you like fashion that’s a bit more eye-catching and bright than the classic, sophisticated looks of Aritzia, PacSun was made for you. This brand has a lot in common with Aritzia and shares many of the qualities that people love, but it’s also got some bolder, brighter styles that appeal to trendy fashionistas.

You can get every piece of fashion here, from backpacks to socks to dresses to T-shirts. Just about any piece of fashion, you might want to buy is available at PacSun. That includes jewelry, hair accessories, and even beauty products. PacSun, like Aritzia, has a huge selection of many different items, so you can stay busy shopping here for a long time. PacSun also makes unisex and men’s fashion.

PacSun targets a young, fashionable buying audience with trendy fashion that is less expensive than similar items you will find at Aritzia. Those who want young, hip fashion at pricing that’s more affordable than Artizia will find exactly what they’re looking for at PacSun.

Petite Studio (Similar Pricing)

THE GYM PEOPLE Women’s High Waist Loose Comfy Wide Leg Palazzo Yoga Pants Tummy Control Lounge Workout Joggers (Large, Black)

Petite Studio clothes are classic and classy, made in timeless styles in sophisticated looks. Sound familiar? The designs at Peteie Studio are very similar to the design philosophy at Aritzia.

The clothing is timelessly sophisticated and classic, with simple silhouettes and soft, neutral color palettes that match each other and other pieces of fashion well. These clothes are easy to mix and match, so you can put together lots of looks with the pieces you get here.

Like Aritzia, Pettie Studio sells home goods and accessories, in addition to lots of different clothing items you can use to put together all kinds of looks. If you like the classic design principle of Petite Studio clothing, you’ll probably like the home goods you can find here, too. The pricing here is similar to Aritzia; so many of the things you love about one brand, you will find with the other.

Petite Studio is more than just a name. This online brand caters to petite women who need smaller fashions. The founder of Petite Studio, Jenny Wang-Howell, immigrated to the U.S. and found herself in the heart of the fashion world: New York City. She describes herself as a “wannabe 5’2″ fashionista.”

But like many petite women, she had trouble finding fashion that looked fashionable on her smaller frame. And so, Petite Studio was born. Smaller women who might have trouble finding items in their size elsewhere or even find fashion that’s made to look good in smaller sizes will have no trouble shopping with Petite Studio.

With similar pricing and a similar take on timeless fashion, Petite Studio is a perfect addition to the style Rolodex for all the petite-sized women who like Aritzia. Petite Studio has a similar design philosophy and offers very similar styles and types of clothing to the items you find at Aritzia, but these clothes are intentionally styled to look good on smaller bodies.

If you like Aritzia but don’t like the sizing or the way the styles end up looking on your body, Petite Studio might be the fashion answer to your style problems.

Simons (More Expensive)

Summer Womens Sexy Ruched Tank Top Plain Turtleneck Button Blousae Sleeveless T-Shirt Tops Causal Patchwork Vest Beige

If there’s something you want to wear and you can’t find it at Simons, you’re doing something wrong. This online store has absolutely everything and anything you want to wear, including socks.

You can get every type of accessory here, not to mention jewelry, hosiery, shoes, and anything else you need to enhance your look. There’s also a huge selection of activewear here that includes sports bras, thermal layers, anything else you might need, and all the stuff you might want to wear.

Simons also has a huge selection of wall decor and home items, including shelves, candlesticks, lighting, and even children’s toys. You can truly get just about everything here to decorate your body and your home.

There’s a good reason Simons has such a huge selection of products to purchase available. Simons has been in the fashion game since 1840. The fashion you can find here reflects this longevity. Simons has popular, trendy fashion items, but the catalog is full of classic pieces and staples that everyone needs, a lot like the clothing you find at Aritzia.

There’s a good mix of what’s hot and what’s classic here, so you can find exactly what you want to wear, no matter what it is.

Peter Simons left Scotland to settle on a farm near Quebec City in 1812. In 1840, he opened a small dry goods shop. From the very beginning, he emphasized quality items and good service, principles that have kept Simons around for decades. These core principles built the company from a small store into an international brand that is linked with quality fashion and home decor items.

The prices here are a bit more expensive, on average than the pricing you will find with Aritzia items.

