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21 Brands Similar to Reformation

A Reformation brand store located in Georgetown Washington.

One of the leading brands of women’s clothing in recent years is Reformation. This brand not only promotes style and fashion for women, but it hones in on being a sustainable brand. The fabrics are meant to be recycled in some cases, all of them being ideal for the environment and what it needs.

The most popular material in this brand is an alternative material like cotton grown from the Eucalyptus tree known as TENCEL. It is organic and will decompose when the item’s lifespan has ended.

Reformation makes a full line of women’s clothes, including dresses, high-end options, and casual wear. If you cannot invest in Reformation for your next wardrobe piece, consider the clothing options below for a similar experience. 

1. Sezane

The Paris exclusive Sézane fashion store in france.

Going with a vintage French vibe, Sezane outlines what it means to be a stylish Parisian and makes it available to their clients. The price is cheaper than Reformation, but the goals of elegance, style, and being an environmental product are not any different.

The origin of this brand stems from inspiration from the founder who discovered a trunk of old and vintage clothing styles, reinventing them for a new age of fashionistas across the world.

Sezane has been around for almost a decade at this time and strives to be an ethical company for all of its clients. They promote equality and style for those who believe in moving forward in the world. 

2. Urban Outfitters

The Urban Outfitter physical store.

Since 1970, Urban Outfitters has been providing an option of boho sustainability to its customers all across the country. There is women’s clothing in Urban Outfitters, but it is not exclusive, unlike Reformation. 

Urban Outfitters takes advantage of vintage and organic materials for their clothing like Reformation, but at a fraction of the cost. They also target a younger audience with their clothing line, very much like Reformation. 

3. Stone Cold Fox

A Stone Cold Fox brand store in Los Angeles.

Based on the California coast in LA is Stone Cold Fox, another sustainable brand that embraces being chill and laid back as most Californians are. Being attentive to the needs of the environment and the personal goals of their clients.

They also strive to maintain feminine qualities in their clients, Stone Cold Fox has gained traction among local celebrities, and is seen being worn by some well-known names in Hollywood. It is a more expensive brand than Reformation, but it attracts many of the same clients. 

4. Ciao Lucia

Zoom in photo of a Ciao Lucia sweater brand label.

If you want a brand that infuses that vacation state of mind with sustainability, then Ciao Lucia may be the right brand for you. It is a cheaper brand than Reformation, but it does embody many of the same principles.

The entire design is meant for comfort and relaxation, so grab your Ciao Lucia waisted tops and flow dresses for a day out on the town. You will also find comfort in the 100 percent alpaca wool that is found in the most comfortable of pieces. 

5. Posse

A Posse fashion store displaying their own fashion clothing product.

If you are looking for sustainability that focuses on minimalizing your lifestyle while maintaining fashion, then Posse might be right for you. The signature designs include maxi skirts and midi dresses made from organic cotton for the best feeling.

Instead of focusing on an era of fashion like the Reformation seems to do, Posse embraces a design that is ideal for women of all ages, body types, and comfort levels. Even those who proclaim to be fashionistas need days when they can dress down. The Posse price is similar to Reformation, but just a little more affordable with most designs. 

6. Staud

Zoom in photo of a medium sized formal dress Staud brand label.

A brand designed in LA, home of sustainability, these pieces embrace a woman’s body and feminism each piece. You can find sustainable options, like handbags and heels all made from vegan leather to offer a more sustainable and friendly clothing option to other standard brands out there.

It is critical to note that while Staud is priced a little more expensive than Reformation, it does attract the same clientele because of its designs and mission. It is a staple in modern fashion, despite it only being less than a decade old. 

7. Rouje

Rouje store with their own brand clothing products in display at their store.

A brand that is French in design but considered upscale like Reformation is Rouje. Reformation may center its designs around an era, but Rouje centers its design around Paris. These designs are meant to capture elegance and sustainability in the same piece.

In addition to utilizing organic materials for the fashion line, Rouje takes sustainability a step further with attempts at reducing the waste of products. The price of Rouje is similar to Reformation, or just a bit more expensive when new lines are launched for purchase by their clientele. 

8. Faithful the Brand

Inside of the physcial store of Faithful the Brand Store.

Take a trip to Australia and you will find a brand that is just as motivated about being sustainable and maintaining quality practices in their design. Embrace your vintage style with Faithful the Brand just as you would with Reformation. 

While Reformation is tailored more to 50s and 60s styles, you will find the groovy 70s designs articulate through these vintage-style pieces. These pieces are handmade and take advantage of local materials.

There is a focus to make only what is purchased, reducing waste, and keeping costs down. Faithful the Brand does have a cheaper price on most of their items in comparison to Reformation.

9. Ganni

A front view of the Ganni store in Covent Garden.

If you want premium and sustainable in the same brand, Ganni offers these options, very much like Reformation. While taking a page out of the vintage book, the Ganni brand is focused more on the 80s and 90s decades with denim and some modern infusions.

Ganni prices are similar or more expensive than Reformation because of the attention to layered detail in each piece. They can be paired to make your own outfit that fits your personal style. 

10. With Jean

A Chinese clothing store located in China.

What Reformation does with vintage, With Jean takes that to the next level, making clothing options have multi-use purposes while giving that vintage feel.

With Jean practices its mission for ethical production and sustainability with each piece that is made in China. All products are packaged in recyclable and biodegradable packaging before it is shipped out to their destination.

