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21 Classic Workout Clothes Brands

The athleisurewear fashion scene has been gaining momentum steadily. We have rounded up some of the best-fabricated workout wear brands you need to know. There are gears for children, men, and women. Various active wear is designed to suit different workouts and body shapes. Consider brands that offer versatile workout wear to choose from.

A couple wearing workout clothes on their way home from the gym.

In the modern world, activewear has transitioned to trendy fashion. I bet you have seen your favorite celebrity rocking in workout clothes on the street runways or in fitness studios. Below we scrutinize a carefully curated list of the world’s eccentric workout clothing brands.

Athleisure fashion has led to clothing brands offering various designs to fit multi-faceted luxury lifestyles. The athleisure market is ever-growing, with new small workout clothes brands emerging to meet the unique demand. Nice and cool workout clothes are crucial in facilitating excellent performance.

Whether you are looking for a stylish fit, flexible stretch, soft fabric, or breathable material, workout brands have you covered. Active clothes range from cute workout clothes to stylish leggings and yoga pants. Perfect workout outfits give your arms, legs, waist, and mid-section a full range of motion to handle any exercise.

Most-sought after workout clothes brands and companies integrate innovation, commitment to sustainability, improved performance, technical fabrics, and a passion for movement. Keep intact and be inspired by some of the perused brands.

Are you eager to identify some of the best workout clothes brands available? Below is an outline of the best-selling, trending, and best value brands you need to shop for.


The Versatility Shorts in black from Rhone.

Source: Rhone

Activewear from Rhone is designed for optimized mobility and performance. The branded styles have streamlined gear to help you achieve your fitness goals without a fuss. The brand encompasses a line-up of the most delicate tech fabrics.

Rhone workout gear incorporates next-generation technology in a classic and timeless design. The garments entail antimicrobial, four-way stretch, and moisture-wicking properties. Examples of sought-after Rhone workout wear include the Mako short and Swift short-sleeve shirt.

Rhone boasts various gears, such as swimwear, shorts, pants, joggers, tights, button-downs, polos, tees, jumpers, vests, tanks, hoodies, and henleys. Rhone workout collections are ideal for men who are committed to the pursuit of targets.

The workout clothes may blend the use of gold particles for odor control and colorfastness. Silvertech threads silver into the fabric to prevent bacteria and smell from building up. Garment collections from Rhones entail materials like;

  • Polartec Delta – Lightweight, cooling, and sweat-wicking fabric.
  • Polartec Alpha – Heat retention fabric without moisture


The Women's Fleece Hoodie in white from Nike.

Source: Nike

It is one of the most recognizable workout and athletic clothing brands. Since its founding in 1964, Nike has developed to become one of the world’s most oversized athletic shoes and apparel suppliers. The company boasts a wide range of products focusing on designing a massive collection of sport-specific clothing, including gym, yoga, running, tennis, football, rugby, golf, basketball, dance, and skateboarding.

The brand creates and innovates workout designs that amalgamate technical performance equipment and are highly sustainable. The company is best known for its Air Jordan and Air Max shoe models. Each product is christened with the brand’s iconic swoosh.

Nikes philosophy articulates that sport is for everyone; thus, the brand produces outfits for children, men, and women. Apart from sporting outfits, selections of casual outfits are also made for you to wear when not in training.

Nike has developed products such as sports hijabs and hands-free running shoes for disabled persons through design innovations. Nike has garnered a solid reputation from different customers for coalescing fashion-forward aesthetics in its products.


The Future Icons Sweatshirt Sportswear from Adidas.

Source: Adidas

Adidas launched in 1949. It is a well-known workout and athletic clothing brand. Globally, Adidas focuses on innovation, sustainability, and performance. Adidas boasts a wide range of workout wear ranging from hiking wear, running clothes, football wear, and yoga clothing.

Adidas customizes its clothes to produce stylish, trendy, and fashionable activewear. The brand christens its products by blending three stripes and a mountain logo for easy recognition.

Adidas has a broader focus on activewear, ranging from tracksuits to running shoes. The brand has substantial influencer clout from celebrities. Lastly, Adidas partners with organizations such as Parley to tackle hurdles within the textile and clothing industry.