Wearing Brands Similar to Aritzia

Fashionably dressed outside

Many brands, like Aritzia, offer sophisticated and timeless styles that are fashionable and professional but still glamorous and comfortable. These clothes are designed to go anywhere and do anything, so you don’t have to change clothes between home and work and on date night.

Expand your knowledge about these brands similar to Aritzia and expand your wardrobe with lots and lots of new fashions so you can put together amazing looks for all occasions and reflect all of your style moods, no matter how your moods might change…or how the fashion trends might change.


Buying clothes and looking for the right styles is definitely not as easy as it first seems, and you might still have questions about buying and wearing Aritzia and similar brands. We found the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Aritizia to help you style your clothes like an expert and give you the knowledge you need to have to take your style to the next level.

Are professional clothes tax deductible?

Can you deduct all or part of the clothing you purchase for work? Unfortunately, no. While it seems reasonable that you should be able to deduct the cost of work clothing from your taxes, the law is pretty clear on this particular point. And you definitely don’t want to mess with those guys.

Unless you are purchasing clothing that is mandatory and can only be worn for work and nothing else, it’s not tax deductible. The beautiful style at Aritzia doesn’t count because, you can wear these clothes for many occasions. The clothing you wear strictly for can that can only be worn for work sits in a very narrow category that most people don’t fit.

When you wear officewear for work, you won’t be able to deduct the cost of these clothes. That’s why it’s a good idea to find affordable, accessible fashion that is high-quality and still looks good that you can purchase without breaking the bank. Fashion from Aritzia and similar brands allows you to get the style you want at prices that are affordable.

How do you style Aritzia clothing and clothing from similar brands?

How should you wear Artiia clothing to put together great-looking outfits where all pieces work together? Aritzia clothing is intentionally styled so that pieces can often easily be mixed and matched. Clothing from one of Artizia’s brands will all look good together, with pieces that can be interchanged so you can create different outfits.

Often, brands create different themed collections in which all the pieces will work well together, no matter how you mix and match them. The more you play around with clothing in specific collections and start to get a feel for which pieces look good together, you’ll find it easier to put together all kinds of different looks and style lots of beautiful outfits.

Online stores are also a good place to look for outfit ideas from specific brands. Shop for pants at Aritzia, for example, and the models will often be wearing Aritzia tops in the pictures. Often, models will be dressed in all items from a single brand so that even when you’re shopping for individual pieces, you can get an idea of what goes together.

Why are Aritzia clothes good for office wear?

Outfit hanging in room

What makes Aritzia clothes so perfect as office wear? Many styles from Aritzia are made with classic silhouettes in quality fabrics and timeless styles. These semi-formal, fashionable looks work perfectly as office wear because they’re sophisticated, they fit well on the body, and they come in classic, neutral colors that work perfectly in professional environments of all kinds.

Aritzia doesn’t have a lot of short shirts and revealing blouses, items that aren’t generally acceptable in an office environment. Many of the looks here are elegant and classy, so women can create a stylish work look that’s completely appropriate. This makes it easy to style professional looks and always dress for success.

Brands similar to Aritzia often have many of these characteristics that make Aritzia clothes so perfect as office wear. If you’re looking for ways to expand your office fashion, it’s a great idea to start with Aritzia and brands similar to Aritzia. With the right brands and some great style, anyone can become the fashionista they want to be.

Can you machine wash Aritzia clothing?

Aritzia clothing is designed to look high-end, and some items are made with more luxurious materials or stuff you might not be as familiar with, like vegan leather. After all, you know what to do with cotton when it gets dirty. But how about Merino wool? It’s easy to get confused and to assume that lots of clothes just can’t be machine washed safely. However, this usually isn’t the case.

You can machine wash many items of Aritzia clothing. All pieces of clothing will have care instructions written on an inner label. These instructions will tell you exactly how to wash and dry the item.

It’s a good rule to turn each item inside out and wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water. However, the care label instructions should be followed first if the instructions are different from this basic washing method.

While many items can be machine-washed, not everything can be safely dried, even on low heat. Always check items before you put them in the dryer, as some of your fashions might need to be placed flat on towels to air dry rather than go into the machine.

Where is Aritzia clothing made?

Aritzia has facilities in Canada, the U.S., Colombia, Peru, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Turkey, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This includes finished goods factories and fabric suppliers. The brand is still based in Vancouver, Canada, where it was originally founded back when it was a small kiosk in a big mall.


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