Since 2017 when With Jean was founded, they have continued to add new ways where can become sustainable and maintain the quality of products. Compared to Reformation, With Jean is more affordable by about 25 percent on average. 

11. Paloma Wool

Exterior view of the Paloma Store brand in New York City.

This brand is often found to be just a bit more affordable than Reformation, but they are always improving their sustainability practices very much like Reformation.

As a way to reduce the amount of waste and impact on the environment, Paloma Wool will only produce a certain number of each item for the season, which is different from Reformation and a lot of the brands on this list. Once it is produced, it is no more and the next line will come out for distribution in regards to that piece.

All of these pieces are manufactured in Europe using only organic materials and the wool is harvested as humanely as possible. Women have a variety of options to choose from for winter comfort or summer rays when they choose Paloma Wool for their clothing. 

12. Realisation Par

Close up photo of a Realisation Par silk dress with the brands label.

Embracing women, and their bodies, and giving them new ways to feel comfortable and beautiful is distributed in each piece of clothing by Realisation Par. Like Reformation, they have adopted a love for vintage fashion and even blend in some grunge and puck tones within their clothing line.

When it comes to mock 50s dresses, Realisation Par is a direct competitor with Reformation, giving women another option and items that are complete silk. Depending on the material, Realisation Par is similar to Reformation in pricing and shipping. 

13. Amour Vert

The Amour Vert fashion store located in the Fourth Street.

Since 2010, Amour Vert has offered women alternative materials for their clothing like TENCEL, cottonseed cupro, and even ethical wool that have no harm to animals in the process. They are a true rival of Reformation when it comes to practices and maintaining positive sustainability in the fashion industry.

They do offer silk options and have a smaller price on most of their items when compared to Reformation. They do, however, believe in maintaining ethical practices and putting those practices before profit or harm. 

14. Quince

A Quince Fashion store brand logo.

A brand that focuses on linens and cotton that is organic and not harmful to your skin is Quince. The purpose of this brand is to provide women with a clothing option that is sustainable, affordable, and still embraces the style that they are looking for.

The biggest difference between Quince and Reformation is the price of items, such as dresses. However, they both take advantage of going the extra mile to encourage ethical practices and shipping to clients or retailers. 

15. Christy Dawn

A Christy Dawn physcial store with their own fashion clothing products.

A brand centered around comfort and sustainability is Christy Dawn. These dresses are made with regenerative-grown cotton and upcycled fabrics that are used in many of the patterns.

Many of those patterns take on a vintage feel like Reformation, but that and the sustainable mission are where these two cross paths. The cost of Reformation compared to the Christy Dawn line is significantly different, but ideal for women who believe in the product and want that desired comfort. 

16. Spell

A simple white house Spell Clothing store.

A harmonious blend of modern clothing and Bohemian chic apparel, the Spell brand has something for any woman looking to add to her wardrobe or upgrade her style. Some of the sustainable and ethical practices that Spell takes advantage of are giving back to charity and the communities where the items are made.

There is a lot of focus on Australia and providing women an option to feel feminine and sustainable at the same time. When you compare this brand to Reformation, you will find the cost to be a lot less, but it could take some time for the items to ship to you. 

17. ASTR

Interior view of the ASTR clothing store.

If you need dress wear for outings, weddings, and other events where you need to dress your best, then ASTR has a line that is right for you. ASTR does offer daily clothing for work and running errands, but their dresses for events are highly sought after.

They have a similar price point to Reformation, making them a direct competitor, especially where dresses are concerned. They have been working to provide sophisticated clothing for women of high quality since 2012. 

18. Jenni Kayne

Front view of the Jenni Kayne clothing store.

Another California-inspired brand is Jenni Kayne. The signature pieces of this brand are the Cove Dress and Cocoon Cardigan which have a similar look to the vintage styles of Reformation. While this brand is also considered a high-quality brand, it still does not embody the same costs as Reformation.

Jenni Kayne also has a shoe line with their women’s clothing to give a complete look for those looking to replace their wardrobe. What you will see a lot through this brand is the embellishment put onto natural tones and worn for women. It embodies the calmness and slower pace that California seems to embody. 

19. Cider

Close up photo of a Cider clothing product with it's label.

Another brand that is both affordable and stylish for young women is Cider. It has similar pieces to Reformation, but the cost of the two brands is pretty drastic.

Cider is constantly coming out with new items that keep up with the current fashion trends and makes these pieces affordable for all women looking to upgrade their wardrobes. 

20. LPA

Zoom in photo of a LPA product together with it's label.

This brand offers women a way to really express themselves with revealing and body-forming clothing. While there may be a little vintage in a few pieces, it is really geared more toward modern designs and fashion trends.

It has a similar price to Reformation, so do not consider it as a cheaper alternative if that is what you are looking for. They have an audience of women in their early 20s to late 30s looking to feel good and beautiful during some of the best years of their life. 

When you purchase LPA items, you will notice that they have been branded like other designer items. They offer everything from dresses and leggings to oversized sweatshirts, making it a great option for women everywhere. 

21. Forever 21

A Forever 21 clothing store spotted in downtown.

While Forever 21 has sustainable practices like Reformation, the biggest difference between the two is the price. If you are shopping on a budget, you are more likely to fill your closet when shopping at Forever 21.

They have vintage styles that are similar to Reformation, but they also embrace modern trends, as well. The goal is to give women the ability to feel feminine and embrace it in their own skin. You can find Forever 21 in shopping centers that are not designer-specific and in outlet stores.