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20 Popular Leggings Brands

If you're looking for comfy and fashionable leggings, then here's a roundup of the most popular leggings brands that are known for their quality, versatility, and trendy styles.

Collage of women's leggings

As we all know, high-quality leggings are difficult to find, especially with jeans and jeggings taking over the market. Not only are leggings hard to come by, but most sportswear was not made to cater to the female figure, making the search for comfy leggings even more difficult.

Well, I struggled with finding comfy, figure-flattering leggings, too, until I discovered these 20 popular leggings brands that changed the game!

Colorful Koala

Colorfulkoala Women's High Waisted Yoga Pants 7/8 Length Leggings with Pockets (XS, Cyan Leopard)

Price range: between $24 and $30

Colorful Koala is a sportswear brand that was founded in 2018. They are committed to helping women find a high-quality, comfortable fit that suits their lifestyle.

Colorfulkoala has their own supply chain, and don’t outsource their production to other suppliers. This demonstrates a commitment from the company to providing their production staff with safe, ethical working conditions.

Reviews of their products reveal that their leggings are true to size. This price of their products reveals that Colorfulkoala leggings are a true bargain! Even though their price is relatively low compared to some other brands, Colorfulkoala does not cut corners when it comes to quality.

These leggings can be purchased on Amazon or Colorfulkoala’s official website. They do not have authorized distributions on any other platform.

With a wide range of colors, patterns, and fits, there is a pair of leggings for everyone! Whether you’re speedwalking to get to the shop before closing time, or training for a marathon, Colorfulkoala has your back.


Price range: between $79 and $119

Founded in 1998, Athleta is a women’s activewear brand. Athleta believes in producing clothing that caters specifically to the female body, as many other companies still lack this type of diversity. Their message is: “The Power of She.”

Other companies may take the design of men’s sportswear and change the sizing options, color or fabric to be able to market it as “women’s sportswear.” In contrast, Athleta developed leggings that provide women with comfort, flattering fits, and colorful designs.

From high-compression, tight fits to soft, looser leggings, Athleta has no shortage of quality products to choose from.

They changed the game when their Sculptek fabric was introduced to the market, which improved the fit of their products. This accounts for the price, which may seem quite high to those on a budget. But rest assured, these leggings won’t let you down, ladies.

Don’t settle for mediocre, ill-fitting, and uncomfortable men’s sportswear. Go out and find a pair of Athleta leggings that suit your workout routine!


Nike Womens Dri-FIT Team One Tight Legging (Black/White, Small)

Price range: between $40 and $180

Nike is the world’s largest athletic apparel company. The company was founded in 1964 and has been providing us with quality sportswear ever since.

This company’s mission statement promotes inclusivity, stating that you are an athlete if you have a body. They aim to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete worldwide.

Brands such as Lululemon and Athleta have created new standards for sportswear, specifically leggings. Nike had to be creative to keep up with this dynamic market, introducing new fabric technology.

Nike leggings are renowned for their ability to absorb sweat while still being breathable. They have managed to achieve this without compromising any comfort.

Nike leggings are true to size, so you never have to worry about if the leggings will fit. You can buy these leggings in your usual size.

The most popular pair of Nike leggings is the Nike One Tight. Nike has a wide price range, so there are budget-friendly options. No need to worry about the bank account being drained for a pair of quality leggings!

P.E. Nation

PE Nation - Ignition Legging (Black, M)

Price range: between $90 and $140

Combining luxury clothing with top-quality sportswear, P.E. Nation has a wide variety of high-end leggings. While the cost of these leggings may seem daunting, the durability and style of these comfortable pants live up to the higher price tags.

P.E. Nation leggings have all the technical features that any athlete requires. They have high waistbands for a slimming fit, are moisture-wicking, and are extremely comfortable.

Due to the soft and gentle nature of the fabric, they are easy to put on and take off. No more struggling to wiggle into your leggings! P.E Nation has your back.

This brand’s leggings are true to size, and there are many different fits available. These leggings come in a variety of design patterns and color schemes.

Whether you’re doing high-intensity training or doing yoga in the comfort of your own home, P.E. Nation leggings will ensure that you’re always looking and feeling your best.