Are you planning to expand your wardrobe? Keep these brands in mind.

New Balance

The Relentless Printed Crop Top from new Balance.

Source: New Balance

New Balance garments aim at elevating workout sessions regardless of whether you are an everyday sports person or a professional athlete. The brands integrate a fabulous-looking style with a perfect balance between function and form.

Apart from focusing on shoes, the workout clothing line has an array of women’s, men’s, and children’s sporting gear. The workout gear in the New Balance collection includes training wear, running wear, football wear, tennis wear, and cricket garments.

Two Times You (2XU)

The Compression Full Zip Sleeved Trisuit from Two Times You.

Source: 2XU

The brand is sought after for producing advanced performance apparel. It launched in Melbourne, Australia, in 2005. Professional triathlete Jamie Hunt necessitated the development of a workout clothes company.

Unlike most companies, the 2XU company uses a proprietary PWX compression fabric. The fabrics in garments have been termed to allow you to train hard, perform better, and recover faster. Additionally, the material is lightweight, flexible, and allows lymphatic drainage.

The best-selling workout clothes by 2XU include compression tights and shorts. Compression fabric garments are complemented by a range of compression tops for both men and women. The 2XU company has designed a pregnancy collection and endurance edited for elite sports like distance swimming and triathlons.


The Zip Women's Training Crewneck Sweatshirt from Puma.

Source: Puma

It is a German clothing line that believes in empowering and transforming the abilities of sports. The brand boasts a wide range of garments for workouts ranging from Yoga, basketball, football, running, motorsports, and golf.

The brand offers stylish athleisurewear for gym spaces. Puma covers contemporary designs, including relaxed, sporty, casual, and classic styles. As innovation is the key to success, Puma integrates faster and stronger innovation. Examples of innovation techniques incorporated include;

  • Speed coat for futuristic race suits
  • EvoPower in football shoes
  • EVO TRG jacket for thermal optimization
  • EvoKNIT for temperature regulation


The Training Essentials Utility Shorts from Reebok.

Source: Reebok

The brand is part of the Adidas Group, aiming at being the best fitness brand in the world. Reebok performs excellently in the sale of luxurious sportswear. The most iconic and popular Reebok shoe designs include Club C, Instapump Fury, the Nano, and Forever Floatride Energy.

Customers can access traditional vintage styles such as Reebok Classic Nylon and Reebok Classic Leather from the Reebok cloth line. Reebok collaborates with personalities such as Cardi B and Les Mills to suit clothing needs.

On Running

The Cloudflow Running Shoes from On Running.

Source: On Running

It is a Swiss company that focuses on shoes. It was founded in 2010. Every style features the iconic ‘cloud’ sole. The company boasts a wide range of running gears for men and women. With running shoes, you can be assured that it increases your performance. The shoes literally make it feel as if you are running in the clouds.

Apart from shoes, the company has a collection of lightweight workout gear such as tights, jackets, vests, running pants, shorts, hoodies, and shorts. The brand develops its outfits with high-performance fabrics aimed at attaining maximum breathability, cooling, and comfort.

Workout clothes from the company can be used for daily wear or training. Aesthetics and engineering promote overall stylish. Examples of materials used in constructing active wear include bio-based polyester and polyamide, merino wool, vegan leather, and 100% certified organic cotton.


The Hybrid Halter Sports Bra in Pink Leopard from RyderWear.

Source: Ryderwear

Ryderwear is a good-looking brand that will never let you down. It’s ideal for bodybuilders and gym junkies. The brand offers stylish, unpretentious, and quality activewear.


The Novablast 2 shoes in white from Asics.

Source: Asics

The brand is highly recognized for its running shoes, like the Gel-Nimbus and Gel Kayano. Apart from gaining recognition in the shoe world, the brand also focuses on children’s, men’s, and women’s collections. It boasts a wide range of leggings, t-shirts, jerseys, shorts, polos, tanks, and jackets.

Primarily, the brand focuses on workout clothes for sports such as football, tennis, netball, hockey, cricket, running, training, track, and field. The brand closely works with the Institute of Sports Science to develop unique materials.