Lululemon Align Crop Yoga Pants (Black, 4)

Price range: between $45 and $90

Inspired by yoga and designed with women’s bodies in mind, Lululemon is a Canadian brand founded in 1998. Lululemon quickly became a popular leggings brand, as there was a huge gap in the market for comfortable, figure-flattering women’s sportswear.

While Lululemon’s prices are among the most expensive in the industry, reviews suggest that the price is justified. These leggings are lightweight, soft, and comfortable. In fact, they’re so comfortable; some people sleep in them.

Most brands demand a lower level of comfort for better durability during workouts. With Lululemon, you never have to compromise comfort for a quality pair of workout leggings ever again.

It should be noted that while most pairs of Lululemon leggings run true to size, there is a select handful that runs slightly smaller. Checking their size guide against your measurements can prevent you from any sizing mishaps.

The best part about these leggings is that the waistband never rolls down, so you can work out knowing that you won’t have to pause your exercise routine to pull them up.


commando Perfect Control Faux Leather Animal Leggings, XS, White Snake

Price range: between $80 and $188

Commando boasts a versatile leggings style. From faux leather to denim leggings, Commando goes above and beyond to give their customers a wide range to choose from.

This brand sports a signature internal waistband with luxury fabric that doesn’t sag. There is no such thing as basic with these leggings!

In contrast to other brands, Commando leggings are not athletic-looking and don’t have any exposed seams. It is not recommended to wear these leggings to the gym, though you might be tempted to with the amount of comfort they provide.

Since these pants are lined with a different fabric, no embarrassing panty lines show, and your skin is not touching leather all day. There’s no need to stop and adjust these skin-tight garments, as they seldom slide down.

Commando leggings are true to size, so you should stick to your usual size when ordering from this company.

Commando rises above and beyond its competitors in terms of comfort and durability.


Core 10 by Reebok Women's High-Rise Leggings, Harmony Green, XX-Small Short

Price Range: between $35 and $90

Delivering quality products to athletes since 1958, Reebok is one of the oldest sportswear brands that still exist today. Their leggings are especially popular among women. They compliment the curves of the natural female figure.

While Reebok leggings don’t offer as much compression as other leggings, their fits are snug and versatile enough to account for the price.

These pants offer full coverage, and the thick waistbands hold them in place. Whether you’re dancing, squatting, or jogging, Reebok leggings support you through it all.

Most pairs offer an ankle seam that isn’t very noticeable, but this feature is flattering and makes your legs appear longer, regardless of your actual height.

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga Women High Waist Moto Legging, Rosewood/Rosewood Glossy, Extra Small

Price range: between $68 and $138

Choosing which yoga leggings to buy isn’t just about price or fashion – it’s an ethical decision too. Alo Yoga is completely sweatshop-free. This company emphasizes equal and fair wages, as well as safe working conditions for its employees.

If that wasn’t enough to make you want to invest in these leggings, they offer compression, wide ranges of cuts and styles, and fitted waistbands.

Alo Yoga leggings run slightly long, and while this isn’t necessarily an issue, petite women may want to choose a pair of leggings with a cropped leg style to provide the most accurate fit.

This brand’s leggings also have high-waisted styles so that you can keep up with fashion trends, even in the gym! Since these leggings are on-trend with current fashion styles, you could even dress them up for a family lunch or casual coffee meeting.

Leggings that are ethical, durable, and fashionable? I’ll take ten pairs of Alo Yoga leggings! You can purchase your own pair on Alo Yoga’s official website.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waisted Pocket Midi Legging Hunter Green/Nocturnal Navy MD (US 6-8) 25

Price range: between $60 and $110

As the name suggests, this brand was inspired by the concepts behind yoga. Kindness, self-love, identity, and environmentally friendly, these leggings are perfect for yoga-fanatics who love themselves and want to feel fashionable while they workout.

This brand promotes diversity and stocks inclusive sizes, up to a triple XL, and all their products are tested on and modeled by people of all body types.

Beyond Yoga uses luxury fabrics and materials that mold to your body, so you’ll always be looking and feeling your best.

Their yoga pants feature high-waists with wide waistbands to prevent the leggings from sliding down during yoga sessions. Some styles are fitted with a pocket, so you never have to worry about where to put your belongings during exercise time ever again!