Fill your wardrobe with inspired outfits from sought-after brands. Whether you are out for gym, hiking, or in the field, there are gears suited for every activity!


The Vital Long-Sleeved Crop Top in black from Gymshark.

Source: Gymshark

The company was founded in 2012 by teenager Ben Francis and friends. The UK-based sportswear company has gained popularity due to its robust presence on social media. It is one of the most affordable options for a price range of $18 to $50 on workout clothes.

The workout cloth line features bright-colored items constructed with cotton fabric. The vast online community mingles with the brand; thus, customers access work out information, examples, and challenges.

The brand is devoted to innovating, performing and producing stylish collections for both men and women. The workout clothes for ladies include Flex leggings, Essential Tee, Flex shorts, Fit Seamless Sports Bra, Adapt seamless leggings. Workout active wear for gents includes Veer T-Shirt, Quilted Bomber, Arrival Shorts, Critical Zip Joggers, and Crest Hoodie.

Additionally, the brand makes a selection of accessories such as socks, resistance bands, bags, gloves, and hats. Cotton fabric workouts may not be an ideal fit for someone seeking garments that will wick moisture or absorb odor.


Men's Alpine Short with patterns from Wolven.

Source: Wolven

Kiran Jade founded the workout clothing brand. The brand manufactures workout and athletic clothing based on sustainability, artistic appreciation, diversity, and body positivity.

The brand features workout clothing such as crop tops, leggings, t-shirts, shorts, joggers, and swimwear for both men and women. Each design begins as art on canvas, then it turned into desired workout gear.

Materials and fabrics used in making this athletic wear are certified. Wolven skillfully integrates sustainability measures.

Under Armour

The Women's UA Game Time Tank from Under Armour.

Source: Under Armour

Initially, the brand began with a simple sweat-wicking shirt. Modern advancements have been embraced in creating new fabricated sportswear, athletics, and workout gear. Under Armour workout wear is ideal for those looking to do some serious training at the gym.

Notably, Under Armour products are created with improved fabrics such as ;

  • Storm: Breathable and waterproof material
  • UA TECH: Actively cools and fights pesky odors
  • Charged Cotton: Allows seat to dry quicker
  • UA RUSH: Mineral-infused fabrics that reflect energy back into your body.


Men's Performance Long Sleeve Compression shirt from Leorever.

Source: Leorever

It is a more luxury workout and athletic clothing brand. Designer Jonathan Oe led to the initiation of the garment company. Leorever garments are handmade in Huntington Beach, California.

Designer Jonathan Oe creates a stylish and well-fitting compression wear collection for everyday use. Leorever pants and tops are vital in improving performance, while tracksuit sets offer luxury. The boxer collection integrates the use of micro-fiber poly-spandex

Whether training for cardio, Yoga, or heavy HIIT classes, Incorporate approved workout wear such as shoes, accessories, and other gears for overall efficiency and inspiration.


The Angle 2-piece ensemble outfit in blue from from Fabletics.

Source: Fabletics

The clothing brand was launched in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. The company aims at creating accessibly priced, quality activewear. Fabletics allows their customers to buy either regularly, like in retail outlets, or a VIP membership.

The workout clothing line focuses on various collections, including tops, accessories, leggings, sweaters, joggers, sports bras, shorts, tanks, and tees. Fabletics releases new collection items each month; thus, there is always something new to explore. The subscription-based model in Fabletics delivers the most fashionable workout clothing straight to your doorstep.


The At Ease Jogger Pants from Lululemon.

Source: Lululemon

The brand was initially designed for Yoga. They are perfect wear for workouts, especially in the gym. Lululemon features highly flexible fabrics that allow movement in any direction.

They usually look great even when they are drenched in sweat. The brand offers a wide array of stylish workouts and casual clothing.

Alo Yoga

Airbrush Real Bra Tank from Alo Yoga in yellow buttercup.

Source: Alo Yoga

It is a clothing brand focusing on Yoga outfits. It is associated with supermodels like Candice Swaepoel and the Hadid sisters. The brand designs the kind of athletic wear you will see in yoga classes.

 If you are into running, yoga, or love to live in leggings, Alo has got you covered. The clothing line crafts athletic-wear staples.

Barbell Apparel

The Anti Lifting Lifting Club Shirt from Barbell Apparel.

Source: Barbell Apparel

It is the second most-funded fashion project. The brand began on Kickstarter with the Athletic Fit jeans. Ideally, the jeans were designed to fit muscular bodies. The apparel is made with Barbell Advanced Flexible Denim.

The brand incorporates high-tech fabric that is odor resistant, wicks away sweat, and stretches for a perfect fit. There is an array of barbell apparel in the world of workout and athletics, including leggings, bras, shorts, joggers, and other training garments.

Olivers Apparel

The Classic Hoodie Pullover from Olivers Apparel.

Source: Olivers Apparel

Oliver apparel is designed to make premium clothing both for workout and everyday wear collections for men. The brand focuses on using high-quality materials to produce menswear for classic gents. The brand is suitable for active guys who take their style seriously.

Oliver apparel design and premium fabrics offer enough stretch for the entire movement. Some of the development investments made to create premium fabrics used in designing workout outfits include all-over stretch weave, active merino jersey, charter stretch twill, pique cotton tech, classic French terry, and pivot tech.

The brand integrates a more casual than sporty aesthetic. You can access a versatile selection of pants, shorts, shirts, mid-layers, and accessories for your daily adventure.


The Hellas verona fc 2019/2020 junior home match jersey from Macron.

Source: Macron

It is an Italian-based company leading in designing workout and athletic clothing. The brand uses innovation to provide its customers with the best products. The brand designs wear for professional and club sports teams. Some of the notable clients include Bologna FC, Lazio F.C, and Welsh Rugby Union.

Examples of athleisurewear from Macron‘s stylish brand include leggings, running shorts, jackets, sports bras, joggers, and t-shirts.

Beyond yoga

The Featherweight Lounge Around Jogger in green from Beyond Yoga.

Source: Beyond yoga

It’s a body-positive workout and athletic clothing brand for women. The brand combines soft and comfortable fabrics. Some of the bestsellers from the brand include Balanced Muscle Tanks, Out of pocket High Waisted Midi leggings, and Slim Racerback cropped tanks.

They are made from fabrics like Spacedye, Featherweight, or buttery-soft performance fabric.

Rules to Selecting Workout Clothes


When purchasing workout clothes, it is crucial to get the right fit. Select active wear that is not too loose or too tight. Try the garments depending on the materials and shape. Stretch, jump and do a squat check to confirm the right fit. Know your measurement when buying online.


One of the worst scenarios to experience during a workout is sweating into an unbreathable fabric. You develop a nasty smell if the moisture clogs. Opt for fabric materials that both breathe and wick sweat away.

Breathable workout clothing is readily available from most clothing brands. Carry out a bit of research to select the most influential brands.


Choose the proper design of clothing depending on the activity and body type. If you are undertaking a workout at night, choose reflective or highly visual fabric so that people can see you. Wear UV protection clothing during a daytime workout.


Ensure your choice of workout clothing is of good quality. Stretch the fabric to check looseness. Check on stitching to see if it is reinforced. Check for abrasion resistance.

That’s a wrap for some of the best workout clothes brands. We hope you find it helpful.

Workout Clothes FAQs

What clothes are best for the gym?

Gym clothing differs entirely from the regular daily outfits. The best clothes for the gym are the ones you are comfortable in. The gym clothing Gym fabrics are lightweight and breathable to help you stay cool. More so, gym clothes wick sweat and moisture away from your body.

The fabrics are designed to absorb moisture and quickly dry. To allow a full range of motion, you may choose loose and comfortable clothing instead of tight and constrictive clothes.

Where can I buy good quality workout clothes?

Both the online and physical retailers avail good quality workout clothes from diverse brands worldwide.

How do I get the smell out of my workout clothes?

A pesky, nasty smell naturally occurs in workout clothing due to the amount of sweat generated. Some clothing brands use fabrics that promote anti-odor properties. Thus, you can wear them for longer.

Get rid of the nasty smell by soaking the workout clothing in white vinegar for approximately 30 minutes. Then, regularly wash them using a washing machine or by hand wash.