Marine Serre

Price: between $333 and $408

Marine Serre is a French fashion designer who won the 2017 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion designers. Her work is known for being easy to clean and care for while still being of high-end quality.

Marine Serre’s leggings from her newest collection were made in Italy from extremely soft fabric and were designed to complement the female figure. These leggings make a fashion statement, and we’re here to listen!

You can wear these leggings to a formal event to provide comfort while still looking your best. Serre’s leggings fit like a dream, and while they’re pricey, they make up for it with how stunning they look when you dress them up.

One of the latest pairs of leggings has a 3-D moon print that’s hard to pass up.


Price range: between $108 and $695

Versace is an Italian powerhouse and is worn as a symbol of luxury, as its prices suggest. The brand was established in 1978.

All of their products are made from only the finest fabrics, and their leggings are no exception to this. While their leggings are certainly not made for hitting the gym, they make a bold fashion statement.

Versace leggings are true to size, and they are not at all see-through, which is to be expected since their price tag is so high. Boasting skin-tight fits, quality materials, and fashionable styles, Versace is easily one of the best leggings for formal and stylish outfits.

You can purchase a pair of their leggings on the official Versace website. This is the best way to ensure that they are genuine Versace leggings and not bootleg.


Price range: between $250 and $495

Off-white is another luxury brand. American designer Virgil Abloh founded this brand. This brand elegantly combines fashion with sportswear.

The brand’s central attribute is the concept of “everything in quotes.” As a result, quotation marks are featured in many of the brand’s designs.

Off-White leggings are up-to-date with current market trends. Their leggings offer high compression, seamless designs. They have collaborated with brands like Nike to design the perfect set of leggings for any woman.

These leggings are not only durable and good for sporting activities but can also be dressed up to create the perfect outfit, bordering between formal and casual.

Off-White leggings can be bought on the official company website or from websites like Farfetch and Amazon.


PUMA Women's Essentials+ Leggings, Black, X-Small

Price range: between $50 and $80

The ultimate in casualwear style, Puma leggings, are essential for those lazy couch potato days, as well as those days when you’re on the go.

Snug fits ensure that these leggings only move when you do. No more slipping down or sagging when you wear Puma leggings. Puma cuts no corners when it comes to comfort, and neither should you. These leggings are both comfortable and stylish, meaning they’re just as versatile as you are.

Diversity is promoted through their wide range of sizing options. Their leggings are true-to-size, although you could order one size smaller than usual for a skin-tight look.

Though their price tag is relatively high compared to non-brand names, they are durable, which saves you from having to replace them every month. Puma leggings were designed with you in mind, and you can purchase a pair on their official website.


Jaggad High Waist Capri Leggings for Women Fitness 7/8 Leggings with Pockets Workout Running Yoga Pants Mesh Breathable

Price range: between $119 and $149

For any woman who wants to look casual but chic, Jaggad leggings are for you. Two ex-sportsmen established this brand, so you know their products have been cultivated with care, for athletes, by athletes.

Their leggings make for stylish and functional garments. They are a unique brand that collaborates with other athletes to ensure the best fit and durability possible.

Jaggad manufactures its leggings with the latest construction techniques and high-quality materials. Their newest collection of ladies’ leggings sports a bold color palette complemented by stylish lines and patterns.

Jaggad leggings are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re meditating in your garden or sprinting on a track, these leggings will be supporting you by providing durable, exercise-appropriate garments and serving good looks.

Paco Rabbane

Price range: between $200 and $350

With a pair of Paco Rabanne leggings, you may add some sparkle and fun to your exercise. He experimented with household materials for his Haute-couture collections, earning him the title “fashion revolutionary.”

He designed the classic chainmail garments as a result of this technique. They became synonymous with the Paco Rabanne brand’s defiance. Following this tradition, the business has developed into more wearable designs that nevertheless make a statement. Leggings from this season are an excellent example.

Choose from a wide variety of prints and colors, each with its own unique vibe. Find a pair of leggings that work for you. Feel the luxury with a pair of Paco Rabbane leggings. You can purchase these leggings from the Paco Rabbane website. Prices vary greatly, depending on the fit, size, and collection of the leggings, but are mostly on par with other designer brands.

Tory Sport

Tory Sport Women's High-Rise Weightless Chevron Leggings, Tory Navy/Snow White, L

Price range: between $98 and $148

Tory Sport is a division of Tory Burch, a renowned American company known for its sportswear. This brand is proud of its preppy-boho style of sportswear. This style of leggings is unique, and there is no brand quite like this one in the market.

Tory Sport offers three types of leggings: weightless, compression, and seamless.

Their weightless tights are ideal for a vigorous workout, and their silky smooth materials will keep you cool when you’re on the move during an intense training session.

On the other hand, the compression tights are perfect for when you need additional support or want to raise your physical performance to the next level.

Finally, the seamless leggings are extremely comfortable and allow for a full range of motion. All of their leggings offer sturdy support without holding you back from peak performance.

These femininely designed leggings are made from recycled performance fabric, offering efficient sweat-wicking and good stretch and recovery. Tory Sport leggings keep you active and comfortable while giving back to the community.


Price range: between $59 and $75

Luxury department store giant, Nordstrom, has its own in-house sportswear brand, called Zella.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re out for a stroll, hitting the gym, or hiking a mountain – Zella is made for you. Innovators, performance engineers, and comfort seekers are driving forces behind each design. Their stretchy, moisture-wicking leggings are to die for, and I can’t imagine that budget-friendly options can get any better than this.

Reviews of the brand are great, and the Live In High Waist Leggings are among their most popular products. Zella’s price range is budget-friendly, and their leggings are of very similar quality to some of their more expensive competitors.

You can purchase their leggings on Nordstrom’s official website or Amazon.

Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster Women's Intent Hight Waisted Leggings, Leopard Print, L

Price range: between $90 and $118

The creators of Spiritual Gangster have one objective in mind: “all creatures worldwide shall be joyful and free.” The Lopatin’s, the company’s founders and creators, have now come up with a company that designs gorgeous yoga clothes and gives back to the community.

Their leggings have supportive waistbands, layered compression, and subtle design elements and are constructed from sweat-wicking materials. Meanwhile, all sales revenues go to Feeding America, a charity that helps those in need.

These leggings boast bright color combinations and interesting patterns that set them apart from other brands.

You can purchase a pair of Spiritual Gangster leggings from online stores such as Lyst, Revolve, and of course, from the official Spiritual Gangster website. Many women have said that the brand’s leggings run small, so it may be best to order one size up from your normal size.


SEASUM Women Scrunch Butt Leggings High Waisted Ruched Yoga Pants Workout Butt Lifting S

Price range: between $18 and $38

Seasum has earned a reputation on the popular social media app, “TikTok.” Their leggings are sometimes referred to as “The TikTok Leggings,” and users of the app swear by Seasum’s leggings and their ability to enhance your booty.

The leggings are not subject to rip during your squat routine, and the honeycomb texture of the material conceals that pesky cellulite that you can’t seem to get rid of.

Sizes run from small to 4 XL, and they come ina range of colors and designs. They even come in Capri styles, so there’s a perfect fit for nearly everyone.

Most of their leggings have moderate elasticity, seamless designs, and are quick sweat-wicking.

You can purchase these leggings on the Seasum official webpage or off of Amazon.

Yoga Democracy (YD)

Yoga Democracy Espresso Yourself Printed Yoga Leggings, Large

Price range: $60 – $90

Yoga Democracy (YD) began in Arizona to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly leggings and other items. Their pants are made in the United States and include 95 percent recycled fibers.

YD is proud of its low carbon footprint, which is achieved via waterless dying techniques and recycled materials in the production of all of its goods.

The design and curation of their items require a lot of time and care, and those efforts alone are highly impressive! They also contribute 10% of their profits to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to environmental preservation.

The fabric used for their leggings has quick-drying and water-wicking properties. It contours to the body and fits like a second skin with 4-Way Stretch technology.

YD’s heat baking process prevents prints from washing out and stretching, allowing us to enjoy our beautiful leggings without worrying about the colors bleeding onto the fabric. 


There are many brands that produce quality, fashionable leggings. Now that you know what they are, you can find a pair that works for you! No two people are the same, and so not every pair of leggings will suit your lifestyle or budget the same way it might fit someone else’s. Luckily for all us leggings lovers, there are many options to choose from. You can rest assured that these leggings brands will not disappoint.

Well, what’re you waiting for? Open those websites and start searching for your perfect fit!



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